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  1. The Rock machinery one is advertised as "fully towable on UK roads up to a maximum speed of 45mph." Unlike the other similar china made splitters, it does have suspension
  2. One of them will be his lock! A couple spanners might break one of the padlocks, assuming you can't do anything at the hinge side
  3. Socket set in at lidl at the minute, £35 and you get a lot in it, 1/2" and 1/4" drive, 4-32mm sockets, deep sockets, spark plug sockets, torx, hex, screwdriver bits etc etc etc Seems decent enough quality, handy box for keeping in the van
  4. Not a very exciting article, but you know something's not right when the government is effectively suing itself CalMac sues Scottish government over ferry routes WWW.BBC.CO.UK The legal action is part of a dispute over the Northern Isles service contract awarded to Serco.
  5. I've never had sky, or any subscription tv service We don't watch a huge amount of tv, and was actually thinking about cancelling the tv licence over the summer, just too busy, seemed to go weeks without turning the telly on
  6. Anyway, back to the topic! I wonder if it would work to get some promotional type ceramic mugs printed up, and have them for sale at a low price with an honesty box, people can then bring them back and reuse them, or take them home and reuse. No waste then
  7. If you phone them up, they take your postcode then say they can't offer you a service? (In the past, it was always the 'water board' who emptied septic tanks.) That's cheap, cost me nearly £500 But if it needs done there's not much you can do.
  8. Clark Forestry make one too, handy thing to have Log Jack | Clark Forest : Forestry Tools WWW.CLARKFOREST.COM The Professional Log Jack from Clark easily lifts logs from the ground for fast and efficient cross cutting, Log Jack comes...
  9. I don't know the politics of it, but Scottish Water (publicly owned) don't empty septic tanks anymore (unless you're on a contract maybe?) so joe bloggs with a septic tankhas to get a private contractor in. And Scottish Water seemingly don't allow private contractors to empty at their water works, so it all has to get trucked out. I had a friend who had has emptied with a slurry tanker and spread onto fields, probably better for the environment!
  10. My view on things is always going to be slightly different, as I live somewhere where everything is taken in and out by road, including rubbish. I recycle very little paper, I see it's more useful to burn it or compost it, than send it off for recycling, which would no doubt be at a paper mill down in England somewhere? Even raw sewage is loaded onto HGVs and driven 150 odd miles away, as the publicly owned water company have all but stopped collecting from septic tanks
  11. Burning plastic (and generating useful heat) isn't great for the environment, but neither are the "eco friendly" alternatives, which probably produce more co2 in production and transport. Makes me think of the plastic wrapped cucumbers: The plastic packaging paradox WWW.BBC.CO.UK Good packaging prevents waste, but too often becomes pollution. "The trade-off is hard to fathom. Depending on how much of the heavier, recyclable packaging would in practice be recycled, you might find that the lighter, non-recyclable packaging actually generates less waste. And once you start looking into plastic packaging, this kind of counterintuitive conclusion comes up all the time. Some packaging is a foolish waste. But are shrink-wrapped cucumbers really so silly if it means they stay fresh for 14 days rather than three? Which is worse 1.5g (0.05oz) of plastic wrap or entire cucumbers going off before being eaten? Suddenly it's not so obvious.".
  12. I wonder if the best disposable cups for the environment would be the cheapest "normal" paper cups (that have the plastic lining) and then getting them put into separate bin so you can burn them. Ok, you'll be burning plastic, but a tiny amount, and if they go on a stove, you're getting some use out of it. And the impact of making the cups is probably a hell of a lot lower than the "eco friendly" versions.
  13. These are 2 different things Having a knarly old lump of oak sat looking at you, smouldering away for hours isn't very efficient, it gives off more pollution, and doesn't give off much heat. What is the main source of heating in the house? For efficiency, I would think as a minimum, you want to be able to get atleast 3 logs on the fire at once, so it would depend on the size of the stove.
  14. Thanks to the snp, it's cheaper to buy Scotch whisky in England, than in the country it's made!


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