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  1. Removed this row of poplars for a cricket field. It really helped with the telehandler on site taking away the logs
  2. I thought red bull already do this?
  3. Have you considered the Toyota landcruiser commercial? It only has a 3 ton towing limit but you might be able to up-rate it. Toyota Land Cruiser 2.8 Utility Commercial 3dr RARE LANDCRUISER COMMERCIAL WWW.AUTOTRADER.CO.UK Price: £29,994. Very rare Landcruiser Short Wheel Base finished in Astral Black. Dual zone air conditioning, remote locking, keyless entry and automatic sensors are standard. Warranty until March 2023. Price excludes VAT
  4. Haven’t ever drove one but I’m sure they can tow 3.5 ton and still have a ton on the back legally. I might be talking rubbish though so I would check
  5. Removal of all the poplars in the first photo, which the majority are completely rotten. They all have to be winched back as to not damage a cricket ground.
  6. I’ve got the st6p and think it’s a brilliant machine, not too bad on fuel either.
  7. I personally wouldn’t bother with anything under 5 million public liability insurance, but as said it depends on your type of work.
  8. Get Steve bullman on here to do it he makes brilliant websites. I used to have one I made myself but it was absolutely rubbish
  9. I have a t540 mk1 I think it’s a good saw but it does need choke a lot as I find it cools down very quick. Which can get a bit annoying sometimes. I’ve used the 201tcm and would say it’s probably a bit better than my 540 but not by massive amounts.
  10. Been let down I’ve got an overgrown garden (it’s a large garden) that needs to be mulched. Does anyone know anyone that covers this area it’s only needed for a day, dont think it’ll take that long to be honest. Thanks
  11. I find they all want the work done for nothing and are getting about 8 quotes. I only use my Facebook for a portfolio as you know. I’ve probably had about 5 jobs from Facebook at most.
  12. I’ve got a ranger and put air suspension on after getting it converted to a tipper. Definitely recommend it and it doesn’t take too long to do and I’m far from mechanically minded
  13. Good advice I just need to get my content up to scratch now.
  14. Does anyone know of any where that hires 3ton excavators with a log grab. I know coppard do but it’s a bit far from the job. Thanks
  15. Majestic trees and provender nurseries will be worth a try


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