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  1. djbobbins


    I was rudely awakened at 2am this morning by two Man United fans playing football with a hedgehog in the street outside my house. I was upset and disgusted by this, I was just picking up the phone to call the RSPCA when the hedgehog scored.
  2. It’s that time of year again... If anyone has any arisings (softwood is fine with me, of course some ash would be great too!) in Warwick I will gladly pay in beer tokens. I foolishly got rid of my towing car a couple of years ago but could collect MPV-full locally or will add extra tokens for stuff to be dropped on my drive (Hatton). Timon on here kindly sorted me out when I had a trailer but unfortunately Arley is a bit far to travel when it’ll just be what I dare load into the wife’s Zafira, versatile old bus that it is...
  3. djbobbins

    Anyone seen this Matador about?

    This was it, in red livery, before I was born.
  4. djbobbins

    Anyone seen this Matador about?

    Not that one but I remain curious about a similar yellow beast (“Bertha”) that Bill Cheetham at Lake View Garage near Leek used to have as a recovery truck. Also done in a fetching shade of yellow!
  5. djbobbins

    Emissions, Global warming or a scam

    Sorry to use coarse language, but that point about prices going up because of less units being sold is generally incorrect. The wholesale price of electricity has fluctuated in recent years but isn’t significantly different now to what it was 10 years ago (in fact, in 2008 there was a period when wholesale prices went crazy). Actually, on windy or sunny days, particularly in summer, the wholesale price goes down and is occasionally negative - i.e. generators are having to pay to put their energy onto the grid. What has changed with the advent of renewables in the UK is that of your price of domestic electricity of (say) 15p per kWh, about 4p is being paid by your supplier and is ending up going as subsidy for wind farms and solar panels which were installed when subsidies were much higher than they are now. More money is also being spent on balancing the electricity system (as AC can’t be stored), transporting electricity from a larger number of wind farms around the grid, plus paying owners of coal and gas power stations to keep their plants ready to run for the smaller amounts of time when they are really needed. This latter part is done in a competitive auction process and plenty of assets have already closed. Coal and gas stations have to pay two different carbon taxes already. For what it’s worth, despite the change in the make-up of the price of electricity to the end consumer (and the general increase in levies and subsidies) prices in the UK remain much lower than in most of Europe. From memory, I think we are about the 12th cheapest out of the EU 15. German domestic electricity is about 30 cents per kWh; the big difference is that they are making a better job of building efficient houses - standard build when I last saw a German building site was 300mm cavity filled with polystyrene blocks. As such, we use more electricity and have higher bills, despite it being cheaper per unit. And will continue to do so, until we get more efficient.
  6. djbobbins


    Just had a look on the website, I could see various DIY tools in the offers for tomorrow but no bandsaw (despite it being in the header picture). Any info on price, physical size, motor size etc? For what it’s worth - the Lidl tools i’v3 had in the past have always been alright for my own domestic use; I’ve got no experience of trying them on heavy duty work though!
  7. djbobbins

    5.5Kw 3ph motor off a single ph supply

    I’m not a sparky, but maybe something like this... https://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/soft-starts/1756257/
  8. djbobbins

    Top 10 most popular wood-burning and multifuel stoves

    DRU44MF comes top of my list, mainly ‘cos that’s the one I shelled out my hard-earned on about 6 years ago!
  9. So... looks like I might be lucky enough to get circa £450 in Amazon vouchers as a one-off bonus from work!! :-) Before my wife decides to spend them on garden furniture or the like, I was wondering if anyone can recommend a domestic splitter? Ideally I’d like a vertical splitter so as to reduce bending over, or at least a horizontal one I can put on a stand. Any recommendations? Or should I just buy a telly instead? ;-)
  10. djbobbins


    Little Johnny is out for the day with his grandad and after a few hours, nature calls. They head to the gents and whilst standing by the urinal, little Johnny points at his cock and pipes up: “Grandad, my Daddy has two of these!” Grandad is a bit surprised and tells Johnny that “you must be wrong, no-one has got two willies.” But little Johnny knows better and is not to be convinced: “No grandad, Daddy has definitely got two. A little wrinkly one like mine and yours for doing a wee-wee with. And a big purple one for cleaning the au pair’s teeth!”
  11. djbobbins

    Not bad money

    Got to provide your own tools though which I bet includes a high pressure jetted, potentially CCTV setup etc. And I wouldn’t be surprised if the quoted numbers are actually based on some kind of projected income for running a franchise. If I’m wrong though, I agree - lots of money for dealing with sh17...
  12. djbobbins


    Why did the baker have smelly hands? Because he kneaded a poo...
  13. djbobbins


    I kind of wish “Ready to Burn” was a joke but I think it’s yet another example of government trying to regulate something it doesn’t understand. Selling wood that is guaranteed to be below 20% MC it a bit like selling empty pint glasses and guaranteeing they will stay empty - basically f’ing useless as soon as the customer leaves them outside in the wet... https://apple.news/ArEuwPV2zTKm83tI-IGlEDg
  14. djbobbins

    House heating that isn't wood fueled?

    I think that as well as potential impact on the watercourse, there are at least three additional challenges of micro-hydro: 1) moving parts = maintenance (compared to solar) 2) sites all likely to be non-standard = bespoke design for each site 3) civil engineering / build costs I do think as a country if we are going to reduce our reliance on large fossil generation we need to have a more diverse set of generation than just solar and wind though.
  15. djbobbins

    Job description/What they mean (Just for fun)

    “some surface corrosion” = I don’t know how it managed to stay in one piece last time there was a stiff breeze “good project” = it needs a huge amount of time and effort, which I can’t be bothered with and back on the jobs front: “Uniform and meals provided” = would you like fries with that?


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