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  1. I had the echo running spot on, if it was not I would not trust it to another, and also my reason for posting regarding its sudden change of tune when it came back, I used it for a few hours yesterday and it was once again spot on.
  2. I am not arguing, I asked a question regarding two items am interested in, people put forward other suggestions, and I commented on them explaining my past experiences, and current ones regarding purchasing the items in question. No one needs the kind of comments you posted. I have contacted the admin so hopefully this will get sorted.
  3. Look who is talking Gary, you,, if you read the title of this thread, you would have realized none of your comments were in the least bit helpful, and here you are again proving so.
  4. I think it closed source code, don't know anyone that has unraveled it, and I never said they measured engine temperature, and as Stubby pointed out, there is no thermocoupler, so they must use magic.
  5. Carry on yourself, see how far your sarcasm get you.
  6. Good points Big J I considered putting in slolar and even a wind mill, the powers that be only allow a certain percentage of this, before one needs to apply for planning permission, which significantly adds to the cost. Even if I went and did it all my self, and kept below planning requirements, the cost of the electricity I would produce would make it more costly than we currently pay. Ten years I have been doing the maths, regarding purchasing the pannels, buying the wind mill, buying the required batteries to store the electricity, the inverter and and controller / charger, back up generator to charge the system if there was no wind or solar for a short time, each year I did the calculations, I discovered the electricity from the grid was cheaper, and the price of fuel for the generator kept rising, so it looks like here is absolutely no incentive to go this route. Sure look what is happening in the UK, firewood now has to be so dry that given the climate it will need some for of dryer to bring it up to spec, so more energy now has to be put into drying this firewood, which will call for yet more energy to be consumed, making it a futile exercise, leave the wood as is, the heat lost due to it being a bit damp in some cases would be less than the energy / heat reacquired to dry it out, and no special equipment to do this would need manufacturing at yet more cost to the environment.
  7. This guy says AT adjusts for different fuel types and temperature, @2.50
  8. The pumps are still being maintained and the electricity provided by the state, but the state are cutting spending every where they can, so that individual will eventually run into some considerable expense, he or they only own the estate a few years if I remember correctly, before that the last owner was put off for not being able to pay the bank back, then a co op had it, and they sold it to an individual, and now there is talk of dropping the ball regarding state support for it.
  9. Small world wyk, yes, he seems like a really clued in individual, and a good sort too by all accounts.
  10. Very good points there, but we all do need to make our best attempt to change all of this, dam near impossible I know. Road tolls, probably so, and then we have to pay to charge our electric cars, and what about the cost of all the necessary charging points that will be needed around the country, and the environmental cost, am not sold on electric cars, no one seems to know the real cost of one in terms of energy used, and environmental impact, and when we all have them and the electricity goes out, were screwed unless we have generators and are allowed to run them. For all we know, maybe carbon fiber cars with much smaller engines would be better for the environment, Two stroke fuel injection with cranks and bearing separately lubricated are already being designed, much more power, much less material, so they should have a much smaller carbon footprint. It will be interesting to see what the future holds, will we get things established or make them worse, will money dictate we keep on producing throw away products, or will brains win out.
  11. Hi eggsarascal No doubt there is cases where land is difficult to come by for houses, but why is this, planning is why, we have a 3000 acre estate here, it has pumps going around the clock this past 40 years, a government department has paid the electric bill all this time, now the powers that be are talking about washing their hands of this, its a commercial farm, recently changed hand for a huge sum of money, now some sucker has a farm in a hole and will eventually pay the price.
  12. People in general don't just use more electricity, I mean do you want us to watch two televisions instead of one, or double up on such, it doesn't happen like that, my usage and my parents usage in units is always nearly the same, and we are no different than other people. Our electricity prices were dictated by fuel prices, there has been many documentaries here in Ireland showing that the wind mills caused the price of electricity to go up at the same time the oil pries were at their usual average, so most definitely the suppliers put the price of the units up because they were now left with a smaller portion of the cake. The UK may indeed be a different case, and I agree, AC cant be stored, there was always that problem, stations had to power back when peak demand fell and that is no easy task. I also think it unfair to give subsidies to the likes of wind farms, they should be like any other business and invest in themselves.
  13. We sure did contribute to all this global warming, in Ireland developers do have to put a certain percentage of solar or other renewable technology in new builds, what gets me is they are still allowed to build houses in holes, that get flooded every year, crazy, I see the same thing in the UK on an all to regular basis, then no insurance cover and no one wants your swimming pool of a house either, does man use much of his brain at all.
  14. But it would need to monitor that temperature to add more fuel to the engine. Did you read what I wrote at all, the read more link does not work on the Husqvarna site, so you expect me to buy a product only to find a load of disclaimers in the small print, wise up. And if I had loaned my old 041, you would have something to say about that too. Your about as much help as my local dealer.
  15. So there is no temperature measurements taken by the AT system, if this is so, then you have saved me from myself, I know the MT measures temperature, and can slow down an overly hot engine, I heard this from some people who port them.


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