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  1. I’ve found what the problem is and those that mentioned about air leakage you are all correct on that part of the problem. I may have misled you when I said the chainsaw suddenly died when what I should have said it seamed has though the saw was gasping for air as it came to a stop. I thought at the time that no sudden stop would mean that not a lot of damage as been done but maybe a blockage in the fuel or air pipes or something to do with the compression valve. The fuel was new and the correct oil added and I had just fuelled and oiled up and sharpened the chainsaw as I was using it the day before. On taking your advice I took the saw into my workshop prepared the tools that would be needed turned the heater on and started to take the top cover off. First job I did was to clean the air filter, this was pretty clean so on to the next job of dismantling the saw. Has soon as I touched the spark plug cover I could see that I had found the problem and this is where you are correct in saying that there could be an air leak. What a relief I felt, straight away I thought there is nothing else wrong with the saw and can only be a loose spark plug. I took the chainsaw outside and within three pulls on the cord my Ms391 fired up and running perfect. Thanks to you all and thanks to myself for taking your advice and working this problem out My chainsaw is now up and running again although it just being a loose spark plug. Thank you very much for your help...Paul Tomo 👍
  2. What would he be talking about then?
  3. I’ve took the saw down to a local Stihl dealers and said there’s still compression and the problem maybe the gasket that’s at the top of the piston ? He said the card that’s at the top might be to flexible and gone. Stripping it down will give me a better idea, looks like I’ll be doing this at the weekend.
  4. Today was supposed to be a day for cutting logs but after 10 mins into using my not so old MS 391 which is in excellent condition just suddenly lost power and then cut out. I tried to re start the saw but on pulling on the starter handle there was no tension in the starter cable at all. The chainsaw will not start it and it won’t even try to start, it’s like there is no compression at all. What could be the problem with my saw. thanks Paul Tomo
  5. Thanks Gobbypunk, I will go on the option of using the chain that’s on the bar now and having fun with that. I was down your neck of the woods last November doing a few Arb courses with Roland Heming. Brilliant part of England and with brilliant company plus a great time meeting up and training with the Blackmore Vale Amateur Boxing Club for two weeks. thanks Paul
  6. Hi all, I’m thinking of having a go at wood carving and having a number of chainsaws I’ve opted to use the Stihl MS 170 with a 12” guide bar, what would be the best chain that I should be using to start with. If I get the hang of carving and it looks like I’ll do well then I will buy a carving bar and a carving chain but until then I will stay with what gear I’ve got. Thanks Paul Tomo
  7. Hi all, I’m looking at buying a new Husqvarna T540 Xp but I can’t seem to get one, no shops no online dealers seem to have any. If you know where they being sold please let me know. cheers Paul Tomo
  8. This is why I’m asking, I’ve not priced up anything like this before. Looking at what’s being mentioned and working out my expenses £2300 is more like. I don’t won’t to out price the job though.
  9. One side will drop on the path the other side into the garden, making thinks slower
  10. The tip site Mike is about one hour round trip
  11. I guess it should take 4 days maybe 5 to finish, paying one climber and One groundsman, truck and chipper plus gear usage. My thoughts are about £1,500 to £1,800
  12. Hi all, I’ve been asked to give a price to pollard 14 lime trees and clear all the brash, I can chip all that’s cut and also remove all cuttings. I’ve not priced anything like this before so I could with a few ideas on pricing, we have two workers possibly three one truck and a chipper. any ideas would be most grateful. Thanks..paul
  13. I’m in the process of cutting an hedge when this Moth pops out, I guess it’s some kind of Hawk Moth? But can anyone give this a true identification. thanks Paul Tomo
  14. My lads just bought a jet washer I’ll have him take look and sort it for me. thanks...Paul Tomo


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