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  1. Some great ideas to consider that I hadn't thought of. Thanks for the advise everyone, i really appreciate it🙏 We have done some searches on the local councils website and the property isn't in a conservation area, and there are no listed TPOs on any of the trees. However, there are applications for work to certain trees (not the silver maples) dated back around 20 years ago... why would there be applications if there are no listed TPO trees, and the property isn't in a conservation area? I guess my concern is, considering the potential scale of the work to be done to the Silver Maples, and the number of them, would it still be best to seek permission/ notify the local council? or as they are a group of trees, would they fall under protection from the Forestry Commission and require a felling license (If we were to remove any).
  2. Thanks for the replies and advice. The trees are outside the front of his house, it’s a big estate that he moved in to around a year ago which has been neglected. I’ve attached some photos below, think there are 40 in total and some have died. Would it be possible to plant a different species in between them, and then removed the maples once the other trees have grown?
  3. Hi I've recently been approached by someone with a large avenue of mature silver maple trees that he's looking to have pollard. I don't have much experience working with Silver Maples, could anyone offer any on how they would respond to a pollard?
  4. Home WWW.PROCLIMBERARBLTD.CO.UK Pro climber training are a great option. They are who I trained with and can't recommend them enough. They provide a 6 week fast track course where you will do all your ground/aerial assessments and training back to back (Including first aid, MEWP, Stump grinder & Chipper). You will also get 40 hours in class theory about tree law, pruning, biology etc. I know they are nowhere near Devon, but they provide accommodation and food for the whole 6 weeks included in the package price. We had people from all over the UK and a guy from France staying when I did my training.
  5. Hi I'm looking for some help/advise regarding a large amount of dead sycamore trees in my landlords woodlands. I've attached some photos below, it looks to me like sooty bark disease? Just wanted to confirm if this is sooty bark disease, as we are due to be removing all these dead trees and processing them for firewood. Hopefully someone can offer some advice. Thanks!
  6. Hi I recently purchased a Edelrid TreeRex harness, and I'm looking for some ideas/inspiration from others on how to best set it up and utilise it's features. Overall I like the design of the treerex and love how light it is. However, there are a few issues that I have found. First of all the little first aid bag seems a little small? I like to have a tourniquet and israeli bandage in mine, but I can't see any way you could make both of them fit in the little kit they provide? Secondly I can't see how the adjustable rope bridge can be of any use, as soon as i move from side to side the ring triggers the knot causing it to release? Last of all, there's many little gear loops located on the back of the harness that Edelrid say are rated to 10kg. I would like to use these somehow to store gear etc but they are tiny... does anyone have any ideas on how to best utilise them?
  7. Yeah its a lovely little compact device, really impressed with it. Yes thats the TM Bridge. The gyro would not pass over the stitched eye bridge on my petzl sequoia unfortunately... do you know if the gyro will fit on the new TM evo stitched eye bridge?
  8. Hello I recently purchased a Camp Gyro for my Petzl Sequoia harness, unfortunately it wouldn't fit on to the stitched rope bridge so I came up with this using the treemotion rope bridge, attached with a double fisherman's on to the rings. I just wondered on what peoples thoughts and opinions on this set up are? And whether its safe? Always used stitched rope bridges in the past... Thanks
  9. Hi Does anyone have any recommendations for tough, quality builders bags? Preferably with a double lined bottom? Will be used for putting green waste in and dragging through gardens and across concrete so needs to be fairly durable. Cheers
  10. Thanks for the advice guys, really appreciate it ?
  11. Thanks for the replies. I suppose my only concern now is will it get any worse? If not do you think it will recover from the damage done so far?
  12. Thanks for the reply. I'll attatch a before and after photo below. We were convinced that we didnt take too much off...
  13. Hi all, Looking for a bit of advice from someone a bit more knowledgeable and experienced than myself. The weekend before last we reduced a row of leylandii that hadn't been trimmed for about 4 years, we reduced the top back to where it had been done before (by approximately 5ft) and then trimmed the sides with a hedge trimmer. The customers were very happy with the results and the fact we hadn't reduced it too hard or butchered it. Fast forward to now (8 days later) we received a call to say a lot of brown patches had developed, so we went out to have a look, take some photos and try figure out what had caused them. We've been scratching our heads trying to work out what could have caused this and the only thing we have come up with so far is the very hot, dry and sunny weather we had the week following us reducing it, and we thing it could have been sun scorched? I'll attach some photos below (the first two being just after we had finished and the last 3 a week later), we would really appreciate some advice if anyone has any...


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