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  1. Looks very good. What saw are you using?
  2. AJStrees

    Cedar stem

    That’s a big tree. Wow.
  3. Finished the well seasoned oak. Tried out the Oregon full skip chain.
  4. Hard to tell sizes. Could be Scots, black or lodgepole but would have to check the cone sizes and length of needles.
  5. From experience you could get a TORO or Kubota or Iseki or Grillo out front or JD, etc... Range of price new would be between 25 and 38k Or get a big zero turn such as the cub cadet with steering wheel or Ariens with sticks for about 10k or less. Zero turn are excellent for moving about. Or otherwise husky do the outfronts. We have 5 ride ons of differing spec from top of the range to the bottom and we mow about 40 acres of grass and lawns. Personally I like the cub cadet for manoeuvring. But the big 4x4 TORO is excellent for big wide open areas.
  6. I would suggest getting a mower to mow the grass. Seems very expensive idea to get a loader to mow with. You can get a seriously good ariens or cub cadet, big american mower to mow all the grass you ever need for less than 10k brand new with upto 60" mulching deck and very sturdy. Very quick to get about with either of those. Also built to mow lawns and excellent handling. Big engines and few parts to worry about. Not sure how much a mulch deck is on a loader but I think they aren't cheap for a decent size deck.
  7. Carrying on with the oak [emoji106]
  8. Ah, probably is one I’ve seen then. Just looked interesting where it was. Cheers.
  9. Well I am currently milling some 17ft oak at about 3” which is bloody heavy. I’m wondering if it’s closer to 300kg, but haven’t weighed them yet.
  10. That was a few years ago and before my time. But always good to know a bit about English history.
  11. Climate change I reckon.
  12. Don’t think I’ve seen this before, was under a young cedar tree we planted last year.
  13. Nice colours in that first shot. Great effect.
  14. Bit of Alder thinning near our lake dam. Got some nice long straight sticks.
  15. Crikey. That's a bit of a blow out!
  16. Nice selection and great colours. Thanks for sharing. [emoji106]
  17. Wow! great detail. Love the teeth, they look very real.
  18. Somewhat desiccated. One of the Pholiota fungi potentially?
  19. Very nice when you have all the gear to move the slabs!! Lovely job!!
  20. This oak has been down about 15 years, been wanting to mill it up for some time. Getting some very nice 17’ (5 metre) slabs out of it. [emoji106]
  21. That looks brilliant. Great fun. Is that the Lucas slabbing mill?
  22. Lots of Armillaria honey fungus about at the minute. A few trees were looking unhappy in summer and now have honey fungus showing up around their root zone. Could explain it or the after effect of something else first.


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