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  1. don't think foreign hols be on until the autumn at the least due to the low vaccinations in the EU. Nothing will be open. Looking at the utter shambles that is the EU vaccination 'plan' thank god we got out of the EU when we did. Much humble pie being eating by the remoaners.
  2. The Paddy. Definition of a Paddy: " A curios device that turns Guinness into piss" cant claim it was told at cheltenham races many moons ago....
  3. As the learned Mr Ricky Gervais said, burn all books everywhere and then come back in 1000 years and science books would be still be the same. Works off fiction, bible, quaran, torah etc etc would be a distant memory. Planet be a much better place for it.
  4. A simple measure of a culture is how its people are treated. If there is no clean running water and a proper sewage system, not just discharge into the nearest river, then its a shithole. And there really isn't any excuse for the local inhabitants its now 2021 not 1721. If the English were in charge that would have been sorted millennia ago along with an education system, set of laws, public infrastructure etc. For the race baters, its nothing to do with skin colour and all to do with culture. The failed cultures, and they are predominantly in Muslim countries maybe that's a coincidence, should be pointed out by mainstream media BBC etc so they can be forced to change.
  5. it all comes down to culture. English culture (pre-Blair) is superior to anything else on he planet. Certainly any of the shit hole African/Pakistan/middle East/Communist Countries. The rule of law and trade, English abolishing and enforcing the abolition of Slavery on the high seas on her own, medicine, science, industrial etc etc At every measure English culture is vastly superior and its a great pity it wasn't enforced more to civilise the affirmationed countries they would be much better off for it now.
  6. People were fed when it was Rhodesia mind. I think he was right, the world was a much better place when over half the globe was pink.
  7. Forest of dean knuckle draggers did same with a Bear.
  8. there is an easy way to stop the public servant stupidity. At present its not possible for their employer, us, to sack one of them. Change this and the problem would be sorted. Would need to be fair so if a taxpayer suffered idiocy from a public servant they could issue notice for their sacking, the sackee would have recourse to a tribunal of 3 tax payers chosen at random (all public servants excluded) to determine their fate. If its a particular egregious case of idiocy then the tribunal could take their pension as well.
  9. almost as if we have all been locked down the last year.
  10. is any of that true ? two sides to every story...
  11. are we all not being a little harsh on the window cleaner with a side line in fencing ? He certainly exists on checkatrade, has a website with a mugshot etc Plenty of feckless out there who wont lift a finger.
  12. add your landscaping to the website for more customers Scottish Cleaning Service WWW.SCOTTISHCLEANINGSERVICE.COM
  13. dont take too much notice of the moaners, go for it. Run as many teams as you can manage. The more you have the more you can make.
  14. if you use the truck or any tools which you reclaimed vat on for your 'non vat' business you will be in a world oh sh1t when HMRC come calling. Worst cast they add 20% vat to all your sales since VAT reg from the non-vat and make you pay it.


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