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  1. I get what your saying but also as you said if they won’t cover it because of something so small like copper grease I haven’t got much hope of a major fail and them not trying to wriggle out of it. The warranty runs out soon anyway so won’t make much difference
  2. I’m providing tea and biscuits and they are providing the Vaseline apparently
  3. Yeah that’s fitted as well, I’d of had a heart attack if it was just for the bearing it’s self
  4. Well he originally asked me 1500 plus vat. Do they fit them as well because I haven’t got any idea on how too. Where is he located? Apparently it’s an 8 hour job to do it
  5. Suppose being called iron man instead of a power ranger is a added bonus ( that’s what someone calls mine the power ranger hat )
  6. Well after a lengthy debate they are not budging. It won’t be covered under warranty due to the copper grease and he said himself the torque was correct at 310nm. I explained I think it’s ridiculous. I was told on Friday the bearing could go so best to change it, he was going to get me a quote Monday. Monday no call, Tuesday I called said I’d get a return call nothing. So today I called them and finally get a returned call. For a company to pride there selfs on dealer support I think is bad. They have had the chipper since the 16 June. I’m being quoted 1300 odd plus vat for a flywheel bearing which I think is on the expensive side. Can anyone comment on the price of the bearing as I thought it was a straight forward job
  7. That must of been what I was getting confused with torque and tightness.As you say though I don’t think the tightness would be that great it would cause a blade to snap. Yours isn’t a blue one by any chance as he mentioned it when on the phone as he asked if mine was the blue one.
  8. Thanks I’ll have to try that. update on the chipper and I’ve never heard of this and was wondering if anyone else has. Apparently the blade snap was caused by me using copper grease on the bolts as it increases the torque by 40% or something along these lines. Unless I’ve understood him wrong I can’t see how copper grease would effect the torque. now I’ve always been told to use copper grease when changing chipper blades as it stop the bolt from seizing. anyway it needs a new flywheel bearing due to the impact.
  9. I do a bit of sub contracting would never try to steal the contractors client. If you was subbing to me and did it, you wouldn’t have any more work from me. I’ve been ask before but always pointed them in the contractors direction or got a card out of their truck.
  10. Stupid really because in my opinion it’ll be the single and extra cabs that are more likely to be worked. The ranger 3.2 wildtrack is available in extra cab in Europe and the new hilux 2.8 will be only for double cabs
  11. Pretty sure they are only available in double cabs in the uk
  12. I use loads of dumpy bags inside one dumpy bag that works well
  13. I use Sylvagen they are pretty good but don’t expect to make much from it
  14. Yep torque wrench alway set the zero


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