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  1. bradshaw groundcare

    Weibang Legacy 56 VR Pro

    In October 2018, I had a 22 inch on demo. It would be replacing our hondas. I was impressed with the speed and quality of the cut so made the dealer an offer for the demo machine and also ordered a new 19 inch with blade brake. The Demo gear box machine was faulty and the 19 inch from new was also faulty. I returned them both and was fully refunded.
  2. bradshaw groundcare

    bradshaw groundcare

  3. bradshaw groundcare


    we do long wet long grass, docks, nettles, bramble, ivy all with cord (sthil orange yellow and black line) no problem with the Stihl fs410 all the power you need and will run all day every day no problem. we have used Kawasaki big and small and are good for the money but I prefer the sthil for all day uses hired an old husky once did not like it not tryed the newer stuff yet.
  4. bradshaw groundcare

    Line Marking Sports Pitches

    best machines we use are fleet. if you phone them for a price ask if they have any reconditioned units for sale about half price with new battery and pump 12 months warranty. Initial marking out takes time and best not to burn the lines in in case you make a mistake burn them in on the first over marking when your happy how it looks. football rounders rugby javelin throws training throws are straight forward. running tracks can be tricky if its got to fit a tight area. We have just finished marking out for the athletics season at the schools we do. one needed a 6 lane 400 meter trackwith 1500 and 800 meter curve, relay boxes different colours, 100 meter straight down one side and numbers on the lanes. it looked good ! pitch care is a good website
  5. bradshaw groundcare

    die for sprayer

    we use line marker paint what we use for marking pitches out with. You dont need much in it.
  6. bradshaw groundcare

    Self employed climber needed - Halifax

    Self employed climber needed, few days work - Halifax phone 07718887499 Michael
  7. bradshaw groundcare

    What strimmer 30/35 cc

    kawasaki th34
  8. bradshaw groundcare

    Ride on mower won't cut long/damp grass

    Get a used scag 48, you can pick them up for the same money as that billy goat and will be a way better machine for the job . ours will destroy long wet grass, no problem or keep short grass neat.
  9. bradshaw groundcare

    Which Compact Tractor Flail Mower

    we have a cheap Chinese one which came with the tractor it did its job well but has now retired to make way for a major 1.4 which was not cheap but does a good job and is very strong
  10. bradshaw groundcare

    Another Viking Mower to add to my fleet ...

    we have a few of these pro mulchers there not bad. leave the pull cord down in the engine as it rubbers on the plastic and frays the front wheels wear bad due to the crap design, to the point they will not turn unless the engine is driving them. engines are very good easy to start first or second pull. ours are about 2 years old we use them for private and comical sites any where its a rougher cut and a bigger machine will not get in. They get used most days
  11. bradshaw groundcare

    Kubota GZD21 High lift.. Reviews?

    4 wheel drive and a diff lock. jd x950r
  12. bradshaw groundcare

    Kubota GZD21 High lift.. Reviews?

    We had one and on banks /verges is was no good, we had it stuck a few times. on flat / level land cutting every two weeks it did a good cut quick but would not have one again. [ame] [/ame]
  13. bradshaw groundcare

    Ferris/Scag/Toro/Hustler/Great Dane walk behind, anymore

    We have a couple of double wheeled 48inch scags rear discharge and would recommend them with the Kawasaki engines. We have tried them with mulching blades but did not think much of them so went back to standard. we use them on grass cutting every 3 weeks and they do a very neat quick job and get places a ride on would not. rough cut jobs which have not been cut for weeks / months and they still do a good cut. banks and slopes you will slip before the machine does. using the gears you can cut long wet grass They are not cheap to run been petrol, I have never seen a diesel walk behind scag or ferries?
  14. bradshaw groundcare

    Tree work on school sites

    We work on a number of schools they like it if you do the work on weekends, holidays last job of the day when all the children have gone The bigger schools I have quoted for and work for all want to see ra+ms, crb checks, spraying certificates correct insurance if we get the job(grounds maintenance). I would think tree work would be the same.
  15. bradshaw groundcare

    toyota kzj70 3.0 4x4

    few more


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