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  1. I've used the mushroom plug patch things before, permanent repair (hopefully), you've got to take the tyre off the rim though. I would buy a magnetic sweeper first.
  2. Saw this, it's almost like a scale model, tweeny drum chipper: Awwww innit cute
  3. Flip-up tool-less angle grinder nut. Simple but handy. https://www.toolstop.co.uk/milwaukee-4932352473-fixtec-quick-lock-release-angle-grinder-nut-m14-thread/?gclid=Cj0KCQjw4PKTBhD8ARIsAHChzRLDDnwmxN1YL1qIq2hu5v-dTP_FQIAdElug6QxnvJ-YM8xfIA1L2JQaArHEEALw_wcB
  4. Have a look at nugent trailers, they won't be any cheaper, but they're certainly well made. You'll still be waiting months though unless a dealer has one in stock
  5. It'd the oldest trick in the book, every so often the admin team on a forum will make up a bogus username and post controversial threads. Probably by russian teenage hackers. Helps keep the overall post count up, and the adverts ticking over. Few weeks ago it was something about ivy. A year or so back there was a strange "window cleaner" etc etc
  6. scbk


    Now it all makes sense
  7. I've not been to Northern Ireland since I was a teenager 20 odd years ago, that tree guard is a scaled down version of what I remember the police stations looking like
  8. Well there's your answer then! Fell the tree and replace it with an artificial xmas tree so you don't have to cut it.
  9. I've done some with larch and they're lasted fine. It would've just been any old scraps of larch that was lying round
  10. You could get a petrol (or diesel!) hydraulic powerpack to run the splitter you currently have. The way they seem to hold their money second hand on ebay etc they're virtually free! (sell it and get your money back) Different makes and models have various outputs, so some will be faster than others.
  11. Bare in mind there are bli30 and bli300 batteries. Bli30 is "homeowner" grade The bli300 is the current biggest (36v 9.4ah) without going up to a backpack battery. Not sure what the story is at the minute, most places seem to be out of stock of the bli300 https://www.redbanduk.co.uk/battery-and-charger-guide
  12. I like how at the start of the video it says "The main raw material is softwood logs" and shows a wood handling yard full of good logs. Then at the end of the video you see the shrink wrapped and plastic strapped bag that says on it "Made from 100% recycled wood" The wood is only recycled because they chipped it in the first place Huge amount of energy and machinery used to smash up logs and stick them back together in the shape of a log, with a bit of waste sawdust mixed in.
  13. It's not that far, just take a day out and go up and see it


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