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  1. AJStrees

    Tis the season to see Fungi, fa la la la la....

    A few older brackets noted over the last few weeks.
  2. AJStrees

    Fungi ID on mature deodar.

    Nice Cedar though. any other shots of the fungi you were able to get? Be good to see a little more of it.
  3. AJStrees

    Tis the season to see Fungi, fa la la la la....

    A nice selection there. I will take note and keep for record. Thanks David.
  4. AJStrees

    Fungi ID on mature deodar.

    Any other pictures of the fungi? From that angle, the cut looks a little dodgy.
  5. AJStrees

    Looking for a decent cordless chainsaw

    Have used battery top handle saw, pretty good battery power and definitely lasts an afternoon of cuts, have a long reach cutter battery, both husqvarana. Out in the country, so getting fuel can sometimes be a pain, therefore battery does me good from that perspective. Have yet to see a big chainsaw on the market battery wise, got an old Husqvarana 365sp petrol, don't know if battery has the same power.
  6. AJStrees

    Blow, blow, thou Spring? wind,

    Just finished cutting up a mature pine that came down in South East area yesterday in the strong winds. Pine had a bracket growing up it just below where it snapped and fell, hollowing trunk and ivy growing inside it. But still full of life on top. Until yesterday.... Bits and pieces all over the estate after winds of about 45mph down here.
  7. AJStrees

    Possibly Pseudotrametes?

    Hurrah! got one!
  8. AJStrees

    Possibly Pseudotrametes?

    I'm thinking two possibilities, but not the expert either so may be leading you down the garden path. Either Inonotus species or otherwise and who knows, but worth a guess; Daedaleopsis species. However David Humphries is the expert on this matter.
  9. AJStrees

    Brackets on Alder

    Mr Humphries got there first. I was going to say Ganoderma species or Fomes, but looks more like Ganorderma as he says. What is the future of this tree?
  10. AJStrees

    Battery chainsaw questionnaire

    Done, thanks.
  11. AJStrees

    Climbing emergents

    Well looks like a nice part of the world. Never been that way. Have heard about it though. Lucky you.
  12. AJStrees

    Climbing emergents

    Nicely done!! Where was that?
  13. AJStrees

    Storm Freya

    Wind picked up last night and has carried on today with driving rain. Pleasant though, out cutting up some willow this morning.
  14. AJStrees

    Storm Freya

    Bit windy down here in Sussex. Not the curry either. Maybe Freya is on her way
  15. AJStrees

    Update on some elm porn

    core blimey! Lucky you mate! You learn something new everyday!! Cheers.


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