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  1. Sounds like a plan also found ones for abt £60. Sounds too cheep.[emoji53] Would be nice to have the XPG To dry the gloves out [emoji23][emoji23]
  2. Just come across this cylinder kit only one I can find which is branded has anyone used one before. Would be nice to have the xpg as a back up saw
  3. Conner

    Oh bugger

    Job was done on a Bridgeport copy machine. I suppose it could have seen done on a lathe bolt a right angle plate to the carriage and set up the boring tool in a four jaw. As the casing was too large for a rotating face plate. Yep I served my time in a machine building department in the early 90s. The department mentality was from the 60s all imperial machines learned some very valuable skills which were not taught even then, very old school toolmakers very clever men.[emoji2] Should also add this was done Saturday night shift with no gaffers in🤣🤣
  4. Conner

    Oh bugger

    Just done some fag packet calculations. Take wages at £15/h (very low). Add machine costs, lighting parts etc and making a few quid the cost of the repair would be far more than the cost of the saw. Also trying to find someone with the skills to do the job. We have a dedicated machine shop with CNC machines. They could not do a repair like this as it is done by eye. We need to skill up on old fashioned manual machines.
  5. Conner

    Oh bugger

    The problem with the saw was it wasn’t oiling. It was running very well. The crank had moved over putting pressure on the oil pump and worn it out.
  6. Conner

    Oh bugger

    Housing is worn .42mm towards the oil pump explaining the wear on the pump. Housing bored out to 42mm sleeve made and bearing pressed in nice and central to the oil seal. One of the perks of Saturday night shift and access to a lathe and milling machine.
  7. Conner

    Oh bugger

    The saw is a 2013 makita 7300p. Yep abt .3mm play housing doesn’t look worn to the eye going to get the DTI out at work and check it. To find where it is worn
  8. Conner

    Oh bugger

    I have used shim to repair this type of damage in the past. I have also pop marked cases to tighten up the bearing before loctite. This works well on machinery but haven’t tried it on a crank journal. I have always used internal callipers and a mic to measure accurately just how I was shown many years ago but can’t put my hands on my 25-50 mic.
  9. Conner

    Oh bugger

    Il let you know when the new bearings arrive with the new oil seals for the crank. Not too long I hope as il have forgot how it goes back together🤣🤣
  10. Conner

    Oh bugger

    I have new bearings on order. Saw runs well just didn’t oil as pump was worn. I would have expected to see more ware in the crankcase and a small ridge. I have plenty bearing fit loctite. May have to bore the case and fit a sleeve for the bearing if off center.
  11. Conner

    Oh bugger

    Just measured up the bearings and crankcase in my local bearing supplies. Both at 40mm no wear on crank case I was expecting to see it very worn with a spinning bearing. Took pics when I got back. There is no lip on the crankcase to be felt.
  12. Conner

    Oh bugger

    I stripped it down expecting a failed bearing. Bearings a bit rough but no play. The play is between the casing and the bearing. No damage to casing. Looks like it’s been like this since manufacture very surprised. Will try new bearings if not too dear☹️☹️
  13. Conner

    Oh bugger

    Well I have found the reason for the oil pump wear wish I had found this before buying a new Pump. Looks like open heart surgery. FullSizeRender.mov
  14. Ordered a new oil pump and pipes for my 7300p from Alan Watkins in Darlington 3 days from Makita all good. I picked up but they will post . Astonished at the speed the parts were available[emoji2][emoji2]
  15. Don’t remind me[emoji23][emoji23]


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