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  1. Ah excellent..... do you know if he is on here?
  2. Looking for ground work in North East.... County Durham area... own transport, saw, etc. Ian 07866591042
  3. Mike I have a very clean little use rebuilt husky 555 for sale, cheapest about at £200 as i’ve just found out you subby for John (Gray Git) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Husqvarna-555-Chainsaw-/123676010214 Im local about 20min drive and can meet you if it’s any good for you?? Ian 07866591042
  4. Sounds perfect, you have pm
  5. Shame your miles away. Got to be someone up north??
  6. I'd only be after 1 board for the moment.... where are you based and how much for 1 board? Thanks Ian
  7. Hi Any one in the North East have any Seasoned Ash planks/boards? 40mm thick 300mm wide 1600mm long Would maybe be also interested in other timbers if you got them in these dimensions. Thanks Ian
  8. Halfords... ain't going to fix that!
  9. IanW

    Rook nests

    Be bloody funny to see though
  10. IanW

    60cc husky

    Got to be a 560xp or 562xp..... new models don't have the bugs like the old ones did. Rapid little saw!
  11. Any one on here supply the Redline Racing oil?? Or know of a good online supplier?? Interested in trying it. Cheers Ian
  12. i find the husky tech stuff slim fitting..... not the best if your stocky....


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