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  1. dont bother drilling, cover the back with sticks like. will be the strongest part of a wimpy house.
  2. just claim on your insurance and let them sort it out.
  3. just cut out the efficiency losses of the pump and use the windmill to generate electricity directly. You will get more.
  4. Tesla have this feature already built in but not enabled. The biggest cost is the storage itself which the grid would be getting for free in effect, there is already a lot of work being done so expect pilot trials to roll out next 12 months. The tesla powerwall already works but is static, they just need to account for the metering when your car can be connected to many meters throughout the day.
  5. donnk

    New Defender

    same, keeping the current vehicles until the other manufacturers can produce a tesla competitive vehcile. Min 300 miles range (100KW/h battery pack) for under £40k.
  6. Actually it is possible and will be more so, probably legally enforceable in the coming years. As the majority move to electric vehicles in the next 20 years with an average capacity of 80 KW/h (we use 18kw/h day)these will be used at home and work to balance the grid. Think of it as a mobile Tesla powerwall x 16. The house /work will pull from the vehicle when demand is peak and put it back when there is excess. And yes you will always have enough juice to get home as it would only need to sell a small percentage of your total battery to be allocated to the national 'pool'. I've had a Tesla powerwall for 2 years now and since moving to a time of day tariff have never paid more than 4-5p KW/h for electric due to the time shifting of power use. This will be the standard for all of us.
  7. the US government has enough worry about it to start an official study. No way id have it where my family reside and sleep even if it was 1% cancer risk when there is known safe alternatives. Help Wanted: Spray Polyurethane Foam Insulation Research | | Blogs | CDC BLOGS.CDC.GOV CDC - Blogs - NIOSH Science Blog – Help Wanted: Spray Polyurethane Foam Insulation Research -
  8. cancer that stuff, beware.
  9. not just profit, you can pay family members dividends ( cheaper than inc tax), you can borrow money from the company and not pay tax on it for a while, you can bump the company to clear off a debt and resurect it debt free and go again, lots of little fiddles/advantages.
  10. yes get a bean counter on it, no way its more than £1500.
  11. https://www.toolstop.co.uk/dewalt-dcgg571m1-18v-xr-cordless-li-ion-grease-gun-1-x-4ah-battery-p70894
  12. you need to test pressure when it exhibits the fault if you can. But It looks like swopping the pump is the crack.
  13. get the bobcat E10, an auger head and cutter. they on 5 years 0%. Better than any ISA.
  14. that would have been end of for me. Thats how much respect he has for you, do drugs outside your house.


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