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  1. Rwhiteheadfirewood

    Box rotator wanted

    Hi there Gdh. Yes I understand weights but mine is a old jcb 406 which picks up 1.5 ton ish so I reckon rotator about 500kgs max ? And crate of logs 400-500kgs max when dry ? I’ve luckily just found a forklift with rotating forks on it ready to go so bought the whole outfit
  2. Rwhiteheadfirewood

    Box rotator wanted

    Oh right I hadn’t heard of this , I’ve found some of the rotating pallet forks on eBay from the link above, I don’t believe they work off a central bearing looking at that type one. But either way I don’t want to spend 3-4-5 k on one. There’s new ones on eBay from broadwater but they are still best part of 3k. Rob
  3. Rwhiteheadfirewood

    Thinking of investing in ibcs

    I have a barn too , so the outside ones are getting processed ready for next winter so they will go in the barn once the 100 cube or so empty’s out of the shed, luckily I can access both ends of my shed so I can start one end whilst still putting more in the other end. Rob
  4. Rwhiteheadfirewood

    Box rotator wanted

    As title suggests I’m after a box rotator to tip ibcs of logs into my trailer. Pm me pics if you have one please lads.
  5. Rwhiteheadfirewood

    Thinking of investing in ibcs

    Hi there been using ibcs for about 12 months now and really sing they’re praises. I stack mine 2 high outside and cut the tanks corner to corner to make the hats to cover the top of the second crate. I currently have about 50 outside full. Also to add I processed some green ish chestnut about 6 weeks ago straight into the crates and stacked up as above, tested it yesterday as it was looking quite dry and was reading 20 percent. More summers like this the better. On the rotator side of things I’m looking to invest in one but they are rather expensive, 4300 for a new one from agriweld I was quoted this week. Rob
  6. Rwhiteheadfirewood

    Ibc cages for sale £20 each

    Hi there yes about 25 spare at the moment. Rob
  7. Rwhiteheadfirewood

    Church view farm

  8. Rwhiteheadfirewood

    Mobile Log Splitting

    Hi there. I do mobile splitting, I’ve got a 16 ton splitter that I put on my trailer and take to farms and tree surgeons alike and charge £25 p h for me and splitting then put another £15 p h for second man and chainsawing. I do 4 local farms and 2 tree surgeons but I struggle to get to them as I’m so busy on my own wood. There is money to be made , put some feelers out with local tree surgeons/ farms / estate owners see if anyone wants any doing before investing. I upgraded my splitter 2 years ago and I could probably sell it now for 3/4 what I paid for it and buy a new one with profits from just the mobile jobs. Hope this helps. Rob
  9. Rwhiteheadfirewood

    Beak for pallet forks?

    Loook on eBay kellfri do one for about 600. Bolt straight onto you’re back plate. I was thinking of getting one. Rob
  10. Rwhiteheadfirewood

    Ifor williams tipper won't operate

    Hi there had the same problem with my 2014 10x5 tipper on the electric pump setup under the plastic cover is a fuse !! My fuse blew new fuse fitted away to go. Rob
  11. Rwhiteheadfirewood

    what logs have you been chopping today!

    So jealous of that setup. Couldn’t be any less handling involved. R
  12. Rwhiteheadfirewood

    Ibc cages for sale £20 each

    Currently have about 40 ibc cages available on the hereford/ Gloucester borders. more available weekly All are plastic and metal bases no wood ones. Loader available to load. Best to contact me on 07411256983 rob.
  13. Rwhiteheadfirewood

    arb waste processor

    Look into the fuelwood splitta mate , I’m tempted by them as I get a lot of oversized stuff, you feed the rings in one end and it keeps chugging along automatically splitting the logs.
  14. Rwhiteheadfirewood

    Kindling machine hire

    Hi Matt what size nets are they you supply and what wood ? Where are you based for collecting? Rob
  15. Rwhiteheadfirewood

    Kindling machine hire

    Looking to hire in a kindling machine for a couple of weeks. Anyone help ? Based near Ledbury, Herefordshire Call me , text me on 07411256983 or message on here.


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