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  1. Thanks for the replies! Some useful advice.
  2. Very fair comment, I think I'm only really focusing on the negatives, I didn't see it from that point tbh. Thanks!
  3. I am a small company based in Wigan and looking for another climber/all rounder to come in on a sub-contractor basis once/twice a week to help us out. Most work is within a 25 mile radius from Wigan. Good rates of pay for the right person, will cover fuel costs & time for travelling. The majority of the work is domestic, Ideally looking for somebody with a drivers licence, trailer licence and over 25 (Covered on the truck insurance) however this is not critical. Must have: A friendly + positive attitude (especially with clients) Don't mind getting wet Relevant certs (Cs30+31+38+39) Own PPE + Climbing kit Transport to the yard. We have small but new and up to date kit and always go for the most efficient way of getting the job done (because I don't like carrying logs as much as the next person 👍😃) Drop me an email if interested to info@cjmtreecare.co.uk Thanks. Conor.
  4. Hi there, I am just looking to see what other business owners experiences are with going VAT registered and having mainly domestic clients. 90% of our work is domestic and I am just coming up to the VAT threshold. I am a little anxious on taking the plunge as it's going to be harder to stay competitive in an already crowded area. What are others experiences? Any advice would be appreciated.
  5. Just out of curiosity are other companies getting much more domestic enquires than usual? I started up my own company early last year so I don't yet know what the average work load is for this time of year. When the lockdown was announced I had pretty much wrote this year off and went into survival mode. A few weeks later and the phone is on fire with enquiries. I usually average 10-12 quotes a week, I did over 30 last week. I'm just wandering are other companies busier than usual or am I just in an area with high demand at the moment?
  6. No Idea!, It's gone crazy on my end on the domestic side. The busiest I've ever been and we are suppose to be in a pandemic! Long may it continue!
  7. I've been up and running for just over a year now and recently replaced my old transit with a nearly new Izuzu Grafter (9000 miles and a fair chunk cheaper than a brand new one). I couldn't really afford it but it was a good deal and you don't often get them come up with low milage and with some warranty remaining so I jumped in and made the purchase. I've had it just over 2 months now and It's already had a new set of fuel injectors (warranty covered luckily) and needed an airbag sensor replacing so already cost me a couple of days downtime. The truck is brilliant when its at work, looks the part, tows and carries weight well but don't think you'll be completely trouble free. On the whole I am still glad I got the truck but it hasn't been as smooth as I'd have imagined. Just sharing my experience so hope it helps.
  8. Hi mate, I've got a Reon rounds tether for sale. If you have a zigzag it pairs up well with one.
  9. Hi there, To be honest with you I hadn't heard of the ETW until I went out to Norway sub-contracting. Most in the UK recognise NPTC qualifications so if you already hold the equivalent to those in Austria I can't imagine there would be an issue transferring them over however I maybe wrong. As for the work over here in the UK be prepared for the frequency of "nice work" to drop. I much prefer working abroad (Norway/NZ) but then again I do mainly domestic work in the UK which on the whole, isn't to great. Hope this helps and best of luck!
  10. Thats very interesting and applicable to my situation as me and my partner are looking to buy our first home soon. Definitely worth keeping in mind! Thanks for the info.
  11. Hi, just looking for advice on going limited as opposed to being a sole trader. Obviously there is both pros and cons to both but I'm just wandering if anybody has recently made the transition and has any info on how it affected them and their business. Thanks.
  12. Hi Andy, I'd be interested for more info on this, drop me an email at info@cjmtreecare.co.uk Thanks. Conor.
  13. https://cjmtreecare.co.uk Any pointers would be appreciated! Cheers!
  14. Cheers pal! Appreciate the comment 👍🏻


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