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  1. App not updating / not available

    No, iPad mini...
  2. Husky 235 won't start

    Took it into DC Burgoynes and they had it sorted in a few hours - cleaned the carb and fitted a new plug. Out of curiosity / for future reference, has anyone any experience of using carb cleaner on 2 stroke engines?
  3. App not updating / not available

    Anyone else having problems with the Arbtalk app? Mine stopped updating topics a few weeks ago; I have just uninstalled and reinstalled to see if it was some kind of hiccup; now when I try to sign into the app it says the forum isn't available??
  4. Husky 235 won't start

    I mainly use a saw for domestic logging so have got a Husky 235 for this purpose. It is about 6 years old but hasn't done a huge amount of work. Most recently, it has been stored - empty of fuel - for about the last nine months in my garage. Earlier this week, I bought some fresh petrol, mixed up 50:1 with Stihl 2-stroke oil, fuelled the saw, primed the carb and it fired on the second pull of the cord. It bogged down a bit during cuts and on a couple of occasions died after the end of a cut, but always restarted straight away. I was therefore thinking it needed tuning. Anyway, the next evening I got the saw out to do a bit more logging, tried to start it but it was having none of it. There is fuel getting to the cylinder, but when I took the plug out, earthed it on the cooling fins on the engine and pulled the cord, I couldn't see any spark - even in near darkness. I'm guessing that's the problem but wondered if anyone had any bright ideas?
  5. Rules on towing

    Second number slot on the chassis plate is blank so I assume that means it is not homologated for towing.
  6. Rules on towing

    Can anyone help me out with a query? I have recently had, as a works vehicle, a Kia Niro (petrol electric hybrid). When the car was launched, they said a towing option (for up to 1300kg towing) would be coming at the end of last year, but have since change their mind and are not going to offer this as an option for the UK. The company website towing capacity is nil, which was backed up when I spoke to Kia UK before ordering. However, now I've had the car delivered, I read the manual and it says (for European spec vehicles) that you can tow up to 600kg unbraked or 1000kg braked. I'm therefore curious as to which should take precedence. Can I reasonably rely on the handbook, get a towbar fitted and not invalidate the warranty / be in trouble with VOSA if I was to get pulled?
  7. Free builder's bags

    If anyone wants them, I have got six empty builder's bags left from some work we've been doing. You know, the ones that hold about 850kg of sand or gravel, or about 300kg of loose thrown logs, which apparently is known as a "tonne"... 😚 Collection only from Hatton Station, just west of Warwick. Completely free but if you happened to have some arisings to drop off in return, that'd be even better!
  8. Advice on Euro road trip

    Google Venice Verte as well, that's a region of drained marshland with loads of drainage canals which are navigable by boat plus some nice (not very strenuous) cycling. Same area of France.
  9. Advice on Euro road trip

    We went to the west coast (Vendee, between Brittany and La Rochelle) a few years back, but later in the year - October half term I think. Lots of beaches and resorts, the Ile de Re was very pretty but I would imagine would be absolutely heaving during summer. We got the ferry to and from Le Havre and from there it was about 4 or 5 hours as I recollect. There are a couple of different routes, one of which saved about £30 in tolls for the sake of doing an extra ten miles or so, all still on dual carriageway.
  10. Advice on Euro road trip

    I have done Cannes to Calais in about 10 hours, once when I was young, single and daft. Wouldn't want to do that with family in the car though. Off to the French Alps this summer which we will do from Dover as a single day's travel and I think will be a bit of a killer.
  11. Advice on Euro road trip

    Here you go Steve... https://www.hochschwarzwald.de/Card It looks like the card is "free" although I suspect you would have to pay the tourist tax! The list of attractions might have change but if it's anything like it was three years ago, it still made for a good holiday. Plus which, a case of 20 x 500ml bottles of pils supermarket can be had for about six quid, if you are happy to drink non-mainstream brands (which was what my German colleague recommended).
  12. Advice on Euro road trip

    Steve, we did the Black Forest a couple of years ago and I would highly recommend it for a few days. We stayed in a place called Todtnau, which is about 20 miles south of Freiburg if I remember correctly. There are camping grounds etc and it is not too far from the border into France and Switzerland (Basle, nice city, has a zoo, bloody expensive though!). In Todtnau area itself there is great scenery but brilliant thing (in my opinion) is a gravity rollercoaster, which descends about 500m in altitude down the mountainside. There are a couple of Freibads (open air swimming pools) and a smallish theme park, barefoot walk etc. If you want an idea of the scenery, think along the lines of "Where Eagles Dare", albeit without the spectacular mountaintop Schloss. If funds are not brilliant and you want a holiday with plenty to do, I'd recommend it - when we we we stayed in an apartment owned by an old German Doris who must have been about 90 if she was a day. Anyway, when we got there she made us fill in these little cardboard forms and pay the 'tourist tax' which I cynically thought was a bit of a get on, about €2.30 per adult per night I think it was - so something like €26 for us for six nights. Turns out included in the tourist tax is all public transport all the time you are there (which included the train into Basle), entrance to the open air swimming pool, entrance to the theme park, once up the ski lift and back down on the gravity coaster and a range of other stuff that we didn't have time to do before we moved on to our next accommodation in Munich. Will see if I can find a link to the tourist card now for latest prices and what is included...
  13. Frozen turkey versus sawbench

    Come to think of it, we were a bit bemused why we started out with a whole frozen salmon but ended up with swordfish... (Sword fish = sawed fish, geddit??!)
  14. Frozen turkey versus sawbench

    Done this in the past with frozen whole salmon to cut it up into steaks. Can't see why a frozen turkey on a circular saw. would be a problem, other than the need to remove the guards?
  15. Stolen from Midlands

    f@&!?rs! Hope you manage to get sorted soon; lots of shed and garage thefts being reported around my patch at the moment too (just west of Warwick).


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