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  1. scbk

    115mm vis-a-vis 125mm grinder and discs

    A lot of the time 125mm discs will fit in 115mm grinders. You sometimes get 125mm discs for a good price in lidl
  2. It will be a different set up down south as it is to in north Scotland- Up here they keep making it harder to donate? I used to go all the time, they run the sessions in an evening in village halls etc. You could just rock up whenever you get the chance. Now you can't go, you have to book an appointment? And you have to take along the form the send you out in the post etc I'm sure they made the "opening hours" shorter too Maybe ok if you're retired but not much use for self employed/working folk - I've not been since
  3. scbk

    Durable fencing timbers? Do they exist anymore..

    I've never used them, but have you looked at the octoposts? https://www.octopost.co.uk/
  4. scbk

    Work on a footpath - Signage, pedestrian management etc.

    Most of what's in/around the barrier looks like half an hour with a strimmer? Do most of the hedge with a flail, and tidy up any small bits with a hedge cutter if needed? If it was the council/roads maintenance contractor they would just sit a transit there half on the pavement with beacons on - the road is plenty wide enough for it. Ideally with someone on pedestrian look out duties
  5. scbk

    Best ear defenders/muffs?

    3M Worktunes
  6. scbk

    Electric start stump grinder

    If you're stuck, it's not too big a job to add electric start to a Honda GX engine - probably the same for others too
  7. Don't forget to do your leafblower ticket so you can tidy up the sawdust afterwards
  8. Well, sort of! Forest Enterprise apparently have no 20ft Norway spruce they want to sell https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-highlands-islands-45796442
  9. scbk

    Need a 2nd, bigger more powerful Saw, 20" +

    I think you need 2 new saws, a 50cc-ish and a 70cc+ Pick whatever brand you can get locally, and you like the colour of!
  10. scbk

    Anyone Got One Of These?

    Also what are you going to use it for - a bed like that is ok for general use but not great for carting soil about
  11. scbk

    Anyone Got One Of These?

    Doesn't look very strudy for carrying half a ton. For the money you could possibly get a 2nd hand tracked barrow from a good make like honda
  12. scbk

    Northern Arb ...... Please wake up .

    They're probably a bit like a budget airline - at the lower end of the price bracket, and it's either fine or cr@p
  13. scbk

    what logs have you been chopping today!

    Splitter and saw bench on the go today, just in time for some of these logs, Birch was on it's last legs
  14. They need to join the Fort Augustus Rally Team https://www.alamy.com/stock-photo-fart-in-capitals-fart-the-fart-initials-of-the-fort-augustus-rally-6521380.html
  15. scbk

    Strimmer mid

    This is a good mod though :


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