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  1. That's a shame looked stunning. I enjoy growing trees myself haven't got many acer types tho just sugar maple and norway maple (crimson king).
  2. What type is the 6th picture please?
  3. Thankyou applicate it 👍 Yeah big husky fan have the k760 stone saw too.
  4. What wood is that then just out of curiosity.
  5. I have a few other videos on my channel.
  6. I'm not actually new to milling I built I little chainsaw mill for my 560 with 24" bar cut a couple of logs but it was so slow and wasted too much wood out of small logs so didn't bother doing any more. Then decided to build a bandsaw mill but I had no space for one so I built it Alaskan style works grate cuts 23 1/2" wide cuts then I bought a house been working on this last 3 year so no time for wood but always wanted a proper chainsaw setup for the bigger logs and bandsaw for the smaller stuff. When iv got more time I'm gona get into it a bit more and also build I track for my band mill to turn into a normal mill now I have the space. But to answer you question just looked for months on end for one for sale found it on ebay just before Xmas I think.
  7. Chesterfield, Derbyshire.
  8. Ha lol thankyou 32... don't feel very young life is flying by.
  9. Defiantly is plenty of power for the size of cut etc.
  10. No it's not messy my gf mum is obsessed with candles so I get all her leftovers just stick them in a old pan warm it up and paint it straight on then just blowtorch the log which helps sock the wax in a bit more, got free gas to from plumber mate so free good method.
  11. I seal my logs with old candle wax works great.
  12. First proper go at chainsaw milling with recently purchased panthermill. Very happy with it and the build quality. First log was Ash second oak still have another Ash to go. Cutting speed was actually quite quick.
  13. Just giving people the heads up, Just bought 2 oregon 27ra ripping chains from chainsdirect for £118.80 vs £172.80 on chainsawbars.
  14. I don't even know how I did that I was just trying to comment on the main thred. No offence.


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