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  1. Ratman

    Weight in motion

    Not at all.... i’m virtually led down 🤠
  2. Ratman

    Weight in motion

    🤷‍♂️ cant say bob_z_l its just what they put up on the board. I think it will be hard to prosecute accurately at 72mph specifically. Each county used to be set by its individual chief commissioner a 10% + (whatever they decided)
  3. Ratman


  4. Ratman

    Weight in motion

    We’ve had a bulletin put up at work to warn drivers about these new smart motorways, M1 and M5 i think it is. Max speed will be 72mph, anyone over that will carry an endorsable ticket + fines. When i get to work i’ll take a snap shot and post it up for all you southerners that frequent these areas daily.
  5. Ratman

    Finding things out about your kids

    I’m Congolese [emoji15]🤷‍♂️
  6. Ratman

    Weight in motion

    Bit of info on .gov site but not sure about a official list of sites. Sneaky buggers though eh!
  7. Ratman

    Weight in motion

    You had the V6 Steve or just the 2.5dci?
  8. Ratman

    Whats the weather like near you?

    Would be wun’t it! [emoji849][emoji39]
  9. Ratman

    Weight in motion

    Whats promoted your move away from Navara’s Steve, you had issues? I’m looking at buying a V6 outlaw at end of the year hopefully, soon as i’ve got my garage finished. Would you recommend one or advise to stay away?
  10. Ratman

    quick acting weedkiller

  11. Ratman

    quick acting weedkiller

    My mate uses “progreen” for marestail, BUT.... if your quick and buy some by end of next week you’ll miss the cut off. Theyre stopping selling to public on 31st jan 19.
  12. Ratman

    quick acting weedkiller

    I bought some tubs of Clinic ace/gallup before the rules came in last september or whenever it was?? Apply it very carefully in dry conditions, after 3 days the culprits you have treated seem to burst in to life as theyre gasping for their last breath, then usually by 4/5th day theyre brown, wilted and dead! Even got all my marestail under control using it. Its took me about 5yrs but hardly get any popping up now. Do you guys have to produce spraying licences now to buy high percentage based glyphosate products or have you found a different type/brand to go with instead?
  13. Ratman

    Starting out in forestry

    I’m off up grassington early doors this friday, i’ll let her rest up saturday and i’ll go for a wander up kemple on sunday [emoji6] you’ve just inspired me spudder [emoji106] Anyway...... a message for the OP, crack on with your trial interview, you’ll not get anywhere in life if you dont put the effort in and try, its all too easy to form a trail of regrets! Like Spruce Pirate said.... whats a week in your life?!!!
  14. Ratman

    Starting out in forestry

    Not been to either spot for a long time now. I tend to bugger off on full days and go up grassington a lot, do a walk that meanders back to a pub at some point [emoji6][emoji51] old girls getting on now tho, shes nearly 10 and cant cover the same distances anymore.


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