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  1. From this, to this. Completing the circle
  2. I am after tree fellers for forestry, and a climber for domestic Arb. Work is varied, pay based on experience. The majority of the work is within 1/2 an hour of Pembroke, far west Wales. Give us a tinkle 07966 792798. Murray
  3. I keep thinking of Mr Creosote, and one more wafer thin mint, when loading up the log bullet
  4. I was wrestling a large oak log and bent it when it slipped.
  5. Big bearded forestry https://youtu.be/lvyLBquu7V0
  6. Definitively growing out of the Ivy, none on the Ash tree . It does look like Fuscoporia torulosa, i shall gave to set the might of the Pembrokeshire fungi recording network on the case.
  7. Growing out of an Ivy stem, my initial thought was Dyer's mazegill, but i don't think so.
  8. Good bags last well, prompt service to boot.
  9. Having never seen it before March, found another massive Oak Mazegill. And these were growing in the corner of my trailer
  10. Lying on the ground, Laylandii has lasted longer than Larch as bearers for my log stacks. The oldest is 10 years old with no sign of rot
  11. Aahh ha just found it, Carolina silverbell
  12. Other than Averrhoa carambola which a tropical tree and unlikely to grow in west Wales. Any ideas?
  13. These have lasted well, good support and grip on steep slopes. Pfanner Tirol Fighter Chainsaw Boots | Pfanner Chainsaw Boots WWW.OUTWEARLTD.CO.UK Pfanner Tirol Fighter Chainsaw Boots are a high quality, traditional style of boot that offer fantastic durability and grip for demanding conditions.


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