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  1. slack ma girdle

    Low impact forestry services in Devon and the South West

    This is the easy part, just a bit wet in places. The other two compartments are much steeper with very narrow access tracks.
  2. slack ma girdle

    Low impact forestry services in Devon and the South West

    Snot a digger, its a Log Bullet cheeky
  3. slack ma girdle

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    Its finally arrived Aled? looks like a tank, you will have to be careful near Castlemartin, ir they might start shooting at you
  4. slack ma girdle

    Which Forestry Safety helmet ?

    But the ear defenders are utter rubbish. A plug of moss in each ear is more effective
  5. slack ma girdle

    Standing trees for firewood

    I wouldn't discribe the price of timber roadside as outrageous, it is finally reflecting its true cost particularly for smaller amounts moter/manual extraction
  6. slack ma girdle

    Beech Takedown close to Building

    Hope you cleaned the gutters out while you were next to them. Good the see the the branches and logs running so no shock loading.
  7. slack ma girdle

    Advice on woodland planting

    Get yourself a copy of this Jonathan, it is really really good1550300166386
  8. slack ma girdle


    The 6100 is starting to fly Andrew. @shavey
  9. slack ma girdle

    Something happens in this one

    Its the Dolmar 6100. The hammer is a engineers hammer that i got from a car booty for 50p, and i put a longer handle on it from ebay. The shoulder straps make a big difference, you don't notice the extra weight.
  10. slack ma girdle

    Starting out in forestry

    The curse of all foresters, butt rot
  11. slack ma girdle

    Something happens in this one

    Sorry not seen Bird box, hence my bewilderment.


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