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  1. The only train that I'm interested in and traveling on is the old stream trains of yesteryear.
  2. Thanks for the feed back, I'm doing another arb course in February and while I'm down their doing the Arb course I was wondering whether it was worth adding a wood chipper course to my qualifications and learning the right way on how to use one. I think its worth doing while I'm down there to be honest.
  3. Thanks gang, Did you do much walking around in them first to wear them in or did you put them straight to work.
  4. Thanks Alex for your feedback, The boots I use at the moment are boot polished pretty regular as they are a leather boot and this does keep the water out on a rainy day so there are no wet socks and feet. The socks I use are the long woolly thermal type that only £1.50 a pair, I bought one pair from the local seaside market to try out and they are well worth the £1.50 and so the next time I went down to the market I spent £10 on the same socks.
  5. I’m pleased to have received my new Arbortec Scafell Lite chainsaw boots today. I’ll be using these for tree work only, I’ve got another pair of chainsaw boots that I’ll use on the ground. If you are using the Scafell Lites then I would like to hear your opinion on how they perform and if you are pleased with them. cheers Paul Tomo
  6. We've mentioned a few time about the hiring of a wood chipper and also when to the time and funds allow to even buying one, but before this happens do I need to obtain any tickets/qualifications first?.
  7. It’s just over an hours drive away from Nottingham so that’s not too far to travel and I would like to do the two nights camping as well. This would be the first arb conversation I would be going to, would the camping be electric hook up or not? and are the tents charged by size? One more question too ask, I guess the prices will be a little lower on many items that will be on sale. it looks like you’ve got a newcomer on board👍 cheers Paul Tomo
  8. I’ll see whether I can get down sounds like fun.
  9. Thanks for all the very constructive feedback and you have given me lots to think about and plus I have made many notes on how I will price up the next tree job. I now have a structural plan planned out which will help when pricing up. the price I gave the customer was £500 and if I be honest with you, when I gave him the price his first words was “I didn’t think it was going to be as much has that” which this left me thinking he was not going to have the job done. At the moment I’ve got no choice but to keep on using my van and trailer and until I can afford a truck and chipper I’ll keep saving and working hard to do so. I will take on board all the advice and information given to me by your good selves and I’m very much appreciated for all the advice given. Thanks Paul
  10. I would like to update you all in the progress and the outcome of the pricing up of this Laylandi tree removal. I have given the customer a price for the removal of Laylandi and the trunks being cut into logs and left for the costumer's own use and the removal of all the brash. As for the pricing of the job and the price I gave to the customer, which I did take into account all the advice you have gave me. I phoned the customer with a price and he said he would give me a call back within a few days to say whether he wanted the job doing or not. I have since received a call from the customer and he don't want the job doing, he has not given me a reason why. I know you win some and you lose some but the less I lose the more my buisness will grow. Thanks Paul
  11. Thanks Wayne, I’ve read all your post and I know your not bringing me down, I’m very grateful for your feedback and your help on this post. When people are honest like yourself in helping people to make progress in building a business up then I’m for sure am very grateful for your help and advice. Cheers Paul
  12. I appreciate very much in what you are saying and I’m very grateful for your constructive feedback and the feedback is very much food for thought. I’m really a one man op and I do very well most of the time working on my own and sometimes I will have help from my son. I have a ford transit connect and a 8x5 trailer with about 18inch sides, I have no chipper to use. Hopefully by the end of the year I will have a truck and chipper. I will say that this job will run into two days, Although I know it’s a full one days job for a more experienced arborist I’m not in a rush to get it done in one day, I’m still learning the trade has a arborist. thanks Paul
  13. I would like to thank you all for your feedback and you have opened my eyes a little more on how to reassess my way of thinking when I go to price other work in the future. At the moment I use a 8ft x 5ft x 18 inch trailer pulled by a connect transit van. I don’t have a chipper and I don’t really want to hire one, I’d sooner put the money into buying my own has my business gets bigger. I’ll not only be needing a chipper but I will also need a decent truck as well but items will be bought when the funds are available. I’m we’re you guys have been when you all started your tree surgery business and not wanting to loose any work and work is money and money is what you need to Help build a business up. I need the work but I don’t want be cheap just to get the work I can see that the price I’ve come up with is on the cheaper side of the prices you’ve worked out. I will add more to this post later tonight, many thanks for all your feedback.
  14. Sorry for the delay in posting the photos but I tried five times to post them but now I’m home and connected to my WiFi all is good. thanks Paul


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