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  1. https://www.chrisbowers.co.uk/ Chris Bowers and Sons Whispering Trees Nurseries Wimbotsham Norfolk PE34 3QB Has anyone on here successfully bought trees off the above company? I ordered and paid for a few apple trees back in the middle of November, I think delivery was quoted as "late november onward". Middle of december, not heard anything so I asked and they said it will be "going to despatch in the new year," Then today they send a slip out in the post saying "we are estimating delivery for mid-late February...." "....we have ample stocks and your order is reserved with your name on it.." The note in the post came in a hand written envelope! The order was only for 4 trees, you wouldn't think it would take them this long to pull them out the ground and put them in a box Does anyone local to the area know the nursery, are they even still trading
  2. scbk


    Fly tippers at it again:
  3. If you want easy start, press a button?
  4. Terrasaur is a good blade, but it's just for cutting roots
  5. I don't know the other makes, but the balfor with 700mm blade can cut 300mm timber (750mm can cut 325mm). But at that sizes almost as easy using a chainsaw on the ground anyway (as in lifting the bloody logs!) A tct blade will cut a huge amount of wood, never needing sharpened
  6. What about a circular saw bench, advantage with a tct blade is no chain to sharpen Balfor do a range with petrol/electric/pto power, conveyors, splitters etc
  7. Always worth having a look on ebay etc, you can sometimes get some good deals, direct from small nurseries and growers. I did well a couple of years ago with a local nursey that was closing down and had trees advertised on gumtree, then used some 2nd hand tubes, and ripped down some larch stakes from a pile of offcuts
  8. Handbags strewn across the floor in here! Maybe we need a separate thread for covid discussion In other news, a man on a bike went missing in 2017 on a remote road in the Highlands. Last seen passing the Bridge of Orchy hotel at 23.30. Quite a sad story, never any trace of the man, his bike, or his belongings, the ride was for charity, and the family have never found out what happended. Bridge of Orchy: https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@56.5177734,-4.7686894,3a,75y,187.52h,81.97t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sAgFOJl6LsdNp9tssWPRwFw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656?hl=en-GB Just popped up today that 2 guys have been arrested https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-tayside-central-55514866
  9. Thank feck they have a nightingale hospital then Nightingale Hospital Birmingham NIGHTINGALE-BIRMINGHAM.NHS.UK
  10. I'm sure there was one on youtube, an american guy built a huge one, and he filled it either using a machine or conveyor? Obviously with proper slatted sides, and probably big enough to get a year or two's worth in. I find emptying a bay of a log shed disappointing and satisfying at the same time
  11. Apparently the one in Glasgow has still never had any covid patients through the door NHS Louisa Jordan Hospital | Robertson WWW.ROBERTSON.CO.UK Keeps the shareholders happy though eh
  12. Now I know very little about the different stove manufacturers but googling ecosy stoves and it says "The best value group of stoves in the UK. Expertly developed in Hampshire" So I take it that means made in the far east and shipped over to a warehouse in Hampshire? Nothing wrong with made in China if it's done to a high standard, but I hate it when companies try and bend the truth.
  13. scbk

    Hand mounding

    This video just came up on youtube The guy reckons it's better on steep ground than tracks


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