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  1. I’ll rephrase that. We have milled Sequoia, not that exact tree 😉😂
  2. We have milled it. It was used for cladding on a school building next to where the tree stood
  3. Sorry I completely missed this! If you need a hand next season I am Oxford based and happy to quote
  4. I could spend some money there!!
  5. kav

    First clients...

    I think you just have to go with what you think is a fair day rate that you are both happy with, its definitely all a learning curve and I'm never sure if we are too cheap or too expensive!! I'd love to be milling in Sweden!!!!
  6. Im oxford/bucks border. Yeah vertical cuts ok if we go steady. Def need to keep blade sharp too
  7. I've got a 10/30 and it just fits in my lwb transporter with rails on the roof but its tight. I used to have it in trailer but I hated seeing it bounce about on potholed roads. Plus I can carry mill and tow avant now!
  8. I have the 10 with slabbing attachment but I'd like to know how much better the dedicated slabber is. They are strong money for sure
  9. Yeah I've done a few like that. End up clearing loads of nice straight stuff thats off line just to get to ropey hedge in the middle!!
  10. kav

    Moldy cladding

    Hi I cut some waney cladding for a friend from some douglas. It had been down about 6 months before I cut it. He put it up a couple of days after cutting but is now saying it's going mouldy with black spots. It's just on the sap wood. Any thoughts on cause (I know its been wet) or what we can do do to remedy it. I'll try and get him to get a pic. Cheers
  11. I'm using it at the moment, nice and straight, and consistent size. Maybe doesn't go in as tight as hazel. Then again I'm never happy with my binding
  12. I've seen a logosol one in action (not sure which model) I don't know much about them but looked good. They did have some demos over here, might be worth an ask
  13. Sometime hold on better run into the ground if they are bit old/brittle


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