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  1. 40mins from a dead charge, and the 300S gives ya up to five mins extra run time according to specs over the earlier 300, so not much in it really, i’ve put mine on a 12” bar now, so with less length and chain drag i rekon i might be gaining a few extra mins there. Love mine, does what i realistically ask of it with no issues, just let it do the cutting, keep the chain sharp, shes a beaut! I’ve cut 12”+ logs with it and its fine, but obviously you’ll run the batteries down faster, common sense prevails as they say, anything bigger and then its petrol time.
  2. I have one, get about 45mins constant cutting on stuff from 3”-4” up to about 10”, has the AP300S batteries, bought for your very reason keeping noise down. Very impressed with it.
  3. Ratman


    I’ve missed you TVI, you really need to show up more often! [emoji6]🤠 having said that.... Mr Bolam has been as quiet of late.... you two got a thing?! [emoji6][emoji8]🤣
  4. Ratman


    Your one of lifes heros david! Good on ya. You published another book yet to help our dear friend Yolky out in these cold times?! 🤠
  5. Ratman


    Indeed david indeed! Hows the pooch getting on?
  6. When i ordered it last year i had a five week waiting time. Got to five weeks and rang for an update, they said the steel had arrived and they were on with the final stages of fabrication and assembly, once it had been made up and painted/tested etc then they would make contact for delivery, i got the contact a week later and it was delivered two days after that. 🤷‍♂️ can only really go on what they said. Certainly no complaints on my part, seems well built and had no issues.
  7. Cant comment on their grinders but i have a rock splitter, they are all assembled and welded/made up on site in scotland, quality is good with no issues at all so far, have rung up for advise at first use and all very helpful good to deal with.


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