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    It gets though it no problem, a little slower than a bigger machine but that's to be expected. You soon learn what it's capable of and sned branches when needed. I've no regrets buying mine
  2. jameshs22


    I bought one a couple of years ago for my first chipper and it's been brilliant. Obviously doesn't compare to the bigger models but keep the blades sharp and machine maintained and it will serve you well. I managed to wheel it to the bottom of a garden yesterday and chipped a big leylandii happily all day
  3. Can anyone help with my echo?? Brillaint sayw when working but recently mine has nearly been thrown out the tree on many occasions. Starts and runs fine from cold and the idle is spot on. The problem is when it warms up and then turned off. When I try to restart it has to be full choked and then half choked for it to start. I noticed the primer bulb doesn't have any fuel in so a few pumps is required. It also seems to be a little low on power. My saw knowledge is pretty basic but any ideas on what to try would be greatly appreciated.
  4. I've had many pairs of airstream and decided to give the rocks a go. Only been wearing them 2-3 months but first impressions very good. Feet don't seem to get as cold as in the originals and the grip seems to be better on slippy surfaces. The real test will be how long they last. I usually get 12-18 months out of the original airstreams before the sole has completely worn through and my toes coming out the bottom
  5. What have you guys done for rear suspension?? I know its been asked a thousand times but can't make up my mind!! Air bags seem the easier option and simple to fit?? Changing to heavy duty leaf springs can make the ride horrible when empty??
  6. Change to the husky flip caps. Fit perfectly and easy to undo
  7. The caps on the echo are soooooo annoying
  8. I've been wearing the original airstream boots for years and time for a new pair. Is the extra money worth it for the rocks?? Or just stick to what I know? Usually get 12-18 months out of the airstreams
  9. You have an email address for them? I'll see if I can get a quote
  10. Anyone had any dealings with a company called "Haven fabrication" I've inquired about prices to convert my hilux and seems reasonable and fairly local to me. Found them on Ebay 4x4 tipper / navara tipper / hilux tipper / l200 tipper / dmax tipper Single cab WWW.EBAY.CO.UK 4x4 tipper body's for only £2600. We pride ourselves on making top quality body's and providing a great smooth service. Original body's removed for free. Full aluminium body's can be made. We also make arb body's, alterations and bespoke body's.
  11. Hi guys. Having the same issue with the starter springs. Put a new one in a few days ago and it's already broken. Is the only part I need to change to the older system the rope rotor like suggested? Or do I need to buy other parts? Many thanks James
  12. What are people using these days to listen to some music on the boring trimming jobs ect? Looking for something that attaches to my helmet. Not too bothered about being able to answer calls


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