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  1. I have been milling the last section of a fallen sweet chestnut. It had been standing dead for some years. Very hard milling it.
  2. More of that skilled work Gary. Great to see quality work like that.
  3. I do like a nice chunky slab.
  4. I have a tractor so that is not a problem. I think I need a bigger saw. Its a bit of a struggle doing these size of logs with the 365. So: if the universe is kind enough.... (if I can sell or swap wood for money) I'm hoping to buy a bigger saw in the future for cutting bigger slabs faster.
  5. Makes sense. I see what you mean.
  6. I was going to say, but 110mm is pretty big if you are out in a field somewhere in the mud milling up a fallen tree. But I do understand that it would be a good size if you had the milling capacity and machinery for moving.
  7. Spalted beech anyone? Back on to milling large beech. 9’ long x 2.5’ wide. Doing some in 2” and thicker. Have a lot to mill. Anyone got a view as to best thickness of planks?
  8. The planks are 270cm long and about 50cm across. Nice size to be fair. Not sure about marking, if they get a good coating of something, should be alright I reckon. every time I mill up some boards/slabs/planks, the wood looks so good it is a shame to use it for anything other than a piece of something to look at. Dear me I have to find a way to make these saleable. LOL!
  9. Doing some 2” and quite a few 1” for some flooring. Yes pulling not pushing.
  10. Milling a recently fallen dead chestnut. Bloody hard wood to mill. It’s been standing dead for years but came down in the storm.
  11. Had similar thought but can't tell size of leaves or tree. also not sure where the tree is.
  12. Milling from a few days ago.
  13. @RoughHewn beautiful oak. Liking the kit a lot.
  14. What oil do you use? I’ve started milling some very nice spalted beech would be good to make some table tops with it.


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