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  1. That's a few decades ago isn't it? Is that an old Range Rover in the background?
  2. Whats the age of the little beast?
  3. This time last year, the MF 135 out and about. Have since replaced the two back tyres and clean up the body a fair bit in prep for painting when it gets dry enough.
  4. All sounds rather posh for breaky. But does look pretty good.
  5. Its all gone tits up. Hail and cloudy now.
  6. That's a shame, but pretty dedicated these mothers.
  7. Oh lovely. Some Spring/Winter flower camellia and Forsythia is it?
  8. Some pretty cold eggs I would imagine. Very cute.
  9. Yes I had something turn up the other month as well and was wondering the same thing. Got through it though and happy as larry now. I do take a daily pack of vitamins and protein drinks and have built up a pretty good immune system over the years. Its all about having enough vitamins and minerals to build a strong immune system. Unfortunately a lot of people don't seem to understand that point. Bodies are frail things and with the lack of nutrition in the current society, fastfoods and the like. Although it is extra work, eating the food you buy at the supermarket is never going to be enough for the body to have a good strong immune system. I think one would have to eat a tonne of Spinach just to get enough B vitamins for instance. Plus hydration of the body, if you drink coffee or sweet drinks then the body need electrolytes and a lot of water. The body does not produce Vitamin C and so it needs to be supplemented. They say there is no cure for the common cold, however Vitamin C taken regularly with the right does of calcium will blast a cold and flu out, 1000mg of vit C hourly with food will kill a cold dead. No question. I have found these things out by the process of elimination over the years. Adelle Davis wrote some very good books back in the day. Its an education thing. Luckily my parents were big on organic food back in the 70's so I was given a good start. These days, I mean how could anyone think a burger and chips is going to build a strong immune system, well unless of course it was from pasture fed cattle and home grown potatoes from organic farming. Sorry about my rant but being Sunday I thought a sermon was needed.
  10. Have you tried some well made hot toddies, they get rid of chest infections pretty quick.
  11. Blue sky innit, but bit on the breezy side. Nice though, hope we can keep that sunshine coming. Got some colour back in me cheeks the other day while out mowing.
  12. But surely you must see it.... I mean painting solid brass panels on old fire places with gloss paint, I mean Armageddon might be the only way to get it all removed. I suppose nothing beats filling cavities in trees with concrete though to be fair.


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