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  1. lux

    Ineos Grenadier

    Can’t help but think it’s going to be over hyped. Just looks like a defender. The car landrover should of built basically. Hardly revolutionary.
  2. Does anyone have a form covering assessments and protection measures for trees on building sites? Thanks all.
  3. Anyone on here run a fair sized tracked mulcher that would like to quote on a stage of works at a job in Haslemere. Thought I would offer it up in here first before asking the likes of Kingwell etc. Get in touch if it may be of interest. Thanks.
  4. As per Doobin. Put up rated springs on so you don’t look overweight and draw attention. Any 3.5t van with high sides that’s full of chip will be overweight. It’s not big or clever but it’s the way it is .. I bought springs from midland road springs. They are rated 1.5t over and above the normal springs. Very pleased with them. When the barn doors are shut you wouldn’t know there was much in the back.
  5. I wish I could do the same with the amount of junk my missus hoards in the house [emoji23] I’m not brave enough though lol.
  6. lux


    I’m not fussed on a lot of the craft lager or IPA. They seem to make them very ‘floral’ which makes it ok for a pint but not a session beer. ..... oh wait maybe that’s the answer to reduce my consumption rate [emoji23] If it’s a real beer I find it’s hard to beat Doombar or Tim Taylor’s ‘landlord’ is another good one but more often than not it’s a cold lager that hits the spot.
  7. I bet you don’t get one [emoji23]. Tilia platyphyllos for the leaf.
  8. lux


    The down side and the upside for me is my mum owns a pub and I’m Supporting trade by buying wine through the pub from the suppliers. It’s my effort for the economy and supporting independent businesses [emoji23]
  9. lux


    So, who’s drinking more in the evening during lock down. ? I’ve noticed I’m consuming more. Not that work has been much different to normal but definitely sinking more whilst in lockdown. Anyone else the same ? Maybe I need another workshop project so I’m drinking tea instead of booze most of the evening [emoji23]
  10. Dear All. I’m looking to buy a predator 38x stump grinder. Local dealer tells me shipment awaited and not here til July perhaps. Anyone looking to move a low hours machine on? I will consider comparable alternative makes of similar power output but having looked at a few machines I thought the predator suited my needs best. Thanks in advance
  11. If you don’t have time to sharpen them ensure a set of teeth are factored into a full days grinding and bin them. I would say switching to Rhino teeth would be a smart move. They are better for grinding and easier / quicker to sharpen so you might be more inclined to do it.
  12. They aren’t fragile at all. Had my 2511 since they came out. Had it modded by spud and it’s an awesome saw. Doesn’t need any special treatment. I’d say tougher than the current plastic fantastic saws by stihl. 201’s have far more a reputation for disintegrating handles and filter covers .....
  13. Even if you only do one project and sell it on it’ll be worth it in the time you save. I’ve not looked at the specs but I would imagine it’s hard to find one that will mortise 12” from one position. Maybe be worth you buying a second hand one then reselling to minimise your loss. Just check chain condition etc carefully. Make sure everything locks in position And hasn’t worn. Fantastic tools and will save you days and your sanity !
  14. I’m out topping fields at the mo. Drop me a message on 07780614112 and we can sort a time to bring it down. Cheers [emoji106]
  15. Are you able to fabricate a new subframe ? Cheers


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