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  1. Erbauer Sabre Saw; I think mine was about £40 from Screwfix with a carry bag and a few different blades. Handy for lopping up pallets for firewood, recently used mine to also cut spiked ends onto 40mm x 5mm angle iron which it did with no fuss and a lot less sparks / din than a grinder would have made.
  2. The problem is that the customer claims the costs of the work against incomes for the rental property - so saves on paying tax on the net profits from the rental property. It is tax evasion and by taking part as a supplier is knowingly helping them commit an illegal act.
  3. To be fair, in the past I have paid for softwood arisings then dawn and split them myself. However, the wood I bought was all much more manageable (biggest diameter about 12”, most of it more like 6-8”), cut into lengths that were liftable by hand on my own. And critically, three piled-high MPV loads, which did us a winter’s worth of logs for our stove, for £23. The lot I posted the link to above will, I expect, come down in price as reality bites. There seem to be a few homeowners around here advertising wood for free at the moment; maybe the effect of more garden projects being done and recycling centres having been shut?
  4. £120 for some pine “logs” that will need a good sized saw to ring up, plenty of splitting and probably a few months to season too! https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/366177541005155/
  5. I’ve got the X27, a cheap maul (Chinese car boot stall job) and some wedges. TBH I’ve got to the stage that if I can’t spilt it with the X27, I give up and noodle it with the saw, or leave the bigger knotty pieces for burning in the garden chiminea rather than the stove. Lots of using the maul or wedges with 14lb sledge knackers my shoulders, whereas I don’t get that with the X27. Incidentally, one of the best things my father had when I was a nipper - and still has, as far as I know - was a thin but really sharp wedge - about 10” long and 2” wide, but I’d say only 1” maximum thickness on the end of the taper. For splitting big rounds with knots in them, or that were part seasoned, that was really helpful as it could be used to open up small cracks, with only a lump hammer or 7lb sledge. Either of those could be held with one hand, meaning no risk of the sharp wedge bouncing out. If anyone knows where I could buy such a wedge now, I would definitely be up for it. Sadly I think my father’s is a one-off, it looks like it was hand made!
  6. There’s a biggish table circular saw for sale by Eddisons at the moment; bidding is only at a tenner... If only I had a workshop to put it in. Dominion Saw Bench AUCTIONS.EDDISONS.COM
  7. Mmm, paint fumes. No wonder it burns well... [emoji85][emoji23]
  8. djbobbins


    Landlord is definitely good, I also like a bottle of Greene King Abbot Ale every now and again. Not tried the Beartown IPA, which is ironic as the brewery is only about 5 miles from where I grew up. In general I am drinking less during lockdown - in normal life I tried to have a rule only to drink at home on a Friday or Saturday, but would be sociable with a drink in the week if out to watch footy or staying away overnight with work. Seeing as footy and work travel are both off, weekday drinking is too - replaces from time to time with alcohol-free wheat beer from Lidl!
  9. Can anyone recommend a vendor for a baffle plate for a DRU44MF stove? Or alternatively, tell me if it might be possible to weld a v-shaped piece back into one?! (Suspect this might be tricky as it is cast iron).
  10. Could have been worse, my father told me a story of a bloke using one who had the bright idea to convert it from belt drive to PTO. The higher revs caused the blade to overheat, split a chunk off and (owing to higher centripetal force) sent it into his skull.
  11. Don’t know - but I had a couple of occasions in the last two or three years where some bug of another fancied dining off me. Mozzies whilst on holiday in Italy and then some kind of mites / ants / spiders when I relocated an old concrete coal bunker and had the panels against bare skin during doing so. In both events I ended up at the quack, as the bites had circular spreading bruising from them. The doctor said on both occasions it was probably a bacterial infection and gave me antibiotics, which cleared it up. In the interim there was a good spray which I got from Boots which helped soothe the itching a bit - it’s called magicool plus.
  12. Looking at some hols in Germany next year and just seen some v. cheap flights come up - return from Luton to Dortmund for under £60 per person, for flights on the Friday before a bank holiday weekend, then back on the Monday evening. This particular one is with easyJet. I guess one of the key reasons they are so keen to sell ahead is to get some cash through the door now. Just wondered what people’s thoughts are - will the airlines actually survive into next summer?!
  13. We have exactly the same make and mode of stove; it took it a lot of burns from new to stop smoking off, plus even now after a few years when we first light it after the summer it can give off a slightly oily / metallic smell. Ours is also on 5” flue where it leaves the stove, socketed into 6” concrete liner in the chimney breast. Smell issue does not sound as bad as yours though. For what it’s worth, we burn predominantly wood, sometimes smokeless fuel but only if we need the stove as a source of heat 24/7 when the central heating goes on the blink. Mine needs a clean and re-blacking!


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