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  1. One call to Northern Arb Supplies and they sent me out a new chain with 69 links instead of 67 and it fits perfectly. I need to sort out a 24inch bar and chain for the 044 when I get the flywheel key fixed.
  2. What length of friction cord are you using with a VT on your hitch climber? Plus do you use only one rope for all your tree climbing.
  3. No where as bad has your cut but I was up a cedar cutting the lateral branches and only noticed I’d cut my arm when I felt my hand getting wet in the glove from the blood. Silky Sugoi are very sharp.
  4. Until I sorted out the wright braid for the ocean polyester 90cm eye to eye the friction hitch slipped. Now I’m 100% happy with it. But that’s on the Hedera rope I’m using at the moment.
  5. The friction cord is the Teufelberger 8mm ocean polyester that came with the hitch climber when I bought it. I’ve found a setup photo on google how to setup the hitch climber, it works brilliant with no slipping of the friction hitch. The rope I’m thinking of buying is the Drenaline 13.8mm I’ve heard this is a good rope to work well with the hitch climber. What named ropes would you recommend, I will look them up and see what the info says. Cheers
  6. Just thought I’d ask a question about NPTC? Is NPTC anything to do with the City & Guilds.
  7. How many times have you used the Drenaline? I was looking at this rope to buy as a second rope, does the hitch climber work well with the drenaline.
  8. The Teufelberger fly is 11.1mm and can be used with the hitch climber, I’ve been told that the hitch climber works better on 11.7 rope with an 8mm friction cord, is this correct.
  9. Well I think I’m going for the 540xp this does sound the better of the two that I mentioned, I’ve not seen any of the other machines so I know very little about them. We have two chainsaw dealers close by with one selling Husky and the other selling Stihl. Although, all the saws I have at the moment are Stihl saws. When I first stated out in the tree business I started my first saw was the Husky 57?? Or something like that, why I changed I don’t know. Maybe I should consider buying all Husky again?
  10. I don’t how much they go for but if you want my contact details I’ll PM you.
  11. Thanks Steve for the link, I guess theirs not many places that it can go, on the side I guess.
  12. I have a GoPro camera and I would like to connect it to my Pfanner protos helmet. Does any of you use head cams or know the best connections to use, or know of a better camera system to use while working and videoing in trees. thanks Paul Tomo
  13. Could anyone ID this tree please, looks like some kind of a larch tree to me.
  14. Your right Conner one phone call and they are sorting it out, longer chain needed 69 links and not the 67 links that was sent with the bar. Alls well that ends well 👍
  15. These are photos of my new guide bar and chain, on trying to fit these items I’m finding they will not fit. The guide bar will fit with the adjustment screwed back as far has it will go but when trying to fit the chain things aren’t fitting like they should. these are supposed to be the right bar and chain for the MS250 but with these items not being Stihl’s bar and chain would this make a difference.


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