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  1. My mate used to eat a tin of grapefruit every morning, he said it makes you shit out the fat
  2. Got an old Danarm hanging up in the shed Was given it by someone I had done some work for, when he was moving house he had me round, double garage to empty, kinda take what you want, filled the van to the neck, including a floor standing pillar drill (gave him a few quid for that) Also got some old 2-man pull saws rescued from another place. And various old hand tools. They will never get used but nice history to me. I've never even tried to fire up the Danarm, but the guy said he'd had it running.
  3. Wow that is mental. There's a road that runs past with streetview: Google Maps WWW.GOOGLE.COM Find local businesses, view maps and get driving directions in Google Maps. Tens of thousands of cows and bare soil as far as the eye can see
  4. The ideal combination for working in your own small woodland imo would be a top of the range battery saw (husky 540ixp) and a 60-ishcc petrol saw (husky 365)
  5. I wouldn't be worried about the fuel, but more the saw in general - ie is it stolen?
  6. I bought a timbercroc last year, it's good, works really well. Just jam any old bit of wood in and it holds it solid. If you're a lot to do though it would be a bit tedious picking all the bits of wood up off the ground. Circular saw bench you can park a barrow at the side and catch the logs in it.
  7. We were very close to getting a deposit return scheme in Scotland, supermarkets had built extra covered areas, started putting machines in etc. For me it would be a pain. As it is currently, you put your plastic bottles and drinks cans in your recycling wheelie bin and it is collected from your house. Glass you take to bottle banks which are in every village. Instead, you will get charged more for the item in the first place, and have to carry it all the way back to a supermarket, que up and fiddle about with a giant vending machine that will probably be as reliable as a self service checkout. So recycling would be more work than it is now.
  8. I've never had a vehicle with a DPF, but as I understand it the system is linked to the GPS data, so it will do a regen when passing through an area with social deprivation, as the kids have less to look forward to in later life anyways.
  9. scbk

    Not ideal

    It's a mk6 transit so 20 odd years old, probably rotten. My mate had a photo of his renault master, newer than this, with the body in a similar position, it ripped off by the hinges! (rust) Luckily for him he was tipping at home so saved a red face of it happening in public
  10. You get them on a lot of machines now, it's for the operating manual
  11. You wouldn't operate a chainsaw without appropriate training - WOULD YOU??!?
  12. Just got this for the other half, alloy frame, hydraulic disc brakes, 700c wheels Total cost including delivery - £98!
  13. What sort of pulley were you using for the zip wire on the steel wire rope? I used a cheap one and it got worn pretty quickly
  14. Have you lost yours, or is it damaged...?


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