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  1. Hey stubby you live not too far from me. If I let this thing rip it might make it to your house [emoji23]
  2. I cleaned it yesterday , 1942 made by Remington. [emoji106]
  3. Found this live .50 cal round about 12 inches underground today. WW2. My wife said “Don’t bring it in the house” and “Dont mess about with it either” the tone of her voice was far more fearsome than the risk of losing finger tips by stuffing it in a steel pipe and giving it a whack so no fun was had but a pretty cool find anyway. [emoji4]
  4. Raptor isn’t much of a work vehicle either. The suspension mods come at the price of pay load. Only carries about 600 kilos in the rear tub.
  5. It’s a simple paperwork exercise to upgrade your existing one to 3.5t.
  6. Dear All Im after an extra person to help on Monday for a last minute job. Im Based in Haslemere, Surrey, but the job is in Slough so you can either travel with me or meet on site. It will be an early start. Anyone expressing interest please PM me on here. Thanks in advance.
  7. Thanks. I’m in Haslemere and may have some days coming up. Are you working for a local firm at all ? Cheers
  8. I mean i believe it’s advantageous to operate as a ltd company.
  9. lux

    ArbDogs? Pics!

    new digger alarm.
  10. There is no wrong or right answer but I can’t see sense in people pricing jobs as wages. If you have an old chipper / truck invariably they break down or need repairs etc which is pretty gutting if that’s your wages gone to pay for it. I wouldn’t entertain sole trading. I know my daily overheads wages , fuel , insurance etc etc the list goes on. I make sure I’m covering it and then making profit after tax in the business account. The more organised you are on the numbers the more it will pay off. It is very difficult if everyone around you is cheap but try pushing your prices up , you will soon get a good feel if it’s viable or not and as someone mentioned you can price yourself out of the work you would rather not do and hopefully improve your client base to those with deeper pockets and nicer jobs. Hopefully you see an improvement in your margins [emoji106]
  11. No worries. Hope it’s helpful.


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