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  1. Toad

    County 1124

    I imagine the 1124 back in a tractor form would be a very popular machine.
  2. That would be what I would have asked for. 2 way lights in all red is a great alternative to a closure for a short period of time.
  3. A s.171 license isn't quite correct, as Big J says, it is usually for excavations on the highway, bit in the case of Somerset Highways it might be the most appropriate license they have decided on for Arb work/tree felling. We would use a building materials in the highway license where I was. The s.171 license will require the applicant to prove they have insurance and the traffic management qualifications to allow them to be on the road and the permit will allow the occupation of the road to be recorded properly so there won't be clashes with other roadworks or diversion routes.
  4. Toad

    Huztl 372 kit build

    Potato/potato, I think most people call them different things.
  5. Toad

    Huztl 372 kit build

    I do apologise. One of the last 372XP XTorqs. 😛
  6. We had a nest of bees a significant way up a large beech which had died and was at risk of falling into the road, we blocked the entrance for them and had someone cut the tree off about 8' above the entrance into the bees nest. Sadly it turned out to be hollow a long way up the trunk and we now have two colonies of bees, one in the stem with a hessian and corrugated tin roof and one in the felled stem on the ground with a new plywood front door.
  7. Toad

    Huztl 372 kit build

    I'm sure i started another thread about the 371, but can't find it. Rebuilt it with a new ring and it did a bit of a sad after cutting brilliantly for a tank of fuel and the bottom end bearing started making an unpleasant noise. I bought one of the last 372 xtorqs for sale in the UK after this as while the Huztl saw is fine for fiddling about with, I quite fancied something with guaranteed reliability for the reduced time I have available for cutting wood up, and I had a bit of money after doing a bit of overtime at work. The 371 has sat in a box completely stripped for a while with me not having the time or motivation to do much with it. Sadly the previous owner damaged the oil tank and repaired it with job weld or something, and while it was ok and not leaky, I wasnt took happy with it, and the damage would make putting the halves back together a little bit of a challenge. I debated getting another Huztl crankcase and rebuilding the saw with that, but last week saw a 371k crankcase on Ebay for similar money, so snaffled it up. There is a fair bit of concrete dust in the books and crannies and there is obvious wear in a few places where the abrasive dust has sat between parts and worn away the paintwork, but it's in pretty good shape and I think with a good hot soapy wash and blowing off with the airline will be a good base to rebuild the saw. Going to probably fit the big felling dogs and run it with a 24" bar as a spare, spare saw or one I'm happy to let other people use. I assume it is unlikely I'll find a decent genuine crank anywhere, and as it will never see significant amount of work, I think I will fit a huztl crankshaft to it. I've got the original cylinder, piston and genuine replacement ring, and a meteor piston in stock, I fitted it with new rubbers, hoses etc so it should just be a case of wanging the crankcase together and rebuilding, but I'm sure I'll find some issues along the way.
  8. Toad

    Can’t Hook

    Me too. Great bit of kit. Although I don't get on with the optional foot I bough for it.
  9. 455 rancher for the 55 I think. Maybe a 440 or 445 for the 42.
  10. Toad

    Buying a new saw

    I think @outinthewoods has a ported 562 on his YouTube channel and I think it has had a 28" bar on it. Could be wrong at remembering though.
  11. I use a lot of merino wool t shirts for doing things where I will get sweaty. I'm a fatty, so that includes walking, carrying, working, eating and sitting down. They dry quite quickly and don't smell funny like man made fibres after a short proportion of a 1000 mile walk.
  12. Nah. You needed to be a member 3 months before apparently.
  13. The 365 still available is essentially a 372 which has been detuned. Only differences are the stickers and two plates on the cylinder. The autotune options will probably be perfect for someone like yourself. It's a professional machine designed for week long use. If you were to do half the work with the new saw you would take about a hundred years to put on the hours a professionally utilised chainsaw would get. The autotune will take care of fuelling, changes in temperature and altitude for you instead of worrying about retuning it manually. Take care of it with good quality oil, or Aspen and it'll do you well. Plus there is a 2 year warranty on it to help allay any worries about reliability in the short term.
  14. Maybe a 562, then you could swap bars and chains from the 372 if desired. Might overlap a bit too much though.


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