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  1. https://youtube.com/shorts/-C9rM6peGIQ?feature=share
  2. I see 👍okay well I guess poplar will be pretty similar then. I’ve not done poplar yet but have a big black hybrid to mill up. So thought I would check.
  3. Ho do you keep the boards from cupping? Just keep it well weighted or do you strap your slabs of poplar?
  4. Seems to be Chicken season. Top one on an old oak tree and bottom one is in a flowering cherry.
  5. Looks to me like a photinia bush and something more vigorous growing behind it. Things grow with sunlight, so depending on the direction of the sun, depends where you will get more growth on your bush. If your smaller bush is being shaded out by the bigger bush then there will always be a struggle for the light. Looks like griselinia to the left and cherry laurel or rhodo (but more likely cherry laurel) to the right, behind. Both of the structural shrubs/bushes at the back are more dense and faster growing than photinia, that is not to say it won't grow, but the smaller shrub will need more feeding and more attention than the bigger bushes.
  6. I think it’s a gatekeeper rather than meadow brown. Almost identical but it has the thicker border. 👍
  7. Fair point @Squaredy, the logs have been down about 4 or 5 years in the wood with no bark on. Looked like oak to me and the grain seemed more like oak than chestnut, but you may well be right mate. 👍
  8. Don’t often see Bullfinch but this one happened to be nearby.
  9. Nice boards! I've wondered for a while, is it chalk or crayons people are using to mark up the dimensions on their boards?
  10. Milled up some 6” posts for a field gate into our woods. Using my eBay China saw (echo) clone, use it for dirty jobs mostly.
  11. I think the updated version of ios makes it simpler. You can just touch the upload arrow at the bottom of the page on safari and it gives you the "drop down menu".
  12. A couple of butterflies in the woods today. Red Admiral and Coma
  13. Get lots of crows yes. Could do with a few less as they pick off the chicks whenever the opportunity arises.
  14. I suppose it’s down to the cost of the granberg chain for me. But I’ve heard it’s the best for milling. I’m still trying out to see what works best with what set up. The lighter bar and chain Is a bonus for when your lugging gear around in the woods milling up fallen trees. I’ve not yet tried hyper skip chain on my 64” bar but it sounds good.
  15. Milling up some old oak logs this week. Using the 881 with the 48” lo pro and stihl full comp lo pro milling chain. Find the Stihl chain runs the smoothest.
  16. Funny you should mention that. Yes they were very pale coloured and their shape was different to the common wasp. You are probably right. 👍
  17. This was the Kestrel when she flew off the other day. Thought it was a good send off video.
  18. I see what you mean. Doing it through the browser on your portable communications device rather than through the app. Will take a bit getting used to it. Thanks Mr. Bullman. BTW. The site improvements look rather hip. A nice change. Thank you for all you do for ArbTalk.


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