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    Hi GJames I'm a self employed groundie (with delusions of climbing) with CS30, 31 and 38. I would have taken 39 by now but Covid has gotten in the way. I have my own PPE, climbing kit and transport. I show up on time with lunch, my own raincoat and generally prepared to do the job self sufficiently. Basically I follow the advice on here for how to be a good groundie. In return for this I make at the most £120 a day (based in the south east) and I have been offered significantly less. To give you an idea of costings I calculate that it's cost me about £3,500 to get to this point. As I have nothing better to do today I shall break this all down for you. =========Training========= My Cs30&31 cost a little under a grand I've added on £100 to cover equipment rental and misc costs so £1,100 My Cs 38 cost about £930 assessed but I had to rent equipment for this as well and travel I think all in it was about £1,200 =========Equipement========= PPE Trousers cheap class A type 2 were approx £90. N.B. I will probably have to get some Type C's soon (+£150) Helmet with chin strap, visors, ear defenders approx £80 (I actually got a cheap ground helmet to begin with but someone did me an amazing deal on a climbing helmet) Chainsaw boots: I bought a cheap pair of chainsaw boots for about £90 and they're pretty good but I sort of regret not spending more money here. Climbing kit I won't go into the details of what I bought because there is no way I'm opening that can of worms but all the bits and pieces for a BASIC two rope climbing system (we'll also leave that can of worms firmly shut) cost about £600 quid without a harness. Harness is about £300. I got very lucky and someone gave me a harness with a year's worth of life left in it for £0. This is because arb people can be amazing sometimes. If we add all this up we get a sunk cost estimate of £3,460. However. It is worth mentioning that you can start working for tree companies for significantly less than this. Basic PPE is essentially all you need to get started. You don't have to have all your tickets straight away and there was a significant gap between me doing my 30+31 and my Cs38. It is also worth mentioning that spending all the money does not immediately entitle you to a higher day rate. So I would advise taking it slow. Only spend the minimum you need to get to the next step in your tree career. You could probably get away with spending £0 to begin with.
  2. I totally see what you're saying here. I'm trying to puzzle out a solution that works for everyone. Losing a day is essentially the same as losing 20% of potential revenue for the week. If I was a restaurant manager (which I was) and I lost 20% of my bookings for a week I'd be furious. If it was just one bad egg it'd be fine but this happened a few times now across employers so I need to address it. The obvious answer is to sack this contact off and never work with them again. Put my time and energy into developing more positive relationships. However you can only burn so many bridges. I could increase my prices to cover myself from cancellations and curtailments but getting money out a tree surgeon is like blood from a stone so I suspect this is a bad move. Does anyone have any experience introducing a cancellation policy? IE if you book me for 3 days and only need me for 2 you owe me X for the cancelled day. It feels faffy and in bad faith.
  3. Hi, So I'm a subbie that's relatively new to the arb world but I'm encountering a scenario that seems to keep cropping up. It'd be great to get an opinion from a wider audience. The job that I've just come off had 3 days on it. We're 2 days in and 80% done. Happy days. Except not for me or the other subbie that was on the job. One of us isn't getting that third day's wage. Fortunately for me the other guy doesn't fancy it on Monday. However this could just as easily have gone the other way. It's happened before and it's killing me financially. My question for all of you is this: If I am booked for 3 days am I within my rights to insist on 3 days worth of money? Is this something that Sub-Contractors typically have to deal with and I must simply get over it? I appreciate your thoughts
  4. They didn't say. Truth be told I didn't ask. I suspect it was more of a question of supply and demand.
  5. Hello, I was booked on a CS38 course in the south east for the end of the month. unfortunately this has been postponed until March. I was hoping to take this before that date. Can anyone recommend a good training provider that might be able to help me out short notice. I'm based in the South East but not against travelling if needs be. I appreciate any help


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