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  1. Beal Contract 10.5mm Semi-static Low Stretch Abseil Rope WWW.ABARIS.CO.UK Beal Contract 10.5mm Low Stretch Abseil Rope for industrial use. A...
  2. Abaris. Beal 10.5mm Semi-static Low Stretch Industry Rope with 1 Termination WWW.ABARIS.CO.UK Beal 10.5mm Industry (formerly Antipodes rope is a semi-static...
  3. As long as you have a sewn termination or spliced eye knotability is a bit of a non issue. Irata lads have to tie alpine butterfly, figure of 8knots and bunnies ears. Beal access rope can be bought for less than £1 a meter. Not as nice to look at or use as an Arborsts rope though
  4. No tax = no road maintenance, no schools, no universities, no NHS, no rail infrastructure, no pensions or unemployment benefits. Would also lead to mass unemployment.
  5. 13 on a 550xp for me. Less teeth to sharpen and cuts a bit quicker than a 15 inch bar and chain. Mate used to run a Stihl 440 on a 13inch bar, that was a bit of an animal
  6. Seems to be a lot of concern about how much archaeologists and ecologists are getting paid. The bs5837 survey has and will be worth a few quid. That's before the actual site clearance work. Instead of moaning about how much it will cost jump on the gravy train!
  7. HS2 will cost a lot but if it reduces the number of cars on the road it will benefit many people. The construction cost is high but rail journeys don't always cost a fortune and can be a relatively stress free way of traveling. Kendal to Manchester airport for £6.50 one way means it can be cheaper than driving. My brother in-law spends a lot of time in London and usually takes the train, his take on it is that capacity is the problem not speed. Even if HS2 is expensive the old line can be used for those not on company expenses.
  8. I did a couple of months on the tree survey for HS2.
  9. Years ago I had to remove some poplars that had mysteriously died in someone's yard. The owner of the yard had asked network rail to remove the trees the year before and had been told no as they were not a risk to the railway. After the trees got ringbarked network rail were happy to pay for their removal! Network rail really don't like trees falling on their lines so if it can be suggested that the tree poses a threat to the line they may well remove them free of charge.
  10. Would a rope access back up device be suitable for the second rope? Petzls asap is flawed but does self tender on the way up and down. Only comes into play in the event of a fall, bit like a cars seatbelt
  11. As an individual who does a mixture of tree work and IRATA rope access work it is perhaps time for a change. Rope access companies can work to British standards which are generally a lower level of training and competency than IRATA. Tree surgery has managed to stay incredibly unregulated for a long time. I have to renew my level 3 IRATA competency every 3years. I did my nptc38 and 39 in 2000 and as far as I am aware it is still valid. If the industry wants to be taken seriously continued training and assessment should be incouraged.
  12. IRATA l3s have it easy, turn up to a work at height test which is pretty straightforward and then get a blue card. The whole system is a bit of a joke and heading the same way as PTS on the rail.
  13. Got this off a mate who didn't get on with it, he had the grub screw come out and drop him out of a tree (he now has a zigzag). Is the damage structural and if so where can I buy the damaged plate and small screws to fix it.


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