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  1. https://www.toolstop.co.uk/dewalt-dcgg571m1-18v-xr-cordless-li-ion-grease-gun-1-x-4ah-battery-p70894
  2. you need to test pressure when it exhibits the fault if you can. But It looks like swopping the pump is the crack.
  3. get the bobcat E10, an auger head and cutter. they on 5 years 0%. Better than any ISA.
  4. that would have been end of for me. Thats how much respect he has for you, do drugs outside your house.
  5. any of the shitistan places will do.
  6. my advice, buy as many mini diggers in the last 5 years of trading as you can, write them off on your books and sell them for cash when you retire.
  7. i think you will be surprised, those domains less than £500 each. Obviously the associated business excluded.
  8. No unfortunately it's rear tip but dropping the chipper is only a few min, putting it back on is a little more tricky but once I fit the camaras this week it should be a lot easier but as long as you have a spotter it wasn't bad doing it last week. Put a hinge on it so you can swing it out alongside the trailer to tip then swing it back after.
  9. that trailer looks incredibly short. I dont think my 3 tonner would fit on it lengthways. My indespension trailer is 10 foot and the arm hangs off the back as there is not enough room to pull it in tight enough at front and not hit towing vehicle when it corners. Not sure on the laws in Oz are you allowed to have 8 foot of digger arm hanging out the back of a trailer ?
  10. that makes sense, the table is couple years old now.
  11. my old table from when i was looking at 3 tonners, the E26 is a good competitor to the kubota albeit with a lot less power.
  12. https://ke.kubota-eu.com/constructionmachinery/products/mini-excavator/kx030-4-mini-excavator-kubota-construction-machinery/ already has 2 lines and dedicated aux pump, sticks have rockers on ready.
  13. that green tracked job looks a disaster waiting to happen. One small rut and that chap suspended 5 foot in the air will be launched.
  14. dont. you will use a chain per hole. we had one on hire to slot a 600mm footing, was blunt as cheese after 20 mins.


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