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  1. Good info thanks, I've hired a lot of machines from the normal stables(GM, TW, forst and Jenson) but only use one maybe once every two months on average over the years. Just the hire places are around an hour away which is a pain! So I'm shortly going to treat myself 😂👍 My gut said the GM was a better occasional chipper (engine cover and wide letter box infeed) but I've also have been impressed with the TW's I've hired. 160 probably a bit lighter and dare I say it be better for hooking to the back of the foreman and heading off-road if needed 👍
  2. Yeah same question for the masses as the OP. Also I was a between the 160 and the greenmech 130 (with a covered engine and wider infeed) Following this be good to hear from someone who uses the 160 or 130 regularly 👍
  3. Echo 420 👍🏻 got one new this year well pleased. High torque 👍🏻👍🏻
  4. Sold unseen, no returns, no warranty, Make sure you have a clear no returns section filled out on eBay. Anything of any value I usually settle out of eBay and take a bank transfer as payment. You can agree with the bidder to settle up out of eBay you can sell it to them cheaper as there's no fees. A degree of trust is needed however so I usually speak to them on the phone first. It's the only way to be 100% safe that your not going to get scammed. We all know a saw can be wrecked almost instantly with malpractice. I use eBay mainly for advertising purposes now. As sellers have zero protection.
  5. I use to use big toro commercial mowers for the little hand mowing we do. But got a very cheap second hand 650 Viking.. I am very impressed with it. As mentioned above. Light fast and leaves a nice finish. Reliability wise their as good as any professional manufacturer. (JD, Toro, Hayter etc) they are a Stihl company after all. I was finding the large toro one very heavy, at speed of it bounced at all it would leave a mark on the lawn, also hernia time lifting it in and out of the pickup all day, needless to say the Toro (even though both are 3 speed mowers) is marginally quicker over the ground, but better for council cutting rather than a fine lawn finish. You'll not go far wrong with a Viking. Why the 545? 6-series 21" is a good size unless you've got very small places to cut. Worth the extra $$
  6. Looks interesting.. Have you bought anything through bidspotter before?
  7. As far as I'm aware they are the same machine just different engine and cutting deck (normal deck/pro deck) Obviously it has to be the low dump only - as the high dump ones can't take them off without a real hassle 👍🏻
  8. Yeah I'm with R5LOG on this one, Three times the price at today's prices. Again I must have been blessed with no fuel issues over the last 20 odd years.. £18 for 5 L's ?!? Can't be putting that though an 880! You'd be broke in no time 😂👍🏻 Each to their own though, as everyone's situations different. 👍🏻
  9. Get the Viking 3 geared model 👍🏻 Very good mower, I've two they don't give much hassle, lightweight, fast and a nice finish 👍🏻
  10. Yes I think you and BL would have been on the older WP36. Ran hard for three straight days never skipped a beat and only refused two nasty unions even the 30T wallenstein would have coughed at 😂👍🏻 chain had a quick run at the start of day to but with clean wood ran like a dream. My family have also been in the saw milling business for around 50 years and my old man was loving the Farmi. We just taken his biggest saw out of the sawmil to make way for a larger kiln and biomass plant and it was a huge circular saw 5' in diameter 👍🏻 (I've still got the saw blade for a keep sake!) Given the limited space I've got (about 1/2 an acre, including sheds), it goes some way to explaining my delight in the compact road towable/easy to handle Farmi. If your fortunate enough to have a the space for a large tractor mounted number and log table, I can then see the attraction in that too 👍🏻👍🏻
  11. I was super impressed with the Farmi WP 36, softwood billets (for biomass) and hardwood to 14" through a six way, just..👍🏻 Portable and simple to use and repair, no belts and a log lift 👍🏻 Pretty rapid for a fairly cheap mobile/self-powered unit. The new ones are the ones to go for as the older model has now been upgraded. We had a Posch machine in on hire two years back, the little Farmi would keep up no worries (with processor grade hardwood and pulp softwood) As I said I was mega impressed. Extremely simple and robust. (I'm aware that Big-J had problems with his hire machine, this one I had was brand new 2015--first hire)
  12. Justin, do your research carefully as it's easy to get spare parts for the domestic side. More professional brands especially Husqvarna/Echo (a brand on the up!) are very tricky. Also toro mowers are mostly main dealer order. Pick the right brands your on to a winner! Professional consumables like belts for Kubota/Iseki mowers genuine parts would be useful too. I order Husqvarna parts from Ireland, toro at my local dealer (2/3 weeks wait) Everything eventually breaks so spares is a no brainer 👍🏻 Colin
  13. Thanks for the responses, yes diagnostics flap and no adjustment so she'll be a m-Tronic Tree job on all new week so will give her a good test 👍🏻 Thanks again Col
  14. Thanks Steve, panicking slightly as I could use it for a big tree job next week and taking it back would be a pain.. But if it ain't right I'm not letting the dealer sell me old stock, it came with the paper work for the TCM but not the markings on the saw. Manufactured in July this year, it's confusing to say the least! Quite a chunk of change to throw down for perhaps not the latest model 👎🏻


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