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  1. scbk

    What genny to buy?

    You could even have a solar panel charging a 12v system for a couple of lights/chargers
  2. scbk


    The giveaway with the woodmizer is the photos, Skye doesn't look like that!!
  3. scbk

    Dolly wheel mod

    The foam tyres are good but the bearings are rubbish, they don't last long on a sack truck with heavy use. You can get replacement bearings for a couple quid but they don't last any longer. The good wheels are the magliner ones, but you need deep pockets.
  4. scbk

    What to do with a broken 346xp?

    I've no doubt that in 20 years time we'll all be running about with battery chainsaws, hedge cutters, etc, and we'll be trying to explain to youngsters what 2 stroke was. Ps just fitted an ebike kit to my bicycle, wow, great fun!
  5. scbk

    What to do with a broken 346xp?

    Mike Pepler, the celebrity! Recognise the name from years ago on youtube!
  6. Maybe I had a bad pair, but I had the same boots a good few years ago, and they didn't last long, the sole fell off
  7. scbk

    Queen to cut down Windsor trees

    What is wrong with the Queen. Why would you cut down trees just to get a bit of wood out of it. Can she not go down to a timber yard like everyone else. Would somebody please think of the children
  8. scbk

    How best to preserve a Bog Fir rootplate

    You've never seen it then! Old gaelic boy doing odd jobs on folks houses. The only annoying thing is half the time he bodges the job with PVC and silicone! And he likes a good sing and dance
  9. scbk

    How best to preserve a Bog Fir rootplate

    Interestingly, on the episode of "DIY le Donnie" (BBC Alba) tonight, there was a community garden, and the folks were painting a dug out stump/roots with wood hardener, to try and preserve it. Suppose it's a bit like the resin idea. Don't know how well it would last.
  10. This just came up on my youtube. Think I've seen a similar machine before. Just looks like a nice simple relaxed way of producing logs from thin lengths
  11. scbk

    Which small chipper to buy...

    Hedge waste as in cuttings from a hedge cutter? A chipper isn't going to help much with that
  12. scbk

    Making the news today....

    One of the best known faces in Inverness ,apparently accused of rape, and runs off to the US to fake his own death https://www.kion546.com/news/sheriffs-scottish-man-fakes-disappearance-at-monastery-beach/1046018812
  13. In today's news....... https://www.inverness-courier.co.uk/News/Shock-at-extent-of-tree-felling-by-the-Caledonian-Canal-in-Inverness-01032019.htm
  14. scbk

    Show us your fencing!!

    If you've got a petrol cut off saw (stihl saw) get a terrasaur blade, about £100
  15. Yew's aren't good for your health. Have you seen the mortality rate around churches that have yew trees outside. Dead bodies everywhere.


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