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  1. turn it into T&G cladding sell it for thousands. mega shortage of it .
  2. and there you have it. do as i say or everyone will die and 999 will be engaged. witless.
  3. calm down Mr Crapper, have snail sandwich and chill out in La France.
  4. bit OTT with the faux rage there. With such a small infection rate of 3000 in 100 000 its not unreasonable so many people know absolutely no one who a) has had it or b) died from it. It doesn't help that there is zero trust in government figures either as it seems everything is put down as a covid death now, no one dies of old age anymore.
  5. it does look a nice welder but can you honestly see that LCD still working in 10 years time.
  6. donnk

    Log Table.

    **************** no.
  7. donnk

    Log Table.

    log, sanding some glass and a day of joinery. cheap to make and a good profit.
  8. The NHS wouldn't be able to hire enough diversity managers to cover them all.
  9. if anyone has blood on their hands its the NHS and I hope its shut down. The GP's and specialists have abandoned patients with 'routine' illnesses like cancer to die behind all OTT measures. The people wont forget.
  10. how about posh shed, bet these selling like hotcakes thanks to the lockdown. Just a fancy shed at the end of the day. Get jigs knocked up for repeat production and crack on! Camping Glamping Pod Prices | UK & Ireland | Pod Camping Ireland WWW.PODCAMPINGIRELAND.COM Podcamping Ireland offer the opportunity to add that bit of luxury to a camping break by supplying fully fitted out, fully...
  11. plenty of miserable, small uninhabited islands north of the isles that could be put to good use for cheap.
  12. agree, all victimless crimes excluded.
  13. sure, put the scum to hard labour. time added on on if they refuse or don't apply themselves to the extent they can be kept behind bars indefinitely if their attitude and behaviour doesn't change.


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