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  1. Thanks for the replies. I guess I'll be sticking to machines..
  2. Hello, has anyone tried horse logging on deep peat? I've been wondering if this would work in our forest insteard of building roads to get to the timber.
  3. Hello all, I am needing a lowloader trauler for towing behind a tractor for moving machinery, but I'd also like to use it with bolsters for hauling logs a few miles. I thought I could get a trailer NC, JPM or Herbst type and bolt some thing like the Timbermaxx bolsters onto it when needed. Has anyone tried this?
  4. I have had a pair over a year ago now, very comfortable and lighter than my others. I ripped the arse out of them when lifting a generator, but a bit of extra sewing sorted that..
  5. Aye, they are giving the contracts to South Korea and already planing to close Govan and Scotstoun. This union is so great for us eh... west-26065760BBC News - Govan shipyard likely to close in BAE revamp of Clyde facilities
  6. Well Gnome beat me to it. Get rid of that lot and I'll be much happier. NO head in the sand here!
  7. Salmond is not anti English or the leader of the Yes campaign to start off with. One of his top men is an Englishman, Mike Russel, born in Kent. After we vote for independence (which I'm sure we will ) there is going to be a General Election so Salmond isn't guaranteed to be in Parliament in 2016 when we actually gain independence. There is a lot of nonsense in the media all biased to the Project Fear (the name Bitter Together gave themselves). We have plenty oil to last decades which will enable us to have an oil fund like other countries. The only two nations with no oil fund is Iraq and....Yup, the UK. Squandered on building the ringroad around London and other things..HS2 will be another. We can save 100million a year on getting rid of Trident. Anyone of you down South want it? I guess not! How about the £380 million spent on feeding the pigs at the trough in the house of lords? You can have them for free We also have whisky with more distilleries opening to sell all over the world. Chinese and Japanese can't get enough of it. I enjoy a drop myself too We also have a big tourist industry with the islands up here just the other day being in the top 5 or so to visit in the world. The pound belongs to us too by the way! If there was no currency union it would cost businesses on both sides of the border more than £500 millon per year! There is no need for this, Osbourne is trying to hurt both countries doing this! I have wanted independence for Scotland as far as I can remember, that doesn't mean I hate the English, Welsh or Irish I have many friends from each country and have visited all a few times. Scotland won't be poor and maybe just people down south might open their eyes and think to get rid of the house of unelected lords who govern you too because they had the cash to buy a seat! Here's to an Independent Scotland, England Ireland and Wales!!!
  8. nooie


    I use skin so soft for washing stuff.
  9. I've just started reading it, quite good so far.
  10. I use a sprayer like Darrin posted. I think it was a mix of 2kg to ten litres water.
  11. Thanks for the replies. I will do Sawwork.
  12. Hello all, Does anyone know of any trainers in the North or North West of Scotland for CS30/31? I did my own at the Forestry School, but had to wait two years to do the course as they had to have enough people to run it. I have a couple of guys needing to do it now.. Thanks..
  13. I've had a pair for a while now, they are much more comfortable than my old ones. They are cooler on the legs and have a bunch of pockets for stuff. They seem to be well made like the rest of the Strauss gear. I have had a couple of pairs of normal work trousers coming on for two years now without a tear.
  14. Thanks for all the replies. What does chop and lop mean though?


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