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  1. My lads just bought a jet washer I’ll have him take look and sort it for me. thanks...Paul Tomo
  2. I’ve got a couple of 20lt diesel plastic containers which need cleaning on the inside, they have both been used a few year ago with red diesel. I’m not to sure on the best way of cleaning the residue of old diesel and some sort of dark muck that’s on the inside. any ideas please.
  3. Any recommendations on who to go with regarding Public liability insurance for tree surgeons. many thanks....Paul Tomo
  4. Thanks Woody, I found there site last night and I will be making an order this morning for the blades and bolt set and copper grease. thanks for replying. Paul Tomo
  5. I could do with some advice on where to buy cutter blades for the tw150 and would you recommend genuine parts. Cheers Paul Tomo
  6. I’m going to have lighter breakfast from now on then 🍳🥓
  7. 0.4 ton. That’s not much at all.
  8. How can I tell if I’m getting to the weight limit on my transit crew cab, someone has mentioned about the bottom leaf spring having a gap between the upper leaf spring and when they are close to touching each other you are getting to the max weight load. Is this true? Thanks Paul
  9. I’m interested If anyone is selling a 150 or a 230? message me some details if your thinking of selling. Thanks Paul Tomo
  10. Thanks Ian, I can see that the 150 would be with me a lot quicker than the 230 would be. I used the 230 on my chipper course and it is a beast of a machine. The Instrutor who I had on the course said the 150 would be an ideal machine and it would work well for the work that I’m doing, plus it’s a lot cheaper than the 230. Maybe at the moment the 150 would be the more logical machine to go for has I’m still building my business up. The wife is putting some money in to help me out and her advice to me is start with the 150 and then buy a 230 when you’ve built up the business. I have seen a 230 but I’ll be taking too much from the wife to buy it and one side of me is saying buy it but the other side says save up more cash or buy a 150. thanks Paul Tomo
  11. Ok The 230 is the machine I’ll be buying then. All I need to do now is find a decent second hand Timberwolf TW230 with low hours. I’ve put in the Arbtrader a wanted add last week and a one machine looks promising but if anyone is looking at selling one or you know anyone selling one then please let me know. I would to thank you all for the input you have made regarding this thread. Thanks Paul Tomo
  12. Job finished, thanks for your advice folks.
  13. Thanks Will, I’ll take a look today.


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