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  1. I will take a look tomorrow before I go to work and if I have time I will try the 18” chain on the 16” inch bar. If the chain and bar are both 3/8 then I would say the gauge maybe worn like you both say. thanks
  2. This is the update on the guide bar and chain. I’ve had a good rumage through the workshop and found the old bar and chain, the old bar is 16” and still in good nick. The chain still has plenty of wear but when fitted to the bar and set up on the saw gives lots of play from side to side, when I stripped it down last year I had a feeling the guide bar and chain was a mismatch.
  3. Hi fellow arborist, last year I brought a second hand Sthil 025 in good working condition. When I had a spare hour I stripped the saw down and cleaned the saw and replaced the spark plug, I also replaced the very worn guide bar and chain to a new 18 inch bar and chain. I’ve been using the saw this last couple of days for logging some Ash and Oak. When revving up the saw I can tell there’s plenty of power but once I start to cut the timber the saw losers power but still cuts. I’m using a full chisel chain on a 18inch bar and I’m thinking this is to much for the saw. I’ve not got the old guide bar and chain so I can’t try that one, would I be right in saying a 15 inch guide bar and chain would be ideal for this saw. many thanks...Paul Tomo
  4. I’m having the same problem with my tree hog spikes and very painful on the two points just below the knees. I’ve not tried to remedy the problem yet but your idea sounds very good. Thanks for putting up this post and I’ll have a go with your idea and let you know how I get on. paul Tomo
  5. I’ve just bought a Teufelberger Fly 11.1mm would this be any good with a zigzag? I was going to use this for my second line.
  6. While I was their no rain cover was fitted but I think it’s only just been erected so maybe it has one but will be fitted at a later date.
  7. I have just completed three courses with Roland Heming Forest & Arb Ltd down in Motcombe Wiltshire. This is my second visit to for courses with Roland Heming, the first Arb courses I was on was in November last year were I completed 4 Arb courses and now for the last two weeks I’ve completed another three Arb courses. I would highly recommend to anyone that is looking for training to look up Roland and see what he as to offer in regards training or refresher courses. Jamie Witworth was the Instrutor that took me for all my courses with the exception to the last course I completed which was the manual fed Chipper course in which Roland Heming was the instructor. These guys are a wealth of experience and both are very willing to pass on the vast knowledge of experience to all the trainees. 100% satisfied with my experience on all of the courses that I have done with Roland Heming Forest & Arb Ltd. Thanks Paul Tomo
  8. I’ll take a look on net for some good quality boot wax before I start using them, I’ve not got any climbing jobs at the moment so I’ll wear them on the ground.
  9. LOL I get the picture and enough said about the chipper.
  10. Do you treat the boots with waterproof stuff or just leave as they are?
  11. I tried to find the owner of the field for permission to gain access but nobody knew who the owner was or were I could find him. I could get to the foot of the tree from the field and I would have taken my gear into the field and started from there.
  12. The only train that I'm interested in and traveling on is the old stream trains of yesteryear.
  13. Thanks for the feed back, I'm doing another arb course in February and while I'm down their doing the Arb course I was wondering whether it was worth adding a wood chipper course to my qualifications and learning the right way on how to use one. I think its worth doing while I'm down there to be honest.
  14. Thanks gang, Did you do much walking around in them first to wear them in or did you put them straight to work.
  15. Thanks Alex for your feedback, The boots I use at the moment are boot polished pretty regular as they are a leather boot and this does keep the water out on a rainy day so there are no wet socks and feet. The socks I use are the long woolly thermal type that only £1.50 a pair, I bought one pair from the local seaside market to try out and they are well worth the £1.50 and so the next time I went down to the market I spent £10 on the same socks.


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