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  1. the hose length would be the cooler. tickover on a 2L diesel plenty of horses.
  2. donnk

    The Cooking Thread

    HP as well none of that socialist council house daddy's crap
  3. donnk

    The Cooking Thread

    dont use oil, use water and sugar
  4. they do a diesel one as well, more flow. but, how about forget another engine and run it off PTO from the pickup, just long hoses ?
  5. wouldnt a micro digger be a much better option even if you had to run the head off a beaver pack ? grinder is 1 trick pony and a micro could get all the same places plus its a digger ?
  6. do the math. a genny over mains is madness. work out how much electricity you can buy with the cost of the genny, repairs and fuel. it will be years before it pays for itself if ever. Best bang for your buck is grid connected battery so you can time shift your grid electricity demand to when its very very cheap. Battery supplies the house when its expensive. I do this with a tesla Powerwall, it takes input from my solar (shit in winter) and then fully charges from 1am - 3am for 5p kw/h. We then use this electric in the evening/day when it would cost 25p kw/h. Electric cars will be able to do the same, vehicle to grid. You can put it through the books as well for vat and corp tax if you have home office.
  7. biggest problem is morons breed morons. Generations of scum who offer nothing to society except hassle.
  8. they want us all to be electric which is fair enough but the tech isnt there yet for vans, lorries, diggers etc. Not to mention no method to charge iun the middle of fields etc. If the same rules apply to everyone just put the prices up.
  9. reverse vat can actually help your cashflow as you will get the vat back before the customer has paid. Register for monthly vat returns, submit the return by 3rd and you will have the VAT in the account (or net) by the 11th. CIS, you can register to be paid gross if you have a decent payment record with HMRC
  10. what you are doing is construction though, enabling works. You wouldn't be on that site otherwise.
  11. donnk

    shiplap prices

    swmbo decided our shed needs replacing as its getting a bit tatty, just a bog standard 8x4. Called a couple local firms who make them and was shcocked when they wanted between £975-£1300 delivered not erected! Thought sod that ill make one, called the local sawmill and the tonge and groove shiplap to make an poxy little 8x4 shed is 700 quid alone! Is this blatent profiteering or has timber really gone up by that much ? Thinking of buying a spindle router and making my bloody own.


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