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  1. Jack, dont take too much notice of the old wimmin moaning in righteous indignation on here. It's a free world and customers can pay whoever they like. Customers arent slaves that can be 'owned' by anyone. The arbmafia is laughable wouldn't take a lot of notice about the whole masonic network to be pitted against you, handbags at dawn etc
  2. think about it. if its 12m deep then its already 'holding up' 12 cube for every meter wide. a 10 ton machine wont be a problem.
  3. donnk

    Dewalt Blower

    yep unless you use flexvolt. Same battery on the chopsaw, chainsaw, strimmer etc. No way going back to petrol/corded for site work.
  4. donnk

    Dewalt Blower

    no, you would have to use the lower power 18v one. Get the flexvolt and a 6ah flexvolt batt, you can use the batt on your other tools.
  5. donnk

    Dewalt Blower

    its the flexvolt one DCM 572, more powerfull than mains. Outdoor Range | DEWALT WWW.DEWALT.CO.UK
  6. Location: Burnham lol bit closer than the Landanerz. /spit
  7. it may be worth contacting your water board as all shared drains were adopted by them and they fix/clear them for free. Not sure about storm only but worth a phone call.
  8. anything ORIGINALLY SOLD with seats in the back is on sticky ground. Disco's were sold specifically without, they even welded the seat bolts over. It also benfits from being a dual use vehicle even if it is over the weight specificed to be one in law which any other van is not.
  9. thats why its got plates and a steering wheel! put the hilux on the trailer!
  10. have a look at clearbooks. it does the vat online, you can take card payments from customers into it etc and its cheap.


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