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  1. astra25

    Collecting logs

    Log arch trailer could be a option.
  2. astra25

    Sourcing a elm log...

    Iv collected some elm today thankyou for anyone who has helped me.
  3. astra25

    tree weight

    http://www.woodweb.com/cgi-bin/calculators/calc.pl?calculator=log_weight I use this site.
  4. astra25

    Quartersawn Oak price?

    This is the best way I think which should yield 16 true 90° grain and rays.
  5. astra25

    Sourcing a elm log...

    Yeah please send some pictures would be interested my email is Astra2580@googlemail.com Thankyou.
  6. astra25

    Sourcing a elm log...

    Yeah I'm interested I'll pm you my contact details thankyou.
  7. astra25

    Sourcing a elm log...

    RoughHewn keeps posting pictures of elm in the milling section. Iv actually already spoke to him he hasn't got any full logs suitable at the minute.
  8. astra25

    Sourcing a elm log...

    Hello I'm currently trying to get my hands on a elm log if anyone has one or gets one in the near future. Any advise for who I could try contacting? Size wise somewhere around 20 to 30" diamiter 6 to 8 foot long or anything simular anything considered willing to travel anywhere to collect and don't mind paying good money for a decent log many thanks Wayne.
  9. astra25

    Elm beam dilemma/help needed.

    Thankyou, bottem 10ft still needs blasting once iv done more alterations, took the other chimney off as I would never use it iv took it down all way to ground which will give me flat wall in kitchen for units etc.
  10. astra25

    Elm beam dilemma/help needed.

    Would of been Easyer to build a new house hers a few pics which won't really show the extent of the work but gives you a idea.
  11. astra25

    Elm beam dilemma/help needed.

    Yes it's going to be built into brickwork with bricks above it but it's not load bearing meaning no floor joist or fireplace upstairs sat on it etc. There's plenty of room in turms of flu etc and yeah iv thought about stone but the house is stone with stone lintels above the windows I just didn't want it too look the same as a external lintel and iv got elm boards to turn into furniture for the living room in the future. That's what I'm kind of thinking anyways.
  12. astra25

    Elm beam dilemma/help needed.

    I don't think it will be any different iv looked back at the pictures of when I milled it and it's the same thro out the log. Yeah staining might be a option if it would work good enough if I carnt source a replacement.
  13. astra25

    Elm beam dilemma/help needed.

    Your exactly right and yes it could be cut smaller in length and cut to 2" for a coffee table etc. Trying to source a new log now 😥
  14. astra25

    Elm beam dilemma/help needed.

    I get what your saying but I could use any wood if a wanted to blacken it or hide it with horse shoes etc isn't the look I'm trying to go for lol.
  15. astra25

    Elm beam dilemma/help needed.

    Hello all I've got a bit of a dilemma I'm currently undergoing a major refurbishment of the house I've bought and going to be living in when done. I'm into milling and two years ago I collected a elm log cheap (£50) that had been sat for a few years in a log yard, I cut it down in length and took it home and milled it up making a beam and 2" boards. The issue is because the log was sat with one end exposed to the elements it has gone white and faded which I did notice at the time but didn't think much of it. So iv come to take the beam out the stack, I've belt sanded it so I could see the grain as I need to cut it from 15" to 11.5" and wiped it down with water and the faded end just doesnt look right and I don't think I'm going to be happy with it. It was supposed to be the mantle that gets put in the fireplace I'm going to build out of old handmade bricks with a log burner in etc which would be the main feature of the room. So my options are do I use it and possibly not be happy with it in my forever home or try and source another log/beam? So if anyone has a elm beam big enough would have to be 12" high 5.5/6" deep and 67" or 1.7m long. Or I would travel and buy a log and bandsaw mill it myself into the right size and leave to dry as long as I can before building the fireplace, I could put it off for possibly a year. I've added pic so you can see what I mean and thankyou for reading it all if you got this far. Wayne.


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