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  1. Toad

    Smaller saw to compliment 372XPG

    The 365 still available is essentially a 372 which has been detuned. Only differences are the stickers and two plates on the cylinder. The autotune options will probably be perfect for someone like yourself. It's a professional machine designed for week long use. If you were to do half the work with the new saw you would take about a hundred years to put on the hours a professionally utilised chainsaw would get. The autotune will take care of fuelling, changes in temperature and altitude for you instead of worrying about retuning it manually. Take care of it with good quality oil, or Aspen and it'll do you well. Plus there is a 2 year warranty on it to help allay any worries about reliability in the short term.
  2. Toad

    Smaller saw to compliment 372XPG

    Maybe a 562, then you could swap bars and chains from the 372 if desired. Might overlap a bit too much though.
  3. Toad

    Making the news today....

    Re. Sad teaching God chum. Most people who work for companies will be subject to social media rules, I know I am, hence not mentioning my workplace on Facebook. You can't expect to post things which could alienate and vilify the children you're supposed to be looking after and not expect there to be some sort of repercussion. It's not diminishing the right to free speech, she can say whatever she wants, but it is holding people accountable for acts of twattery. See Israel Folau for example.
  4. Toad

    Japanese Knotweed

    Really ought to read more better. I'm not sure about organic alternatives. Maybe burn the stems and shoots off whenever they appear? It's tricky to get rid of with herbicides, so I think you'll be in for a fight.
  5. Toad

    Japanese Knotweed

    Just glyphosate, or all chemical herbicides? There's probably alternatives.
  6. Toad

    Japanese Knotweed

    When I've been involved with it we've treated it three times a year with glyphosate, anecdotally the last treatment is supposed to be the most effective if timed so that it's as the plant is shutting down for winter. People seem to inject the stems, I'm not sure if this is better or is done to cause less collateral damage.
  7. Toad

    Husky 346xp

    The photo without the muffler seems to show marks on the piston. This might be a sign of it seizing previously. It may be worth removing the clutch to check around the oil pump to see where the leak may be coming from.
  8. Toad

    Husqvarna 550 Mk 2 or older MS 261-CM

    Is it the customer or the dealer who first registers the saw?
  9. Toad

    Editing invoices

    You can't edit a pdf with either of them. You need pdf editing software, or to keep the documents as word docs on your device or shared with onedrive or similar and export them as a pdf when you've updated them.
  10. Toad

    Editing invoices

    Can you get open office on the iPad as an alternative to Microsoft office?
  11. Toad

    Highways barrier/VRS

    I've done the course for designing vrs, but not installing/maintaining. Have you got tm qualifications? You will probably want some varied abilities for tm if you'll be in situations where you have to take vrs down. I imagine that ucb will be easy, tcb, rope systems etc might be a bit more of a challenge. Think you need a thermometer with you from memory.
  12. Toad

    New barrel and piston for Husky 365

    Here's a link. https://www.gardenhirespares.co.uk/product/6358/
  13. Toad

    New barrel and piston for Husky 365

    I've got a huztl/farmertec complete saw and it seems ok, but in your position I'd probably go for the Meteor piston and cylinder kit. Just as well get the 50mm 372 kit and get a little more power out of it - unless it is an xtorq that you have in which case the piston and cylinder are the same.
  14. Toad

    New 880

    With 10:1 chain oil instead of two stroke, and three hours of steady mid throttle running while strapped to the roof of a transit?
  15. Toad

    New 880

    Stoichiometric air to fuel ratio is 14.7:1 50:1 fuel oil mix is 2% oil, 33:1 Is 3% therefore a 1% decrease in actual fuel. That would take a saw running at stoic (unlikely I know) from 14.7:1 to 14.7:0.99. The actual difference in the air to fuel is tiny. I'm not sure many of us will be that accurate when mixing fuel anyway.


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