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  1. That splicing looks very impressive, if I could learn how to splice I would make my own eye to eye. Are the tails on my knots long enough?
  2. Did you get the Jameson catapult, if so which one did you buy, big shot or true shot
  3. These two images of my first attempt at cutting the Teufelberger Ocean Polyester friction cord and then using the heavy duty heat shrink 19mm - 6mm. I’m still not sure how I’m going to use the cord with the pinto pulley on my landyard, the eye to eye will be fit better though.
  4. I’ll try it and see how it works then let you know.
  5. I’m finding out that if you have a slight overhang of the shrink rap over the end of the rope it doesn’t look right as a neat finished job. I have noticed when the heat shrink has finished cooling the shrink covering sits quite high on the cord, I’ve order some 12mm to 3mm to see if this makes the final heat shrink lay lower to the rope. I will post some photo’s later to show what I’ve done.
  6. Thanks for letting me know and I’ll look up the info on it, I will say that all the ends look very neat and tidy. could you tell me the procedure of cutting glueing and heat shrinking the end of the cord. I’ve already glued and heat shrunk the end of one piece of cord but I’m not sure in which order you would do first. Could you heat shrink a section of the heat shrink on to a piece of cord and then cut the section of cord we’re the heat shrink is so you end up with two ends of cord with the heat shrink at both ends and then glue the two ends?
  7. What the make of friction cord are you using?
  8. I'm almost ready to cut to length this new Teufelberger Ocean Polyester 8mm friction cord, i've got everything I need to complete the process from cutting, glueing and heat shrinking the ends of the cord. The friction cord I'm going to make up first is for the simple prussic loop, I will copy of the length of cord I'm using at the moment and then I will replace with this new cord. The next friction cord I want to make up is the 75cm cord that is on the Teufelberger Hipstar landyard that is connected to the pinto pulley. the cord that is on the landyard now is a eye to eye and this fits perfect in the pinto pulley when all connected together and in use. The only knots I know when finishing off this cord is for the two stopper knots on each end of the cord, I'm not sure if these two knots will fit in the pinto pulley without trying it first or maybe the knots will sit just above the pulley but if you have any ideas on how to finish this cord off then please let me know. I can't find anyone that sells the same Teufelberger 0.79m friction cord that is used with with the Hipster landyard anywhere. If anyone knows where I can buy this piece of eye to eye cord from please let me know. Paul Tomo (Nottm)
  9. I’ve just ordered the 12mm heat shrink.
  10. I’ll give it a go tomorrow when I have some spare time, I think it might just work on the 8mm cord. Thanks
  11. Hi Dan, I’ve bought some of the 19mm heat shrink from RS, I’ve cut a small section off and tried for the first time to heat shrink it to a 10mm piece of rope that I’m going to use has a land yard and it looks and works and doing what it’s supposed to do. If I’m going to use this heat shrink on 8mm cord should I buy a smaller diameter length of heat shrink, say 12mm shrinking to 3mm or would you know that the 19mm will do.
  12. I’m just waiting for the delivery of the heat shrink from RS this morning, then I’m of to buy some superglue and then I can sort these friction cords out. I’m going to two hours practicing up a very well grown Beech tree this morning and then its time for dinner.
  13. Thanks mate for the info that’s good of you. I’ll just keep practicing until course starts, I’ll be camping for the time I’m on the course so I’ll look at at it like it’s an holiday.
  14. How can I get the info on how to rescue? Did you know anything about the rescue before you did the course.


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