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  1. Pretty sure not Yale. I know some stein ropes are not considered great by some. But wouldn't tar them all with same brush. I rate the stein acuda, 11.7mm. Works well both srt and mrt, and seems to wear well. Good no nonsense , all round rope in my opinion.
  2. Have a friend who stopped most of his climbing last year . He was climbing regularly at 68.
  3. Summary : The throwback to pre chainbrake and combined front hand protection' seems the answer. (Re chainspeed etc, once the chain came off it was then presumably running slower so the protection might well have been adequate. N.B. most protection now doesn't fully protect and in fact the way testing is done doesn't allow for full throttle cutting. It is still protection vs practicality, which is why class 2 is relatively new to the market as previously the only way of providing class two was to make it so thick you couldn't move). It took a long time for training etc to catch up with users not wearing chainsaw gloves , but then again NPTC has not required chainsaw gloves for quite some years now - stating 'gloves appropriate for the task'. even the HSE guidance (INDG 317) 'Chainsaws at work' has said for a while ' Gloves: the use of appropriate gloves is recommended under most circumstances. The type of glove will depend on a risk assessment of the task ' etc etc. Admittedly given the apparent uselessness of chainsaw gloves it is a little confusing as at the end it says 'where chainsaw gloves are required these need to be to EN 381-7.
  4. ' Yes I have actually 60ft beech was probably the biggest so far. ' wow. Always heard about forum opinions but still genuinely amazed paddy you offer yours so forthrightly. No ill will meant. Good luck with it all.
  5. 'just saddens me now most sites and life in general is ran by idiots with risk assessments trying to justify there positions in life by making up and justifying what ever stupid idea that pops in to there head because they have a degree. ' 'Therein lies the problem IMO. People who are in charge of governing an industry’s safe practices, with only limited practical experience within the industry.' 👍👍👍 Speaking to a lot of them over the years. They have a weird arrogance right down to how they talk about arbs in general (although they would call themselves arbs too). Note to self : Need to just keep cracking on with my own thing.
  6. 👍 Although I imagine they may not have that exact agenda. They just don't care. I've been trying to use two lines as often as possible. (not tried it in conifers yet) I've found what most of us knew: you can do it. It's often very awkward . It doesn't often increase safety. It's interesting where it can be useful. But overall it can increase the danger in quite a few scenarios. Just like a lot of things (eg. More tickets for everything) I can't see it reducing accidents. If the hse spoke to some arbs who work maybe they might find some better answers to reducing accidents.
  7. As Mark said, but as mick said too - not so practical as you hope it might be.
  8. Would take up lux on his offer. I have a stein trolley. Put off getting one for a long time due to cost. Went through loads of sack trolleys in the meantime. And the stein does way more options (bit like the Chinese offering). It's heavy but weirdly once its loaded you don't notice it. From your initial description it's exactly what you need. Watch regs video on how to use it and the you see the options.
  9. If you have any chance to practice climbing before the course, do it. The same as you've likely done on cs38. Pick a few branches. Work out best routes and best rope management. Get to branch, anchor on ready to cut. Also then imagine you've cut that bit off - how do you then manage ropes to move back along branch, anchor, cut, repeat.
  10. Turn up on time, raking, throwline, no phone use, all good tips. The books mentioned are all good but also all old. For tree climbing the arb assoc have a new tech guide. Drier than jepsom but 20years newer.
  11. Everyone who's used mine when it's working agrees. And yes, agree with the rest of comment. Cos round me at least most folks are being put off by the downtime.
  12. Iron mike. I think your succinct post might be right - wish you were wrong.
  13. lux, Very sorry to hear your woes (and Gray git) - was hoping I was an exception. I bought an ST6P a year ago and the list of issues is very similar to yours from start to now (110hrs- double you ! ). I had a Jensen A530Di before for 14years (small outfit , used only 3 days a week) and owner operated so it has minimal abuse. Jensen was still pretty good when I sold it. Bought a Forst 1) as its British 2) thought they would have copied the best bits of Jensen as I bought mine from them originally 3) emissions. 4) sucker for a free beer at the show . Ironically I wasn't bothered with being below 750kg, just didn't want it over the 850kg or so of the Jensen. As I say very similar list of woes with a particularly spectacular threatening handover thrown in at the start. (as you say some good support following all the breakdowns which is appreciated but certainly no recognition of mistakes on their part and too many...............). Was feeling particularly despondent just before xmas when I got a chirpy call from a sales rep at Forst asking for feedback. I laughed and asked him several times did he really want feedback as I had a lot. He insisted he did. He suggested 1/2 way through the chat/rant that I write it all down and I said I would rather not and he said no problem tell him on the phone. I did ,he said someone would contact me . Email followed from an other saying could I write it down and again explain all the issues. I said i'd rather tell them on the phone, again. He replied to say he was travelling all the following week so couldn't take comprehensive notes(which seems a bit weird to me ) - could I write it down. I pointed out that they had contacted me , asked me for feedback and I had even suggested they might not want it. Another email saying they would try and ring me the week after (before xmas). Nothing as yet......... I know my own business is not perfect. I know we all have issues this year . At the very least why bother phoning me for feedback ? Little bit worried that my 14 years of saving to buy this chipper might not have been well spent. Been planning to write the email. Good luck lux. You sound very reasonable to me - hopefully they will be too. Forst . I think a lot of us would like to back you , but ...............??


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