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  1. I recall some reasonable YouTube videos on the wranglerstar channel about restoring and sharpening these saws. Back when his channel was half decent before he got bought out and now just posts rubbish videos destroying cheap tools from Amazon and doing weirdo prepper stuff for the never coming apocalypse....... makes him a living I guess Anyway. His old tool restoration clips were quite good.
  2. It is yes. We are based pretty much next door to each other so works a treat for me
  3. Surely is. Julian’s a top bloke. Recommend him to anyone in need of a grapple truck
  4. Grapple saw In again today. I’ve dead wooded these oaks about 3 years ago and they are already littered with dead again and the crowns are looking quite stressed. Sadly in decline. They extend over several roofs and are becoming a concern to the owner. It would have been a faff rigging a lot of it as no landing zone to speak of the other side so some large extended limbs would have a long way to rig back into the lane. Slow expensive and tedious. Nursing these trees into retirement with the grapple saw and near enough pollarding on them. Julian plonked me up on the trees after to tidy up. 4 oaks and a 1 conifer topped out. Back in time to get some maintenance done and still away at 3:45. This time it was definitely cheaper and quicker to go mechanical. Top kit for the right job. It’ll never replace climbing but it’s certainly a massive asset given the right situation.
  5. Personally I never got on with the tree motion. Uncomfortable and doesn’t stay in place for me. Skylotec is my favourite. When the current ones done I won’t even bother looking at anything else. Just another skylotec. It’s just personal preference though. They are all good in their own right.
  6. I bought those wood owls. Epic drill bits.
  7. Good lift and shove. OTT tracks are expensive. If it’s a yard machine they are great. If you want it on jobs you’d be better using your money as a deposit in a mini loader Norcar gets my vote at the moment.
  8. Cheers may well do. Drop me a WhatsApp message with rates. [emoji106]
  9. Anyone got one of these little chippers available to hire near a job in Godalming , Surrey. ? Turned up to do a job I priced last year and the Badgers have moved in.... anyway it was down tools and I’ve had an ecology survey and method statement done to satisfy Natural England. Change of method now for the job and also trying to balance and keep within a reasonable budget for the client. One of these little machines would help. If anyone has one for hire In my area let me know. Cheers.
  10. Was the larch fresh off the mill ? Not made framing from larch before. Is it fairly stable to use green or pis that larch part dried. ? Nice joinery in that shed. I have a few nice larch logs waiting to be milled. Be good to know.
  11. Another day lining them up and knocking em down. Seems to have been a bit of it recently. Felling in between buildings using conventional felling cuts instead of humboldt to leave them on the hinge a bit longer. No saw logs in this lot of snot so not fussed.
  12. Plenty of toys. The big tracked chipper and Volvo were just hired in for a couple of days.
  13. Bit of site clearance from earlier in the week. Can never get the videos to upload from my phone which is a shame. Didn’t take many pics of the site but general conifer bashing and felling quite a few Doug firs.
  14. How long do they take to sharpen ? I’d imagine it’s a fiddly waste of time and better just to pop on a new blade as they are cheap anyway.
  15. Horrible drive. Bucking bronco. Bounces you around on every bump in the road. Cab over axle does have the advantage of no overhang when manoeuvring on narrow driveways etc.


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