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  1. Is the cladding overlapping in the pic there. I mean a 3rd board is over the the top of the joint where the boards below butt up to each other. ? Thanks
  2. I’m about to clad my barn. I have a good source of Doug Fir that is cut and ready to mill. It can be milled next to the barn and be hung as it’s milled. My question is how stable is it ? Certain timber I would never use for green cladding as you know it will move a lot I will be cladding vertical boards 150 to 200 mm wide. I would like the barn to contrast the house and going on the price rises on what the house cladding cost it seems a feasible idea. (Albeit a more expensive timber on the house ) I’m pretty sure some of you here have made barns etc and clad them with your own timbers. How have they faired ? Any of you use Doug ? Thanks in advance
  3. Maybe it should of. I haven’t bought a 500i but the ones I’ve seen are pretty battered already. I think the plastics a cheaper / thinner than on older stihl saws. Perhaps In pursuit of less weight etc etc.
  4. What size Lucas. ? I think they do different sizes.
  5. Good saw. For aerial work the echo 501 sx is the best of the bunch. For me as an all rounder the 501 is the best 50cc saw.
  6. Paying back training if they leave within a certain time period of say 12 months would be reasonable and pretty normal. Probation periods are reasonable Re holidays it’s just a common sense balance between you. Leave them tasks to do you can trust them with when you are away , or discuss it and boom the same time off and shut down for a week. Christmas closure etc would usually come out of their annual leave entitlement unless otherwise stated
  7. Been let down and could do with an extra person on Monday 18th October. Monday will be ground work but I will also have future climbing work available during November and December. Based in Haslemere on the Surrey and West Sussex Border. The job on Monday is near Longmoor Army camp on the A3 so anyone willing can either travel under their own steam, travel with us or happy to collect from Haslemere train station. Pay depending on skill set. Anyone interested drop me a PM Thanks in advance.
  8. I’ve got a practically new spider jack 3 in the barn. Climbed on it about 4/5 times. Still got the box and conformity note. Couldn’t stand it. Put the zigzag back on Sensible offer if anyone wants it. If not it’ll probs stay in the barn til I try it again in a year or so to remind myself I hate it [emoji23]
  9. Another for R tech here. I was set on the 250 after seeing Doobins welder. Spoke to R tech who discussed my power supply over the phone and they said I’d not ever use the full potential of the 250 as my supply wouldn’t support it. They down sold me to the cheaper 180 as I could fully utilise the machine. Chucked in £50 worth of wire free. It’s a super welder , not much you can’t weld with it on a couple of passes too. Super family run business who actually care and they have a fantastic product. I’ll be brand loyal for welding kit from here on.
  10. lux

    TR8 woes.

    Hi Josh Först were very decent in their handling of my issue. They took my TR8 55 back, gave me a loan TR8 45 old version for 3/4 months until my new machine was ready. Then delivered my new machine with the revisions on the teething issues. They have made several revisions / improvements to the TR8 55 with a further torque enhancement too. It’s night and day even to the outgoing 45 hp kubota version. Blows it away on chipping performance. You can squeeze near on 9 inch timber through it no bother. So far the new machine is great. You do need to keep an eye on the soot levels on the dpf if you are doing lots of stop start chipping for say 20mjns. It needs to be chipping for about 40 minutes to initiate a regen if needed. It’s designed to cope with forced regens but if the soot level exceeds 120 percent it requires resetting by laptop. That’s just modern engines I guess. Just means you need to keep a weekly check on soot levels on the display to avoid a call out for the laptop to be plugged in. So far I’m happy. I’ll keep it for 3 years of warranty and flip it for a new one. Fantastic chipping performance but I want my warranty comfort blanket. That said if want that on any new chipper or machine that’s the core of my business.
  11. That’s the Active brand from Italy. Yes the same as the Eder winch engine. I’ve had an Active 5.5 brush cutter 50 odd cc I think. Probably had it 13 years. It’s just brilliant. Never skips a beat and has been way tougher than my stihl FS460 that’s currently in for engine work. Fraction of the price. I need to find someone who is importing Active as my anti vibe on the handlebar mount now has lots of play in it. Not bad for the only part I’ve needed in all that time ! A local shop tried selling them years ago. Either they weren’t popular or the backup wasn’t great so they dropped the brand. I seem to recall they were up for around £400 and they dropped them to about £250 to get rid which is when I bought it in a whim. Wish I’d bought the lot ! Even at £400 they were a steal.
  12. Been around a long time those. Very effective. Put one up for a customer once.
  13. The blades are excellent quality. I used to change the blades on my Timberwolf every 5-10 days depending on volume of chipping. The bigger blades on the TR8 have been way better. Check weekly but have had the blades in 4-6 weeks before they needed a tickle up. Depending on what it’s been chipping. Stick with the manufacturer blades and also change the little grip washers each time. Forst will post you a bunch out.
  14. lux

    661 - bar length?

    It’s the brand. GB pro top. The lopro bars sold by rob are GB pro top. The orange coloured bars.


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