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  1. Where did you post the pictures. I can’t see them on this thread ? Thanks
  2. MacBook. Worth every penny. Had my current one 4 years. Would never go back to a pc again.
  3. Passed this little tug yesterday.
  4. Yeah our one is my good ladies car. It’s a 7 seater rather than a van. We had VW do all the checks on the oil, weighing it etc. They said all though oil consumption is high it’s within tolerance. I think on a trip to the Alps 2 years ago I calculated the oil use to be 85 to 90 ml per 100 miles driving. She’s had enough of it now and wants a long wheel base wrangler. Fine by me I quite like those.
  5. Just about to sell a 2015 4motion. Absolutely hate the thing. Terrible handling , DSG box is jerky and they drink oil like diesel. At least they hold their money so should get a good return
  6. I think the light is on a separate in line fuse.
  7. I believe so. But there should also be an audible click of the relay I changed both the fuel filters and checked the lines so happy there’s no blockage. Turns over but won’t fire so thinking maybe the relay to the pump and glow plugs is gone. Typically I couldn’t find my multimeter to check it.
  8. Sunday maintenance Today I’m afraid. The tw150 was put away working fine. Next time it came out the preheat was not working. No light / no ticking noise. Electrics aren’t my thing but I’d the likely culprit a simple fuse or relay issue. ? If so can anyone point me to where the correct ones are for the pre heat ? Many thanks
  9. I wouldn’t be licensed for spraying although not averse to getting a ticket. What do you spray and why ? How do you calculate your costs for more regular maintenance like harrowing and rolling ? Cheers
  10. That’s the worst work going Stubby .......... free. Never mind my missus seems to make me do lots of free work too [emoji23]
  11. Well let’s hope yours is alright and it’s sorted quickly. Ah you are just down the road from me. Do you take on any paddock contracting yourself?
  12. Is there an actual quarantine in force and if so what’s the radius and expected length of time ?
  13. I wasn’t planning on getting that close to the horses............
  14. Looking for feedback and advice from others who have added additional services like equestrian paddock maintenance Thinking ahead to spring I will be getting the harrows and roller on my field and keeping the grass in check with a flail mower Do any of you provide this service for local equestrian yards ? If so how are you pricing it and what are the general going rates. Is it worth doing as an additional service ? Tia


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