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  1. Hey, in the end I never kept it too long. It was great at what it was designed for, which was sub 100mm poker straight Birch. Anything else and it really struggled. I did not have enough of that to justify keeping it. I intended to get something bigger but life got in the way. Ive recently bought a 15kw road tow Diesel Generator for some of my wood working equipment and I really should look into another processor now.
  2. Fell it, mill it. Sticker it. Store it on your premises for 2-5 years and you might make a hundred quid. You could retire.
  3. I’m not overly keen on it myself but I could not find anything better. But that’s a great idea! I’ll look into building something more fitting. That’s if the 6” post has not rotten away by then. 🤣
  4. We’ll see in a few decades I guess. 🤣 My understanding was decay set in at ground level when the wet/dry cycles of being in the earth takes it toll. Slow growth Oak heartwood fully encompassed below ground in concrete with no trapped moisture above. Fully coated in Osmo Hardwax. Id be very surprised if I ever see any rot.
  5. The wife decided not to have a letterbox in the new door so I was tasked with making a letterbox for the end of the drive.
  6. My latest project. Two Ash Slabs joined. Bur Elm Bow Ties and Resin in the cracks etc.
  7. Yes, they get deliveries. They get deliveries and pay a premium on the product due to their location and additional cost of shipping out to a small island. Id want more than £45.
  8. I’d get behind that. Will be fun watching Dave spank these wee laddies.
  9. You’re gonna have to give him more to go on than that. He’s no the brightest spark and with such a scant retort bereft of depth he’ll still be none the wiser.
  10. He's easily confused. He needs his wee chums to tell him how to think before he can form an opinion.
  11. I’m still around. Too much projects to get on with just now the weathers better. Building an Island Countertop on the wet days and leveling the lawn on the dry.
  12. I sell 90% of my meger timber sales through FB Marketplace. 10% through Gumtree.
  13. I see a lot of ring shake in Oak. If I was asked before seeing this post Id have thought it was one of the most common species to get it. Never seen it in Elm, or at least the Elm Ive milled and Im yet to mill Sweet Chestnut in any meaningful quantities. Ive a mate who is a Timber Framer and worked with Oak since he was 15 and see's ring shake all the time, its the first thing he checks for when selecting an Oak Log. Star shake is another issue but not as common as ring shake (from my own experiences)


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