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  1. I bought two elm trees yesterday (ulmus procera) from Goscote Nurseries at Leicestershire I'm very happy with them and this is the only company iv found to be selling them they are micro-propagated from trees that have not contracted Dutch Elm disease. Good price too.
  2. Yeah the blade would blunten but shouldn't snap so can be reshaped etc nails also kills chains don't they? But would still be well worth it in terms off milling speed and reduce wastage in sawdust = more wood. Yeah mine's not bad thankyou it will cut 23.5" so not too bad but I can mill bigger logs then that I just slice the bark and sapwood off both sides if need be. It will be much improved once I build a track then I'll have the best of both mobile and track at home.
  3. Looks like with the amount of wood you mill you could do with a bandsaw mill. 👍
  4. I alway buy my phone's and have a SIM only contract I'm paying £19 a month for unlimited text calls and data my phone is a Samsung galaxy s7 cost 350 new a year ago and I usually keep phone's 2 - 3 years then buy new but not the lastest out at the time and I never actually broke a phone.
  5. Interesting thankyou might look into buying a couple. I'm planning a row off trees down my garden which is around 60 meters would like a couple of them to be elms.
  6. Yeah I know what you mean I have also tryed growing cuttings from a ulmus procera tree to clone that which is also local to me only a young tree which originally came from this website which they have now sold out. Iv tryed cuttings 3 separate times with no look they start to grow leaves and look like there doing well then die off and there are no roots started when I look at them. I contacted the site and all the trees they have sold didn't come from cuttings they were grew in a lab which is called tissue culture. Here's the site https://kingco.co.uk/trees/elm-trees-ulmus-species
  7. Not sure I'll have to measure but at a guess about 28-30" diamiter at about 3ft up from ground.
  8. No don't live in a isolated area I'm at chesterfield I'm guessing the tree was young when the main DED affected the uk, but I don't know.
  9. Its not time for the video is it....😭
  10. Cut some 2" or just over cookies from them leave them to dry another 4-6 months and if they are still good then sand and oil them an you have yourself a chopping board. The wood looks very pale for elm and bark looks smith....
  11. Thankyou. Iv planted some seeds from it and the starting to grow. 😀
  12. I think we will see a completely different Joshua in the rematch he will be focused on Ruiz 100% this time just hop he can win the belts back.... He has handled his loss in a very good respectful way tho think everyone would agree.
  13. A local elm tree just up the road from me but unsure which elm it is? I think wych elm? I can take more pictures etc if needed. Thankyou.
  14. Thankyou and yeah that's right my hobby has got out of control ha, I started off milling few small stuff with a chainsaw mill to make projects etc but there was so much wasted wood and noise, each cut your Binning 8mm where a bandsaw is 1.5-2mm max and on logs about foot diamiter milling at 1.25" boards it's far too much wast, so I wanted a bandsaw mill but I didn't have the room for one so I made that and it works grate, I keeped getting bigger logs now lol 32" oak is the biggest iv milled with it I think but you can also take the saw to the log and mill it. But iv got my own house now with some land so I am gona build a track for it in a few years and use it like a normal mill and if I ever need to take it anywhere to mill somthing i can.
  15. Milled this elm Saturday and stacked it Sunday beautiful wood.


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