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  1. tonytree

    Ford ranger heavy duty suspension

    I’ve got a ranger and put air suspension on after getting it converted to a tipper. Definitely recommend it and it doesn’t take too long to do and I’m far from mechanically minded
  2. tonytree

    How to write content for your tree surgery website

    Good advice I just need to get my content up to scratch now.
  3. Does anyone know of any where that hires 3ton excavators with a log grab. I know coppard do but it’s a bit far from the job. Thanks
  4. tonytree

    Where can I buy extremely large potted trees?

    Majestic trees and provender nurseries will be worth a try
  5. tonytree

    New Sub Contractor Help

    I think when I done my 30/31 38/39 it was all city and guilds.
  6. tonytree

    New Sub Contractor Help

    I’m my opinion I think you would be better getting city and guilds courses rather than the lantra equivalents. Stand to be corrected though but I think city & guilds are more recognised.
  7. tonytree

    Replacing tech-lite bar on battery Husky

    I put an Oregon bar on my t540 after the original bar came apart. It’s lasting ok but when that goes I’ll probably get a sugihara bar
  8. tonytree

    Hitch lock for TW160

    Don’t know where your based but when I got my forst I went to trident towing and they have loads of hitch locks and wheel clamps in there. Highly recommend them and they are quite knowledgable. https://www.tridenttowing.co.uk
  9. tonytree

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    Not surprised by the price i knew it would be expensive. I can imagine it would take a lot of practice to get the full potential out of it. Just saw another one same as the one I posted but with an hiab on the front as well
  10. tonytree

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    Has anyone seen the Huddig before, they look like a brilliant bit of kit. No intention of getting one ( couldn’t afford it anyway) but thought others might like to see it. Hate to think of the price one of these must go for.
  11. tonytree

    Work suddenly went quiet

    Well I’m glad I’m not the only one. I’ll hold on my Uber driver application a little while longer Just in case work picks up [emoji23]
  12. tonytree

    Work suddenly went quiet

    As title suggests has anyone else found this? Last month I was booked up for the month, now I’ve only got a few days here and there. The only reason I can think of is bird nesting but I’ve usually got a week or two in advance.
  13. tonytree

    Logs and Tree Debris for Chipping

    As said above I highly doubt you’ll find a tree surgeon to take your waste away for free. Cheapest option would be to burn it in your garden.
  14. tonytree

    Already converted trucks.. Or non converted

    Never used them but m and s commercials have some transits that look like they’ve just been converted to arb trucks. https://www.mandscommercials.com/
  15. tonytree

    Claiming from Aviva?

    I had my truck insurance with them and had an accident. My first and only one so far (touch wood), and they was so much hassle. I was on a roundabout and someone pulled out on me so you’d think it would be a simple case. I had to pester them for 6 months before it was dealt with. Probably didn’t help the person who pulled out was also aviva. Hopefully they’ll be fine as truck insurance will probably be a bit different. Good luck


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