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  1. Rwhiteheadfirewood

    what logs have you been chopping today!

    So jealous of that setup. Couldn’t be any less handling involved. R
  2. Rwhiteheadfirewood

    Ibc cages for sale £20 each

    Currently have about 40 ibc cages available on the hereford/ Gloucester borders. more available weekly All are plastic and metal bases no wood ones. Loader available to load. Best to contact me on 07411256983 rob.
  3. Rwhiteheadfirewood

    arb waste processor

    Look into the fuelwood splitta mate , I’m tempted by them as I get a lot of oversized stuff, you feed the rings in one end and it keeps chugging along automatically splitting the logs.
  4. Rwhiteheadfirewood

    Kindling machine hire

    Hi Matt what size nets are they you supply and what wood ? Where are you based for collecting? Rob
  5. Rwhiteheadfirewood

    Kindling machine hire

    Looking to hire in a kindling machine for a couple of weeks. Anyone help ? Based near Ledbury, Herefordshire Call me , text me on 07411256983 or message on here.
  6. Rwhiteheadfirewood

    Processors? What are you using ?

    Good to hear you’re feedback i purchased the 320 yesterday brought it back to the yard and tried it seems a good machine.
  7. Rwhiteheadfirewood

    Processors? What are you using ?

    I’ve been offered a tajfun 320 , anyone use one of them ?
  8. Rwhiteheadfirewood

    Processors? What are you using ?

    As the title states I’m in the market for a new processor, not wanting to spend too big but reasonable, looking at maybe the Hakki Pilke 137 expert ? Anyone running one interested to hear the good and the bad
  9. Rwhiteheadfirewood

    arbtalkers arbtrucks

    FairPlay big j that is one smart arb van ! Like it.
  10. Rwhiteheadfirewood

    Towing in the snow !!!

    I went out with my ifor tipper and ranger yesterday afternoon and was traveling down a bank towards a petrol station on a good main road and a car pulled in and the van in front of me just stopped in the road, I took evasive action to avoid but came into contact with my wing mirror on a l200 coming the other way , thought I was ok when I got stopped but the back corner of the loaded trailer that had pushed me down the hill had took out most of the wing on the l200. Moral of the story in snow lies d the trailer in the yard !!!
  11. Rwhiteheadfirewood

    Hows the log sales going now

    Been averaging nicely all winter, gone a bit mad here ( Herefordshire/Gloucestershire border) very busy this week with people either run out or panic buying because of the threat of snow.
  12. Rwhiteheadfirewood

    Delivering firewood

    I’m using a ford ranger wildtrak double cab pick up with led rear lights for those evening deliveries, ifor Williams tt3017 tipper so I can do pick up load , half tipper or full tipper or all 3 , and I’ve got a Clio van which I run the nets and coal to the shops I sell too, with a tow bar fitted that can also tow the ifor Williams p7e fitted with mesh sides so can take 2 builders bags with a proper fitted cover for when it’s raining. Looking to do more shop deliveries so may change the van for a transit connect type vehicle so more capacity than the Clio. I find offering different size of loads helps me sell more.
  13. Rwhiteheadfirewood

    Container load of kiln dried logs

    Evening everyone my stocks of dry logs are dwindling fast at the moment thinking of getting a container of kiln dried in from abroad can anyone put me in touch with a company please ? Best wishes and have a nice Christmas. Rob the log.
  14. Rwhiteheadfirewood

    Kindling/ log splitting machine

    Thanks for a very helpful review there. What length rings do you supply it with ? On the kindling side of things what do you feed it ? The products look very good thanks.
  15. Rwhiteheadfirewood

    Which splitter

    I use a 16ton split vertical hydraulic splitter with a big table waist heaight to work at. Brilliant machine and fast in the right hands. It’s a 3 point linkage tractor job but I’ve mounted it on a pallet to move it around and run it from a jcb power pack. The splitter was £1000 brand new and the power pack £300 off eBay second hand. Well worth the money both of them. Rob


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