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  1. Well of course, but renewing your boots, trousers etc multiple times a year can be a sting
  2. I heard on the grapevine today that in recent time legislation around PPE and sub contractors has changed. As in if a sub contractor works mon-fri for a company, that said company has the duty to supply the subbie with PPE. Does anyone know anymore about this? Thanks
  3. great stuff thanks for that
  4. Apologies for confusing the two, I cant believe there's not a thread on him alone I am utterly bewildered.
  5. Wondering if anyone runs a BLi30 battery in there T540ixp battery topper? Hows the weight is it balanced? Also wondering if anyone has ran both batteries (BLi30 and BLi200) on 200iHT4 hedge trimmers? Also is the extra power battery balanced? cheers
  6. I have been listening to this podcast lately. I do really find a lot of what the people he interviews have to say interesting but oh my days what a gob shite this scouse lad is. Am I right in thinking this podcast was started off the back of his company failing because he’s an absolute plonker. And now he is bitter and still a clueless plonker? Never heard so much bollocks
  7. best service for couriering chainsaws?
  8. Suffering with an elbow problem for a while. I’ve had tennis elbow on and off over the years but about six months ago I really give my elbow a good knock where I thought I’d broken/chipped a bone. X ray came back with no breaks but I’m suffering with lots of pain. May arm goes into a locked position. Anyways wondering peoples good or bad experiences of getting cortisone injections? Much appreciation
  10. Looking for advice on the best small chippers, something small enough me and the lads could lift into an awkward garden area. Any advice/experience with them would be helpful. regards
  11. I am looking for a company/companies to work for/with. Employment/contracting. Thanks for the response.
  12. Hi, what companies are out there in the North East ( North Yorkshire, County Durham, Northumberland and surrounding areas ) that are undertaking quality arb work. ( i.e not utility work and not conifer bashing ). Who is doing climbing work for forestry England, national trust, private estate work etc Who is taking on big tree jobs? Who is using machinery to make jobs more efficient and paying good wages for hard working skilled staff? Who is being progressive, passionate and modern with techniques and equipment? Just wanting to know who and what is out there. Thanks
  13. anyone had any more success with this set up dont want to give in to the chicane
  14. Is treeworker the shop a walk in place or online only? And if it is walk in is it open? thanks
  15. Hi whos using the latest battery top handle husky? What does to compare like to the last one? And lastly whos selling them with the charger and battery at a competitive price? Thankyou


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