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  1. I’m out topping fields at the mo. Drop me a message on 07780614112 and we can sort a time to bring it down. Cheers [emoji106]
  2. Are you able to fabricate a new subframe ? Cheers
  3. Sadly it’s shot. Not repairable.
  4. Anyone here sources a replacement tipper subframe for a transit or similar. I have a transit with a scattolini tipper. The van and the Arb back are in excellent nick but the subframe isn’t. Boulter tippers at Basingstoke built the conversion for me and could fabricate a replacement although quite pricey. So wanted to investigate if there are other options off the shelf so to speak. Anyone here replaced theirs ?
  5. I’ve had the same request. Going by the guidelines on last nights news if you can maintain social distancing then you should be able to deliver logs without concern.
  6. For mid size 50 -70 cc saws I run husqvarna now and I’m delighted with them.
  7. Spud is on the forum. Have a look for his posts. He is a 2 stroke / small engine mechanic. He carries out porting / tuning work which will liven any saw up. Porting is common in the US but not so much here. He modified the exhaust on my 2511 and I love that saw. He’s ported a 50cc husky for me which zips pretty good now. [emoji106] Re the ground saw. Both are great. The 620 is universally appreciated. If weight / size of saw is a concern get the 501. Run it in then port it. The only negative I’ve heard about the 501 is the air filter can allow some fines through although there may be a fix or echo may have changed the design but a really decent saw. I’ve found my echo kit very reliable. Best thing about the 501 is it has no electronics to play up. Just a good old carburettor [emoji106]
  8. The 501sx is your comparative ground saw cc wise but the next one up the 620sx is the pic of the bunch. Go for that. Top handle if it’s from reductions get the 2511. Change the bar and sprocket to run the stihl chain. If you want it for larger take downs then the 360. Run several tanks of through as they are tight when you and pick up in power after a dozen tanks of fuel. Then send it to spud to jazz it up and you won’t be disappointed [emoji106]
  9. My ko2 all terrains are approaching 30k. Still plenty of tread. I run a hilux invincible 3.0l with remap. rd wise they get an easier time in 2wd. Decent off road. The only thing that stops them is heavy clay and that will do the same to any off road tyre. I’ll get the same when they wear out. Good value too really. I think I paid circa 750 fitted for a set. Balanced against lifespan and performance I think that’s well worth it.
  10. Depends what cc you are looking to get Ground saws the 501 and 620 are good mid sized professional saws. The 2511 is a great little top handle and the 360 is well balanced. I sent my 2511 to spud for some of his tuning and it’s a fantastic saw. They have a new 70cc saw coming out soon and if you need something bigger there is the 8002. I’ve got one that’s been used about 4 times I might part with as I have loads of large saws. Their pro range is good stuff. I just bought the new back pack blower and am pleased with it.
  11. Hi Jack. Where are you based ?
  12. Dear all. I’m looking to extend my contacts base to give increased flexibility with staff / subbies for busy periods. My company is based in Haslemere on the Surrey / West Sussex border. We carry out all manner of domestic and commercial tree care as well as some fencing and landscaping jobs although it’s unlikely we will need extra staff to cover these roles. Predominantly it will be for tree work. I’m looking for experienced grounds staff who are experienced with rigging and lowering as well as contacts for climbers. Starting pay for experienced grounds crew is £140 per day and increased rates for those bringing greater skill sets or climbing ability. Please PM with any interest. Thanks in advance.
  13. I’d want £250 quid just to take away the van load of sawdust ringing that up will produce...........
  14. I’ve found the opposite. Local magazines total waste of time. I did 4 local publications. I get quite a lot from Checkatrade and certainly worth the monthly fee.
  15. Hi Steve Nick from Elmsdown Forestry came up and took a look. He's keen on the timber so will have first dibs on it. I await an update from the trust on when it may be felled so will chase them. Your name is second on the list many thanks


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