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  1. I probably consume too much sugar, but can't admit to any of the other things on your list ps you forgot to say bacon gives you cancer
  2. Oh and to top it off, turns out the hydro power scheme won't actually generate any electricity!! It is pumped storage, with the headpond above ground level, and nothing feeding in to it
  3. Proposed Red John hydro power scheme above Loch Ness rejected by Highland Council as "worst planning application" ever encountered; councillors slam lack of flood danger information in wake of Whaley Bridge dam damage in Derbyshire WWW.INVERNESS-COURIER.CO.UK A PROPOSAL for a new hydro scheme above Loch Ness has been rejected by Highland Council as “the worst planning... “We have got a three paragraph section which contains the bemusing phrase that ‘based on estimated annual probability of failure of the embankment the fatality rates are classed as being within a broadly acceptable number’. Could I ask what is a ‘broadly acceptable’ number of fatalities?”
  4. Can you not fix the old mower? I've never used one, but for a small patch of grass I think I would be quite tempted by a battery powered mower.
  5. Surely, the stakes in this case are to support the tubes, to protect the trees from deer
  6. There is a drain, I usually end up having to rod it once a year. Comes from a toilet in a shed so mainly used for jobbies. Aside from possibly not being the best constructed, I think half the problem with it is lack of water going through to clean the pipe out.
  7. Caithness is flagstones, each piece is usually a few foot wide Caithness flag fence at Nipster (C) Alan Reid :: Geograph Britain and Ireland WWW.GEOGRAPH.ORG.UK ND2158 :: Caithness flag fence at Nipster, near to Gillock, Highland, Great Britain by Alan Reid
  8. That's more like what I pay, you can sometimes get cashback too. Once you're found the best deal (not necessarily the cheapest) search on https://www.topcashback.co.uk/
  9. I bought a new cheap generic farm jack off ebay a year or 2 back, it was something silly like £30 delivered, with an adaptor to lift wheels. Bare in mind numerous online retailers (including some that advertise on here) will charge £20-£30 surcharge just for delivery to here! Anyway the jack does the job fine, has pulled out big posts, mesh, roots, lifted machinery, sheds, clamped wood etc. Ps have never heard of or seen a slate fence before, looks beautiful.
  10. Nevermind drones disrupting aircraft, they're after the busses now too!! Near-miss for passengers as drone hits bus travelling from Fort William to Inverness near Loch Ness WWW.INVERNESS-COURIER.CO.UK BUS passengers and their driver had a lucky escape after a drone crashed into their vehicle close to a major tourist...
  11. Did hear of someone locally sending a couple loads of good elm logs down south to England on an artic though. Ps will be off to the Black Isle Show soon......
  12. Yes big dead elms everywhere, most of it goes for firewood. But is that a bad thing, considering how much saw mill quality softwood gets incinerated by balcas, just to make a few watts of electricity so someone can sit infront of a telly watching love island. Renewable innit.


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