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  1. Finally got round to fixing this thing. It was the coil after all! The electronic message from the could wasn't being delivered to the carb so the fuel solenoid never opened and that's why it would run with fuel down the carb!
  2. When I had it apart I didn't notice anything that would point towards a faulty wire. I can't imagine after only 2 weeks work a wire would have broken somehow. But as I'm getting desperate it might be worth checking anyway.
  3. I guess that's what I'll have to do. This is the first saw I've worked on I can't get to run. There's mechanically nothing wrong with it which is making me pissed off.
  4. Yes I've been told two different husqvarna dealers have apparently both fitted new carbs with the same effect. Can they be taken off the carb or would that need a whole new carb? Also I don't have any diagnostic equipment or software so that would be a job for a dealer.
  5. So I bought a non working husky top handle for a low price. It had about 2 weeks work done with it before it stopped working. I've had it apart and inspected the piston and cylinder, they looked fine. The inlet manifold was squashed from someone over tightening the carb bolts and mangled the carburettor bracket, I've replaced these and everything is moving as it should. I've checked for a spark and that seems fine. The fuel lines are clear. It won't run unless I pour some fuel straight into the carb, then after it burnt off that fuel it just dies. I'm starting to run out of ideas what it could be.
  6. Had the same part snapped on my 201. Never noticed anything until I rebuilt it and put a new sprocket cover on. The cover actually came with the insert so I assumed it was common for them to break. I've already started a list of bits needed because they're either missing or not in good shape on both saws.
  7. Been given two ms200 to turn into 1. Going to give them both a good clean and see what parts I can salvage. Does anyone know why the insert in the sprocket cover for the chain brake seems to always break?
  8. Forgot to take pics but last Friday I was getting fed up with a ms230 that wouldn't start. Replaced the carb and it still was pissing out fuel. So I just stripped it down and have a look inside. Looked just fine, replaced the gaskets and off I went. Runs like a dream now! Love these old saws, complete tear down and rebuild in two and a half hours! Can't see that happening with something like a husky 562!
  9. Is it in a metal can like a Jerry can? If so it could be condensation building up on the inside? So it would be water not oil.
  10. So I just ended up putting it all in the washing machine and washed it at 30 with no added soap and they came out pretty good.
  11. You've literally described pretty much every problem I've ran into in the past with this saw apart from the crank seals! One other thing I had a lot of bother with was the oil uptake rubber and seal had solidified and started leaking. At least the pickup was well oiled!😑 Had a look at a ms230 today as well which just had a label on it with "it did tried to start". A quick inspection revealed that the coil had completely caked up and the coil gap was all off. Unfortunately it looked like the previous owner had already started robbing it for parts. So hopefully after a good clean and £20 later she'll be a runner!
  12. So today I decided to dive into my husky 36. It started running very irregular and after a carb swap it still wasn't fixed. (The carb was also in bad shape though) initially I couldn't see any scoring trough the ports but my gut feeling was that something was wrong so I opened it up. I'm fairly new to rebuilding engines but I can't imagine that the sides of a piston are supposed to look like this. On that note does anyone know husky 136 parts fit the 36? I can't find any differences!
  13. I wash my arbortecs every weekend at 30°c and they're doing great. I've had some steins that shrunk at 40°. make sure you don't use fabric softener cause that reduces the strength of the fibers and reduces how much your trousers protect you if you ever end up cutting yourself.
  14. Thanks guys I'll have a go at washing them this weekend!
  15. I knew that... story of my life! The real question is, in line, or V? Nope, checked, double checked and then checked again.


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