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  1. donnk

    Large scale illegal forest felling

    you want to keep it as is go buy it.
  2. donnk

    Large scale illegal forest felling

    his land his trees. Can do what he likes. Too many commy scumbags wanting to tell other people what to do with their own stuff.
  3. donnk

    Traditional timber frame

    not knocking 1 offs at all. they are marmite builds for buyers and cost a lot more to do but can look great in the right setting. Worst ones are barn conversions with massive chunks of glass.. look shite as no proportion. You dont have to have small windows, short spans or small rooms with a normal build either. Not sure where you get that idea.
  4. donnk

    Non paying customer

    id be on the doorstep and see what issue is face to face. If no go then then id have the panels on the back of the truck and the posts chainsawed level. If its featheredge chainsaw the lot down. You could allways delay it for a week and spray both sides of the fence with 'NOT BEEN PAID FOR THIS FENCE' thern do the above.
  5. donnk

    Traditional timber frame

    unless you want a visibly 'timber' building for some reason I wouldnt bother with timber frame at all. Waaaaaay cheaper to build a normal brick and block house with none of the hassle. Inside you can beam away if you like. The main advantage of timber frame is 'supposed' rapid construction. Yes the frame goes up and is levelled on packers fast BUT it then sits and waits to be bricked up and roofed. Unless you have all the trades ready to smash it out in 4 weeks tops then you are just throwing money away on a frame no one will see.
  6. donnk

    When is a cubic metre not a cubic metre?

    builders merchants are the same. ton bags of sand or ballest etc are rarely more than 800kg. If you can pull the straps to meet in the middle its not full. you should just be able to bend them over and thats it.
  7. donnk

    Harness use in a cherry picker

    there is a video doing the rounds, one of those genie cherry pickers is being driven with the basket up and it drops abut a foot into a hole. The result being the 2 occupants are ejected out the basket. Fortunately they were wearing a harness and didn't fall and die. They did smash into the side of it though. Made me think twice.
  8. donnk

    Traditional timber frame

    Are you cladding the external walls or bricking it up ?
  9. donnk

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    mine is same as the one in the video 2 sets of aux lines on the dipper
  10. donnk

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    yeah my 030-4 has the same. Kubota are leading the way for sure.
  11. donnk

    Another TPO result for Poole BC

    the property owner should sue the council for the lost value in his home due to the councils dictat that he must keep certain trees on his own land.
  12. donnk

    digital vat

    ah right, yes no need for that. if they come a knockin you have to stump them up, electronic or hard copy whichever and they best match the data feed !!! I went paperless couple years ago and just scan and attach everything in clearbooks. Added bonus I never have to visit the accountant he has his own login ! HMRC has more powers than the rozzers.
  13. donnk

    digital vat

    yes exactly this has every purchase and every sale listed. Thats how the vat is worked out.
  14. donnk

    digital vat

    so your not reclaiming VAT on them then ?
  15. donnk

    digital vat

    they defo get it all from the online bookeeping apps. Same with CIS but with extra step of having to verify subbies so the data feed is correct and no typo's in company names etc.


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