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  1. And the neighbour has got a digger on hire so kindly dug the stump out today :-).
  2. Dismantled. I think it’d be a bit off to disclose the price though!
  3. Sorted thanks to Luke at LMTrees, top stuff. Thanks to everyone else who replied.
  4. You could be right, now I think about. Still needs to go though, unfortunately.
  5. Anyone interested in either dismantling or felling this larch? It is healthy but unfortunately sited where I need to put the foundations for a workshop. Can be either a clear fell (if done before new garden fence with next door goes up) or dismantled. If dismantled, shed and compost bin will be gone so there will be a clear drop zone. The eaves of the shed are exactly 6’ tall so I reckon the tree is about 30’. DBH 11”. All waste to stay on site, if it can be done as a clear fell I will do the snedding and ringing up once it’s on the deck. Please comment for further info or PM for exact location etc.
  6. I hope it will be a pleasure in life and it’s definitely given me something to do this week - BBQ and pizza oven. (Oven still to be cast!). Bricks, sand etc. all picked up for cheap or free via Facebook marketplace, mixer gifted from my father as he’s decided that he’s no longer likely to do any more building at 80 years young. I’ve never been shown how to do it and have only laid bricks once before in my life - four or five courses for a raised bed - so up to now although it’s been slow progress I’m reasonably pleased. No doubt a professional brickie would have been quicker and neater, but to have got to this height and still have vertical walls and levels perfect across e.g. the protruding bricks for the BBQ fire tray (left hand side bay) is rewarding. Casting the plinth and doing the form work for the pizza oven will be interesting though…
  7. Completely different industry but when I worked in networks services about 20 years ago, the company relied on buyers having incorrectly specified the job. We would bid at cost or very low levels of margin for the core spec, with much higher rates on variation works (which as part of the tender conditions, we had the right to deliver).
  8. I am a self-confessed log goblin; I have a couple of petrol saws and a Titan electric for various tasks - but the idea of getting a battery saw was to be able to lob it in the car if I was heading out to e.g. pick up a wind blown 10 foot bough. It wouldn’t need to do loads of work as I only want to cut to circa 1 metre lengths which will go in the boot / trailer.
  9. Hmm, not what I was hoping to hear. Might as well keep a bow saw in the car instead!
  10. £60 for the bare saw, or £100 for saw, battery and charger. Extra / spare battery a further £25. Anyone got / used one?
  11. Wow… this is so far beyond optimism I think it might make people laugh!! https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/708486320355013/ In case the link doesn’t work, here’s a screen grab. £20 for three 80cm or so lengths of what looks like leylandii trunk, about 20cm diameter…
  12. It’s been a while since I saw the stats, but from memory Allied forces dropped over 10x as much weight of bombs on Germany as Axis forces did on the U.K. I’m not excusing either, but stating this for context on the scale of destruction. Incidentally, it is 79 years today since 617 Sqn took off on the Dambusters raids on the Mohne, Eder and Sorpe dams.
  13. Shingles; I bought 8 packs from someone surplus for £50. I think they retail at £20-odd per pack so happy days; I used 2 and a bit packs on this and will be making another (nicer, smaller) log store nearer to the house over the summer - so will have enough for that and probably still half of what I bought left.
  14. All finished - apart from a dose of creocote or similar. Even better - my neighbour turned up with a Rock 22t splitter that he’s just bought, on the same day as I finished the roof :-)
  15. Here’s one: NOT making the news today… I just heard an ad on the radio for Barclaycard / Avios card which had an average APR of 72%. I know (fortunately not from first-hand experience) that high street / authorised payday lender rates can be much, much higher - hundreds of percent. When I was first old enough to start to understand these things, I remember that Bank of England base rate was between 8 and 12%, spiking at 15. And around the same time, I recollect reading a press story about doorstep loan sharks being prosecuted for extorting money with menace and illegal lending, but being pilloried for charging 350-500%. Clearly in the loan shark example the ways used to recover the debt were horrific, but I wonder how / when the underlying situation changed - when it became mainstream and seemingly politically acceptable to charge extortionate rates? BoE base rate is currently about a tenth of what it was back in the late 80s / early 90s, by contrast.
  16. We (I) turned our oil CH off when we went away the week before Easter and it’s not been back on since then, other than a couple of two hour bursts. Main bit of the house was about 16.5 one day last week; the extension at the back is noticeably cooler and that’s where my home office is. It’s not great sitting for hours in room temperatures that low, even with thermals and gloves on. But I’d happily be working in the garden in shirt sleeves or maybe even a t-shirt.
  17. Need a roof and the sides cladding in something, but coming along….
  18. Anyone got any idea where I could buy some second hand road spikes? Ideally like these cheaper!! True Products 10 x Strong 10mm Steel Fencing Pins Road Pins 1.25m for Temporary Fencing True Products 10 x Strong 10mm Steel Fencing Pins Road Pins 1.25m for Temporary Fencing : Amazon.co.uk: DIY & Tools WWW.AMAZON.CO.UK True Products 10 x Strong 10mm Steel Fencing Pins Road Pins 1.25m for Temporary Fencing : Amazon.co.uk: DIY & Tools
  19. Anyone on here know which firm is scheduled to do the work? It is v. close to my house and I’m in need of arisings to stock up for winters to come - so there would be a few beers / few quid in it (and the tip location has good access).
  20. Amen to that! I bought 500l in about November at 56ppl, which at the time I thought was a bit steep. Glad I didn’t wait until the tank was empty enough to take 1000l. I am hoping the weather warms up and the remaining 400l or so in my tank will last through until mid-summer.
  21. I had a Bosch Rotak 37 for about 14 years until it died last year. I have a bigger lawn since moving house and wanted to upgrade to the biggest Bosch corded electric mower, but then read the reviews and it didn’t seem to be well rated for longevity. I bought a B&Q / Screwfix own brand hobby - seems alright, not as well built as the previous Bosch but okay up to now. The model I bought is no longer available but the current Titan one might be worth a look, for the price? https://www.screwfix.com/p/titan-ttb833lwm-1700w-37cm-electric-lawn-mower-230v/804pt
  22. In a panic and without phoning to ask for advice, he coughed up to Swinton (£1300 for fully comp, limited to 6k miles per year). I have found Direct Line will provide better cover (10k miles and with myself and my sister as named drivers) for a smidge over £500 and also got a slightly cheaper price quoted via Adrian Flux. I’ve persuaded him to use his consumer rights to cancel the Swinton policy within 14 days of it being taken out; there will be an admin fee to pay I think but he will still be about £700 better off, net. Worth it for a couple of phone calls.


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