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  1. Can you not get a pipe in the stream further up, to avoid pumping. Just reminded me of chatting to a couple of council workers who were putting a pipe in a burn for an animal trough. Don't know why the (cash strapped) council was doing it and not the farmer, maybe it has to be done "properly" to tick the boxes. It was just a length of mdpe wedged under a stone.
  2. A bigger gate Finger bar on an excavator? You haven't posted a photo. How thick is the stuff you're trying to cut? The chainsaw hedgecutter attachment is useful but pricey for what it is
  3. I'm not interested in student surveys so not gonna click the link
  4. scbk


    I made a small pond in the garden this year (with a solar powered fountain), first wildlife I saw in it was a dead hedgehog . (the pond has a ramp but that clearly didn't help) I don't think I've ever seen a live hedgehog!
  5. I've a friend who like to do waste oil then chuck sand at it. Wouldn't fancy working on one of his vehicles
  6. Just wondering what paint/rust treatment people are using for painting underneath vehicles, chassis etc. We're not talking classic restoration here, just old workhorses that you want to get a few more years out of. Ideally brush applied as it's the lazy "slap a bit on at a time" option Have used all sorts over the years but not really sure what keeps the rust at bay best Waxoil Hammerite type all in one paint Red oxide primer normal gloss Bitumen paint Underbody sealant Vactan (rust converter) Stonechip paint Have also seen tins advertised as "chassis paint" ie : https://bearmach.com/black-chassis-paint-5l-ba-4692?glCountry=GB&glCurrency=GBP&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIx7r4___25AIVTbTtCh34zg72EAQYASABEgKN2_D_BwE Searching online you get more reference to classic cars and 'no expense spared' paintjobs, not what I'm after
  7. scbk


    Found 2 frogs/toads in this pile I was doing yesterday, they were lucky I spotted them before them got squashed The logs had been there for many years, and were really well stuck together, took a fair bit of effort just to separate them.
  8. What auger etc have you chosen, and do you think the machine with run and work with it well?
  9. How did you get on Dan, did you fit an auger in the end, is it any good?
  10. Knock off high lift jack from ebay. Had one already for 2yrs, just got a 2nd one. Probably not as good as the real thing, but good enough for me £36 in total - delivered! Some places would charge you 20 quid just for the p+p on a small box to the Highlands
  11. The best thing they could have done is offer him a free dessert, and mix a turd in the chocolate sauce
  12. I would've thought the best thing (for one or two trees) would be ring it up with a chainsaw, then a go through it with good splitter
  13. I like the fact they even acknowledge that you might have to go to the toilet!
  14. Same, I don't like answering to numbers that aren't local as it will often be junk, but sometimes it does surprise me and you'll get someone with a holiday home or whatever. In saying that, don't think anything good has ever came from a London (020) call


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