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  1. Rwhiteheadfirewood

    DIY firewood bagger

    Ahh brilliant,sorry I wasn’t trying to be rude just I know how those net bags they only need the smallest thing to snag on. Rob
  2. Rwhiteheadfirewood

    DIY firewood bagger

    Looks good but if you’re planning to use net bags on it you may find because of the chequer plate the bags catch as you put them on and off the bagger. Rob
  3. Rwhiteheadfirewood

    Front loader log grab / brash grab

    Hi there swinny, looks smart , have you tried it on moving cordwood out of a stack etc ?? Rob.
  4. Rwhiteheadfirewood

    Thinking of investing in ibcs

    I use the all metal bases , the part metal/plastic blocks ones or the all plastic bases seem quite durable. I’m using about 90 in circulation at the moment and 60 are full of processed logs which I just rotate out on my forks into the trailer or tip out to bag up from. I’ve only completely knackered one by dropping it off the forks. So are they seem a fantastic investment I’ve got them outside 2 high with the tanks cut in half as lids and the wind is doing a fantastic job of drying the wood out at the moment. Rob
  5. Rwhiteheadfirewood

    Best 5kw multi fuel stove recommendations please

    Yes I’m afraid our budget got blown out of the water as we thought this one was so much better for our money.
  6. Rwhiteheadfirewood

    Best 5kw multi fuel stove recommendations please

    HI Thanks for all replies, we went down to a fairly local retailer to us yesterday and after much deliberation we purchased a burley fireball (Honeywell) 5kw just a wood burner but supposedly rated as the most efficient stove on the market at 89.1 percent efficiency. Now just to purchase the right fan to go on top ??? Rob
  7. Rwhiteheadfirewood

    Best 5kw multi fuel stove recommendations please

    Hi. Not in a smoke control area, and we put in a new 6” liner in the summer ready. I have looked at the hamlet 5 , looks a nice stove.
  8. Rwhiteheadfirewood

    Best 5kw multi fuel stove recommendations please

    I can’t seem to find any clearview stoves under 650. My friend has a pioneer 400 which is a nice stove but at £1100 ish is way above budget.
  9. As title says I’m looking for recommendations on a new 5kw multi fuel stove , im sure this topic has probably been covered before but if you wouldn’t mind sharing you’re ideas / experiences with me please I’d greatly appreciate it. £400-£500 maximum budget. Cheers. Rob
  10. Rwhiteheadfirewood

    All terrian tyres for Ford ranger

    I’m running insa turbo rangers on my ford ranger 255/55/18s theyve been on the truck 12 months log delivering, a lot of towing (tractors/farm machinery/logs) the front tyres are hardly worn but the backs are down to about 30 percent. Just ordered 2 new ones for the back and I’m sure the fronts will do another 12 months or more. 2 for the back were £160 for the pair delivered. So a long way cheaper than bfg etc. Rob
  11. Rwhiteheadfirewood

    THIEVING scum broke into my truck

    Thursday evening I went for a meal with friends at a pub around Tewksbury, came out to find some little rascal had smashed the back passenger window on my ranger and stolen a white makita impact driver and battery out of the back seat. So a £40 meal turned into a £75 window excess on my insurance, a £150 impact driver bill and at least a week or 2 without a window in the truck as it’s tinted glass and special order.
  12. Rwhiteheadfirewood

    Ivor Williams Tipper

    Hi i run a 2014 tt3017 , which is the 10x5 it has its own battery and pump tucked under the bed which is ideal. Its on the heavy duty wheels and tyres as they call them at iw. Brilliant trailer, I’ve delivered 100 loads of wood on it since last September. Had a 1.8 ton mini digger on it and about 4 ton of soil which it handled fine.
  13. Rwhiteheadfirewood

    Contemplating upgrading from Splitta 360 to Splitta 400

    Wow 2 splittas running, you must be running yourself to keep the 2 going. Will you be selling one of them maybe then ? Rob
  14. Rwhiteheadfirewood

    Contemplating upgrading from Splitta 360 to Splitta 400

    Hi there I have not used either machine but I am keen on buying a splitta, they seem a brilliant looking machine, I currently use an older tajfun processor but I end up ringing and splitting a lot of oversize stuff so I think a splitta might be the way to go. How come you chose to use splitta rather than a regular processor. ? Rob
  15. Rwhiteheadfirewood

    Wanted ibc cages

    I have ibc cages available £20 each near Ledbury, Herefordshire. Collection welcome or I can deliver 16 at a time. Message me for delivery quotes. Rob


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