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  1. Hi All Got a deal on Husqvarna 550 chainsaws at 31.5% off at the moment. limited numbers, once they are gone they are gone. From £378.95 + VAT https://www.frjonesandson.co.uk/products/husqvarna-550xp-chainsaw-50-1cc/husqvarna-550xp-chainsaw-50-1cc-unit-only-no-bar/
  2. Jonesie

    Car battery courier

    Tufnells will do it. We sent batteries with TNT, but have a special arrangement.
  3. Jonesie

    Which Forestry Safety helmet ?

    Protos helmets top of the range (& price). But you get what you pay for. https://www.frjonesandson.co.uk/products/pfanner-protos-integral-forest-helmet-ground-use-only/
  4. Jonesie

    Free Stihl T-Shirt and cap

    FREE goodies with orders over £100* Enter the offer code at the checkout on our website for an order with goods totalling over £100+VAT, to claim a FREE t-shirt and winter cap. This weekend only! Enter code CAPTEE + preferred size of t-shirt (M / L / XL) at the checkout on any order over £100+VAT to claim a FREE Stihl t-shirt, RRP £17.08+VAT, and a Beechfield winter cap, RRP £7.50+VAT. This offer will only last for this weekend and only while stocks last, on a strictly first-come first-served basis. We don't know if stock will last the weekend, so get in quick if you want to secure some pretty sweet freebies! *Terms and conditions apply: Code CAPTEE + preferred size of t-shirt (M / L / XL) must be entered in the Order Notes field at checkout to qualify. Codes cannot be applied after order has been placed. Order value must be greater than £100, excluding VAT and postage. Offer valid only while stocks last and will be applied in a strictly first-come first-served basis, based on order date/time. https://www.frjonesandson.co.uk/
  5. Jonesie

    Rigging and climbing equipment supplier

    If you dive that far, we will look after you with a cup of Tea and a burger. But you will need to ask.
  6. Jonesie

    550xp Mk2 - where can I buy?

    That's the latest date from them. Hopefully that wont move further away.
  7. Last 3 of both Husqvarna 390XP and 3120XP left. Once they are gone they are gone. https://www.frjonesandson.co.uk/products/husqvarna-390xp-chainsaw-88cc/ https://www.frjonesandson.co.uk/products/husqvarna-365-x-torq-chainsaw-70-7cc/husqvarna-365-x-torq-chainsaw-70-7cc-unit-only-no-bar/
  8. Jonesie

    Pfanner Jackets - Waterproof?

    As MattyF said, Klimba not, but the Nano yes. Just remember to wash it correct and use waterproofer after the wash.
  9. Jonesie

    Sun rise photos

  10. Jonesie

    Rigging and climbing equipment supplier

    We are just under an hour away, but that does involve Dartford crossing so not early or late. A bit of a journey unless you have a few bit to get or want to try something out.
  11. Jonesie

    Loler Inspector London

    Hi We are based in South East London and have 2 LOLER inspectors on site.
  12. Jonesie

    What blower?

    The entry model had a built in battery, so you just plug it straight into the charger. You get approx 10 mins of full power trigger time per charge.
  13. Jonesie

    What blower?

    Comparing with a BG86 you will need a BGA100 The BGA45 is a domestic machine as opposed to the BGA100 is more commercial
  14. Jonesie

    What blower?

    If it's only for occasional use the Stihl domestic battery one is under £90.00 https://www.frjonesandson.co.uk/products/stihl-bga-45-battery-blower-integral-battery/
  15. Jonesie

    Stihl cordless hedge trimmer HLA 65

    Only time will tell, and they are strict about the policy.


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