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  1. Looking for some advice on the isuzu grafter n35 trucks. I know there really good and tow like a train. But I've had serious issues with my sprinter van and short journeys causing issues with the dpf. The grafter I'm looking at is a 2008, I guess this will also have a dpf fitted but will I have issues again? Can you manually regenerate these dpfs without doing a 20mile detour? Any advice would be much welcomed. Cheers Jamie
  2. Just trying to find a machine that will cover most of my needs. Jcb 3cxs good powerful digger, front loader, forklift.... be nice to be able to have one machine. Ie if it could run a pan mixer for me it would be ideal. The other option is to run a tractor and trailer and a 360 excavator. PTO the pan mixer and front loader on the tractor but this all comes in at cost. The jcb cx is a bit of a compromise but for what I do it's fine.
  3. Looking into a 1999 project 12 jcb 3cx. What's the chances I could run a pan mixer off the hydraulics? Maybe on the front forks and plumbed into the 4 in 1? Would love to be able to rig some sort of flail mower too? On the back arm or front bucket/forks? Any ideas much welcomed! Cheers Jamie.
  4. Where you based? I'm Brecon, Mid Wales? Just realised that you only do upto C1, if I'm going to do it I might as well do the full C class 2 then it covers me for the future if I want to go bigger.
  5. Hi, cheers for all the help everyone. So I'll do the full course at my local place inc cpc now then. Been quoted £1800 for everything from medical to cpc. Inc vat. So once I pass it would be less hassle to get a 7.5t even though i would have the licence to drive larger. What about having a suitable yard? Can I just park it on the road outside on a restricted/ personal operators licence? What about 6/10 weekly check? I'll only be doing about 6000miles a year. How much road tax would a 2007 tipper be per year? Insurance? I'm 29 so would the insurance be sky high? Cheers Jamie
  6. So it would be worth while to get a 7.5t rather than a 10t to keep things simple? What if I moved my ride on mower to a job with the lorry, would this no longer be private use and now need a cpc?
  7. Hi, I mainly do my own property development stuff now and moved away from doing ground care, but I trust your opinions on vehicles as most are in a similar situation to me. I have my b and e so can tow a trailer legally. But dont enjoy towing heavy trailers much, is it just me? So, doing this development work I move large quantities of soil, rubble etc and my materials I've purchased. I haven't set up a formal business doing this as I've needed to live in the property while doing the work. I own a 12ft ifor tipper but looking at the options of selling this and going for a 7.5t ot 10t tipper lorry and doing my class 2, which at some point I'll end up doing no doubt. Could I run a 7.5t easily as I'm moving my own materials and it's not technically for hire or reward. Would/should I do my CPC? Any other advice is most welcome! Cheers! Jamie.
  8. But is that age 1998 and being a 3.0l classed as a Colorado?? So 2800kg??
  9. Cheers for the replays do far, Seen a 3.0l toyota landcruiser on ebay, I think the age was 1998. What's these like at towing? Doesn't look like it has much hp for towing? Cant find the towing capacity on line either, 2800kg or 3500kg??
  10. Will the van pass mot like that? I will try anything!! Cheers
  11. Hi, long time since i used this forum! Glad to be back! just need to get it on my phone now.. In need of a tow vehicle as my merc sprinter van isnt up to the job and has been a complete money pit. on its 3rd turbo now and still in limp mode. no one knows how to fix it! Got about £4000 to spend, open to any suggestions too! would need to comfortably tow my ifor 12x6 tipper to 3.5t with rubble. Defently manual transmittion. Seen a few discovery 3s on marketplace for about 4k with about 90,000 miles on them 2007 age. Any good or stay clear? I do love the disco3s but never owned one and worry a little about running costs, not fuel costs as will be high towing its arse off anyway. Cheers, Jamie.
  12. I swaped a pickp and trailer to mwb sprinter high roof with the trailer when needed. Its a much better sepup for me now, 90% of the time i just use the van and load the kubota ride on in the van with the etesia walk behind, a couple of strimmers, blowers and a wheel barrow too, all in no problem. Good on fuel compared to the pickup and at the end of a long day i just park the van up and dont have to worry about unloading the flatbed.
  13. My money is allways on a Etesia for wet collecting, no matter how long the grass. If you cant afford to buy new buy second hand, there just as good. Very heavy mower, but standard Etesia cast alu body that will never rust.
  14. i would personally save your money until you can afford something more like a fs460 or husky 545 which will manage long grass easier and will be a better long term investment, these small fs70/94 dont have much grunt to them and tend to get more tangled up in long grass than actually cut it.
  15. Never seen one of these before! Looks a real good simple idea, need serious tourque and sharp blades tho... [/url]


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