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  1. titan are screwfix own but come on i took a electric saw to a jobsite in the middle of the woods i needed to go back buy a geny and some petrol . should have just bought a gas saw in the first place.😁
  2. i would also look down the lines of getting the council to cover the cost of remedial repairs to the property caused by the root inclusion and also if they are saying you cant trim it to remove some of the weight getting them out on a regular basis to do it under their duty of care . once it starts costing them money they soon take another look i had this when a friend asked if i could do something with a old oak that had already caused damage to his property . yes it took a few years but they have repaired his property 3 times paid for damage 2 times and are now planning a removal .
  3. first i would find out what dealers you have local to you as if you buy sthil and your surrounded by husky dealers you may have problems getting parts. second i would take the time to visit a few saw shops and get your hands on different saws you will soon tell how well the saw is going to feel in the hand , as when you start using it for 2 hours it might look good but feel crap . third i would check see what the maximum bar length your trainer will allow as most around me are only training with a maximum 15'' bar . hope this is of some help .
  4. you smile at her and give her your wallet ..
  5. lurch_917


    not had a problem with my 560xp run it about 4 hours a day for the last 6 months never fails . . . as long as you turn the choke off as soon as it farts then she starts within the next 2 pulls . id rather have my husky than a stihl .
  6. i know we dont want to hear this way but a few copper nails banged in the trunk leve it a few years and nextdoor will be asking you to take it out . or use some of the better ideas passed on from the forum .
  7. i know that the 500i is a fair saw but i also know that a friend of mine has been running his since they came out . well i say running his he is on his 3rd replacement under warranty due to parts falling off or breaking down . in the same time i have been running my husky 560 ( i know its not the saw you looked at ) with no issues .
  8. my limited thoughts on this are yes you need it to stay in your bar and chain but you also want it to fling off so its self clearing . just think if it isn't clearing fast enough how your chain and bar will clog and cook itself or how much will build up in the chip ejection area . just my thoughts i may be wrong.... and according to her indoors i am .
  9. but is it ? at the moment round me im getting the husky one at £18 a gallon . now petrol round me is £1.75 l = x 4.5 = £7.86 a gallon + £10 a L for the basic sthil 2 stroke mix + £17.86 . yes i know that you can get a number of uses out of the 1l oil but hey i just turn up and fill up no mess with having to get the right mix .
  10. well i do that at my local saw shop but its .. bars , chains ,strimmers ect. be honest who needs to eat . 😄
  11. i have used this tip a few times on some of my mates saws and trimmers and it does work . check this gause .
  12. lurch_917

    550XP Mk2

    my turn ... well i own the 560xp and have found it easy to start when hot or cold - cold just give the prima 2-3 pumps choke it then pull normally 3 pull it coughs push the choke to run next pull shes off but pull past that first cough in choke its flooded . when hot just squeeze the trigger once then pull and shes off . squeezing the trigger that once opens the carb to fast idol for starting .
  13. hi i am looking for some suggestions on which first aid kit to get any help would be gratefully received . i am after a small belt fit kit approved for chainsaw use . thanks in advance .
  14. do you know any one with a welder that can weld some nuts onto the top of the rounded off bolts so you can remove and replace them ? i have had to do this a few time on sheared exhaust studs . or is your crank aplastic one that wont take the heat .


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