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  1. Simon

    chipper blades

    Hi, We're currently redesigning the lazer etching on our blades and wondered if we could get your feedback. Our blades are made out of Uddeholm Steel and wondered that actually meant anything to you? Do you know their steel is the best in the World? Should we just put "Made from the World's best steel" or nothing at all. Thanks for you thoughts. Cheers
  2. Timberwolf recommend a hollow ground bevel because it acts more like a planer than a chopper, this is kinder to the blades but does weaken the knife edge. Becareful though, the angle still requires to be set at 42 degree for the 35/150 and 41.5 degree for the 190 with a slight radius.
  3. If you going to re sharpen your own blades with a hand grinder here are some good points to follow . Try not to over heat the cutting edge, this will anneal the blades hardness and cause it to dull of quicker . stick to the recommended angle specified in your hand books, a couple of degrees either way might not sound much but it has a big effect on your bearings, blades and economy ( Hence the chipper will run like a bear with a twisted ankle) . I’ve seen hundreds of blades that have been hand ground and the biggest problem is- the bevel edge is not straight in fact it’s more like a radius only the wrong way. It may appear quicker and cheaper to just take the cutting edge sharp but if the rest of the blade doesn't follow suit then be warned it will cost you eventually Dont have nightmares i am always a shout away if you need blade advise. Simon


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