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  1. ive got a set of original muck loading truck ramps if anyone is looking.
  2. sheds are permitted development
  3. if only it happened...
  4. Small Business Accounting Software & Bookkeeping | Clear Books WWW.CLEARBOOKS.CO.UK Making Tax Digital compatible accounting software for small businesses and accountants in the UK. Take a 30 day free...
  5. normal 6ft fence with a gravelboard etc.
  6. So whats the rates out there at the moment ?
  7. something needs to be done about these scum, if Plod has given up then other measures will be taken. People have had enough
  8. doesnt apply you have been asked to quote, its different.
  9. donnk

    Gap in the market?

    be careful on this, they wont change a vechicles taxation class. I tried this with a converted disco, tried to get it changed to a van (fully converted) and they wouldnt have it no way.
  10. i have dread visions of that flying off the top of the tree and chasing a screaming logger down the hill madly stabbing his remote control until it runs out of hose. On the flip side, could have some fun with BT poles if they dont sort out my internet speed .....
  11. fortunately i dont work for joe public, if I did I'd have a card machine in the van.
  12. how you pay your subbies is upto you. You dont have to stop your subbie CIS as your not a CIS Main Contractor.
  13. who is the main contractor paying you or your subbie ? Whoever they pay gets CIS stopped.
  14. are you crackers? Why are you banking cash ? You may as well ring up HMRC and tell them youve dropped your pants and are ready to be mounted. Grow a pair and take the mrs away on it.
  15. not quite, zero emissions vehicles will way 1% 21/2 and 2% 22/3. No figures past this but its going to go up.


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