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  1. Now you're just being picky! Funeral directors don't seem shy with their pricing, and that'll be a growth industry at the minute?
  2. Amazon doing their own deliveries is a new thing round here, and all their drivers* I have met so far are eastern europeen and struggle finding their way about? Obviously amazon are hoping to make more money doing it this way, but you wonder what was wrong with giving the work to royal mail and the posties. *I imagine they're self employed?
  3. Mobile solar electric fencer. £50 solar panel and charge controller from amazon, £10 john deere battery from scrappy a few weeks ago. It's a bit overkill but hey gotta guard my toilet roll!!
  4. Hey don't knock him, the pallet was going spare anyway
  5. For what it's worth, they were saying on the news tonight Scotland is about 2 weeks behind the rest of the UK (aka london!) with the virus
  6. Read it again, if you're an anti social bastard they are saying you're fine to work?
  7. Coronavirus (COVID-19): business and social distancing guidance - gov.scot WWW.GOV.SCOT Guidance for businesses in Scotland on social distancing, including the closure of all retailers... Be Responsible In this public health crisis it is vital that ALL businesses act responsibly and align fully with the social distancing measures introduced to protect the nation’s heath, well-being and economic future. As such we would advise all business premises, sites and attractions to close now unless: essential to the health and welfare of the country during this crisis (as defined below); or supporting (or being repurposed to support) essential services; or capable of working in a way which is fully consistent with established social distancing advice; or wider public health, health and safety or other considerations apply and require a facility or service to continue to operate or a specific period of time for a safe shutdown process to be completed.
  8. scbk

    Big Saw Small Money

    Dyslexic Husky: Gasoline CHAINSAW HUS372 Gasoline 71CC CHAIN SAW Powerful Chainsaw 18" Blade WWW.EBAY.CO.UK Cylinder bore 50 mm. 1 x 372 CHAIN SAW. Chain lubricant tank capacity 0.4 liters. Chain lube pump flow 4-20 ml / min...
  9. I've never tried making a coffin before, I wonder if there's much money in them? There's going to be a huge demand in the next few weeks.
  10. scbk

    Lock Down?

    Just out of interest, have you had 'the letter' asking you to go back in?
  11. I have been self employed since being a teenager, that's been my choice. I've never claimed a benefit, and never want to. I've never had any loans or finance (apart from mortgage), all the machinery etc is mine 99% of my work is on my own, in rural areas, I have been socially distancing my whole life!! I wasn't working today, and plan on not working during the lock down. I had people on the phone today wanting to book me in! My work isn't essential. It can wait.
  12. scbk

    Radio earmuffs

    Just searched my old emails to find out the date - I bought a set of 3M/Peltor "worktunes" radio earmuffs in 2015, direct from the USA on ebay. Since then they have had a huge amount of use, all year round, although I usually chicken out of using them when it's absolutely tipping it down. They run on 2 AA batteries, I use rechargeables, and it's probably been the same pair of batteries the whole time, you get a good few days work from a charge. The muffs are am/fm and 3.5mm input, although I've never used the jack. The sound quality is really good. You should be able to fit them to a helmet, the mountings look the same.
  13. Have you tried paper sacks? Then when the sack is empty it can be used for lighting the fire, reused, recycled, or composted?
  14. To be honest I paid less than than for a 2nd hand Waker, the real deal with a Honda engine. It has done a huge amount of work, doesn't owe me a penny. And is probably still worth what I paid for it?!
  15. There was a wifey on the telly news saying the shop was out of bog roll, "but it's alright, I've bought some kitchen towel"


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