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  1. Cheers - no conservation area or TPO on this one. Will double check on bats but no sign of anything in there - you can see right into the crack from an angle behind the bark.
  2. I suppose somewhere in the middle - a bit of validation that it definitely needs to come down 🙂
  3. I need to hire a chipper for a few days here and there - any recommendations for short term plant insurance? Don't want to get stung for a £20k chipper if anything happens!
  4. Sorry - image quality isn't the best. Try these - should be able to click through for full size images:
  5. Moved into a new house over the summer - nice mature cherry in the garden but lots of dead branches and big splits in the bark and evidence of boring. Fear it's past it's prime and needs to come down in a controlled way (before it comes down in an uncontrolled way!)?
  6. Ordered a Petzl Vertex with Sordin ears and mesh visor - this one: Petzl Vertex Vent climbing helmet assembly, MSA Sordin ears (31SNR) / mesh visor (2019 Version) – FR Jones & Son WWW.FRJONESANDSON.CO.UK I like the fit of the helmet and ear defenders but find the visor is a) too close to my face (even without the visor carrier pushed right back into the slots) and b) doesn't give great coverage (only coming halfway down my chin). I was in two minds whether to fit the visor or just use glasses but do other folk have the same issue with visors on this helmet or have I just got a uniquely shaped head??
  7. Shame you weren't nearer Chesterfield - just inherited barns of the bloody stuff!
  8. Not a fan of sycamores - bloody weeds 😉 There are about another 30 around the rest of the plot so not in short supply here. Something nicer will be going in to replace them (but further away from the building).
  9. Yep, engineer has flagged it needs to come out. 2nd one is also pretty close to the building
  10. Too health and vigorous! Too close to the barn and taking over that part of the garden.
  11. Good access, but need taking down in bits dues to adjacent building / fence / septic tank. leave all the bigger stuff on site (as it comes down, don’t need it into firewood lengths), chip everything under about 3” and remove. Derbyshire area. Would welcome your thoughts on cost to do the work?
  12. Seem to be a raft of very similar 6hp ish petrol chippers around £500-600 new and claim to chip up to 2”. We’ve just bought a place with a couple of acres of overgrown woodland plus a couple of decent sycamores and some leylandi which need to come down so it’s going to be a long term project and but of a pain to keep renting a decent chipper. Wondering if these domestic chippers are any good or worth avoiding totally? Or any particular brands in this price bracket better than others?
  13. I've been offered a BR350 for very similar price to the BR200 by my local dealer. I was initially just going to get the handheld BG86 but my dodgy neck would probably appreciate backpack rather than handheld. The smaller BR200 would probably do me fine but any disadvantage of going larger? I appreciate they're a bit heavier but it's strapped to my back and not using it for a whole day (c.1 acre plot, lots of deciduous trees and leaves).
  14. No obvious smell of oak. I’ll split a bit more later and have another good sniff!
  15. Hmmm, that was my first thought too when I saw it in the yard but the bark seemed too soft and more like a coniferous tree?


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