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  1. Toad

    Husqvarna 385

    Oh, and I left the carb set to 1 1/4 turns out for the time being. The plug is a digestive biscuit kind of colour at the moment, so I suspect it's not too far out.
  2. Toad

    Husqvarna 385

    Had a good go with the saw yesterday, all went well apart from finding a stone quickly with a new chain, but that is just one of those things. There are two little niggles, one is that I filled with jb weld, drilled and retapped a screw hole for the top cover. This screw feels tight but twice came undone fell out and disappeared into the grass and sawdust. Anyone got any ideas about retaining it? I tried loctite on attempt 2 and have applied a little of the threebond instant gasket to the threads now in the hope that the sticky nature of the product will retain the screw better. The other is that I'm not sure it is oiling well enough. I think I need to fill both tanks and run the fuel to empty to be sure, but it doesn't seem to be pushing as much oil put as the 372. The oil pump is set to 4.5 turns out now.
  3. Read comments on here, felt disgusted and was just going to ignore things, but fuck it, that's not the right thing to do. I'm not going to argue with anyone in particular, I'm not going to respond to comments, but I think it is important that one particular view doesn't prevail here. I support the Black Lives Matter movement. I have read a lot of articles, listened to podcasts and interviews and I've educated myself on equality and the struggles faced by many sectors of society. I recognise that being born a white, straight man in an affluent part of an affluent country has afforded me privileges that so many other humans on this planet will never have and I would love to see proper equality in my lifetime and I'll do my best to ensure that stands a chance of happening. I'm off to donate to charities supporting equality including BLM. Thanks for the motivation.
  4. I've got the X27 and X25, last year I split around 26-28 cubic metres of beech, ash and sycamore with them, the wood was a mix of freshly cut, partially and completely seasoned and up to 2'6" rings. Both brilliant, split stuff easily, don't wear you out from the weight of the head and the speed you can get them up to negates any weight loss (kinetic energy =1/2mv^2). Very little knotty stuff has beaten me so far with them. I use the X25 most out of the pair since I got it as I don't tend to need the extra length of the X27 unless the wood is really tough going, I think I'm tall enough to get the X25 swinging quickly enough for most jobs. I often use the X25 one handed as the wood gets smaller.
  5. Thank you! I watched a couple of your videos with it and saw that you liked the C85. I've ordered two loops of the C85 to try out, I've got a mix of LPX and EXL at the moment on those saws, some of which has been subjected to my shonky filing to try to recover it from damage from stones etc. Definitely need to work on improving my filing. The full chisel chains aren't too bad, but I think the sp33g semi chisel is going a bit wrong, I find it hard to tell where it doesn't sharpen to a point.
  6. Looking to get a few new loops of chain, wondering if the new 3/8 husky X-cut is worth the premium over the EXL chain? For firewood and clearing a few bits around the farm, not commercial use etc. For 24" and 28" bars if that makes any difference.
  7. Toad

    Husqvarna 385

    I assumed the limiter in the coil was what was mean by governor. Thanks both, when I get to use/run it a bit more I'll have another crack at adjusting it, probably won't be for a while as my hernias are causing a bit of pain at the moment.
  8. Toad

    Husqvarna 385

    Forgot to stick a few photos on.
  9. Toad

    Husqvarna 385

    Hello! Thanks for your reply! I don't quite understand the last sentance though, might you be able to explain a little further?
  10. Toad

    Husqvarna 385

    Afternoon, Finished wacking the 385 back together today, all went fairly smoothly. Cocked up filling, drilling and tapping a cover screw hole so had to redo that and learnt a few more lessons. I got a proper gauze filter from Tillotson in the end, rather than mess about with jamming other gauzes in. Anyway, it's in one piece and wearing a 28" bar and chain. I let it idle for a minute or two, shut it off, let it idle and revved it a couple of times then shut it off, did this a couple of times just to let things bed in and then tried it on a few bits of wood. Went really well, and I'm pleased with my efforts so far. I believe it is running a bit lean at the moment though, and I'm struggling a bit with adjusting the carb. The L screw is quite easy to rotate so it's difficult to feel if you've got the screwdriver engaged and you're making a difference. I might try a different screwdriver to see if that engages a bit more easily with that one. I think the coil is limited, its light blue in colour and when I try to set the high screw the tachometer shows 4-6000 rpm, which clearly isn't right, in the cut its showing 11000 ish rpm, so I assume I'm currently bouncing off the limiter. Thinking about the situation, should I richen the H side up until its max revs are below the limiter and then lean it out till the tach shows 13000 rpm or so?
  11. Calls for Cummings to resign after lockdown travel WWW.BBC.CO.UK Labour demands action after the PM's aide went to his parents...
  12. We've had to get them out of road gullies before. On another occasion I had a call to rescue a hedgehog from a gully, when I arrived it turned out I was about two weeks too late. 🤮
  13. It does 'feel' like fuel starvation. Carb settings don't make it any better, but do make it worse. I did pull the carb off and clean it, wasn't much wrong as far as I could tell, but when checking the fuel filter I did notice a leaf floating around in the tank, so a more thorough flush of that is required.
  14. Actually, now I've gone back to fiddle with it. It won't even stay idling for any length of time properly. Seems happier when on its side, starter up.
  15. This is one of those jobs I really wish I'd not started, but it's too late now. My sister's father in law has an MS211 which has started running poorly apparently. I don't expect it has been looked after and I assume will have had old fuel sat in it for some time. I got hold of it and couldn't start it. Didn't seem to have a spark, so fitted a new coil and plug, few pulls and it starts on choke, cuts out, starts on the half throttle position and then idles after a quick pull of the throttle. The saw will idle for some time although occasionally cuts out but if you open the throttle it'll cut out and die. I've reset the high and low screws to 1 turn and 3/4 turns out as per the casing and it idled better but still doesn't rev. I've pulled the exhaust off and the piston looks fine. I assume to start with I should fiddle with the low and high screws to see if I can get it to behave somewhat better, but has anyone any ideas about what I should be checking on the saw. I know my way around the husky 3 series, but never done anything with a stihl before.


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