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  1. I've got the husky 540i, yes it was pricey but i got a good deal and got blower/combi/hedgecutter too. I havent used it hedging yet but well impressed, cut sawlogs for mill well over guide bar and it ripped. I think the the narrow kerf helped (chain is a bit more meaty than the stilh i used) I still think I'll use petrol saw on big stuff but 4" under i think it will be a winner. i especially like the fact you don't need to leave it ticking over or stop/starting when doing other things. Will save a fortune on (aspen) fuel too. Just need inverter in the van so i can charge on the way home
  2. I've used an arb trolley before, can slind slabs off log and keep in horizontal plane on trolley if that makes sense (or i can come down with my Avant and labour for a day 😉)
  3. Yes I looked at the water bottle and barrels I use for water on the Lucas Mill and looked pretty green/unhealthy last supper. I chuck a milton tablet in now and then to give it a clean
  4. kav

    Reed cutting

    Yeah ive stuck an avant before. At the moment the edge seems pretty solid
  5. Its this it and has integrated earmuffs but it comes in at nearly a grand!! I know there is no price on health but its strong money. the axeminster rep said it is loads better than the normal powercap but id like to hear opinions of someone who used one
  6. I’ve purbuckled (i think thats the right term) some decent lumps up ifor ramps using truck winch or petrol capstan. The capstan is nice as uses rope
  7. Has anyone used one of these? i need something for milling. I have the normal powercap but find with earmuffs the motor vibrates and drives me nuts!! i know these are mega bucks but id rather invest in something decent WWW.JSPSAFETY.COM Categories Hard hats, Safety Helmets, Bumps Caps, Disposable Masks, Full Face Masks, Ear Defenders, Safety Glasses...
  8. Hi i can cut you some doug fir and could drop it off. Fire me a message with what you need and i can work something out 07703172775
  9. kav

    Reed cutting

    We have been asked to cut some reeds. Some of the smaller stuff can be flailed and some needs brushcutting due to access but there is a fair wack they would like cut and raked up. Does anyone have any experience of using a cutterbar mower for this? it's pretty thick stuff but figured if we take things steady it might be worth a go?
  10. kav

    Fair prices

    Do they have western red cedar sawlog for sale too?
  11. would a circular saw be any better for cutting? this is pure speculation as i have not experience of tropical hard woods
  12. kav

    Auto extracab pickup?

    Yeah in sure there is a market for an auto 'work' pickup. I dont need leather dash board, chrome mirrors or matching carpet just a decent pull and bit of comfort
  13. kav

    Auto extracab pickup?

    yes seems to be the case


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