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  1. Just offered my services and machine in the forestry workers zone, so i might be there as an alleged professional. If that doesn't come off, we will have to have a log bullet get together.
  2. I'm looking with envy at all that straight timber. Stacking small diameter willow for biomass is like trying to stuff an octopus through a letterbox.
  3. Second that for Spencer tapes.
  4. What you haven't mentioned when burning is you need a mix of log types to make the most of the individual burning characteristics.
  5. First Golden scaley cap Second plums and custard And the third Hazel glove fungus
  6. Anyone free Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, either climber or groundie. Work based in Pembroke far west Wales Wages based on experience 07866 792798 May lead to additional work.
  7. Sell the surplus timber wholesale. Just be careful felling dying ash. The wood fibers are brittle, so the hinges don't hold, and the dead wood showers that rain down on you are impressive. Make sure your escape routes are clear.
  8. Don't forget the CE mark. As far as i am aware it is the only one with a CE mark, which will make your insurers happy.. Anyway i still prefer the Koller wedge, lighter and less cutting of timber to use.
  9. Do you have any ties? Sounds to me like you have an itch that needs scratching, and you are a bit bored with your current job. If you have no ties, then go for it. Go and scare yourself with big ugly trees on steep ground, with all the native fauna determined to drain every drop of your blood.


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