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  1. Long Handled Hedge Cutters

    I remember using robin hedge cutters in the mid 90's. the two I used were very good. I just run stihl these days and I like them. I also heard good things about echo trimmers but couldn't help feel they were a little plasticy in comparison..... could be wrong as never used one. I wish more manufacturers would drop the cheap plastic builds. .....
  2. One reason I use Aspen

    Aspen is a great product but just way too expensive for everyday use. I reserve it for machines used infrequently. Waste of money for a machine used daily. One retailer near me sells it at £4 per litre ..............
  3. What top handle saw?

    Find yourself a 200t and have it rebuilt if necessary. You won't find a better top handle. That said I'm loving my echo 2511 for small work.
  4. Freelander versus Terrano

    Freelanders are awful things. I had a commercial one many years ago. Total junk. Maybe have a look for an old landcruiser as well. ??
  5. Overhead electric cables

    True about protocol. But on a practical perspective if it's a single insulated cable running through a tree it's not necessary to shut it down. The chap will be arranging shut downs every other week ... If it was an uninsulated distribution cable/s then yes it needs shutting down to work safely around it.
  6. Overhead electric cables

    Insulated or uninsulated cables. ?
  7. Full skip chains opinion.

    I def like the full skip chains. Now run them on all saws with 28" bar and over. Was ringing up large dead oaks recently. 660 on full skip was out cutting an 880 on a normal full comp chain. Both on 36" bar. Less to sharpen which is also a bonus on large bars.
  8. ms441 or 461?

    I agree. Stay away from the 441. I do find it runs up to 25" bar fine but the electronic carb is tiresome and issues with not oiling. Get a 461 before they update them.
  9. 2 vans or 7.5 toner

    Exactly which is why we like a mixed fleet. But it's horses for courses and whatever best suits your own business requirements.
  10. 2 vans or 7.5 toner

    Trailers are great for added volume for sure. Trouble is maximum towing capactity is reduced by overall train weight of combined units so it's still easy to be overweight if you ram the truck and trailer both full. You also bring in nose weights to the equation .... Plated weights are a bit of minefield with uk legislation when you get into the depths of con and use regs. Most 3.5t are overweight most of the time in Arb work. Easy done.
  11. 2 vans or 7.5 toner

    No not yet. It would be interesting to see what she comes in at fully laden (although the answer may not be desirable)
  12. 2 vans or 7.5 toner

    Lol no sorry. Not trying to be awkward but if you are taking two trailers out surely at some point you'd want to be chipping into them ??
  13. 2 vans or 7.5 toner

    Agreed small short wheel base mogs aren't too bad. Take weight obviously but the chip bins don't have a huge volume. We run a 1750 long wheel base with large bin on it. Great machine but too big to get on site in a lot of instances and can be very tight to manoeuvre with the bandit on the back. Any excuse to get the mog out on a job is always encouraged though ......
  14. 2 vans or 7.5 toner

    So you need a 3rd vehicle to tow a chipper and can put nothing in the back of the tipper truck .....
  15. 2 vans or 7.5 toner

    What's the train weight of a transit ? Surely not 7t. I thought it was about 5.8 ish. So if you load it full and a full 3.5t trailer it will be overweight again on train weight. ............


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