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  1. I wonder if anyone could help me, I’ve been asked by a demolition company to help dismantle an old oak bridge. Anyway they have asked for generic chainsaw RAMS and I’m not sure mine will be adequate as mine as they are for tree surgery IE cutting branches fallen trees not oak beams on a bridge. Am I just worrying over nothing and my RAMS will be fine or if I get a jobs worth safety officer will he say these are for tree surgery not demolition. Thanks in advance

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    Ford ranger tipper for sale £10500 NO VAT 62 plate it has full service history. Just passed its MOT so has a full year it now has 69000 miles but will rise slowly. Obviously it’s a tipper, it also has all terrain tyres that have loads of tread. Air bag suspension that you can increase or decrease the pressure depending on the load. Reversing camera First to see will buy, drives perfect. £10500 OVNO No messers or someone who wants something give to them.


    Isle of sheppey

  3. Facebook and Instagram sites I just use as a portfolio but as said majority of people who connect to me on Facebook are time wasters
  4. I’d highly recommend Steve to make you a website.
  5. I’m now going to start this, as people seem to think trees and hedging are cheap. In reply to the OP I’d get a budget off your client to save wasted time.
  6. I have a forst st6p and can’t fault it’s chipping performance, it’s an extremely good chipper.
  7. I’ve just bought a one and it fits my head perfectly (I’ve got a small head), the vertex vent used to be a big big. It’s a brilliant helmet but does anyone find it makes your head itch ?
  8. I have the zermatt boots and think they are brilliant. Lasted nearly 3 years, I’m just waiting for Black Friday to replace them and hopefully get a discount.
  9. We’ve not long got a 12ft or 16ft can’t remember but now I wonder how I lived without it. It’s a henchman
  10. Sorry to hear that, I think the obvious chains, clamps and hitch locks are a good idea. The thing is that chains and clamps only seem to stop an opportunist as appose to a well equipped thief. I’d probably install a loud siren inside and outside with a cage around it so it can’t be broken easily. That way the noise will get people’s attention and hopefully they’ll go before the get through the chains or anyone comes to see what set the sirens off. May seem a bit over the top but if it keeps your tools safe why not. 127db Intruder Burglar Alarm Siren - VERY, VERY LOUD! 127db Intruder Burglar Alarm Siren - VERY, VERY LOUD!: Amazon.co.uk: DIY & Tools WWW.AMAZON.CO.UK Shop 127db Intruder Burglar Alarm Siren - VERY, VERY LOUD!. Free delivery on eligible orders of £20 or more.
  11. Not used one myself but have you looked at tp, looking on there website they do a 10 inch machine. The tp280
  12. Think I’d definitely sell the place if I lived there. I’ve not had any personally but my dad was on a job coincidentally I think that was Canturbury a good few years ago. Anyway they offered a tea he went in then heard loud banging upstairs like some one was running. Apparently it happens frequently but if you go upstairs it then moves to the loft. They said no one was brave enough to then go in the loft to follow it. Needless to say my dad didn’t offer too look in the loft [emoji23]
  13. I’ve got the mk 1 husky t540. While I really like the saw, apart from needing choke if not used for 5 minutes. I think the stihl 201 is a little bit better (not by massive amounts), but if you go for the stihl or husky I don’t think you’d be disappointed with either.
  14. Removed this row of poplars for a cricket field. It really helped with the telehandler on site taking away the logs
  15. I thought red bull already do this?


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