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  1. Logsplitter valve

    Interesting Is there any disadvantages, like shorter lifespan of valve, extra wear on the rest of the hydraulic system, or lots of heat created in high speed mode?
  2. Logsplitter valve

    Has anyone used one of the rapid extend valves, are they any good? Also seen them advertised on ebay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/LSR-3060-3-RAPID-EXTEND-LOG-SPLITTER-VALVE-/162259296201?hash=item25c7685fc9:m:mXWlkNXaaeE9zP5AR9smX3A
  3. Logsplitter valve

    Exact same thing here, handle has broke (and been replaced by threaded road) a few times. It's only m8, which is a bit thin in my opinion. And the cast alloy part has broke too!!!
  4. Stake knocker

    I like that
  5. Logsplitter valve

    Just wondering, where/how did they break? I had a flowfit one break too. As you say don't think they're very well made
  6. The Wee Chipper Club

    There's a Greenmech CS100 on ebay at the minute not a million miles from you, £3200, assuming it's all legit, that would be worth a look
  7. log storage

    Yes probably about the same, per kg!
  8. Have you tried our Rotatech chainsaw chains?

    The rotatech chains seem ok but one set I ordered took about 3 weeks to come! Customer service seems a bit poor/slow
  9. The Wee Chipper Club

    Bare in mind aswell, the greenmech uses a B&S Vanguard, which is a commercial grade engine, different kettle of fish. Like comparing a professional Stihl/Husqvarna chainsaw with a domestic saw from the same brand.
  10. walking hiking boot

    Hoggs make good quality boots, both safety and non-safety
  11. Should tell folks that you're getting a referral bonus out of it though eh......
  12. £1200 for a bonfire

    Where's that black walnut video lol
  13. £1200 for a bonfire

    Folks always like these adverts, £1200 to collect someone's bonfire pile https://www.gumtree.com/p/outdoor-settings-furniture/bulk-load-of-firewood/1258565753
  14. No more beaded hand cleaner?

    Yes I bought some stuff in lidl years ago that was "wood flour" based, that was really good but have never seen it since. I wonder if you could make your own using a fine sawdust?
  15. Tried to buy a couple more big tubs of beaded hand cleaner on amazon (good price), but the order got refunded the next day. So I emailed to ask why, and the response was : "Hello, unfortunately the government have now banned microbeads, so the manufacturers are no longer able to produce this product, we have now deactivated the listing Sorry for any inconvenience caused Regards" First I'd heard of this?


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