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  1. https://fb.watch/4Aig0vZWT1/
  2. Great news 👍🏼
  3. youngsbury

    Ray Mears

    Yes mackerel is lovely freshly caught and on the 🔥 and embers within the hour 👍🏼
  4. youngsbury

    Ray Mears

    I’ve got a sit on kayak which I fish from ( mostly troll ) on the North Sea gets a bit narly but fun. Also use it on the broads.Also have an inflatable rib and outboard for wild camping on the broads and family days out.
  5. youngsbury

    Ray Mears

    Plenty of wild garlic here
  6. youngsbury

    Ray Mears

    I think I’m coming round to a 223 tbh as agree to all your points. I’m still very much a novice with loads / ammunition if I’m honest and hopefully the fao will agree and hopefully grant my first centerfire. A good friend of mine loads his own so I will have guidance if needed. Appreciate the advice it’s what this place is all about.
  7. youngsbury

    Ray Mears

    Yes hmr is legal for fox in Hertfordshire and I’m sure a kiss behind the ear on a muntjac at close range would sort it out I will certainly mention those points regarding loadings to the fao when he eventually comes to visit as there so behind at the moment. I’ve only had the hmr a year so might be pushing my luck on the 223 and I like to eat munties and I’ve seen the damage a 233 can do so a 222 would be my choice as it’s the smallest legal calibre i believe
  8. youngsbury

    Ray Mears

    Mora companion in stainless steel. Cheap sharp rust proof use mine for processing game mostly. And the good old axe 👍🏼.zebra billy cans another good buy again cheap and strong.
  9. youngsbury

    Ray Mears

    Didn’t want to derail this thread by starting talking about guns / ammunition etc but they do seem to go together. The reason I’m going for a.222 is that it’s the smallest Calibre legal for fox and muntjacs and that’s all I require. I know the hmr is more than capable of dispatching both but not legally 😉.
  10. youngsbury

    Ray Mears

    MCQ bushcraft and Simon a bloke in the woods both on YouTube and both worth a look uk based.
  11. youngsbury

    Ray Mears

    Bsa R10 .22 pushed out about 22-24lbs also an cz hmr and in process of applying for . 222 but taking ages because of the Rona.
  12. youngsbury

    Ray Mears

    Yep I shoot as well and usually have mi fac air rifle with me for the pigeons and squirrels. And the odd parakeet which are making there presence


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