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  1. Purrs well for a south korean motor! 🤠
  2. Ratman


    You’ll be reight egglet, i never wanted a touch screen phone..... wouldnt go back now though, everything is to hand for ya!
  3. We have a band saw at work, all be it a metal one but principal is the same. It started to cut skewwiff one day..... typical idleness, no one reported it and i came to use it one day and noticed cutting fluid running out the bottom/back of the casing???? I took the covers off and found a huge amount of shite and swarf in there and could see uneven wear marks on the guides/rollers... got me scratching the old swede for a bit. Anyhow, cleaned everything out and reset everything, pressed go and watched the blades path at each point/turn/guide/roller etc. I could see i running out on occasion and noticed a kink in the blade. That made me inspect the blade more closely, i then found some excessive wear in a few places on the blade, so...... My thinking was, shite build up causing drag/misalignment, kink in the blade possibly causing a tight passage during cutting and misalignment again at certain points. And a dull blade at different points causing excess pressure needed to make the cut added to the above.... a curve cut???!!! So sod it was my conclusion, fit a new blade, cured! [emoji106] You changed your blade recently?? [emoji23][emoji23]
  4. Waviness down to how it is fed / pushed through the log? Excess pressure causing blade to twist slightly causing the downward cut, relieving of pressure allowing blade to rise again, hence your waviness? Incorrect guide / blade tension? 🤷‍♂️
  5. Piston in right way round? Arrow to exhaust side.
  6. My TS410 isnt a patch on my old TS400, its had new pot, piston, crank, 2 coils, 2 carb rebuilds since i’ve had it, only had it about 3 yrs, not done mega work either, just flagging projects really. TS400 i’ve had for about 11 yrs, only thing its had is 1 carb rebuild, and bet its done 5 times more work easily, 🤷‍♂️ pot luck sometimes though i guess!
  7. Wanging it down all day again, Proper ruined the afternoon plans!
  8. Karma always comes round one way or another for those that do wrong.
  9. Try a Chinese mill, can pick em up for peanuts! Look on huztl.net, link below for ya Chainsaw Mills | 24 36 and 48 Inch Portable Chainsaw Mills WWW.HUZTL.NET We have 24 36 and 48 portable chainsaw mills, with fast shipping and wholesale prices
  10. You are seriously warped sir! [emoji37]
  11. Whitehouse products as below paul, Hydraulic Gear Pumps | White House Products | Hydraulic Pumps WWW.WHITEHOUSEPRODUCTSLTD.COM But he said if you work out your ram capacity, speed of ram required etc then they can advise ya more / better
  12. Spuddog0507 knows of a good place for bits and knowledge etc.... but old fossil aint answering his messages, will get back to ya soon as he gets in touch, or he might read this and respond [emoji106]


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