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  1. Ratman

    Help with 346xp

    A high temp lithium based grease should be fine
  2. Ratman

    Help with 346xp

    New retirement job Stubby [emoji6] go you! [emoji16]
  3. I’d just stick with the parker 16” bar above personally as its a homeowner saw and you could go through two parker bars for price of one oregon one nearly i bet, and rotate/dress it every now and then to get the most out of it.
  4. 16" Replacement Chainsaw Bar | ParkerBrand WWW.PARKERBRAND.CO.UK Our 16" bar is designed to be used with our 16" Chains (66 Link) and has the following specification: Pitch: 0.325" Cutting Depth: 0.025" Links: 66 This bar will fit the following models:
  5. 20" Replacement Chainsaw Bar • £14.99 PICCLICK.CO.UK 20" REPLACEMENT CHAINSAW Bar - £14.99. FOR SALE! Our 20" bar is designed to be used with our 20" Chains 282217034601
  6. You still got original carb? Strip it and put it through a ultrasonic cleaner, blow it out again afterwards and fit a new carb kit to it, forget the chinese stuff, theyre only really a substitute for fresh on a diy/homeowner saw, pro saws want original pro parts.
  7. I had the same, gave my tree away this year, didnt really have the space for it anyhow sadly [emoji17]
  8. “If” lube was used, i.e a heavy grease or copper application, then “potentially” it could have led to the bolts becoming not fully tight, which in turn could of allowed movement in the blades mountings, altering their chipping angle, that in turn could of made the blade want to bite off more than it could chew, resulting in the stress/impact/vibration/point of digging in, causing the blade to shear. “If” this was the case then the likeliest place of fracture/breakage in my mind would be from around the counter sunk bolt holes, the thinnest and weakest area of the blades. Thats a theory but not defo the cause, as others have stated, it could just have been a simple flaw in the making or tempering of the blades? I just posted the torque scenario including lubes cos it was a real jaw dropper for me when i attended the course and its always stuck in my mind when doing things.
  9. Cant comment on the look/blend towards the rest of the house cos not seen rest of it, it may well blend spot on with the rest of its surroundings, like with the windows in the pic etc. Defo agree with others though, wouldnt be able to design/manufacture/build/install/buy that staircase for £2k with all processes and man hours required to achieve. Sorry Les your on a loser with that one.
  10. Nice! I’d of incorporated some oak spindles, possibly all or one every other with a basket in them. That would of looked ace [emoji108]
  11. They look good but might not be good for the OP as it would mean the spark plug wouldn’t seat as far down as required and would pull the spark away from the cylinder if ya get me, the plug would seat on the flange of the insert and not the face of the cylinder. Would be good in other applications though, such as a sump plug repair etc.
  12. Ratman

    Stihl ultra

    Suzuki man myself! Hondas were always too predictable and reliable in my eyes (not saying its a bad thing) just my personal thoughts. They make cracking little mower/generator engines though, have to give em that, hence my comment! [emoji16][emoji23]


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