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  1. It’s an interesting topic re: golf courses. I initially read it as being only those which are community-owned, but you’re right, it’s ambiguous. The definition of community could be quite broad and might well include any organisation owned by its members. I assume however it rules out e.g. commercial football grounds / clubs, who if the are privately owned and can pay players £100k a year (even at League 2 level), or much more in higher tiers, ought to be able to cough up some fuel duty anyway.
  2. Indeed - for farms and various other users (heat in non-commercial premises, running a genny, fuelling trains, mowing a golf course - but only if it’s community owned and for amateurs, not for commercial gain) red is staying. Reform of red diesel and other rebated fuels entitlement - GOV.UK WWW.GOV.UK The largest sectors that I can see are going to be impacted are mining / quarrying and construction. I wonder what mpg a fully loaded Terex does?!!
  3. djbobbins


    A bloke asked me the other day if I was over my lifelong obsession with Phil Collins. I said “Well take a look at me now”.
  4. I need to move a (well made) 10 x 6 wooden shed, by about 20 feet in my garden. The garden is flat but the access is not great - about 650mm wide down the side of the garage. So I’m loathe to dismantle the shed to move it such a short distance but think it’s not going to be possible to get a telehandler in. Any ideas / suggestions for how to shift it? I’ve thought about basically screwing some lengths of 3 by 2 across the ends, to turn it into something a bit like a giant sedan chair, but I reckon the collective wisdom on here might have a better idea??
  5. Tank off a scrapped motorbike? That’s what used to get used in stock cars years back - strong, about the right capacity.
  6. Anyone out there got a pile of chip that I could come and fill a smallish trailer from (about a quarter of a cube, I think) - maybe two trailer loads? I am happy to do the loading myself, plus leave some beers or a few quid. Within 10 miles or so of Warwick would be preferred - so Leamington, Solihull, southern side of Cov etc are all do-able. I might have to stretch my distance limit depending on what is out there!!
  7. I’d never heard of pyometra until I read the last few pages of this thread. Sounds nasty. Our pooch was spayed a few weeks ago (recommended by the vet to do it before she had her first season, the dog that is, not the vet). Here she is being ladylike and showing off her scar...
  8. Hi all I’ve been a member on here for years and have done some felling in the past. However, there’s a mature hawthorn in my back garden that’s a nice enough tree - but is sadly damaging the fence between me and next door, also is in the way of where I want to build a workshop. So it is going to have to go. I reckon the adage about old pilots and bold pilots, but not both, probably also applies to amateur arborists! I think I know my limits and this one is probably beyond me. The tree has a lean (towards next door’s garden, although not over anything that will be harmed by dropping chogs) and thankfully, if anything batters the aforementioned fence to death on the way down, it’ll probably be doing me a favour. All waste can stay on site provided it’s lobbed into my garden. One pic is below, more photos can be provided if that will help people form an opinion. I reckon it’s about 300mm DBH but can measure as well if that’d help. Cheers Will
  9. I’ve had a cast iron chiminea for 17 years (I know why how long, it was a wedding present). I’d say the amount of smoke depends on what I burn and how well I manage the fire - try to burn greenery or anything damp (damp cardboard) and there’s clouds of smoke. Dry wood or putting something on top of hot bed of embers means flames and little smoke. I’ve also had it running with a cone of flame out of the top of the chimney in the past... What I do found has helped a bit is that the original (90cm or so) chimney rotted out, but I luckily found some 5” flue when Countrywide Stores was shutting - I have put 2 x 60cm lengths on the stove and although the extra height makes the chiminea look a bit like Brunel in his daft [emoji145] hat, but it lifts the smoke that bit further away from chest / head height.
  10. I’ve definitely found that weather and social element can lead to farm sales going a bit bonkers, especially when buyer’s premium (15% plus VAT being about the going rate from what I have seen) is tacked on. Back to the OP, it’s not really my game but sometimes I really wish I had proper transportation and somewhere to install kit!
  11. Cheers Mick - although I’m not sure about your lovemaking technique if it involves a screwdriver.. ;-) !!
  12. Thanks all!! I have already cut the stems and will be leaving the ivy on the living trees to die back. I want to kill the roots if possible and get rid of the tangled mess generally, but fortunately there is only one small area that’s on brickwork (my neighbour’s garage wall, ironically) so I will trim / spray that and see if I can get rid without any damage.
  13. That’s a very frank and honest answer. Credit to you for posting it. I grew up in a family where a tipple was allowed and had a mate whose parents ran a pub. We graduated from going to a local youth club, to going for a few frames of snooker and a few pints whilst watching a band, circa 15 years old. At uni I drank regularly, particularly in a year in France (being able to buy 24 stubbies for about £3 played a part in that) and then again for a couple of years afterwards. I’ve had times years ago when I realised I hadn’t gone to bed properly sober for a couple of months, even if it was only a couple of drinks per night I was having. I’ve ended up in a desk job and moved away from where my mates live, plus got older. I still have a couple of beers at the weekend, then if given the opportunity can put 10 pints away in a daytime / evening session. Monday to Friday I try to not drink though, I find by the end of the week I am generally sleeping better and feel more alert in the daytime. But even when I rationalise all of this, and realise that some of the times I have let myself down most in life are when I’ve been properly pissed, STILL alcohol feels like a bit of a treat. It’s a bugger of a situation and no mistake, I suppose a shrink would have something to say about it. Not sure what this adds to the conversation but just to say that how you describe your relationship with booze rang a bell with me too.
  14. I felled and split a holly years ago; I seem to remember it split okay - was only about 9” diameter though. Burnt well too [emoji91]


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