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  1. Esco kindling machine - wanted

  2. Esco kindling machine - wanted

    That's a stick bundler One on eBay a week or to ago There's a foot operated one as well
  3. Esco kindling machine - wanted

    It's an ESCO, Ernest Simpson company, Bradford. Was once told they were made in the train yards, kindling for steam trains. I've got one, but not for sale They pop up on eBay from time to time, There's one or two different variations and makes 👍
  4. Northern Arb ordering

    Thanks for replys 👍 This is for a firewood processor, For the price there definitely worth a try
  5. Northern Arb ordering

    Not sure if I'm missing something here or what's going on But where is the option for 325, or 3/8 Driving me mad
  6. kiln dryer

    I understand exactly where your coming from, I installed a container type dryer 4yrs ago when I reached a certain production point but that was linked to RHi, which makes a difference If your minds made up about the kiln route then there's plenty members on here who will give you advice
  7. kiln dryer

    Save your money and put a pole shed up, three open sides, maybe some of those mesh fencing panels plenty of draft Start filling it now and by back end you'll be ready to go
  8. Split Dilemma

    Oooooohh 2hrs And look at the feeling of well being (that might be the pain killers) Looking forward to option two 👍
  9. Split Dilemma

    My bets on the first option
  10. My first chainsaw...

    First saw I ever used was a Husqvarna 45 used it until it fell apart, Then bought a 2nd hand 254xp out of local paper, still in use today
  11. The science behind forced log drying

    How big is your shed
  12. Tractor charging system

    Has your 7600 got an external regulator fitted under the bonnet, behind the battery in front of the diesel tank, As the alternator in the picture has a built in regulator, which was fitted to later models 10 series This is the type fitted to my old ford's
  13. Info Card For Customers To Stop Issues

    Who we talking to here
  14. Info Card For Customers To Stop Issues

    I had an issue with one of my customers a few years ago, were he complained of logs going mouldy in the nets, After a few questions to try to get to the bottom of it, it turned out he had started to store them in a damp redundant farm shop which was near enough air tight with no form of heating or ventilation, Asked him to store the logs outside in one of the sheds, never been a problem since
  15. Info Card For Customers To Stop Issues

    Just an observation, but the log merchant who brings unseasoned or wet firewood is unlikely to have an info card


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