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  1. FJMatt

    Fastest splitter costing over Β£ 1500

    Yes cv16 Pto so it doesn't matter what tractor oil flow There's another video on the manufacturer Web site, with a built-on winch
  2. FJMatt

    Fastest splitter costing over Β£ 1500

    I've a ryetec 16t pto splitter Twin speed, with table it's fast, YouTube it There's one identical on EBay at the moment on Ryetec's own page
  3. FJMatt

    Sharpening jigs

    πŸ‘ πŸ‘ πŸ‘ πŸ‘
  4. FJMatt

    What to do with all the sawdust ?

    Dairy farms, use it for cubicles
  5. FJMatt

    eBay scam?

    Spot on Well done πŸ‘
  6. FJMatt

    eBay scam?

    He's just replied to a question on eBay, Get a mate to message him about his other items and get an address Must be a genuine eBay account (not hacked)
  7. FJMatt

    eBay scam?

    πŸ‘ πŸ‘ πŸ‘ πŸ‘
  8. FJMatt

    eBay scam?

    Google his mobile number There some pile of gear been advertised
  9. FJMatt

    eBay scam?

    Yeah he's a trials bike to sell as well I think he will be genuine, maybe just having one of those weeks, If he's bu****ring you about, buy the one he has listed now tell eBay you've paid private and then open a case against him, that will get his attention
  10. FJMatt

    eBay scam?

    Just had a look at his page, doesn't look dodgy, Did you complete transaction through eBay, even if you didn't pay by PayPal
  11. FJMatt

    eBay scam?

    When you first made contact was it through eBay messages or from a mobile phone number on the listing
  12. Where abouts in south West Scotland (roughly) I've been buying from Dumfries just lately, could be interested depending on location, if you've any to sell
  13. FJMatt

    Ready to Burn from HETAS

    All assurance scheme's are a racket, Usually run by "has beens" that can't make job pay themselves
  14. FJMatt

    Esco kindling machine - wanted

  15. FJMatt

    Esco kindling machine - wanted

    That's a stick bundler One on eBay a week or to ago There's a foot operated one as well


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