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  1. Crocky


    Ping me a message if you want and we can have a chat about doing yours.
  2. Crocky


    It’s had the squish band cut, base cut, port timing altered (exhaust intake and upper transfers), ports widened / reshaped, ignition timing advance and a muffler mod. Here’s some pics of the squish band before and after and the muffler mod.
  3. Crocky


    A couple of saws I’ve just finished. Found a recipe I’m liking for the 550xp mark II. That MS440 is a clean saw, not done much work. Nice to work on them as they’re getting rarer.
  4. I might have a 572 available, let me check something in the morning. I had someone ask me about it and I just want to confirm if he’s taking it or not. I can also get adjustable carb MS462s if you’re interested. If it was me I’d have a ported 572. Or a 372 but that wasn’t one of the choices. [emoji23]
  5. Crocky


    Yeah I spoke to someone about this recently. £500 was a bargain. I can do some slightly better prices off eBay but unfortunately not that cheap.
  6. Crocky


    I can get these if anyone is interested.
  7. Crocky


    Looking forward to it. [emoji106]
  8. Crocky


    This will be going under the knife very soon.
  9. Crocky


    More pipes [emoji16] The bigger ones for a 372 big bore with a 272 piston I’ve built. Will see how it runs.
  10. Crocky


    Can’t beat a couple of pipes in the morning [emoji23]
  11. Crocky


    I had thought the original post about not much gains and just noise was about a bark box. If you pipe it the wee saw wakes right up.
  12. Crocky


    Yeah there’s big gains opening up the 2511 muffler. It’s a totally different saw.
  13. Crocky


    Nothing wrong with tinkering though [emoji16] can always make something better.
  14. Crocky


    Twin ports do have a nice sound off them.
  15. Crocky


    I think the original quote was about bark boxes.


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