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  1. lux

    Instant hedging

    I have a need for some native hedge on a job, must be 2.4 metres at point of planting. Can you message with availability and prices please
  2. Another for Robinia. I reserve it for my outdoor pizza oven. Burns perfectly and gives great cooking heat. The oven sits at 400 to 450 degrees burning it. Makes 10 inch pizza cook in about 90 seconds [emoji106]
  3. lux

    3.5t to 7.5t

    If you are producing lots of waste each day and your sites allow for larger vehicles buy one. They are cheap as chips in comparison to a 3.5t van.
  4. lux

    3.5t to 7.5t

    Depends what work you are doing surely. What’s the reason for up scaling ? What are your other options ?
  5. I agree. With little stumps like that I’m happy to do them and will just fit them in around the nearest job to it. Usually on a stump like that they pay folding beer tokens and you will have already made your money elsewhere in the day so everyone’s happy. I’d just get a local firm to grind that. It’ll be cheaper than a days hire on any machine in regards to the op.
  6. Exactly. Works perfectly. Great piece of kit.
  7. Dig deep in those pockets Big j. I feel the Amarok is calling you Try finding a demo from VW that’s up for sale. Once they hit 9 months the dealers have to shift them on ASAP otherwise it costs them money so there’s deals to be had. Also try Shere 4x4 ( their pickups branch ) it’s just down the rd from me. That place only stocks the best used ones. With and without vat but mostly with. He will find you a really tidy one no problem.
  8. You’ll have to suck that up if you want more choice on cars. Your a hard man to please Big J In summary I conclude for your vehicle search it’s your fault. You are too lanky thus limiting your choices. There must be some Scottish blood there because you are trying to save on the tax at the cost of choice. Move to the states , buy a Chevy and cruise the big highways crucifying the ozone layer as you tow an artic sized trailer around every day ...... On a serious note chap I’ll be interested to see what you end up getting. I like seeing and hearing how people’s 4x4s are holding up for work. I’ve owned plenty now , each with their own merits and irritations. For me I’m now I’m brand loyal with Toyota but that’s personal choice and good experience with their 4x4s. Our old shogun family car was very very good too. The Amarok 3.2 might be worth a look for you. That engine has epic torque for towing and is big and full of luxury in the cabin. I had moved away from Landrover but my pal has just bought a range rover with a 5 litre supercharged engine. I’ve told him when he’s bored of it I’m having it off him to tow trailers. When you stick your foot down the nearest thing to it is taking off down the runway in an aeroplane .... epic engine.
  9. If you don’t need load space don’t get a pickup. If it’s a tow vehicle get a land cruiser Amazon v8. You’ll have way more cabin space in a car 4x4 than any pickup due to the way they are configured. Can’t say my hilux is basic, heated leather seats, touch screen etc etc. Sounds like you need a winter set of tyres and a summer set of all terrains. If you are set on the musso it comes in a car variant (which is why the tub is so small on the pickup as it’s an identical vehicle)
  10. I think on the latest ranger it’s only a smaller engine option with a 10 speed auto. I looked at the ssangyong at a local show. Very car like. The rear tub is tiny in comparison to other pick ups do not great for tools. I’m not sure the ssangyong would be too great off rd if that’s important. I believe Toyota are going to bring the 2.8 litre hilux to the uk next year. That’ll be good. My 3 litre hilux has been great.
  11. I have the telescopic stihl. Which is about 4 metres so if you hold it at head height you’ll be around 6 metres of cutting height. Easy enough to use, trimmed a few in similar tight spots no bother. They have changed the latest version so it won’t accept the hedge trimmer head hence I suggest the echo. The echo is probably lighter as it’s a smaller engine and also has a bolt extension for even more reach. Personally I couldn’t even contemplate some of my hedge jobs without a telescopic trimmer. Brilliant bits of kit. Get the adjustable angle head.
  12. The echo telescopic hedge trimmer also accepts a further extension. You’ll be able to walk along and trim to 6 meters with that easy enough.
  13. I would imagine the blades that look more like skill saw blades would be a better bet.
  14. Hey stubby you live not too far from me. If I let this thing rip it might make it to your house [emoji23]
  15. I cleaned it yesterday , 1942 made by Remington. [emoji106]


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