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  1. Mallof was an 090 man, how does that compare to the 881? Genuine question. [emoji106] I certainly wouldn’t mind a 661 or an 881. It’s a shame husky haven’t come up with anything bigger in their stock. I suppose it’s on the cards and part of a different thread on here. It’s about £1700 for a panther mill with the 881 from what I’ve figured. Potentially more. It’s something to work towards. But the overriding point here is that milling is a brilliant way of using timber for something other than fire wood. [emoji106]
  2. Yes true. I’ve looked about for big old saws too but not come across anything really at a reasonable price. I think if you can respect your tools, keep them in good health, they will last.
  3. It’s 3/8 lo pro. With the stihl ripping chain, really smooth cut. [emoji106]
  4. Nice set up. I’m up to 48” single powerhead with eco mill. So far, so good. Endless fun, milling. With full time estate to manage I don’t get a lot of time to do it, but I have an endless timber resource. Can’t complain really. Restoring a very dilapidated barn at the mo. No funds to do it, but getting a roof back on so I can get the milled boards in there for drying.
  5. Yeah I ran them in for the first 10 tanks. Doesn’t take long with milling. What set up are you using with the saws?
  6. Yeah that’s the one. Though it’s Chinese.
  7. It’s one I got from Rob D. Not Stihl or Husky. Was using a 365, just no good for anything more than 36” lo pro. So went with a cheaper option until I can afford a proper monster. Though it’s 92cc and has done well so far. Can’t fault it for milling. Surprisingly good to be fair. Touch wood. When the time is right and the notes are available then I suppose it’s going to have to be the 881, but need to sell some more boards for that.
  8. Yes well,I thought it was more the ghost of Mickey Mouse[emoji106]but now you mention it....
  9. Better weather and less mud. Finished off some big beech.
  10. It’s a tree. Does it grow anything like spikey balls at all?
  11. I see ash and willow. Willow can go an orange colour too when cut. Just saying......
  12. AJStrees


    I run the husqvarna pole saw and strimmer. Great bits of kit. Also use tanaka and have done for some years, also good as you say. The only thing is, I would rather start using a battery pole saw of similar spec to the petrol. I've got the very long husqvarna battery polesaw which gets me up about 5 metres and its just as good if not better than the petrol machine. But don't need it that big for most pruning jobs.
  13. Did a bit more sycamore today.
  14. Got it into the barn. Great colour.


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