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  1. Choosing the right compact tractor

    My 22hp Yanmar with a Italian made flail , steering wheel going mad has no hands . Ste
  2. Sit on rough mowers...

    Look out for Yanmars. ..absolute bullet proof , many out there with low hours min 22hp if you want to run a small flail . My little Yanmar has ran faultless for 7 years and put 700 hours grass cutting . Finishing mower and Flail mowing. You may pay more but maintenance of mowers is near zero compared to a Ride on mower ... been there and ate 4 ride on mowers before common sense hit me . Ste
  3. Left Handers Suffering Yet Again

    25 of the most prolific murderes where left handed . Ste
  4. Sit on rough mowers...

    Don't bother with a ride on ....get yourself a Compact tractor and a flail mower ...Tractor will be more useful for other jobs . Ste
  5. No ones posting.

    After ten minutes or so I soon got the hang of the new layout ....just the same has switching from a Nokia Lumina to a Samsung phone ....recked my head. "Easy peasy lemon Squeezy" Ste
  6. Tiredness can cause accidents (as we all know).

    I feel your pain. Without hi jacking your post i shall share a similar story myself ....same sceriano, cramming a extra job in before hols and tired . Happened 2 years ago and kept it quiet almost till now , these type of posts are a Good reminder how fragile our body is . A was and am a lucky man to still have a foot !! .I will not go into the details of what or how but the main Contribution was Tiredness and rushing . [ATTACH]222402[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]222403[/ATTACH] Ste
  7. Long reach battery hedge cutter?

    Bought my Stihl HSA 86 Hedgecutter in 2014 and no problems with gearbox and used almost daily on maintenance. Ste
  8. The Mower Bench

    Viking mowers are excellent and very user friendly, 6 Series 4 wheeler is the dogs bollocks for wet/winter mowing. The roller mowers very much similar but if you come across a lot of deep Moss then the tiny rear roller does not cope well otherwise excellent. Parts and repairs cheap has chips but stay away from second hand well used mowers . Ste
  9. Just Google Hayter condor part list snd a PDF file will appear, failing that a good Belt supplier will work it out or I can try and take a picture of mine if it's still readable. Ste
  10. Battery landscaping tools

    I use one of the straight shaft cordless strimmer everyday for edging and that's has far has it goes .....edging. They tie themselves in a knot on anything bigger. Absolutely great for maintenance. Ste
  11. Battery landscaping tools

    Interesting to keep hearing from folk saying the more you keep charging the less time you get from your Battery .... .well coming up to 3 years and both Batteries are still has strong has when I bought them . Ste
  12. Long reach battery hedge cutter?

    Works well for me , better balanced with the older lighter ap 115 battery. Had a few issues with the silly clamp ( on my 3rd ) the telescopic does move after age no matter how tight the clamp is . Throw your ladders away or you will end up Trimming trees. Ste
  13. Cracking mower and still a few late models knocking about , will cut 3ft tall grass and will cut a fine lawn and leave a good finish . I still run a Hydrostatic Condor and only replace sprockets on cutting deck and a few belts in 9 years. The Hydrostatic gearbox is a peach to use , older models were clunk click box . Harry the cat on e bay/here always has a few for sale . Ste
  14. Stihl ms462

    [ATTACH]221948[/ATTACH] Wrap round handle has well . Ste
  15. Stihl ms462

    Snap the old 461s up before they all go ....has Aldi say "once they are gone they gone ". Ste


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