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  1. wish id never sold it all those years ago
  2. personally would have cheered on the beggarly county of jockland just to have a good laugh at the blue faced jocks in a frock.
  3. you have a gift to be able to do that. somethings cant be learnt either you can do them or you cant.
  4. labour are finished. They have no policies that England wants. Pro woke, pro everyone one who hates us, pro dole scroungers etc etc Just need a real conservative party now.
  5. ok ignore most of the nonsense on this tread. Have you made a change of use from residential to another class ? Parking a vehicle or vehicles does not matter one jot. If you were processing timber at home then maybe just maybe they would have an issue. You have zero to worry about apart form cnuts as neighbours.
  6. How do you find the cordless compressor, I keep looking at the metabo one, but not sure how long the batteries would last, and don't know anyone else who has one. Cheers. very pleased with it, done a lot of featheredge with it probably 1000m and as long as you have 2 flexvolt batteries to keep 1 on charge while one is used it will go non stop at max pressure. I first saw them when the underfloor heating guys used one to pressure test the loops, with cables on site really being a no no now they are very handy.
  7. 38mm full head are more than enough for feather edge boards. For gravel boards I use the pas with 63mm
  8. its nails as much as weight that decided it for me. paslode stainless nails box of 1100+gas is £100. coil nails for the air nailer 14000 nails is £262 or £1000 cheaper than using the same amount of pas nails.
  9. it really depends, on fencing where a lot of nails will be used the air nailer at 1/4 the weight and 4x the nail capacity really is much better. you only need to move the compressor every 10m the nailer stays hooked on the belt. I have the dewalt first fix and it lives in the shed. too heavy with the start of arthritus. The pas 360 is just a better machine and lighter.
  10. air nail gun all day. coil of nails not silly strips and you wont have arms like popeye using the horrible electric guns. I use the dewalt 54v cordless compressor and a tacwise coil nailer. Tacwise 2.1 Conical Mini Coil Nailer (22-50mm) DCN50LHH2 MYTOOLKIT.CO.UK Description Mini in size but not in power… The Tacwise 2.1 Conical Mini Coil Nailer is an air-powered tool that drives... the paslode has its place but thats not near fencing.
  11. what can it carry legally ? Can it pull a 3.5 ton trailer ?
  12. no they dont. Australia, USA etc Culture is allways the issue. rule of thumb: Lefty country = shithole Normal = not shithole.


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