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  1. scbk

    D.I.Y Chip box, allu planking help.

    Ironically when I was browsing ebay the other day I spotted this https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ingemex-dropside-body-new-unused-body-3-8m-x-2-1m-peugeot-boxer-1100-VAT/113420907080 "Year 2018 body, fitted to a new chassis cab for the purpose of getting it through an IVA test only, then removed. Never carried a load, never been used for anything other than the test."
  2. scbk

    Petrol mix

    Most of the cheap Chinese engines say a 25:1 mix, but on a good quality oil 50:1 is fine.
  3. scbk

    The Wee Chipper Club

    Another option is chipping into tonne bags, and maybe moving them with a cart like this : https://www.tcfengineering.co.uk/brash-cart.html Or using the tall skinny barrow bags (similar size to a wheelie bin) and moving with a sack barrow.
  4. scbk

    january flowers

    I think it's time to take off the tree tubes
  5. scbk


    When's retirement age? I know self employed guys in their 70s/80s. One guy is 90 this spring and still working.
  6. scbk

    Ebay Felling Levers

    I think most of the big brand ones ie Stihl, Husky, Oregon, Bahco come out of the same factory?
  7. scbk

    january flowers

    What part of the country, out of interest? Snow drops here just starting to poke there heads up. What I couldn't believe I saw last week (wish I'd taken a photo) was a rhododendron coming out into flower - the same week as hogmanay! Only about 4 months too early!
  8. scbk

    after a pressure washer

    Worth buying that one on ebay just for the name, wido/wideo
  9. scbk

    Advice on machinery for moving timber

    I would've thought the ideal machine for moving timber and general small holding duties would be a smaller tractor with a front loader
  10. Ps don't want to sound like a snitch as it's none of my business, there's someone I've seen advertising hardwood logs on gumtree. I split the wood for him, and there was a lot of softwood in the pile! Now I like a mix of hard and soft, but you'd hope to get what has been advertised.
  11. For some reason, people would rather buy "seasoned" wood from a bloke with an advert on gumtree/facebook, then moan about the fact it is soaking wet, then do the same again next year?
  12. scbk

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    No doubt it had one when new, but there was nothing left. I've wired it up to the ignition live feed, with a switch by the dozer blade lever.
  13. scbk

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    Finally got round to fitting a led worklight to the Kubota k008 - the hardest part is finding somewhere to put the switch where it won't get knocked (and running the cable) as it's so tight on space Also making good use of the digbits thumb on rough woodchip
  14. scbk


    Also https://www.cats.org.uk/house-a-mouser
  15. scbk


    My hens are on a "Trigger happy" feeder, it's basically a piece of metal that drops though a hole in a drum http://triggerhappychickens.co.uk/


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