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  1. Conorjm10

    Best job i've ever done! More NZ Heli work!

    Thanks mate! Appreciate the comment and enjoy ha!
  2. Conorjm10

    Best job i've ever done! More NZ Heli work!

    The nerves are definetly going on the first few lifts but then you seem to find a rythem, Most of the time we can send the helicopter to a different climber to try and keep a steady pace but on this job i had to do the last tree with back to back lifts as the pilot cant fly over other climbers with a load. To say it was the most intense half an hour ever is an understatement ha!
  3. Conorjm10

    Best job i've ever done! More NZ Heli work!

    Thanks mate! Our maximum lift is 1250kg but we aim to keep it around the 700-800 mark. We pre-strop the trees before hand and the dogman communicates with the pilot giving him the estimations... It's real impressive how accurate he is!
  4. Conorjm10

    UK to New Zealand

    Hi mate, I've been over here for around 6 months now working in Auckland. I just have the stardard tickets and they are accepted here. There is a big shortage of skilled climbers over here so if you know what your doing then you'll easily find work. The company i work for have recently won all the council contracts in Auckland and they're pulling staff in from everywhere. If you like i could put you in touch with my manager and he could maybe offer you something? Otherwise join the facebook groups (new zealand tree climbers, etc) Always job offers coming up!
  5. Conorjm10

    Helicopter Elm Tree Removals!

    Thanks mate! And you sure did ha! Yeah think he's got around 17-18 hairs now ha!
  6. Conorjm10

    Helicopter Elm Tree Removals!

    Like i said in a previous comment im just one of the climbers, i just get told where to go and what to do
  7. Conorjm10

    Helicopter Elm Tree Removals!

    Here goes... We removed 22 trees and the land we was working on was a basically a small mountain and with us having to chip all wood on site (including the stem wood) it would have taken a to long, so the company decided to get the clearence team on the other side of the hill and fly the trees over which took 6 hours of total flying time (Around 120 lifts), I dunno the cost of the chopper as i dont do the pricing im just one of the climbers but it can lift max 1300kgs. Our average lifts was 4-600kgs but some stem wood we went around a ton. And unfortunetly not but that would have been cool hahaha!
  8. Conorjm10

    Helicopter Elm Tree Removals!

    I should have explained, the tree's we are removing have dutch elm disease which is a bio hazard here in NZ. It is protocol to chip all the wood on site and leave on site no matter how big the stems are (trust me ive done alot of ripping and chipping over the past month and its taking its toll ha)!
  9. Conorjm10

    Helicopter Elm Tree Removals!

    Video from a helicopter removal video we did in Remuera, Auckland. Most intense/fun day i've ever had at work!
  10. Conorjm10

    Another New Zealand work vid! My first crane job!

    Thanks for taking the time to leave the feedback Reg! I pretty much just did what i was told by the dogman but your advice makes perfect sense! I'll be taking it on board and thanks for your vids, pretty much watched all of them ha! They've learned me a great deal!
  11. Conorjm10

    Another New Zealand work vid! My first crane job!

    Yeah mate loving it! Yeah was a tough day i was ruined after it haha... And i was on comms with a guy on the ground, he called most of the shots but it worked out pretty well
  12. Conorjm10

    Another New Zealand work vid! My first crane job!

    Thanks mate! Really appreciate the feedback!3
  13. Footage of my first crane job, got alot to learn but it sure was fun!
  14. Conorjm10

    New Zealand work edit!

    Nope that wern't are crew, think i did hear about it though


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