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  1. As per title really... What rope self tends in the ZigZag?? Any one use TEUFELBERGER Dragonfly even though it’s 11.1mm and ZigZag recommends min of 11.5mm ?? Ian
  2. IanW

    Echo 7310 SX

    Wonder how the 2 stack up against each other?
  3. IanW

    Echo 7310 SX

    Who runs the new Echo 7310 SX (73cc) saw? What’s your thoughts on it? power, torque etc? Faults? Thanks Ian
  4. IanW

    Aspen 40:1 mix

    Ah yeah... forgot about the 4 stroke stuff. I only want about 1/2 a ltr.... if it’s safe to mix i’ll just use the 2t stuff... saves me buying the 4t
  5. IanW

    Aspen 40:1 mix

    I run my older saws on 40:1 Can I just add a bit extra 2 stroke oil to some Aspen to rich it up? Or would that be a bad idea ?? Ian
  6. Thanks lads! [emoji1303][emoji1303]
  7. IanW

    Husqvarna 592 xp

    That looks awesome! [emoji41][emoji41]
  8. IanW

    Husqvarna 592 xp

    Oh yeah baby! ??
  9. As per title. Will a bar for the 365 Special fit a 390xp ???
  10. IanW

    Husqvarna 592 xp

    Give me a proper 390xp and port it ANYDAY! Had too many problems with a 560, can only expect the same with 592.
  11. Grand Fir.... sappy as hell. Yeah should have kept on top of it really!
  12. Just use it neat?..... thanks for the link.
  13. I’ve got some brake cleaner... thanks.
  14. What’s the best way to clean this saw out and how to remove the burnt on stubborn oil and shit?? Thanks Ian
  15. How’s it going Mike, You still logging?


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