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  1. scbk

    Stihl Combi Cans!!

    Why would you take the spouts off?
  2. scbk

    Brewing up

    I hate to tell you but I've had a cheap 1lt stainless flask from Tesco for about 10years, it has been dropped dozens and dozens of times but still keeps the tea warm, it only cost a couple of quid.
  3. scbk

    Muck truck/power barrow

    Home from home
  4. scbk

    Muck truck/power barrow

    Overloaded.......the skip is off another machine
  5. scbk

    Muck truck/power barrow

  6. scbk

    Muck truck/power barrow

    You can get larger machines with footplates. The problem would be controls would be at the wrong height, and the added weight of operator! The walk will do you good
  7. scbk

    Muck truck/power barrow

    Wheeled or tracked power barrow is a choice to make (I have both) Tracks will go anywhere, but turning will mark the ground Wheels are faster, won't rip the grass up when turning, and (esp. on a hard surface) tyres will last longer than tracks. The genuine muck truck is a great bit of kit, very simple, not much to go wrong. A walk behind machine will tow, but you usually have to do it in reverse which can be fairly slow! If there's long distances and money involved then the load capacity will be a problem. If you're just pottering about in your own time, or working in tight spots, then a power barrow is ideal. I think when I bought my Muck Truck Max it was about 1600 +vat new, probably gone up since
  8. scbk

    what logs have you been chopping today!

    Dead elm and fresh beech
  9. scbk

    Should I Invest

    For similar money (if the price is to be believed!) you can get 3,500 acres of hillside https://www.uklandandfarms.co.uk/rural-property-for-sale/scotland/highlands-and-islands/36230_edr180007/
  10. scbk

    Should I Invest

    It's a peatbog in Caithness with a conifer plantation on top, the price is probably about right!
  11. scbk

    Fastest splitter costing over £ 1500

    The only problem with a bigger blade is you lose power (or need a bigger ram to push it) as there is more surface area. And then the problem with a bigger ram is you lose speed (or need a bigger pump/engine to power it) And then the problem with a bigger engine is it costs more to buy, run, and isn't as compact. Swings and roundabouts! Or course if the machine is only ever going to be used in a nice big level yard then being compact isn't an issue Oh and I've always wondered if a good splitter could be made using a scrap diesel car. An old Peugeot engine with no computers would be good?
  12. scbk

    Fastest log splitter under £500

    You're not going to get much for £500 How much have you got to split and what size/species? Post up a photo
  13. scbk

    Anyone seen this video? One word- stumps!

    I'm still working towards the leafblower ticket
  14. scbk

    Wire rope winch on steep slopes

    How steep is the bank, is there any easier way down, maybe even from the other side of the river (how wide/deep is it?) A track barrow is a great bit of kit, and you could possibly buy a good 2nd hand one, use it for a year, then sell it for about what you paid for it.
  15. Not very easy to film one handed.............


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