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  1. Ratman

    How are the veggies coming along?

    You lot got too much time on your hands! [emoji39] More pics required regards progress tho [emoji106]
  2. Ratman

    Netting logs

    Think its time to get your hands dirty for an hour i’m afraid! And seems the fairest way about it.
  3. Ratman

    Need advice, want to upgrade my saw.

    Tidy, presume your using the diamond stones as opposed to ordinary stone bits?
  4. Ratman

    Need advice, want to upgrade my saw.

    Thanks, found it in Rob’s website, has a neat little vid to watch too [emoji106] how long would you say the stones last on average? My dad bought me a cheapy grinder from local Wednesday night auction mart, its a bench clamped step up, but it has too much play in all its joints due to it being made from plastic, the grinds arent consistent unfortunately.
  5. Ratman

    Need advice, want to upgrade my saw.

    Hey Fonzy, you got any pics of your sharpener? I have the stihl easy files at min for when out and about.
  6. Ratman

    Need advice, want to upgrade my saw.

    Looks a nice clean saw. Enjoy [emoji106]
  7. Ratman

    husky workshop manuals

    Gota learn somehow
  8. Ratman

    Looking for a decent cordless chainsaw

    Thats a mint price for that! Theres nigh on £90 in battery and charger alone! £30+ maybe in bar and chain, that leaves the bare unit at £70 ish or a touch less. Good spot billpeirce!
  9. Ratman

    Husqvarna 50 special?

    Can you cross reference the mahle cylinder number for a sure size?
  10. Ratman

    Competent saw user needed

  11. Ratman

    Competent saw user needed

  12. Some of our kubota engines suffered similar problems on our powerpacks. Electrical connections as Stubby suggested, Pickup pipes in the tank used to corrode on the outward elbow section of the sender units and a pin hole would develop so air would draw in and engine revs would die. Non return valves fitted in the feed line would get made up with shite, but your in-line filter would tell a few stories for that. General dirt/sludge build up in tank would plug the pickup pipe up resulting in part fuel starvation. In-line filter as Joe suggested. Had lift pumps go tits too as john p suggested. Occasional weak stop solenoids too, if they got too hot or went faulty they used to burn/melt back end of solenoid and you could see it popping the back end out of housing with three wires going in to it. I’m assuming they will be of a similar set up.
  13. Ratman

    Giant Coast Redwoods ~ a Must-See ~ 2015

    Like a shot out of the old tv series “land of the giants” [emoji2]
  14. Ratman

    Wooden Supporting Post

    Nice one Conor, thank you!
  15. Ratman

    the 'todays job' thread

    Interested as some trees that are felled, like the oak bigtreedon cut down are hollow but appear really healthy to look at. I cut a beech up last year/year before that was hollow but you could clearly see it had gone rotten but possibly from fungal issues? I’m not a pro just cut a bit of firewood and tinker with saws. Listening and learning.


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