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  1. Haven't hear of the Cast loaders, will have a look. Cheers.
  2. Thnaks Mick, will check the others out. Good to know.
  3. A fair bit of cash, but I understand they are pretty good from what I have seen so far. Will be getting a demo of the Multione shortly. The 8 series look pretty big.
  4. Thanks Mick. How much did that set you back? I am currently hiring an Avant E6, the battery job which isn't too bad, forks, bucket and sweeper, but would like to try the grapple, etc for moving trees and brash. Gotta build a big ole bon fire soon too so probably worth it. Want to get a multi loader for the site I work on trialing Avant to see what it can do.
  5. Nice job! What model of multione are you using and what attachments?
  6. some time in the future I believe everyone will need a loader, I am not there yet...
  7. Tidy job. Cherry picker yours or hired?
  8. Yeah that would not be nice for the olive growers, surely there is some sort of insurance for that. But then again maybe not. On ADB - Agreed, what I cannot understand is that it has been known about in Europe since 1992, but I can't find anything as regards what the result was over there and the steps they took in Europe. I have seen some ash falling apart due to fairly usual canker, but at the same time symptoms of ADB are also prevalent on the same tree which I am sure has helped the falling apart. The Tree Council issued an Action plan kit for use, but again it does not describe how ADB evolved in places where it has already happened. Lots of big ash around my way are close to dead with a few very big ash already kicked the bucket. So waiting to see what happens to them. Saying that though when speaking with non-tree people, they have no idea what I am talking about when I tell them about ADB so it is not really a well known issue as yet in England imho.
  9. Was talking to an Italian chap this morning about Xillela, big deal in one of the Italian regions. Millions of Olives totaled with it. Supposedly they were slow on the take up of stopping it. Sounds a little like the ADB situation. Not to be political about it.
  10. looks like it has had a fair bit taken off of it in the past.
  11. Were these already dead oaks? Interesting if not as the pinhole borer normally goes for dead wood I believe. Or else severely stressed or dying trees.
  12. Liquidambar trees have quite or very brittle wood, they snap out very easily without the need for strong winds. Ours lose sections out of them regularly unfortunately. Nice trees but brittle wood. You mentioned you had planted them 12" away from your retaining wall. Not sure that they are going to be too happy rooting into such a small space. Don't want to dampen your enthusiasm for your project but the roots won't be able to go very far on the retaining wall side which will weaken the stability of the trees eventually. On a long term basis say 50 years or so the trees will be big by then.
  13. Over in East Grinstead, West Sussex, I think its our worst year yet. Leaves been falling off the trees for weeks and more signs of the leaf minor than ever before.
  14. Nice boat! Shame about the tree


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