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  1. We had a problem with the switch sticking in . The rollers would run backwards but not forwards. Then would start to work ok. Wd40 on the switch and all ok[emoji1]
  2. Another thing to check could be the switch on the safety bar. This will cause the rollers to stop. If it is set up too close it may be getting knocked. Always assuming it is still there[emoji1][emoji1]
  3. Yes it is the house is my mothers and she decided to have it put down so she didn’t have to cut it[emoji23]
  4. Thanks gents I will have a go at the weekend and post some pics.
  5. We have a Christmas tree in our small back garden planted by my Mother so felling is the last resort. Is it possible to reduce it so it takes up less space as it will only get bigger. I appreciate it still needs to look ok and not butchered so this is the reason for my question. Any help is appreciated.
  6. I have been following this thread. Last week we lost out electricity for 3 days due to the storm. We were ok as the stove heated the house and we also have a caravan with cooker etc. Our neighbours are older people in council bungalows. A few years ago the powers that b decided to remove the gas fire from the living rooms and fit electric ones due to removing the chimneys. These vulnerable people were left without heat for 3 days. In the past social housing had to have two sources of heating seams the rules have changed!
  7. Wish you hadn’t posted this just ordered two[emoji23][emoji23]
  8. Conner

    makita dcs 6400

    I agree with the above. I have just called them in the past and described the part needed. Very knowledgeable staff
  9. Well both saws started today no problem at all. Checked metering arm heights ok. Well ok to my un-trained eye. Suspect problem is tank pressure. They are stored up high just under a steel Corrugated roof so take a lot of heat. It’s been cool the last couple of weeks. Will keep an eye on the temp and see how it goes. Thanks for all the suggestions it’s really appreciated.
  10. They are usually either cleaned and put on shelf or if just had light use put back with whatever fuel is left in there. I tent to forget to drain down and as using motomix don’t need to. This usually happens after a couple of weeks standing if used every couple of days no problems. Just a bit embarrassing when you turn up on site and have to remove plug to start the saw. [emoji23][emoji23]
  11. Yea I have pulled the plug after a week on the shelf it’s wet. So looks like fuel leaking when stood. As I say the 5000 has always done this and I have learnt to live with it. It’s sometimes ok the longer I leave it the worse it is. I’ve just got the 7300 and had the rebuild it and this dose the same so wondered if it was a common problem hence my question. Il check the metering arm at the weekend.
  12. Conner

    Oh bugger

    After looking at the wear I suspect either the oil pump failed or no oil causing the chain to nip up or over tightness of the chain. The bearing faces looked evenly worn and although rough the bearing was still free. Prob a case of poor maintenance and set up[emoji31][emoji31]
  13. I did have the 5000 back to the dealer the first time it happened. Nothing was found and the guy I bought it off ran a lot of Makita saws. I think spud may be right with the heat expanding in the tank as I have more problems in the summer. Just remembered reading something about it in the past will see how it goes. Il check metering arm height. But as it has done this from new don’t think anything is worn.
  14. I know it has been discussed before but I can’t find the thread. I have two Makita saws an Ea5000 and a EA 7300. The 7300 has just had the bearing journal machined. if I leave either saw unused for a week or so they sometimes flood and the plug needs to be removed to get the excess fuel out. Once started they are no bother either hot or cold. The 5000 has done this since new. Any ideas?
  15. Conner

    Oh bugger

    Thanks to all for the advice. Saw is running well. Found the reason for no tick over I had forgotten to put the throttle cable through the support. Doh. Going to run it on a 16” bar to run the bearings in already run on motomix so Lub should be ok.


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