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  1. Dewalt quote as chain speed is below 8m/s no tickets are needed to buy it as it’s a top handle arborists saw. Can’t see an arborists using it though too slow with plastic dogs. Ok for general use though.
  2. Finally got round to having a closer look. Plug gap ok at 0.020” coil gap slightly close at 0.008”. Started to set up and found coil moving. Screws were loctited in so wouldn’t move but not right down . Cleaned down and set up now no hurty fingers it snapped string. But Santa came early new Makita ea5000p. Thanks for the advice guys much appreciated.
  3. This one will start ok when cold and seams to get worse when warm. Pulling with passion has lead to a snapped new starter cord. I’m am now thinking the coil may be on the way out and the timing drifting. Will have to investigate further on Thursday
  4. Yes tried pulling just over TDC nice hard yank and handle straight out of hand swear at it next try easier than my 181. Will pull flywheel tomorrow after making a puller and set coil gap. Main prob is snapped cords so job held up
  5. I have a 044. Beast of a saw cutting really well. On starting occationally it appears to lock and pull the starting handle out of my fingers. This will happen a few times then the compression seams to drop and it pulls over and starts ok. Mixture looks ok, filters clean flywheel key ok. A bit lost on this one. And sore fingers. No decompression fitted 1996 saw. Any advice gratefully received.
  6. Any wood is good wood if it's free. Love hawthorn and Ash but poplar, lime, sycamore, beach, pine, anything really as long as seasoned Is great, free heat[emoji16]
  7. I had problems with a bar and chain set Fron Northern Arb. Rototec Ordered the matching set but wrong chain supplied a phone call sorted it out eventually!
  8. Looks like new belts are required. Those are shot. Suspect the heat is from the belts slipping. I would change belts and tension so belts can be rotated to 90 deg. Then try it.
  9. When we used to for towbars for Witter they stated. A drop plate can only be used as a drop plate. The towbar is designed to have the load either as designed or lower due to the fulcrum effect. I suppose it comes down to it being a “Drop plate” not a “raise plate”. If a customer wanted the ball higher we would supply adjustable ball. Or modify the trailer to suite.
  10. The problem is not with the plate itself. The tow bar is designed to have the load directly on the M16 bolts. This can be lowered by 2”. But when raised the forces change and load up the mounts on the tow bar.
  11. Drop plates are only designed to “drop”. You cannot fit them to raise the tow ball the load is in the wrong place. There are adjustable tow hitched available. These used to be fitted to old land rovers vans to get the right height. A drop plate might be ok but if an accident occurred liability would be with the owner.


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