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  1. Hi! I am currently looking at picking up some helmet comms for my protos helmet. I want to be able to recieve calls/listen to music also. Anybody help me out who are currently running comms with a protos? What are my options? I've done endless time on google searching (15 mins 😏) and im struggling! Thanks in advance!
  2. Conorjm10

    bulldog bone.

    Thanks for the write up! I've recently landed in Norway and the guy im working with uses one and loves it. I'd never heard of them and still on the wrench and VT myself. Definetly going to give it a try now!
  3. Conorjm10

    NZ Mash Up

    I sure am mate! 😁😁
  4. Conorjm10

    NZ Mash Up

    I came to Norway mate to do some work out here, would be nice to go back one day, wages arn't great to be fair for the scale of work your doing though, the experience you get though is quality!
  5. Conorjm10

    NZ Mash Up

    Thanks mate!
  6. Conorjm10

    NZ Mash Up

    Some mashed together clips of 8 months spent in New Zealand.. Heli work, crane work, rigging etc! The work out there is great! If your thinking of travelling over there then i'd definetly reccommend it!
  7. Conorjm10

    Lombardy Removals Edit (First time using a drone!)

    Hi mate thanks alot! I put a block and the bollard in the Beech tree you can see in the background, Luckily it lined up perfect to not turn the stem to soon. I knew that section of stem would be full of nails, wires etc so i wanted to drop it as large as possible but the side building wasnt structurally sound so didnt want to cause any issues just dropping it. Then i used a 4 to 1 set up with 2 guys pulling on a rope to get it in motion. Whenever your doing this you want to get a decent amount of pull to get it going at first so you can leave a slightly larger hinge (helps to stop one side of the hinge breaking and turning the piece). Hope that makes sense!
  8. Conorjm10

    Lombardy Removals Edit (First time using a drone!)

    Thanks again mate! I was but i drove out to Norway to work up until Christmas.. Started Monday and so far so good! Nonoe stop tree care out here! Good climbs to!
  9. Conorjm10

    Lombardy Removals Edit (First time using a drone!)

    Thanks mate! We was there 2 and abit days but there was also around 7 conifers we removed to (But who'd film that? ha!) We had another crew help us on the first day to get stuck into the conifers, then just 4 of us the rest of the time. Erm pretty sure the lombardys was 3 loads of chip and approx 5 trailer loads of wood although the customers kept the large piece that you see us fell in the video which i reckon there was just over a ton in that to. Thanks for the feedback!
  10. Conorjm10

    Lombardy Removals Edit (First time using a drone!)

    Thanks very much!
  11. Conorjm10

    Best job i've ever done! More NZ Heli work!

    Thanks mate! And the hook the chopper uses is real fancy, i aint entirely sure how it works all i know is the pilot hits a button and the gate opens on the hook and the strops fall away ha!
  12. Conorjm10

    Best job i've ever done! More NZ Heli work!

    Hi mate! On this particular job there wasn't to much movement but i did one a few weeks later on some skinnier pines and yeah they had quite abit of movement but the pilot is real smooth. And he's got alot of experience working with arborists and he knows to take the piece away from the back cut, basically he has no door on his chopper and just hangs his head out watching. We also have a guy on the ground who is in comms with him letting him know the approx weights.
  13. Conorjm10

    Best job i've ever done! More NZ Heli work!

    Thanks mate! Appreciate the comment and enjoy ha!


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