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  1. I’m not a daily user, bought it for home to run along side log splitter and keep noise down as to not annoy neighbours, was first time use of it yesterday. Torques fine, just let it do what it wants. Cut some 10-12 logs with it, managed fine, not as quick as petrol saw but think we knew that already. Rekon i got about 40mins continuous cutting from a battery on owt from 3-4 inch up to 6-8 inch stuff and like i say some odd bits of 10 inch or so stuff. Was running a 14” bar on it, gona try a 12” bar next weekend as a comparison and time it on both batteries, see what time difference is. Thinking it should maybe give me an extra 5 mins maybe on shorter bar?! Oiler is pretty conserving too, doesnt seem to be any issues bar and chain wise. Shall report back on my findings [emoji106]
  2. Some clearing up work this aft with a bit of battery power! Really suited with it! Still some power left in the 2nd battery too before heading home [emoji108]
  3. I’ve glued em back in also if they have been of a insert/press fit type too.
  4. Does the insert/filler neck spin in the tank Chris?
  5. If you have a secondhand spare tank (incase it goes wrong) cut the neck off completely and fit a fresh filler neck yourself, we have done it on old plant stuff at work by drilling and bonding a filler kit to the tank held in place by rivets and some times bolted depending on size off filler, i.e if ya can get your hand in to hold the nuts.
  6. I put up a temporary store from pallets, had a solid bitumen / rubberised corrugated roof with a small pitch, worked great [emoji106] didnt need to wrap it though, if it ever rained then i just had some old weathered ply i used to lean on one side to stop rain blowing in. I did forget on occasion to put ply up and it never really got wet enough to worry about it. Air flow is the key. Only issue i had was it housed some mice cos a neighbour has shed loads of bird feeders out in his garden so it was a perfect home for em, just put some fine mesh up to keep em out and youd be fine.
  7. Ratman

    Milling guide

    I’m not ready space wise to have a go yet, but in time i will, and hopefully i’d get a bit of advice off a few of the reputable guys on here, Saul (Rough Hewn) has already suggested i may pick his brains and even get hands on with him if i’m ever interested, (thanks Saul [emoji106]) I’m not to far from him so will probably call on him one day no doubt, if only for a meet and a brew [emoji16] favours bring favours and all that. We all have to start/learn somewhere, the OP may not have worded things in the best possible way but i kinda get the jist of him just wanting a bit of advise/help to get started if it is feasible regards him/his time/the charity etc.
  8. Ratman

    Milling guide

    https://www.gardenorganic.org.uk/sites/www.gardenorganic.org.uk/files/resources/international/ChainsawMillingManual.pdf I found this an interesting read. Can’t beat hands on though if someone is willing to let you watch or join in with an actual task.
  9. Ratman

    ArbDogs? Pics!

    Poor thing! They want rodding with a cactus sideways for treating animals like they do! Boils my piss, no one forces ya to have em or take em on, better off not doing if all your gona do is give them missery! Glad your making progress with him, sometimes they can be too far gone for rehabilitating ands very sad if it gets that far. Keep us all posted [emoji106]
  10. Ratman

    ArbDogs? Pics!

    Looks like you got your hands full for a while again David, good on you for giving him a shot at a good life i say and treasure him. I’ve just lost mine a week ago, gutted. Theyre not around for long enough!!!


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