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  1. Get lots of crows yes. Could do with a few less as they pick off the chicks whenever the opportunity arises.
  2. I suppose it’s down to the cost of the granberg chain for me. But I’ve heard it’s the best for milling. I’m still trying out to see what works best with what set up. The lighter bar and chain Is a bonus for when your lugging gear around in the woods milling up fallen trees. I’ve not yet tried hyper skip chain on my 64” bar but it sounds good.
  3. Milling up some old oak logs this week. Using the 881 with the 48” lo pro and stihl full comp lo pro milling chain. Find the Stihl chain runs the smoothest.
  4. Funny you should mention that. Yes they were very pale coloured and their shape was different to the common wasp. You are probably right. 👍
  5. This was the Kestrel when she flew off the other day. Thought it was a good send off video.
  6. I see what you mean. Doing it through the browser on your portable communications device rather than through the app. Will take a bit getting used to it. Thanks Mr. Bullman. BTW. The site improvements look rather hip. A nice change. Thank you for all you do for ArbTalk.
  7. I think the badgers had been at this nest. I was about to start milling up an old oak log when I noticed this nest to it.
  8. Certainly does look sexy that mate. What bar and chain are you running on it?
  9. It's very handy for posting things, photos, etc... all on a phone rather than a computer, its much easier when you are out and about on a phone. I would say apps are the way to go. I would say if the app could work it would be a fantastic resource and potentially it could expand the arbtalk numbers. I wouldn't mind even paying a small sum every once in a while, I mean arbtalk info is worth it's weight in gold. What if members could pay like a £1 every once in a while to arbtalk and get extra benefits. For example, if you want to keep massive numbers of photos or videos on googlephotos, you pay like £1.50 a month or something to hold 100gb of photos. I would certainly be more than happy to pay a small fee every once in a while to help with the app.
  10. Thats a shame. I thought the app was more useful than the computer. Will it ever come back? Does it need a financial incentive to get it back up and running?
  11. Gorgeous looking butterfly. That would be a site.
  12. She left this evening. Flew up to an oak tree, stayed up there for a while and then went. Will probably see her tomorrow. Her parents are around and about during the day. If I was going to get a bird for hunting it would need to be a goshawk to take on the squirrels.
  13. I see what you mean. Yes, definitely don't steal eggs or disturb nests and don't trap wild birds. That's not good.


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