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  1. It's been said befor but all concrete is water proof here is a pic where there is wet crap under the concrete but concrete remains dry. Iv worked on a new build house with a basement which the walls were 300mm thick waterproof concrete I don't know how much extra it was for the waterproof addictive that was used but I know it were expensive.
  2. Could also be thankyou. I should take some more pictures of it in a couple of months.
  3. I think you might be right with zelkova I'd never heard or seen it befor iv just been googling it and found this that's looks the same. https://globaltrees.org/threatened-trees/trees/zelkova-sicula/
  4. Where abouts are you please? Why not sell the or give them away let someone else mill them and cart them out etc less hassle for you then.
  5. I put weight on top of my wood load of concrete blocks bricks etc and also you could stack some more wood on top of them for more weight can be any dry wood too. Looking at the pic I can see the straps not stopping the middle of the top board cupping up if it wanted too but it might not some wood types don't move much but some do.
  6. Thankyou and the mill opens up to do a max cut of 27 1/2" or 700mm if needed so not too bad but my chainsaw bar is only 24" anyway. But I never use the chainsaw mill as iv made a bandsaw mill which can cut 23 1/2" wide which is enough for logs I can kind of handle at the minute, plan for the future is to have a big decided chainsaw mill setup to brake down big logs befor bandsaw milling them into boards etc. No time for nothing at minute tho house renovation.....
  7. Iv done this befor with a coffee table size board air dryed it outside for a few years then brought it in the house weight it and kept weighting it every couple of week or once a month written the date and the weight on the wood and once it has stoped loosening wight i know it is correct for my house and ready to be used etc.
  8. I did one cut with my chainsaw mill lol haven't used it for quite a few years now since I made a bandmill, I made it when I got a tig welder and wanted to make something to practice.
  9. I think he has made up his mind... 🤷‍♂️
  10. I think drilling in no1 will be ok just put some big strong washers on both sides.
  11. Looks simple and effective. Thanks for posting, think I'll give that a go myself! Yeah why not little time consuming but save some money and I carnt tell the difference between a new blade and one I have shaped myself so that's good.
  12. I've bought my blades from Stephen cull too I don't do much milling which means I dont do much sharpening but I sharpen my own blades with a little jig this is how I do it. Works really well.
  13. Thankyou yeah will post pics when done but it won't be for a long time unfortunately as I'm still at the building stage of my renovation.


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