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  1. Could be one of the bonnets. Couldn't tell from the pics.
  2. Living on deadwood by the look of your pics. So saprobe would be a good place to start I would reckon. Though cannot confirm. What size were they looking quite small? Any idea of smells? Any photos of the fungi pulled away to see its base? There are a lot of fungi to chose from. I am not expert but might be able to work it out somewhat with more information.
  3. Yeah probably a good idea. when I get going I will take photos as we progress.
  4. Hope so, yes. Will investigate. I agree take some weight off and see how it is. Bracing might be the way as the tree is in a very frequented area, so don't want any hazards.
  5. I am about to start looking after a small woodland and meadow area of about 40 acres on one of the estates sites. It hasn't really had any management for decades. Stuff everywhere. Getting started is going to be interesting. Mostly mixed broadleaf, not an old plantation of conifers, just semi-ancient woodland untouched and old meadow area that has turned into woodland due to no management. Wildlife levels seem to be quite high which is nice. But lots of laurel and rhodo at the edges, old rocks in there too and pretty steep slopes, maybe it was an old quarry or something, its quite a level change between new and old. One of the old rides has been cleared as a dog walkers route, but that is about it. Will have to research what the area used to be.
  6. Fantastic to see coppice products becoming more and more used again, regeneration of woodlands is vital to improving our environment. Great job there.
  7. Nice tractor there by the way. Guess she does a good job up and down the slopes, etc.... Alpine?
  8. ok ta. Will have a gander on here and see what I can find.
  9. Do either of you remember where you saw that from Joe? Would be good to read up on it.
  10. Sounds interesting. Will check it out, thanks.
  11. You are probably 100% right in that observation Mr Dempsey. It certainly does look like it's twisting. Plus there is a lot of weight up top to add to all of that. Just a bit of snow has caused havoc with our other big cedars with the weight load on their branches. Regular pruning is probably the key to all of this.
  12. Noticed this the other day while doing an informal survey of tree state around the Estate I work on. This Cedar got a hell of a kicking in the 87 hurricane and lost a large section of the upper bole. It has recovered since then and grown some pretty hefty lateral limbs but unfortunately the weight at the ends is now causing the biggest limb to start a shear crack through it. Had some big old down pours the other day and wonder if a bit of the old SBD might be going on as a result. Serious amounts of water came down overnight, the lake rose by about 4 inches in one night. Should have pruned the weight off it sooner.
  13. Or the start of Phellinus igniarius
  14. What was the result or outcome? What is the Cedar? deodar, lebanon or atlas? Had a lot of heavy rain recently. One of the Blue Atlas Cedars on our Estate has a split limb waiting to fall. Unfortunately we didn't get the weight pruned off it early enough. Its already a regrowth from after the 87 hurricane. Very heavy lateral branch regrowth so didn't have too much of a chance in the first place. But seems to have happened after the heavy rain. Probably similar concept to SBD with the tree taking up too much water in one go for such a big limb.


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