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  1. It is a safety issue. I have slipped on the pathway and also a delivery driver slipped a few weeks ago.
  2. There's plenty of trees in the street and a woods a few yards away, so the wildlife cannot complain. All the other trees in the other properties are sensible small sized trees. I believe the H.A planted the trees when the houses were first built and there was possibly a mix up with the type of Acer used on my property? How often do trees have to be pruned or pollard to keep them in order? annually, biannually or longer?
  3. Tried that option and offered to plant a more suitable small native type tree. Unfortunately they said no, no reason given.
  4. Living in the middle of nowhere, yes I do agree with you. Living in a rural area is very different, the leaves are everywhere staining the pathways, entering into the house, blocking the car vents and gutters/ downpipes. pathways slippery, front pavement cracking, neighbours complaining about the mess in the street. It is a lot of work to keep on top of the problem especially when you are elderly and disabled.
  5. Bit of an update. The landlord has agreed to get the tree pruned he also mentioned pollarding. Not sure if this will cure the problem? Any comments if pollarding will help to resolve the problem? How often does pollarding have to be carried out to keep the tree under control? This is the daily mess that I have had to put up with for several weeks this autumn, luckily most of the leaves have now gone
  6. I had the gas board to do an inspection a few days ago to check if there could be any issues with the main gas pipe coming into the property. After the check it was identified that the tree was 1.3 metres away from the gas mains. The gas inspector was not sure if this was a problem without digging up the garden.
  7. I am not 100% if this tree is a sycamore. When the housing association called last year they said it was an Acer tree. Few pics which may help with the true identification?
  8. I have a "monster" tree in my front garden which I believe is a Sycamore/Acer type tree? The mess this tree is making is incredible and some of my neighbours are complaining about the mess the tree is making on the street. The problem is the property is owned by a local housing association. I have tried several times to see if the tree can be removed or even cut back, unfortunately the housing association is refusing to do either, probably due to the cost of subcontracting the work out. My question is it reasonable to request for this tree to be cut back? and if so does this type of work have to be carried out on a regular basis i.e. how many years? Thanks
  9. Thanks for the great advice. Yes, the problem turned out to be the chain not located correctly onto the sprocket. The sprocket looks ok with little wear on the teeth. However, there does appear to be a lot of play in the clutch and sprocket (see video) is it normal to have this amount of play? MVI_3899.mp4
  10. Update: Reassembled the brake cover, and it was because of inefficient pressure being applied to the brake handle, still seems to be on the stiff side? When the brake is in the disengaged mode (brake off) the chain will not fully rotate on the bar, is this how it should be? 20221001134100.mp4
  11. Thanks for the video, that is one dirty cover so it's a job to see what's going on. Not being a chainsaw expert perhaps I am giving the wrong information? The default position on the handle is when the band is at it's smallest, when the handle is pulled the band opens up (which I presumed is the brake is then off) when the handle is released it springs back into the compressed band position. I thought that the chain brake should release and stay released once the brake handle is operated and becomes engaged again if there is a kick back? Any idea if these covers are serviceable, doubt if new ones are available nowadays.
  12. I have been given an old Jonsered 525 chainsaw, which I now have managed to get running again. However, there appears to be a problem with the chain brake and appears to be stuck on. I have taken the brake cover off and the default position is with the brake on. Checking online this brake cover seems to be different from the standard chainsaws and there is no option to release a stuck brake. Anyone with experience with Jonsered chainsaws and can offer advice on how to release the brake? Thanks MVI_3880.mp4


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