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  1. Enjoying the summer guys lucky I got 120 acres to enjoy ( not mine ) just work there
  2. youngsbury


    Bastards ! Cut there fuc- ing hand off
  3. D1029FEF-B740-4767-B280-9C1969E6FA26.MP4 2FBCB201-F001-403A-A91A-62431F19A379.MP4
  4. youngsbury

    G Wagon

    It’s a 5 pot derv and the weight capacity maybe would explain the price on them tires !
  5. youngsbury

    G Wagon

    Just thought it could make a good arb truck ! No worries with overloading ! Not sure not towing limits but it’s gota be good and certainly won’t be getting stuck ! Full diff locks etc etc ! He did say 1st gear is so low and tires are £400 each !!! ( re- groove able ) I’m sure there’s others available with hard top etc !!!
  6. youngsbury

    G Wagon

    Friend of a friend has just imported this G wagon from the Singapore military rated at 4.5 ton ! Total cost of vehicle with importation etc 13k its a 1997 model with 73km on the clock
  7. Do any of you guys use a samurai ! I’ve got one and found it holds a decent edge
  8. Depends on what’s already being used as the sub base which would need checking as probably just as well to keep it ! Scrape existing gravel off and level sub base compact with roller could then blind over with scalpings ( road plannings ) and compact ! All gravel migrates to a certain degree but could be rolled into the scalpings to help grip gravel and hide sub base.
  9. Wife got pulled over last year ( mobile speed camera ) clocked 58mph in a 30 waited nearly 6 months before summoned to court 6 points £275 fine ! Good luck as that’s a possible ban ☹️
  10. Not meaning to be cynical here but could it be the battery saw is for being stealthy in the LOCAL ! woods ?
  11. Agree on the build quality on them is good we also had the 4 way thrown in with no warranty. Much prefer to use it horizontal than vertical and would rather noodle down larger butts to keep working flat ! Fuel wise runs all day on about 6 litres. Either one you choose with a couple of tweaks to suit you needs you’ll end up with a decent machine! It’s split anything I’ve put on it so far. Robin
  12. Forgot to mention it’s the v series of splitter so not technically road legal but only use it on the estate ! and never came with a table


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