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  1. A felling leaver does not fit in my wedge pouch.
  2. Chris forestry sells them, £450 plus vat https://www.chrisforestry.co.uk/store/Koller-Mechanical-Felling-Wedge-p136166425 It depends on how much forestry you do, and how accurate you need to be with back leaners and dead trees. For my current site it is proving invaluable.
  3. As per the title https://youtu.be/Hc_Oh6WbhNE
  4. The start of a very long slow clearance of pine and larch around the old gunpowder work near Pontneddfechan. A lot of constraints due to archeological interest, and the timber has to remain on site, which is breaking my heart .
  5. Slow but it works. No doubt you are happy, and that is all that counts.
  6. Due to Bretit uncertainty, a lot of the big sawmills have been stockpiling so there is a massive excess, saw logs have drooped as a result
  7. I wish i could hold my breath for a decent time, but years of sawdust are taking there toll.
  8. It has remained consistently clear for the last month, hopefully it will remain so.
  9. Clear water and sunshine.
  10. It would make the APF even more interesting, and better than moving a few wooden blocks around.
  11. I thined a block of hybrid Poplar (planted 1996) about ten years ago, and is comming up for a second and final thin next year. It is currently about 28m tall with an average dbh around 45cm. So it doesn't surprise me that you have such monster trees.
  12. Contract splitting for one of the estates. Large diameter Eucalyptus has been testing the splitter.


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