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  1. I was always taught [in tech] that; Steel = many types of lube all depending.. Cast iron = Dry, [as the graphite in it acts as lube] Aluminium = Paraffin Brass = Dry [as the zinc in it forms zinc oxide that acts as lube] john..
  2. Yes, quite a few of the old hospitals were the same. They were built to a sort of standardised layout.. I have access to more of less anything i like there, including the technical drawings that works and estates have. A few weeks ago i found one giving the layout of the ground floor as it was in 1948. The drawing is about six feet long! It was like a town. In them days the hospital was 120 odd acres, but we are down to about 60 odd at a guess now.. An awful lot of the staff are very interested in the history of the place. I get asked to do guided tours for newly qualified nurses!! john..
  3. The boiler house was a thing to see... It was spotless for a start off.. The boilers were fuelled by heavy oil, thick stuff like molasses. This was kept in heated tanks, pretty sure we had 18,000 gallons.. Anyway, the oil was heated to about 170F i think it was before it entered the burners. You can see these together with their fans for the combustion air at the front of the boilers. Every hour the boilers were shut down and the burner assembly hinged outward and you wiped the flinger cup thing out with thinners, This cup was about the size of a coke can and was driven at very high speed by an electic motor. Next thing you started the ignition cycle.. The fans would start and "purge" the thing, then the oil sprayer would start and there was like a car spark plug, but about 18" long that served to light the oil spray.. If the boiler did not catch straight away, the purge cycle etc would start again.. Every now and again you would have like a backfire on starting. If you look on the front of the boilers you can see round disc things. "blow out doors" they were called.. In the event of a backfire they would blow out on springs to relieve the pressure and you would have to remove them and repack the groove with asbestos string. Assuming the thing did start ok, you would test the high and low water alarms next. First off you started the feed pumps manually, this rasied the level of the water in the boiler until the "high water" alarm sounded. This from memory was a bell. Next you blew the boiler down. This meant opening about a four inch valve at the base of the things and blasting out some water. [This was led through pipes into a blowdown pit about 40 yards away outside] Apart from serving to clean any sludge out of the bottom of the boiler this lowered the water level quite quickly. This set off the "low water" alarm which was a loud "klaxon" type thing. Then you would switch the feed pumps back to "auto" and they would fill the boiler back up to the proper level and then shut off and the boiler was back on line then. You also had to blow down the water level gauge glasses too. [two on each boiler] both to clean them out and also to check that the water rose back in them so you knew they were working. There were always one boiler off and cold and maybe having work done on it, and one on "standby", which meant it was full of water and steam and more or less up to working pressure too, so it could be online in a few minutes, and the other two would actually be online producing steam.. The flame from the burner would pass down the central firetube, then bounce off the back wall of the boiler, back through loads of little tubes [about 2" diameter] then back down another set of small tubes before going out and up the flues and hence up the 180 foot brick chimney. Even though this was in 1975 the flue gases were analysed [CO and O2 content and flue gas temperature and "opacity" of the smoke] and all this was recorded automatically by what resembled 2 foot diameter lorry tacho charts! The boilers ran at 150 PSI and so the feed pumps were multistage turbine pumps driven by rather large electric motors. These pumps let out a very loud banshee scream as they did their stuff.. Now, boilers are rated by the weight of steam they can produce an hour, From memory, i think the two larger ones were 8000 lbs an hour each and the two smaller ones 5000 lbs each. A LOT of steam.. If you look above the boilers you can see a faintly coloured large diameter pipe. It was actually bright red. This was the steam delivery pipe from the boilers. The steam was led all around the hospital through pipes in the ducts i was on about. Each ward had its water for heating and indeed "domestic hot water" produced by "calorifiers" These were simply heat exchangers. They were fed by the steam and also cold water. The calorifier heated up the water that was then pumped round to heat the place etc.. Now, What happens to steam when it cools?? Yes, it turns back to water. The water, or "condense" as it was called, was pumped back to the boiler feed water tank, and, as it was still hot, saved power when it was fed back to the boilers and re-heated. This meant that the only feed water that was required was that to compensate for leaks and evaporation, so not much at all really. This all had to be tested for water hardness etc and treated with a white powder they would stir in. Cannot remember what that was after all these years.... Anyway, i was privileged to be working on these things, rebuilding steam traps, repacking glands, changing gauge glasses etc. If ever you had nothing to do, you were fitted out with a can of "brasso" and off you went polishing!! The worst job, and i never ever did it, was about twice a year i think it was, the very large doors you can see on trhe front of the boilers would be unbolted, [there were doors at the back too] the doors swung open on the huge hinges you can see, and the tubes would have to be swept. Problem was, the tube the flame went down had to be swept too, some someone had to crawl down the thing and sweep it as they went!! They would come out balck and sooty!! The boiler house is still there, although the boilers are gone and the place is heated by gas now. The decline of the place from pampered pristineness, [and i include the entire hospital in this] is very sad to see, which is why i spend as much time as i can, and lots of my own money, trying to restore the place as best i can. Some people like to go to the pub, others like to go on holiday, still others mess around with old motorbikes [been there done that] but me? i like to try to get the hospital back as it was.. I have been working on one garden in particular for a while, Now it looks like that, since i have sorted it, the possibilities have been noticed, and the garden, and a large building in it, may very well be brought back into patient use.. Yes it is hard work, yes it costs me a fortune, but the rewards when you see things coming back to life are HUGE.. That is why i do what i do... I will get some photos from down the ducts!!! john..
  4. Well, if it is that close to the wall what about damage to the footings etc as it grows?? I hope you do not mean the wall of a building.... Why the heck plant a very lerge tree right on a boundary?? john..
  5. Ok, i will try to get some!!! Someone decided that the corridors were subsiding, i cannot see any sign though. Most likely just the NHS being ripped off.. Biggest problem is that i cannot remember when it was done.. I first went down there back in about 1978 and I cannot remember if the props were there then. I CAN remember someone showing me folding wedges and explaining what they were for, and the only place i can think that could possibly have been would be the hospital.. In them days there was no proper lighting arrangement in the ducts and they were black and bogging. Now most of the pipework has been stripped out and the ducts painted white with fire doors every so often.. i will get a photo and post it on here!! Here is the boiler house in about 1975.. john..
  6. Under all our corridors are service ducts. They are about 8 feet wide and 6 feet high so you can walk through them without too much effort. The whole lot is propped up on 6" square timbers complete with folding wedges. It is like being down a coal mine!! john..
  7. It was not fun... I am not one of them people that are naturally good with heights. Up a tree i do not mind as i trust the gear, but just standing on a roof i do not like at all especially as it is about 26 foot high.. Not much more and i can just revert to climbing the tree and taking it down in bits.. john..
  8. I know. I spent half of yesterday up on the hospital roof with a set of pruning poles. Was not much fun!! john..
  9. Ok, sorry if i was being a bit of a tit. I will move on as you say.. Off to stuff yesterdays efforts through a chipper now.. john..
  10. Got to say, i had to laugh!! john..
  11. Hi Mark, Thank you for your help. Royal mail deliver to the stores twice a day usually, and then come back later to collect outgoing mail. They know how it works there and so are unlikely to mess up, BUT, it is obviously far from impossible. So far as i know, most of the items that just get dumped, are delivered by people "moonlighting" as couriers, so Hermes and the like i presume. Usually it is stuff that patients have ordered that gets dumped, but NHS stuff gets dumped too, packages that may cost tens of thousands of pounds.. It is rare though, as most of the stuff is repeat orders and the firms involved presumably do not want procurement to drop them, so i would assume they have threatened the couriers with god knows what.. We have stuff damaged sometimes too.. Problem for internet sellers is that due to the way the law operates now [that i have tried to explain on here but a fair few members seem too dim to be able to comprehend the law and think i am "making it up"] is that a business seller is deemed to be SOLELY responsible for delivery, whether or not a third party actually does the "delivering" being deemed entirely irrelevant. So, if a courier loses something [which is obviously beyond your control] it is still you that is going to lose out, not only the item, but the postage too. Proof that you posted it means nothing.. If you take payment by paypal this will automatically happen. Paypal will simply take the purchase price and the postage out of your bank. Add to this the host of other paypal scams and life for a business selling on the internet must not be much fun... You must see paypal scams all the time.. I sell a few things privately, but only take bank transfer as i know the risks involved.. That is why whenever i order things, i send the seller the delivery instructions, so at least the seller knows what they are getting into. There was one firm, i forget who, that printed them out in large bold type and attached them to the package. Thing arrived anyway.. As a business seller you cannot win though.. Stuff you send out goes missing and you lose out in a big way, but when a delivery to YOU is dumped out in the road and lost, there is nothing you can do.. Like you said a nightmare you could very well do with out. Advising me that you could not guarantee delivery took me by surprise a bit [never had it before] but it was entirely proper of you, so all good there.. Anyway, sorry for the hassle. As you say, we all cock up from time to time and i am not immune from that myself!! Thanks for taking the time to post though. Someone with your attitude and approach deserves to do well, and i mean that whole heartedly.. So, thank you for being a star basically!! john..
  12. How does **************** you sound imbecile?? john..
  13. Whoa whoa whoa... I never slandered ANYONE. I have not said a bad would about Skyland's and nor would i.. I came on here for advice really then discovered a load of argumentative persons that seemingly cannot understand that the onus is on the vendor to deliver the item and not for the buyer to go chasing couriers... FOR THE BENEFIT OF DOUBT. I am not saying that Skyland's have done anything wrong at all. I was surprised, as i have never had this before, BUT, they acted quite properly in stating that; "Hi, In regards to the delivery instructions we cannot guarantee that the courier will only hand the item over to one of your staff. Do you have an alternative address that we can ship it to? Regards Mark This is VASTLY better than sending stuff out not caring whether it gets there or not.. So NEVER try saying i slagged off Skylands as i did not.. On the subject of couriers they have a contractual legal responsibility to the SELLER [it is nothing to do with the buyer] to deliver the stuff, and that includes following the delivery instructions given to them, INCLUDING handing stuff into the stores and not merely dumping it on the road outside where this is specified.. That, is legal FACT. john..
  14. Not so sure a file would help.. A set of spikes would be the thing to have, but it might be a bit tricky getting them in. Patients can and do send off for stuff all the time, mainly off amazon for some reason, but all packages and parcels are opened by ward staff and the contents examined.. I am kind of glad about that too! john..
  15. No, that is the law now.. Here is a quote from the act itself. By the way, this act is the basis that enables paypal to AUTOMATICALLY refund a buyer, [and take the money back off the seller] UNLESS, the seller has signed PROOF of delivery.. Not really fair to sellers, but that is the law now, for better or worse.. Anyway, the act.. Delivery of goods (1)This section applies to any sales contract. (2)Unless the trader and the consumer have agreed otherwise, the contract is to be treated as including a term that the trader must deliver the goods to the consumer. (3)Unless there is an agreed time or period, the contract is to be treated as including a term that the trader must deliver the goods— (a)without undue delay, and (b)in any event, not more than 30 days after the day on which the contract is entered into. (4)In this section— (a)an “agreed” time or period means a time or period agreed by the trader and the consumer for delivery of the goods; (b)if there is an obligation to deliver the goods at the time the contract is entered into, that time counts as the “agreed” time. (5)Subsections (6) and (7) apply if the trader does not deliver the goods in accordance with subsection (3) or at the agreed time or within the agreed period. (6)If the circumstances are that— (a)the trader has refused to deliver the goods, (b)delivery of the goods at the agreed time or within the agreed period is essential taking into account all the relevant circumstances at the time the contract was entered into, or (c)the consumer told the trader before the contract was entered into that delivery in accordance with subsection (3), or at the agreed time or within the agreed period, was essential, then the consumer may treat the contract as at an end. And, THAT, is the law.. Great if you are a buyer, totally crap if you are a seller.. john..
  16. I have absolutely no problem at all with them. It was only some weeks ago that Mark replied to some post i had written about Echo bits, kindly informing me that they were Echo dealers and was there anything they could do to help. To be honest i would have liked to go and have a look see what they got there, especially as i might buy a new Echo saw some time, but Liverpool is a bit of a way away from me!! john..
  17. You know the sale of goods act was repealed some years ago so what you have copied and pasted is all wrong?? john..
  18. I have not had a pop at anyone so sorry if it seemed like that, as that was not my intention at all, i was just asking others their opinion or views. It was only AFTER i placed the order that i realised that it was Skylands at all, as they trade under a different name on Ebay. I have no doubt that the Skyland people are great. Ok, things went a little wrong with my order, that is life, but that can all be sorted out, hardly a matter of life and death now is it.. I have dealt with Honey brothers and they were ok, Gustharts, i have had a lot of them and they are fantastic as you say, super reliable and seemingly a huge stock of everything.. john..
  19. First off; Do you thnk i really care?? At the end of the day they would all be the very first to go potty if THEY had paid for something up front and then [later on] got told by the vendors that they could not guarantee delivery.. Secondly; why would i care if a load of individuals on an internet forum do not agree with me. The law of the land does though, but nobody seems to be able to grasp this.. This says more about them than me.. You know, on this forum i have learnt a lot. Lots of members i have a HUGE respect for, but as in any walk of life, there are some right muppets too, that think they know it all.. Nobody knows everything.. [not even you] john..
  20. OMG.. How many times do i have to say, the LAW OF THE LAND makes them responsible for the actions of the courier company.. If "others" are too dim to understand the various bits of consumer rights legislation that is their problem not mine. Secondly i informed them of the delivery requirements when i placed the order, they could have declined to take the money but did not.. Makes no difference to me if the stuff does not arrive, i paid with paypal so would have got an automatic refund.. I am not remotely interested in what what any members think of me, Why would i be?? They are of course entitled to their opinion, as i am mine.. john..
  21. It is a secure psychiatric hospital, so after the admin staff go home at 4 to 5pm, there is nobody there at all, apart from one or two domestics that finish at 8pm, but they could be in any building on a 60 acre site. After that, there is nobody there at all, apart from the clinical staff on locked wards, so, absolutely nobody there to take in any goods. Besides, all the outer doors of the building are locked, so there is no way in at all.. You are now going to say "how do the patients get there then" Well, they do not just turn up, the system does not work like that.. They are either; 1, assessed in other hospitals and then transferred by ambulance [generally in the early hours of the morning, like 3am] OR, 2, have been arrested by the police under S136 of the mental health act and arrive by police van and get transferred a distance of four feet from a van, into the door of the S136 suite.. It is not remotely like a general hospital.. The stores staff are there to check and receipt deliveries for the entire group of hospitals, they are entitled to go home too you know.. john..
  22. Doug, the law says they have to.. it is not optional on them [skylands] or others either..The law is that; "The retailer is responsible for goods until they are in your physical possession, in the possession of someone appointed by you to accept them or delivered to your nominated safe place." So, it is not a question of is it reasonable of them to guarantee the actions of the third party, [probably not] but the law does not see it that way.. I sell a few things, bit it is ALWAYS royal mail signed for. True, the wrong person could sign and run off with the stuff, but i am not a business seller, once paid, the items no longer belong to me and i am under no obligation to make sure that they arrive. If the buyer wants to take out insurance, send a man in a taxi, or better still cash on delivery, then that is up to them, but for a business seller it isi different, you are responsible fo the actions of the courier too.. It was all well and good of skylands to point out that they could not guarantee that the courier would hand the item into stores stafff, but the problem they have, is the law of the land makes it their responsibility to see that the courier does in fact make sure the goods are physically recieved by me or someone appointed by me [the stores staff] This is a specific legal duty that falls upon them as a mail order firm.. Even if i had agreed to the "non guaranteed" delivery, then, in the case they DID go missing, i would STILL be ok and you cannot get someone to sign away their legal rights, That would be an offence in its own right.. Skylands are the ONLY people to have ever informed me that they could not guarantee delivery... john..
  23. Errm, i am not a business.. john..
  24. When i placed the order, there was a section where you can leave a message for the seller. I do this with everything i order. Here is what i put.. "Hi there, Our stores are open from Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm. All deliveries MUST be received by our stores staff and not just left. We have had a lot of problems with couriers leaving things in other parts of the hospital where they WILL BE LOST OR STOLEN as we are a VERY big NHS hospital.." AFTER i had paid, i got a message some time later telling me that they could not guarantee that the courier WOULD in fact hand the item to one of the stores staff. It does not happen every day, but there are occasions when drivers turn up, and despite big signs telling them that the stores are closed and "items must not be left, ALL items MUST be handed to a member of stores staff" they just dump the items outside and clear off, sometimes leaving items worth tens of thousands of pounds... Now, and this is not aimed at you Doug, for all the brainless know it alls, i paid with paypal, so no proof of delivery, i automatically get my money back anyway, so it would not make any difference to me anyway HOWEVER, i just cancelled the order, as i would not be happy at all, if Skylands posted the stuff, only for it to get stolen.. It would be their loss, not mine, but i try to treat others as i would like to be treated, and if the couriers they use are unreliable [by their own admittance] Skylands are the ones that would lose out. I would not like that to happen and so i cancelled the order.. john..


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