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  1. Time Left: 6 days and 10 hours

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    12’ ifor williams with crane. Will take 3m log and decent lift. One powered boom out and manual extension and hook on timber tongs, New spare wheel and keys for hitch price plus vat



  2. kav

    Today's milling

    Yeah i was well chuffed, she is building her portfolio and wants to do as much varied stuff as possible. Had a great day milling and by the time i had dinner the video arrived👍
  3. kav

    Today's milling

    A friend of mine came to site Saturday and made the cool video for me!!https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1qHB9e7rccaer0u0WeBHKUYFOE41sByvv?usp=sharing
  4. kav

    Saw milling directory

    Yep all done👍
  5. kav

    Saw milling directory

    Great work Steve. Made a start but got shat on by paypal (I do hate Paypal with a passion 😂) Off milling so will get on it this eve
  6. kav


    That's a lot of cladding we did a crane take down the milled it for the school to use on their buildings. Probally travelled about 200meters
  7. kav

    Looking for used Lucas sawmill

    Spot on thanks
  8. kav

    Today's milling

    Milled some crazy ash today. Some was a bit tensiony but lovely looking wood
  9. did a quick google and found this https://www.treemans-jacks.co.uk/about
  10. kav

    Looking for used Lucas sawmill

    Sorry slight derail, please could you share or pm details of electric winch- I have slabber and looking at options for manual/powered winch
  11. Does a bottle jack need a pivoting top plate? I was told they can fire out otherwise? Not used one-just relaying what I was told
  12. kav

    Centrewire gates

    Thanks but they need to be pedestrian rather than bridle gates as the latches are different! I think Centrewire are made by IAE? It's a shame about the delivery times as the products are good!
  13. kav

    Today's milling

    Nice, tidy bearers too
  14. kav

    Centrewire gates

    I have a job putting in some Centrewire pedestrian gates. Centrewire have given me a delivery date of mid July! (ordered end march!) Just wondering if anyone has any 'in stock' I could borrow/replace or buy. Need up to 4 1.2m marlow and one r/h 1.2m Marlow Cheers Kav
  15. kav

    Saw milling directory

    Cool just let me know email and i’ll fire over anything decent cheers


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