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  1. I’ve got one of those. It’s brilliant. Bought it about 15 years ago. Local dealership had a batch and knocked them out half price to get rid as they weren’t selling. I paid about £220. I run the Oregon 4 way jet cut head. It’s been superb. Never broken down. Same power head as the Eder winch.
  2. Mill them and pop them down the road to @bigbeech he will likely kiln them for you for a good price. Be ready in 3/4 weeks probably. He is pretty close to your yard.
  3. lux

    rotatec chains?

    Absolute garbage I bought a load of them for a few different saws. They went in the large box in the van that’s full of new chains. Some sat their for several months until needed. When needed got one out and it was made too short. Tried the rest on various saws and 3 or 4 more were too short. Ended up breaking them and lengthened them. Useless company all round. Lost chipper blades sent off for sharpening is another speciality of theirs too. I just buy my specialist chains for milling and skip tooth’s etc from Rob D on here and buy Oregon chains from honey bros for the rest. The Oregon power cut and x cut which I believe they make for husqvarna are nice chains.
  4. Yeah , I had £700 plus vat on the stump. So let’s say with teeth it cost £100 on the grinder ( vat to come back later ) 1 tipper trailer load of grindings removed but that was clean enough to go into the chip heading off to biomass So roughly £600 plus vat left for a 2 man day. That’s ok as far as I’m concerned. But yes if it was less juicy on fuel it would be good …. But I expect there is only £30 difference in the day compared to the current prices on red and a little lower consumption What’s of note also is that Petrol engined units are cheaper to purchase and have lower costs in maintenance through their lifespan Depending on where you work as well you may require the latest diesels with lower emissions etc.
  5. Yup , Swinny is correct. For domestic only. Work at a church or school for example and it has to be white. Anything adjoining a public rd. -white. Maybe I should fill the tank half red and half white to cover the bases [emoji23] Just off hired a norcar loader this week. Was told had the come back full of white.
  6. Indeed. Although the difference might not be so big now they will be on white diesel. [emoji20]
  7. I’ve got the pred 38. Pretty good machine. Biggest downfall is fuel economy. £70 to £80 a day on petrol when she’s working hard.
  8. I concur. I just quoted to fell a large leylandii screen . My price was about 6k plus vat. Customer told me he was shocked at the price , especially as I would be selling all the valuable trunks from it ……… Told me he had a quote of 2k to do the same. There’s almost a perverse pleasure to just not being bothered about it [emoji23].
  9. No suppose about it John. He is right. I don’t want to kerb your enthusiasm but it’s the old saying of don’t run before you can walk. Those are basic idents in the picture and having some knowledge of diseases / decay in combination with the characteristics and properties of the host species is what will enable you to make informed decisions on if it’s safe to climb or if you need to have an alternative plan Reading books and using the internet is handy but really needs to be in conjunction with formal training or a knowledgeable tree surgeon who’s willing to pass on their skills and knowledge Get someone in and offer to help groundwork for them. You’ll learn a lot more than having a go at it yourself If they are really rotten you’ll probably end up breaking something or worse still yourself. Stay safe.
  10. This is the pilot core tool they don’t supply , well from where I hire it anyway. For hard going ground. Driven in by the post knocker and rotated out on the t bar using a fence post to lever it around. Takes a 50mm core. Poking the ground with a fencing bar is just for seating the post upright to start off.
  11. They might advise it but like I said. It doesn’t come with it on hire.
  12. Hired the Australian one with the Honda engine a few times. On the right ground it’s fantastic. On the wrong ground it’s miserable. Sand with an almost sandstone compacted layer about 200 to 300mm below the surface was grim. They don’t hire the spike out to pilot hard ground sadly. On other ground 4 inch stakes have flown in no bother. On the whole it’s a good bit of kit. Hard on the ears though.
  13. Only ever used cobra but always found it easy to install in either static or dynamic applications. To be fair it’s what they sell at the local arb shop so that’s what we use. No issues with it though.


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