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  1. AHPP

    Petzl sequoia 2019 bridge

    Torx (star)? Use some kind of thread lock glue when you put it back together. I was up a tree when I discovered I’d lost a screw from one of mine.
  2. Can someone recommend a good firm in/near Horsham to hire either a towed 5" Timberwolf or one of the larger wee chippers like a Jo Beau please. It'll be a weekend. Thanks in advance.
  3. I swear around anyone; kids, clients, nobility, whatever. I'm posh so it's endearing.
  4. AHPP

    Staff woes

    My mate Neil is a deceptively capable cyclist. He has pedal clips (largely hidden) in the bottom of a pair of sandals. He goes for a ride at weekends on his touring bike, wearing the sandals and a floppy hat and generally looking quite relaxed. Weekend warriors in lycra on £3000 carbon bikes are drawn in like moths to a flame and push past him, at which point he calmly steps on it, keeps them on the hook until they're half dead and then pulls away up a hill to find a pub. I do the opposite. Any time I do a fell race, I wear a collared shirt. People think I'm some hard as fuck farmer's son who's used to the route but doing it with a sheep on one shoulder and a roll of fence wire on the other. As it happens, I'm desperately unfit.
  5. AHPP

    A few sticks of Euc

    That's one of the advantages of swingmills too. I'm surprised you're not interested. Unless it's waney edged slabs you want, you still need to cut twice apart from you have to move the wood for the resaw with a bandmill too. I assumed you'd be wanting to cut beams for landscaping?
  6. AHPP

    A few sticks of Euc

    A swing mill is surely the obvious solution. A man of your mechanical calibre must be aware of the options?
  7. AHPP

    Sustainable clothing

    I have good clothes and look pretty normal. Almost all charity shops or hand-me-downs. I buy new when I need to and look after it. Stuff that really is too worn out to mend (keeps my mother busy) gets reused into rags, then firestarters etc. In my ideal vision of the world, people would do as I do until there are significantly fewer excessive consumers to bottom feed from and then the market would adjust to selling stuff that's built to last. Unlikely though. Most people are wasteful. An often overlooked environmental cost of buying new everything is taxes. Corp, income, NI, fuel duties, import duties, road fund, insurance premium etc etc all get generated before the dreaded VAT at the point you buy your new polo shirt. The government then uses that money to engage in some of the most environmentally destructive practices available, war mainly but also stuff like building pointless new railways. A lot of stuff that's touted as eco friendly isn't. Like plastic vs paper bags. Plastic is an excellent material. Strong, lasts well etc. The problem is not reusing it. Paper uses more resources (energy and water) than plastic for how long you can use it before it falls apart but it's brown and gets advertised with a tree on it so people think it's better. Even cotton bags need to be used something like 300 times before they make sense over a plastic bag. It wouldn't surprise me at all to discover bamboo and hemp isn't as good as it sounds for making shirts. Rambling but hopefully I've made at least a bit of a point.
  8. AHPP

    A few sticks of Euc

    How does it last in the ground? Could be of some use for fence posts or maybe even 4x8 kerbs to keep gravel in a track or similar. I hope it’s not more trouble than it’s worth. That probably depends on whether Bob has a Lucas sat in a container somewhere.
  9. AHPP

    Sustainable clothing

    You know what’s even more environmentally friendly than buying bamboo or hemp polo shirts? Not buying bamboo or hemp polo shirts.
  10. AHPP

    Self releasing after lowering

    Also consider cut and chuck. You can still sling the pieces to get a good swing and release on them. Short lengths of rope with knotted tails are easier to release than getting a loop tape sling stuck on your hand.
  11. AHPP

    Self releasing after lowering

    Shit drawing and obviously stupid rigging/lowering points etc but you get the idea.
  12. AHPP

    Self releasing after lowering

    Sling the branch (biner on the sling), U or V lower, pull a clean end through the biner.
  13. AHPP

    A few sticks of Euc

    You'd think it would be good for big structural beams. Does it warp less when left bigger, like 12x12 sort of size?
  14. AHPP

    Staff woes

    Same as all the other tribes, Marlboro cigarettes and Stihl chainsaws as soon as the cameras are off.
  15. AHPP

    What would you charge?

    The people who make the laws in the UK are fucking cunts and have forced internet service providers to operate an opt in system for certain themes of things the internet is popular for. I should probably buy shares in VPN providers today because a lot of people will be buying their services on the 16th. Appositely, since I write this from the site of a closed coal mine in County Durham, the tories are to blame.


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