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  1. I put a tape across it and was looking at getting wheels off etc. Possible I’m sure but way more faff than I want. Someone will have what I need. The other backup plan is lifting it in with a hiab but it’s a tightish space, nice lawn etc. I’ll certainly call Timberwolf.
  2. I need a chipper to go through a 110cm gap into a garden near Sudbury, Suffolk. Hired or operated. One day. Please get in touch by private message to offer a hire or your services or reply to this thread with recommendations. Not Microplant thanks.
  3. Apart from things like low impact extraction for ecologically sensitive sites etc. Small skylines for example.
  4. Chris Morris is a genius.
  5. Quality. I’ve been following the museum story. Bastards.
  6. Is that Ennerdale at the top?
  7. I've had exactly the same with branchwood loggings. Always put it down to a relatively high surface area:mass ratio and loads of gas. I eventually came to the conclusion that branchwood loggings should be used (1)only sparingly on a conventional fire, (2)in a gasifier or (3)for charcoal.
  8. Go back to one of your earlier ideas of mounting a chipper/branchwood logger on the Logbullet trailer? Still to waste though.
  9. Best protection from rabbits is no rabbits.
  10. Thanks for posting these finds. Keep doing so please. I suggested to the TaxPayers' Alliance the other day that they build a single database that shows all the various scams in one place. It's all public money so should be available for public scrutiny but most people don't know where to look (or indeed to look). Would save hypothesising about which scams someone might be on and then asking about them specifically (perhaps having to make freedom of info requests etc). You could put in the name of any person or business and see what they've had for what. Like wikileaks for angry people in local newspapers.
  11. You missed a trick with your login name with them. If you’d included the gong, they’d have assumed you were good for it and waived the £10k.
  12. The reason it feels like extortion is that it is extortion. Write to the head planning man at your local mafia. Tell him that you’ll soon be comprehensively servicing his wife and charging him £234 for doing so but that the fee structure is clearly set out on your website.
  13. I thought that (though would be delighted to be corrected). Maybe a combination of one of those pincer type grabs to split larger stuff down to smaller billets and a shear that cuts more like 200mm. Ideally in the same implement. Does such a thing exist?
  14. AHPP


    They’re better than tents.
  15. AHPP


    New builds are shit. There’s a thread about that.
  16. Coming out of a closet near you soon.
  17. AHPP


    People haven’t liked him since he posted about how he pays a guy on the dole two-and-a-half crowns a day to work for him.
  18. Here’s the high quality technical drawing you’ve been waiting for. The crown will go where it goes but I can’t see why you couldn’t move the butt of a two tonne tree with a load of tension put on with a two tonne van and a big bungee (dynamic rope). Like when you spin a top so it’s butt towards chipper.
  19. I’ll do a picture when I’m not slaughtered on cooking sherry.
  20. Something I've been wanting to try for a while is setting up a quite elastic line to yank a butt sideways at the last moment to spin the tree. In your picture, say you had space to fell it towards the gate. You could pre-tension an elastic rope in line with where you actually felled the stem and gob and hinge the stem towards the gate (probably with a shallow gob so it breaks the hinge relatively early). In my mind, the top goes just to the right of the gate and the butt obligingly clears the wall, landing pretty much where it did in your photo but angled ninety degrees to the right.
  21. Does your charcoaling process work as well if you leave twigs and leaves on as it does when fully prepped?
  22. Would you charcoal with that load, leaves and all?


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