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  1. I always like this guys videos, this is from just the other day
  2. 3kva bulldog generator

    Does it not say on the old fuse? Usually tiny writing, on one of the metal ends.
  3. Saw benches

    They're 2 or 3 times the price of the chinese saw benches. But going by the ebay link above, chinese one weighs 120kg, balfor weighs 200kg! Which is quite a difference
  4. The Wee Chipper Club

    I had a problem with mice eating the pre filter, and for a while I was removing the air filter after use and putting it in a plastic tub. We used to have an old moggy who was lovely, but hopeless at hunting. When she died, we got 2 kittens from a semi feral mother, and they dealt with the mice!!
  5. new digger option

    Sorry to derail the thread, but if the tracker is gps only, will it work inside a container/van/tin shed etc?
  6. Small chipper help

    http://www.greenmech.co.uk/product/cs-100/ Seems a fair price, you could probably use it for a few years, sell it, and get most of that back!
  7. Small chipper help

    I'm sure the Jansen (and all the other copies) have their use, but you can't really compare a machine made in china on a budget, to one made in the UK, or Europe for Jo Beau
  8. You should post up your location, might get some second hand ones. If you were local to me I could probably find you some
  9. Firewood buyer needs advice....

    Why do you want kiln dried wood? It will either be imported, or a by product of some money grabbing RHI scheme Bad for the environment and bad for the economy. All you need to do ask round locally for recommendations for a seasoned firewood supplier
  10. Brushcutter Advice

    For brambles you want a metal blade (ideally mulching), so you don't need a huge machine for that. I use a 35cc four stroke with a mulching blade which is just fine Also have a 53cc two stroke with a thick line. That machine isn't nice with a blade on, too much power.
  11. Road towable log splitter

    Do the Oxdale splitters not have a curved blade like an axe? Seems a strange idea?
  12. Using aspen in a woodchipper

    You most have deep pockets, you could use 20-30l of petrol for a full days chipping! So in aspen that would be £80-£120!! And it's not wise to be switching between petrol and aspen (imo) as the petrol softens the rubbers and the aspen hardens it up.
  13. Towable / walking backhoes

    Just seen this, self build machine on tracks for £3400 + vat lol https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Kit-120-Degrees-Micro-Mini-Digger-Excavator-3-400-VAT-Self-Assembly/292365453155?hash=item441256c763:g:uW0AAOSwsW9YySbL
  14. I hate it when.......

    A bank that hasn't been closed down would be a nice thing. Not many left, and their hours are getting shorter ps have never tried a £100 note in a self service till.....
  15. Husqvarna 435 advice

    The husky 435 is a decent enough wee saw, but it does feel very plasticy. The 15" bar they come with is a bit too much, better with a 13".


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