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  1. Just found this video of the wireworm looking for a new host 20210508_104920.mp4
  2. Not often seen , but quite common. We regularly get them in our pond. Interesting lifestyle . Horsehair worm | The Wildlife Trusts WWW.WILDLIFETRUSTS.ORG Horsehair worms are parasitic worms of the clade Nematoida alongside their...
  3. Husky bars are as durable as cheese. If you change to a 8 pin(tooth) sprocket you will need to add an extra link to the chain. Based on experience I have never noticed the difference in cutting. Learning the subtle differences between makes when sharpening, will in the long term give you better cutting result.
  4. I have always rated Stihl full chisel , but it is more expensive than Oregon,probably about £100 difference for 100'. Pays yer money and take your choice
  5. Unless the cause is obvious, then the cause could be anything. You do have a large area of rot/ disfuntion, which must have been there for a long time. Is the tree trying to compartmentalised the rot from the living wood, or is the rot spreading unhindered? There might well be fungi fruiting bodies in Autumn, but are they the cause of the rot, or opportunists taking advantage of the decaying wood.
  6. The hopper on the 130 is the same. I just bent it back with a hammer and punch, and filled in the gap with weld. It has lasted 3 years so far. Greenmech need to produce a hopper with a strip of much thicker steel .
  7. Have a watch of this, particularly around 4 minutes. Really shows the difference between the quality of cleft and sawn shingles. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=UZA1J8RHltY
  8. Pines don't like having their roots messed around with, and if they are in a manicured lawn........... If you are in the southern half of the UK, then Red Band Needle Blight would be a likely contender. The new form of Phytopher affects Pine. But i would start with root compaction/ damage as the most likely cause.
  9. It's definitely one of the March flies, but I lack the inclination to look at its genitals and study the vein pattern of its wings.
  10. Unidentified March fly on a Wood Anemone, and Wort (Blueberry)flowers
  11. Things moving fast this time ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CJ4CIA-41jQ
  12. The small pruning wounds below the graft line are where the root stock has started to grow. Very common, just keep an eye out for any more shoots below the graft, and cut off any that appear. Eventually they will callus over and disappear.


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