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  1. work out which is cheaper/less hassle , one of the silent suitcase honda gennies or enough batteries to keep you going all day.
  2. yep. cash in the bank is hurt far more than a tangable asset like property (not all though), gold, antique etc etc Not all grim though some very good opportunities come up during a recession, foot and mouth a few years ago for example, smallholdings were going for a song as they went bump one after the other...
  3. it will be interesting come winter when the gas and leccy bills start landing.
  4. money supply/printing for sure. But the covid panic/overreaction closing down the economy has ****************ed things up worse. Everything gets going again and demand far exceeds supply so those selling jack the prices through the roof. Just look at timber, plant, cars etc etc A lot of blatent profiteering going on in the construction materials market without and real justification. Then there's that socialist cnut Putin, gas is the straw that broke the camels back. Jacking interest rates to pull cash out the system will have people on the streets. I remember the days of 15% rates. People these days are upto their eyeballs already, mortage, car on lease, turkey teeth, etc etc no way they have another 50% spare disposable income. Worst case is a big correction in houseprices, that will sink the economy.
  5. dropped from 42 to 35 the last hour, finally!
  6. normally highways but it really depends on the road classification some times.
  7. thats some rough fencing, their string line needs calibrating.
  8. what is the best setup without wires ? Any particular app used to do the comms ? Really need a couple sets and the prices go from 100 - 800! max protection and headstrap mounted. thanks!
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VNKvtA9AkjI&ab_channel=NoguSveló!
  10. free alongwith travel cover with nationwide plus account.
  11. The final Cut their best album imho
  12. dont forget to leave room for a ridgeboard - probably wont need a packer under the birdsmouth then, 4x3 is much better wallplate make sure you strap it down. check the wall plates are parallel, be a hard cut roof otherwise.


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