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  1. Old remedy for trap Nerves is to roll round in Nettles . It sends your muscles and nerves into spasms and retract ..... Trust me I am a ex Pig Farmer .🤪 Ste
  2. Absolutely true , not me doing Scrap but the above mentioned in my post have turned all there attention to Trees etc Ste
  3. Possibly did my last Tree job this week , not worth the hassle no more . Am losing my Confidence and not got the get up and go now . I was not particularly full time Tree work but it always filled the gaps and got me out over the winter months while grass was having a rest . Far to many at it now and the Travelling paternity are out in force ,,,from Scrap to Timber . Folk are watching there pennies more and the younger household generation have not a Pot to piss in for Trees etc . Not getting any jobs i Quote for these days, "your to expensive " and I thought I was cheap. Ste
  4. I have recently bought the Stihl MSA 140 C , fantastic bit of kit and very capable .the battery (300) will last enough to cut a Bulk bag of logs, the top handles lasts much longer. Ste
  5. The Hayter drive was never a strong drive compared to the older PTO models , yes its slightly slower and a bit more positive than the Vari drive. Getting the old pulley off the crank was a pig , take into account how old your machine is and is it worth the money to change . Ste
  6. The Hayter vari drive is poor, i bought the conversion kit to make it single speed and drive problems solved for good . The cost of the belts is ridiculous. Ste
  7. Salvaged some elm that's been down for a few years
  8. I was in Spectrum plant last week and the new models are a fair size compared to my older Model Balfor. Good quality kit but they are much dearer than your eBay rubbish knocking about .sorry if I offended anyone who's got one that rattles itself to bits. Ste
  9. First day back at work and dragged the trusty old Kobelco out for the first time in ages. For a 19 year old digger she is still sweet , put 2 new track motors on last year and 1 injector and that's all in 8 years since I have owned her . All hooked up behind the trusty old Brown and chipper . Ste
  10. No problems here with The Stihl hedgecutters ...3 years on and no issues with saws, strimmers and hedge trimmers BUT the long reach hedge trimmer which is possibly the first batch they produce is a pig at times , the clamp is useless and breaks regularly and now it won't clamp tight at all ! But otherwise was perfect for tall conifers hedges etc Ste
  11. I still have my Ford f350 suderduty long bed 8x5 . Ten years on and bullet proof but has the turning circle of the Titanic !!! Down rated for uk and has stated the Dodge ram with a Cummins 5.9 short bed weighs 3.4 tons without a driver . Parts cheap has chips I have used mine for work when the van has been off the road ( very rarely) pushed for trailers full etc but I would not advise anyone here in the UK, a Iveco daily tippers have the best train weight of any van .
  12. Loving the dry spell here, not seen any significant rain for 7 +weeks and not been near a Green wheelie bin for a month 🤣 All Mulchers out and lovin it !!
  13. Try and spin the wheels round has my GTS Chipper which basically the same had a offset on the wheel rims , gained inch half . That Was not enough in the end has I wanted it the same width has a wheelie bin so cut down and welded the axle on the only side that allows the wheel to move in . Ste
  14. The Case 51 series has its gremlins like any other tractor but the main one is the compersator valve on the hydraulics which is e expensive to replace if you can find one otherwise a bomb proof tractor. Has for road work tyre pressures is absolute crucial on them to stop them bouncing around like a kangaroo otherwise pull better than any . Valtra etc are big money. Ste
  15. The only post with a bit of thought. Ste


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