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  1. Could be the coil thats acting up when warm, you not got a known good one to borrow off another saw just to try it? If it is the coil then i would replace with a genuine one and not a chinese copy, they are pants and dont stand the test of time.
  2. The homeowner model saws are defo made in china, i’ve had a load off ebay for £6-£8 and are branded on the top plate with stihl/zama on them, the pro saws are majority still german made i think with only a odd one or two from china.
  3. Ratman

    The Cooking Thread

    Ever considered becoming an author? 🤠
  4. Soz Don.... i’ll get my coat! [emoji17]
  5. I second that! I’ll grace his door one day too..... unless he graces mine first that is! [emoji6]
  6. I’d class it as “essential travel” in the current climate! 🤠 we all wana know the outcome!
  7. Yolky might spit on it for ya as a gesture of good will if ya ask him nicely?! [emoji6]🤷‍♂️🤣
  8. Ooohhh..... karma can be a bitch eh! Stop ya whining big balls, ya keep telling us ya can earn it! So bend over and take it like a man..... dry!!! [emoji13]
  9. A reight royal shafting at that, i predict mr yolky! “We’re all feckin doomed” 🤠 (Good old dads army eh! 🤣)
  10. Stihl lists a bar for the 023/025 up to 18”...... but as htb says, you’d probably be better suited with a smaller bar than you’ve got at present, 14” would be my choice, running 3/8” picco .050” gauge.


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