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  1. Look forward to hearing how she goes. I love my mk7 Had it a fair while now ( 63 plate ) but still only. Done 62k. I like the look of the new one but just not worth changing mine. Would mean getting mods done again. Might buy another but can’t see me ever selling the current one. Had a couple of hilux. If I could find a mint old surf I’d buy another just as a run around. great car.
  2. The Ford 4000 is the better machine out of the two there. Both look in very tidy nick.
  3. There’s a good video from buckin’ billy ray. Heavily ported 2511 with a 16” bar I think. Looks ridiculous! Cuts well in softwood to be fair from what I remember. Must of had serious port work. Not sure how long it would last ... 10” def a good size bar for them. Cracking wee saw.
  4. lux

    TR8 woes.

    Well if they get something positive from it then good luck to em. They’ve looked after me exceptionally well which is a hard commodity to come by these days. Some companies, and I speak from experience, are quick to duck and dive and wash their hands of issues and leave customers infuriated. I had issues with Rotatech / Saturn machine knives. What a useless outfit. Customer service , well it was non existent. I just stopped using them. Wasn’t so long ago everyone was battering them on Facebook, they seem to still be going. It’s like the old adage of ‘today’s news is tomorrow’s fish and chip paper’ People will buy whatever chippers they will. It’s good there’s choice on the market. Different machines suit different firms setups etc etc. As it stands I’m still pleased I bought a Forst. Hopefully the newly modded one in March will be great.
  5. Some fine old classics there. Always enjoy watching old buckin billy rays ‘pepped’ up mcCullochs. Nice old saws.
  6. lux

    TR8 woes.

    Not unreasonable given the current circumstances. 6/7 weeks. I’ve been waiting over 3 months for my custom canopy being built by n and j aluminium Ifor williams can’t meet some trailer orders til October they are so stuffed atm. March seemed pretty fair all in all The old one goes in for a strip down and will be rebuilt from the ground up, with the newer modifications I would assume. What they do with it after that point I know not. Might stay on their fleet or be sold as a refurb, Either way I get a new contract on the new machine. Legally needs to be done due to serial numbers etc otherwise in theory I could still have rights to the old machine etc etc. All seems pretty water tight to me.
  7. lux

    TR8 woes.

    I had a very decent conversation with Forst regarding my machines faults. Given the exceptionally low hours of the machine Forst are replacing the machine under warranty without reservation. They came out and collected my machine, have provided a loan machine until my new one is built and I should get the new one around about the beginning of March. I was delighted to see that a lot of the faults that have occurred with mine have already been redesigned and will be different on my replacement machine. ( mine was one of the first Doosan models on the market so had a few new features / designs) The linkage to the stop bar is completely redesigned , new infeed roller blades , new exhaust which is down swept so no drilling required on the bonnet. Relays repositioned I think. They have certainly moved quickly to iron out early issues on the new Doosan TR8 I’m hugely impressed with the attitude and response from Forst. Without exception their customer service and speed at updating their machine has been second to none. Probably , no definitely , the best customer service I’ve experienced. I’m looking forward to getting the new machine with its improvements.
  8. Can’t see a huge impact for small producers. Those making something of their arb waste etc. Big producers / suppliers running kilns will have no issues with Woodsure. They Will be testing logs straight out of the Kiln as their production / turnover will be so high. No chance for the logs to climb above 20% again Small air dried production is going to be at the mercy of what month they are tested in or the conditions that winter. Very wet autumn / winters will cause problems As @BigJ said his logs fluctuated by about 10% Such a load of tosh, we could sell logs from a nice air dried barn store where they sit at 18% let’s say, Deliver 1.5 cube to a customer who sticks them in a crappy damp log store and they are up to 28% in no time. Still being burnt wet. Still, it’s here and that’s that. I think for small production poly tunnels must be one of the best options with all that solar drying effect too. Really can’t see it being policed / invigilated thoroughly. Some might get unlucky and get a random visit but highly unlikely. I’ll take advantage of the extension and do small production for next year. If sales are continuing to grow ( certainly a spike with lockdown ) I’ll register and have a go at conforming. If it’s a massive hassle I’ll just stop selling and just produce my own supplies. It’ll then all go for biomass ... counter productive for woodsure no doubt.
  9. lux


    Let’s leave racist slurs off the forum. There’s a good chap.
  10. I’m based in Haslemere. Will bear in mind That’s some lumpy curved sections of oak. Where’s it being placed? Newlands corner or something like that if it’s north downs way ?
  11. lux


    Which colour man is it for then Ian ...........?
  12. I do like seeing some nicely laid hedge. One done down the road from me recently. Young lad on his own. Drove past him every morning, terrible weather and clay ground so looked miserable for him. Labour of love for sure. Always evokes images and memories of countryside days gone by to me. Good dollop of nostalgia. I’m glad people are making a living keeping these skills going. I’d love to learn how it’s done properly. The hedge in that last picture looks recently planted. Still in its tubes ? Was it planted with the intention it was always going to be laid ?
  13. Starting up a good old Facebook campaign on someone’s livelihood is a sure fired way to get yourself involved in something nasty that you will regret. What a stupid idea. I’ve said that in terms of a reduction it’s not been done well. Which it hasn’t. But, in the scheme of things. The tree is smaller. , sycamore is vigorous and will grow back from what I can see in those pictures. Nothing got broken during the work and the site was left clear. None of us know what he charged for this work, my guess though is that it was probably less than most of us on here would have charged. We’ve all seen a lot worse and there’s no indication whatsoever he ripped her off etc etc. The guys earning a crust in hard times, he might not be the best but it doesn’t look like he’s a shyster either. Facebook smear campaign - leave it out.
  14. Definitely a lot of crown cleaning to be done on them for sure khriss.
  15. Ha. Many a ‘mock Tudor’ estate around here built in the 80s and retained some huge trees that now require work to strike the balance of retaining , still looking nice and being more attractive than the house under them .... I’m happy doing it. Puts bread on the table as they say.


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