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  1. scbk


    94 year old female monarch. GSOH, own palace. Seeking male for like minded fun. Ask for Liz.
  2. scbk

    Celtic electro dance

    New song from the brother & sister duo:
  3. Och I dunno, it seems a bit of a trip hazzard to me? If you weren't careful, you could kick the bucket?
  4. I always mean to come on here and ask, how did you get on with propane in the end Woodworks?
  5. Yes that would be great
  6. Does such a thing exist off the shelf? I'm after a tank for diesel to sit on a small machine. Would really have to be steel for strength as it would be exposed. Ideally 10l or 15l capacity. Any ideas?
  7. Bright yellow paint! I got a van load of paint for free when a local organisation was having a clearout. Hundreds and hundreds of litres of all different types of paint, emulsion, oil based, gloss, eggshell, masonary, etc, in loads of different colours. Ended up with about 100l of bright yellow paint that I'm really struggling to find a use for.
  8. scbk

    Ray Mears

    Does anyone else remember this guy, I always though he was quite good
  9. I was thinking, with the platform, the next mod must surely be a canopy to keep the rain off the operator?
  10. Yep all the times on modern wheel barrows/sack trucks etc I've had a flat tyre..........It's rarely actually a puncture, mainly the wheels/tyres/innertubes falling apart
  11. I put puncture proof (solid foam type) tyres on a couple of barrows. Not as nice to push as pneumatic but better than picking up the barrow and finding a flat. I like the look of the heavy duty trailer tyres!
  12. Have you tried the granberg clip n trim? Granberg clip and trims - Chainsawbars WWW.CHAINSAWBARS.CO.UK Granberg clip and trims
  13. Yes I've had it for about a year and a half
  14. Police issue appeal for information after trees cut down and removed from woodland in the Highlands WWW.INVERNESS-COURIER.CO.UK Police are appealing for information following the reported theft of trees from woodland in the Highlands.


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