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  1. tonytree

    Tyres ford ranger. More town than country

    I have general grabber at3 on my ranger, haven’t tried any others so can’t comment on those. Before I got the grabbers I did ask about the coopers but not a lot of places had them in stock at the time
  2. tonytree

    generic risk assessments

    I recently used hs direct for a method statement and risk assessment. I recommend them
  3. tonytree

    Wood chip arson. CCTV

    Sounds like a cellular one won’t be that good then as it might cost me a fortune keeping the sim payments up.
  4. tonytree

    Wood chip arson. CCTV

    Thanks, I just had a look and the one I want is out of stock. As I want a cellular one that goes straight to my phone so I can then go and catch them in the act. Even if I don’t get them the putting a fire out that has only just been started will be a lot easier then putting one out that’s been going for 4 days. I saw a dog walker and they told me it had been going since Saturday.
  5. tonytree

    OPM Course

    I’d also be interested if you do find a course
  6. tonytree

    Wood chip arson. CCTV

    Im going to mount it in some trees which are next to the pile. Then it will hopefully be out of reach to the majority of people
  7. tonytree

    Wood chip arson. CCTV

    Can anyone recommend a good trail cam?
  8. tonytree

    Wood chip arson. CCTV

    I really can’t see the point if they just burned the rakings I’d have thanked them haha. But when some one drags some rakings over to a chip pile and sets it on fire I really don’t get it. I’m not overly bothered about the chip but a public footpath cuts through the land. I don’t want to upset people that think I’m burning a massive pile of Woodchip. Just had a look they are what I want, I might get a couple.
  9. tonytree

    Wood chip arson. CCTV

    Went to the field I rent to store wood chip to find it all smoking. Didn’t burn in all but about 30%. Someone dragged some logs and rakings over to start it l, really don’t know what is wrong with people. Wouldn’t of been that long maybe 3 weeks to a month and I would of had it all collected. Anyway are there any cctv I can hide? The only thing is there isn’t any electric on the site and was wondering what is available.
  10. tonytree

    Hire a Greenmech CS100?

    May be able to try burden brothers in kent they have just become a greenmech dealer so may be able to help
  11. tonytree

    Jackson Fencing Kent

    I don’t do fencing but a lot of fencers near me use haymac in bobbing Sittingbourne. On the website it says they will beat other quotes by 5% may be worth a try.
  12. tonytree

    TW125 stolen in Kent

    Sorry to hear that hope you get it back, very close to home.
  13. tonytree

    Which Forestry Safety helmet ?

    For boots I’d definitely look at the pfanner zermatt boot I’ve had mine for just over 2 years and still going strong.
  14. tonytree

    New climbing rope

    Yale blue tongue is a nice rope that’s what I use on a zigzag
  15. tonytree

    4x4 pick ups


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