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  1. Got stuck in traffic on my way to site yesterday because of people queuing at petrol stations, managed to head home missing them with a bit of route planning. Drove to Dorset for a weekend in the camper and every fuel station had cars queuing back onto the road, one was out of fuel entirely. People are bonkers.
  2. Armco/vrs/crash barrier is about reducing the energy and redirecting vehicles, not bringing them to a sudden, solid stop, its also supposed to move a bit to do this, so some of the suggestions of multistemmed thinner plants might be more fitting than massive fatties that cause the car to disintegrate on impact.
  3. I've put tigermulch down on footways with tree root damage. It's all temporary tbh. It looks pretty terrible from the photos. You'll need to raise a significant length of footway or carriageway to clear them, and then it might make the road non-compliant with standards, although this might not be so bad if it is private.
  4. Good luck with the oem parts. I've barely used mine since rebuilding it.
  5. I've had issues with my granberg sharpener in the past, set it up in the bar and check it sits at 90 degrees. Mine doesn't so I have to adjust it from one side to the other along with the depth and height settings Make sure your grinding stones are fully engaged and not wobbling about when spinning.
  6. Toad


    2 inguinal hernias?
  7. Toad


    Thats good advice. I got a big bottle of lactolose and dosed myself up until stuff started moving and kept myself on a regular dose until I was done with the painkillers.
  8. I do wonder if some of Yaxley-Lennon's supporters will be less pleased that they aren't funding an ideological fight that they subscribe to, but have been paying for him to enjoy large volumes of cocaine and hookers?
  9. Toad


    I had an umbilical hernia and two small inguinal hernias. Only really knew about the umbilical one as it looked at me until I had horrendous pain in my bollocks, turned out one of the inguinal hernias which was about 2 inches above my cock was pressing on a nerve. Had an appointment with the surgeon Jan 2020, 4 month wait at that point, then covid, had all three repaired in April this year. Went quite badly, couldn't piss so ended up with a catheter, eventually got out of hospital but struggled with a lot of pain for over a month. Speaking to people afterwards it's unusual to get so much done at once. Most people don't have the problems that I did and it is better to get it done. Need to be really careful that it all heals before doing any lifting as it's hard to do more repairs once the mesh is in.
  10. Toad

    Moronic Signs

    Also, dealing with someone who had just been turned into jam by a falling tree would be horrific, ignoring whose fault it was. Too many people are assholes who don't consider what their actions could do to other people.
  11. Toad

    Moronic Signs

    I've been out at a tree across the road and Ford fiesta upside down after trying to avoid it during a storm when some pissed up entitled cockwomble turns up and demands we let him through cos he doesn't think we should be there and his wife works in health and safety. They ended up driving up the verge and squeezing past while giving us shit. Had plenty of abuse for closing roads for fatal crashes too.
  12. Toad

    Moronic Signs

    Is that not a water leak running out the middle of the lights? Annoying when people aren't there but it might be the to company set the lights up and the gang to do the works haven't got there yet? Sorry for seeming to continually bother you in this thread.
  13. Toad

    Moronic Signs

    You mean the bit saying wait here till the green light shows? If so, that's the standard sign and wording for temporary traffic lights with more than 2 heads. If its got 2 heads the sign says 'when red light shows wait here' They've been law for decades I'm afraid.
  14. 14/14 Loved Nathan Barley, horribly prophetic.
  15. Used to go out of Langstone on a charter boat a fair bit back in the late 90s. The shepherd from next door bought a couple of boats and kept them at our farm so we used to go out fishing together a lot, either fr slips at Langstone, Lymington or Christchurch. Haven't been since then apart from on a mates stag do a few years back. Used to love it. Just great being out at sea.


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