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  1. Yeah the estate I work on and have done for 20 years. Haven't ever seen one myself. However this year I have seen 3 photos of hedgehogs that people have seen on the site in the evening. So things are looking up for the hogs.
  2. Lucky you. Sightings here are few and far between.
  3. Indeed. Nice place Heathfield. Worked there for a few months some years back.
  4. Other side of Ashdown Forest nr East Grinstead.
  5. 6 minutes. That's going some. 9-10 cuts in 3 hours. That is also impressive. Good to know.
  6. Looks like sapele I reckon. Not sure how long they have been importing Iroko. Yellowing might just be some uv damage from the sun on the varnish or whatever the finish was on it.
  7. Gorgeous! The wood as well. @Rough Hewn how long is it taking to go through that with the 881 any idea per board? Just wonder how much faster it is with that size saw. I appreciate there are all sorts of variables but it would be interesting to know the average time it takes to cut a board in that length.
  8. Hot today, thunder and heavy rain tonight..... Come on rain!
  9. Sorry Steve, can't help you there. Don't own any. Would like a pair though one day. good idea, something to add to the Christmas wish list.
  10. Lucky you. Have had too much grass to mow over the growing season. Haven't had a chance to hit the mill for a while. But do have 4 large oaks that need milling up and transporting. So that will keep me busy.
  11. The ground around there don't look too good. I reckon same as @Khriss. Water and mulch, looks like it could do with a bit of love. Potentially there is also some sort of moth that chews on the leaves. Over here in UK we have the leaf mining moth that feed on the leaves of the Horse Chestnut as an example.
  12. Ah. Okay good old osmo. Seems to be quite a good product.


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