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  1. Contract Climber North West

    Contract climber looking to fill a day or 2 per week. Recently set up on my own and wanting to fill the days in around my own work. Have 5 years experience, CS30,31,38,39. Have access to my own truck and chipper if needed, if not i'm happy to just climb. Have all my own rigging kit, top handles and ground saws upto 661. Will travel 25 miles from Wigan. £150p/d. Here is a video i made from a weeks work i did: Email: info@cjmtreecare.co.uk Thanks.
  2. Finally got a spare few hours to have a go at carving, With little help from youtube i went for an Owl. Here is the result, Carving bar on order! I think i've got the bug ha!
  3. arbtalkers arbtrucks

    My first ever Arb truck has had a wash!
  4. A weeks work in 3 minutes!

    Thanks alot Richard!
  5. A weeks work in 3 minutes!

    Had a week of good removal jobs booked in so decided to get the cameras out and make a video for my website! Awesome week at work!
  6. Lime Crown Thin/Sycamore removal

    This one should work, had to change to soundtrack (which aint as good but eyy well!) Cheers.
  7. Lime Crown Thin/Sycamore removal

    Music copyright arrgghhhh... i'll try to sort it
  8. Lime Crown Thin/Sycamore removal

    Great job yesterday in Wigan. Small crown thin and deadwood removal on a Lime Tree. Also removal of a sycamore. Good tune aswel so enjoy!
  9. Show us your website!

    Southern Treework – North West's Leading Tree Surgery
  10. Travelling to New Zealand

    Thanks alot mate, i'll take a look!
  11. Travelling to New Zealand

    Planning ahead a little i know but... I'm heading to New Zealand in the New year and just starting to piece things together, decided i want to base around in or Queenstown as i'm well into my mountain biking and the riding scene there is huge. Has anybody who has made the trip in the past have any advice for me? Also what is demand like over there for our industry? I have 4 years climbing experience for my dads business and helped him manage it also, (pricing, dealing with customers, maintaining equipment,etc,etc). Decided if i don't do it now why i've no commitments then i'll only regret in the future. Cheers!
  12. Mash up of footage from past month

    Cheers fellas
  13. Gopro edit of removal job

    Had plenty of footage from this job so decided to mash it together with a soundtrack, been climbing nearly 2 years now and loving it. The Customer plans on making a table from the remaining stump hence why leaving it high.


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