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  1. Hi mate, I've got a Reon rounds tether for sale. If you have a zigzag it pairs up well with one.
  2. Hi there, To be honest with you I hadn't heard of the ETW until I went out to Norway sub-contracting. Most in the UK recognise NPTC qualifications so if you already hold the equivalent to those in Austria I can't imagine there would be an issue transferring them over however I maybe wrong. As for the work over here in the UK be prepared for the frequency of "nice work" to drop. I much prefer working abroad (Norway/NZ) but then again I do mainly domestic work in the UK which on the whole, isn't to great. Hope this helps and best of luck!
  3. Thats very interesting and applicable to my situation as me and my partner are looking to buy our first home soon. Definitely worth keeping in mind! Thanks for the info.
  4. Hi, just looking for advice on going limited as opposed to being a sole trader. Obviously there is both pros and cons to both but I'm just wandering if anybody has recently made the transition and has any info on how it affected them and their business. Thanks.
  5. Hi Andy, I'd be interested for more info on this, drop me an email at info@cjmtreecare.co.uk Thanks. Conor.
  6. https://cjmtreecare.co.uk Any pointers would be appreciated! Cheers!
  7. Cheers pal! Appreciate the comment 👍🏻
  8. Thanks mate 👍🏻👍🏻
  9. Newly set up business so dont have the pennies to be spending on promo vids just yet! So had a blast with the Gopro 😂!
  10. Thanks for the feedback everyone! Yeah gunna opt for fitting one to the front of the hilux instead
  11. Also the winch on the chipper will be ready to go instantly so say your felling small trees you can drag them whole to the chipper and sned there as opposed to snedding where they land and walking back and forth to the chipper if that makes sense, where as if i have to set something up it wont be worth that hassle.
  12. That looks like a good piece of kit! How much do they come in at? And to be honest the winch on the chipper wont cost me much as my mate will charge me peanuts for fabrication and fitting, a small 1 tonne winch comes in at £90 for a decent brand so probs looking at £250 all in.
  13. Hi there, Just wondering if anybody has bothered fitting a small winch on a small tow behind chipper? I work with one ground guy usually and theres been a few jobs lately where one would have come in handy, storm damage and also thinking long up hill drags and certain fells where instead of someone bursting blood cells on the pull line simply winch it over. I have a mate who can manufacture a mounting plate to fit it to the chipper. Just curious to see if anybody else has tried it and if its actually come in handy more than they thought or am i just finding excuses to stick a winch on everything ha! Also any pics would be great!
  14. Thanks for the tip! To be honest i just remove the tailgate completely when im tipping its easy enough. Aint risking damging the sign boards


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