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  1. how's this for an engine blowout!!!

    Halfords... ain't going to fix that!
  2. Rook nests

    Be bloody funny to see though
  3. 60cc husky

    Got to be a 560xp or 562xp..... new models don't have the bugs like the old ones did. Rapid little saw!
  4. Any one on here supply the Redline Racing oil?? Or know of a good online supplier?? Interested in trying it. Cheers Ian
  5. i find the husky tech stuff slim fitting..... not the best if your stocky....
  6. Anyone use a "safety razor"?

    Ah, no worries, i'm pretty swift with my d.e razor, as i've used it for years and feel pretty confident with it, occasionally it does remind me not to loose respect for it in the form of a little love bite! I use my open razors very carefully, and with exceptional respect. They certainly take no prisoners as when they bite, they take a bloody big bite!! Awesome shave though!
  7. Anyone use a "safety razor"?

    Be interesting to hear the explanation
  8. Anyone use a "safety razor"?

    A razor that can cut a hair, by just using the weight of the hair on the blade as pressure..... the last thing i'd be doing with it on my face is going quick. smooth... steady... gentle is for straight razor shaving...... unless your very good, very brave or like being covered in blood. haha every one finds and learns their own way i guess. Quick is not for me.
  9. Anyone use a "safety razor"?

    yeah i've heard that too.... good practice to get pressure right i guess
  10. Anyone use a "safety razor"?

    Feather are excellent blades, might just be using it at the wrong angle! Think of it as gently scraping the foam off your face, not shaving if that makes sense? Keep at it
  11. Anyone use a "safety razor"?

    You will Gary, but don't get dis heartened if it don't happen straight away..... look every day and see which way parts of your beard grow as they all grow different. across (horizontally) and against (vertically) will give you the smoothest and closest shave.... also learn how to pull the skin tight, makes the hairs pop out and you get a closer shave..... have fun and enjoy. Ian
  12. 550 muffler mod

    The 560 runs stupidly hot..... exhaust in pic above is what happens when working in rain, had a few do this. Exhaust mod worth doing to help saw breath and run cooler!
  13. 550 muffler mod

    I think he's having you on.... either that or he really knows NOTHING at all about saws! Inside is a plate with lots of little holes in like a colander. These are baffle plates. Helps quieten the saw. A exhaust mod will remove these and usually with the widening of the exit hole too will make the exhaust less restrictive, more free flowing and louder. Releasing a little more power from the saw.... just like de catting a sports car. Ian
  14. Anyone use a "safety razor"?

    What info would you like Pink? The stones i use are Ice Bear King Waterstones, any proper waterstones will do. I have 800 grit for bevel setting and re grinding. 1200 grit for gentle touch ups 6000 grit for polishing a good edge 12,000 grit for extra fine polishing of a very good edge then leather strop with CrOx paste 30,000 grit to make a very good edge shaving sharp! You will also need a flattening stone to flatten your sharpening stones as they do wear away, slowly. Sharpening on waterstones WILL take practice, but once you get it right, you can put a wicked edge on anything. 👍🏻 Ian
  15. Anyone use a "safety razor"?

    beautiful razor mate! 👍🏻


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