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  1. Hi I run a 661 stihl on a 24" bar and a husky 562 with 18" bar for all my ringing up. Both good saws I'd love to plug the 562 in and see how many hours it's done
  2. Hi lads I run a femac copy on my new holland e27 and it's an 80cm wide flail, handles probably 3inch if you're careful. Bloody handy bit of kit in my experience
  3. Andy Boyle from Ledbury is a good man for haulage.
  4. As title says I'm after a stand alone petrol swinging saw bench. Anyone got any? Rob
  5. I use 45x 60s for logs and kindling here. I buy mine of mca Kingstone. Robin very helpful.
  6. At the moment I plan to buy as much timber in as possible, ring it into ibcs (oversize), Process the good stuff into ibcs, and leave as long as possible, Im in a rented yard so kiln not a great idea (planning / costs involved) If its not dry enough it won't leave the yard, but I deliver half my logs using 10foot ifor tipper which is 2m3 ish so il just deliver those size loads if I have to. Its not us the sellers that need education it's the end user / customers. Rob
  7. Definitely wouldn't say alder looks like oak to me. So many different varieties of oak though. Rob
  8. Ahh right. To be honest I been quoted about 3 plus vat for one of the intermecato ones on mine, just priced omef and they're 3400 plus vat.
  9. Thanks John, that's one of the ones I've been quoted on the intermecato, Are they any good?? Rob
  10. Thanks roseyweb, is yours the" agri big inch " just been looking on their website, did you buy from them directly or a dealer?? Rob
  11. Fairplay they had balls trying to tow that with a jimny
  12. That was the price I was quoted yesterday by them, they are only 15 mins away from me. Yea I know what you mean. As I say got one job that would be handy on. I already got 6 Buckets, a flail head and grab and rotator.


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