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  1. Just going for my version of Mike's ' on a still night in a deep forest....' Thanks for replies .
  2. Yeah. I have one. Ironically got it to go with zigzag so it was compliant. 'But you shouldn’t be able to pull on the actual hitch ' thats one of the benefits when overiding the wrench due to excess friction due to two ropes.
  3. Thanks for replies. Mike and Matty going up, the rope wrench isn't in use as such, so 'floppiness' doesn't seem an issue. There's is a small bit of sit back. Use of middle hole : Knee ascender bungee going over my shoulder but I know a lot of people don't do that so it would be an issue. I fix my chest krab to the black krab in the photo , realise that not ideal . The benefits for me are as I say : easy switching from SRT to MRT and also 'bypassing' the wrench by pulling it in when friction is too much (acts a bit like one of those grommets they were selling to put above a prussik). I find on two rope climbing this happens a fair bit. Thanks squirrel I think I probably do tend to the wrench to engage it more than I realise - I'll have to look at that. Treetom you're right I first tried this with a zigzag pre chicane and then didn't get on with stiff tethers (admittedly before they had tether attachment points), but I haven't used a conventional stiff tether for a lot of work for a while cos they're not as adaptable but maybe I should re try them. squirrel, point on chicane etc is just my thoughts too. I know a lot of folk love it - just a bit much for me, but I 've only used it with a zigzag. . Just to clarify its not a money saving device. I use it and find it very handy (realise others may not) but I'm concerned I may have missed some safety issues which if people I know are thinking of copying they need to be aware of.
  4. Mark. Certainly didn't mean to be rude to Rich - I was trying to remember/asking what the issues were with a soft tether. With your post I thought you were joking. You're not. Now you've called my set up shit and me an arse, getting back on track I'm interested why you think it's 'inefficient ' and why other set ups are ' much better ' . That's what I'm trying to work out, but also if it has any safety issues.
  5. Khriss, I agree - I've just had a few people talking about giving it a go,so much as I'm happy on it I wanted to see if I'm missing something - at least for their sake. Rich - I think that's the point I can't find the old video warning of what the issue was with the soft tether. Only reference I can find is it getting caught in the wrench which isn't an issue here.
  6. You're dead right mark. My mistake - note to self - must spend more , must not try anything other than what I'm told to do, - close shave there.
  7. Interested in views on why this set up could be dangerous or shouldn't be used (other than the not ce marked/approved by...etc). I've been using SRT since the mark 1 rope wrench 10 years ago. I've found this set up really useful and particularly on the new improved (😁) two rope climbing . The friction can be so variable on two ropes that this set up allows for easy quick removal of RW or use it to pull the hitch down, either SRT or MRT . The ONLY issue I have found is you sometimes need to ensure the RW is engaged as the distance from friction hitch to RW is short but this is never a real safety issue - it's not like you suddenly plummet - you notice it and adjust. (The tether itself is stiff , but obviously there is swivel at krab attachment, in the picture the system hasn't been loaded so when loaded hitch is further from pulley) If anyone knows k.bingham's view it'd be appreciated. Thanks.
  8. ' But there are many climbers who are stubborn. Let’s face it, we all are to some extent. ' made me think - across the huge variety of folk in our industry I think stubborn could be the one most common defining trait in a good climber. Welcome to the industry kateH !
  9. I'm thinking the results may get a bit skewed as I know of plenty of knackered climbers who left the industry in their 20's and 30's and they won't be hanging around sites like this anymore - they've grown up and moved on .😁😁
  10. I'm 49 and still enjoy it . Climbing for 26years, but 3 days a week for a while now. Agree with the self employed/employed bit - not least i knackered most of myself doing what treevolution said - racing to finish someone else's job someone had underpriced !
  11. Cs38 meant to be running at Walford Shropshire early April
  12. Stein do various specific bleed kits. Is it time chainsaw trouser manufacturers had a dedicated waterproof , accessible (when wearing harness) thigh pocket. I know a lot have various pockets around the right area but always seems to me a lot of room for improvement. Check out the tourniquet stein use - it's called swat . Don't know how good it is in real use but it packs up small


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