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  1. she is just 3 years old now, the first hi spec in the country. The engcon really does make it a complete machine. Couldnt be without it.
  2. i hope this brings about the end of the failed socialist experiment that is the NHS. Impossible to see a GP, zero accountability to you the customer. Cancer treatments cancelled, zero accountability to you the customer. NHS refusing to operate on a 24x7 basis, normal 37 working week only as its convenient to the highly paid quacks. Zero accountability to you the customer. The NHS is not great. Its a treatment rationing death machine which the users of have zero control of.
  3. and if you want to service the machine yourself here is how to tirn off the spanner light.
  4. the additional pump on the 030-4 hi spec is elctronically controlled, there is a knob on top of the dash to control the flow. You can also program the flow using dash. It may not be enough to run your hedge but I would think its possible to rob the flow going to the tracks electrinically so you get more flow to aux. I can track and use the engcon on mine at the same time no problem. At the end of the day the flow is there you just need to control where it goes. I'll dig out the manual pages as you may not be on max flow for the pair of aux lines, may also need to flip the lever to drain to tank.
  5. id turn this round add £10 or £20 to the price so stacking is factored, then offer a tenner off if they stack themself.
  6. i wouldn't waste another second on it. Pop round later and take a nice steaming dump in the middle of her lawn and call it quits. Facebook is just a wimmins gossip page anyway feck it.
  7. their isnt a tax advantage your giving cash to the finance company as your paying whatever APR they are charging you over the odds of a cash purchase. Why not buy 10 and then you wouldn't pay any tax! Its a good option for cash strapped firms though.
  8. how is everyone finding it ? Whats the prevailing wind like, sun on the horizon or treading water ? Vaccine around the corner is last chance saloon me thinks.
  9. if your not buying or HP then you are paying dear for the vehicle at the end of the day as the the finance company is milking you.
  10. donnk


    Cant apply CIS on materials, would expect a full VAT invoice for any mats charged for so it can be reclaimed. Fiddling the VAT man to save yourself a few quid in tax is not a very wise idea. One phone call from the main contractor and your in a world of trouble.
  11. donnk


    Dont forget most subbies are paying 20% instead of 0% as they cant be trusted to pay their tax in full and on time by the gov.


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