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  1. I heard..... Allegedly all oil workers are required to move fast?!.... that make you a “scroat” then trig?!... [emoji4]
  2. [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] eagle eyed as ever Gary!!! [emoji108]
  3. Rough!!! Expect nothing else from you of course! Cowboy 🤠
  4. Ratman


    Sorry its not too clear guys, you’ll av to zoom in a bit, but defo worth a chuckle! 🤣
  5. Ratman


    Cheers all, yeah building is up, roof done, doors etc in, just inside to sort out but got drains to sort first. Speaking of drains..... is that loser who rekoned to be up on sanitation still lounging around on this forum? [emoji6]
  6. Ratman


    Alright Gary [emoji106] had the hassle with cowbag sodding off last september then lost mum in mid november, so just kinda hidden away for a bit thats all. Still around though [emoji106][emoji16]
  7. Thought spuddog would be collecting that on his zimmer frame!!!
  8. I’d stack em, you can store more then, obviously they wont be symmetrical in shape so your always going to have gaps for air to get through. Heaping them up will be fine, and is going to give more air flow obviously, but you’ll lose a fair bit of possible stacking room... up to you though. If your using a farm building then i’d also look at putting some sort of mesh round everything to keep rats out! Nowt worse than routing through your wood piles and being covered in rat shat and piss!!!
  9. Yeah thats last years pic, they’ve done nowt this year?!! Never made any size and dropped very early! Shes still only young though yet, and quite a few people have said to me dont worry about it, you’ll get a bad year every now and then?!! I’m still learning with it all yet. Will be replacing the 6ft fence panels and posts right round garden next year, so when log stores are gone they’ll be replaced with some block built and rendered raised beds. Will then drop my apple tree, acer and cotton easter in and hopefully they should all thrive again with being away from the big pots. 🤷‍♂️ time will tell.
  10. I’d leave it alone, you’ve no need to rush on your milling jobs. You put your engine in your tranny yet?
  11. Mine have been outside for nearly 2 yrs now in a pallet store arrangement like your suggesting, but i’ve got rubberised corrugated sheets for roofs, its all beech and it was dry enough/i was burning it in yr one, you should have more than enough air flow around your stacks by building how you are suggesting, it’ll all depend how much air flows through the building to dictate your drying time thats all.


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