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  1. I was tempted to get my ranger converted it’s a double cab though so don’t know how big the body could be. Anyone recommend a decent company for converting pickups to a tipper
  2. As title says what’s everyone using to deliver logs. Currently using a ranger pickup and 10x5 ifor tipper
  3. I can highly recommend log man , he supplies some of my kindling when I’m in mid season and too busy to cope. Always punctual with orders and good products packed well. Rob
  4. Yea forestboy it’s great , I’ve had it for about 12 months or more now and Lloyd’s too , Barclays put it out on trial about 12 months ago which you had to apply to be in which I did and I have only been in branch about twice since , it’s not only the fact there is now less branches but they’re never open when us ‘busy folk ‘ have time to go.
  5. Thanks for reply’s. Probably 50 ish hp? I’ve run on 62 no problem at all. I’m changing my business structure so no longer needed. Rob
  6. Hi there hope I’m aloud to put this up just to say I’m selling a little used fuelwood splitta 360 , 2012 machine comes with 3 phase hydraulic power pack , 3 phase elevator for filling boxes or bags , 3 phase pto generator long bagging Shute and manual bagga £8250 Ono no vat
  7. It looks to me like an old laverda combine harvester.
  8. Wow 1953 , I wasn’t born til 1990. Ive just changed the way I do my logs so I need to ring everything now. Balfor do a 13 inch cut one which they reckon is the biggest on the market.
  9. As title suggests what sawbench does everyone use ? I currently use the modern major sawbench but only capable of cutting up to 11 inch. Anyone use the Balfor sawbench that does up to 12 inch?
  10. Well done. Mines set to 8 inch which il probably stick with. I bought a small conveyor from a farm sale yesterday ready to split logs straight into ibcs. When you hoping to have it up and running?
  11. Up for sale due to changing to a fuelwood splitta. 2004 machine. Good working order after £4500 for it. Rob
  12. Hiya. Yes after a slight wiring issue when we changed the 3 phase plug we were set up Saturday afternoon and ran 2 ibcs of rings through it. Takes some keeping up with. But overall very impressed but only had an hour playing with it so far.
  13. Looking at the shape of the Shute extension looks a different shape ??
  14. Funnily enough jcarbor I bought A380s phase splitta 360 yesterday too.
  15. Ahh brilliant,sorry I wasn’t trying to be rude just I know how those net bags they only need the smallest thing to snag on. Rob


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