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  1. That is some skill!! You'd think it would be easier without the gloves though? The recommended video that came up after that was this, skip towards the end, that is some hedgecutter, looks like it has a cut of about 2m
  2. Thanks everyone Never did update this thread, got the above erbauer 15kg breaker. When I looked it up, the dewalt with anti vibe handles was £700+, which is a bit much for the amount of use it would currently get with me. The erbauer is ok, defiantly a help on post holes. The downside is the obvious one, the length of the chisel, and that you can't buy longer. Maybe at somepoint I'll see if I can weld 2 together
  3. The Balfor one is good, well made, plenty of steel in it. They have changed the models about now, and the newer ones have more guards Logging Saw Benches – Balfor WWW.BALFOR-FIREWOOD.COM
  4. Don't know the machine, but from the manual: "If the engine or the battery are out of order, the grass-catcher can be opened manually: insert the key and sit on the driver's seat. In this way the hydraulic valve is relieved. Push the button to open the grasscatcher (fig, 5, n. 13) and open the grass-catcher manually. The battery is located under the grasscatcher in the rear part of the machine (fig. 33, A). If it is out of order, the battery can be removed and recharged." http://www.grilloagrigarden.co.uk/operators_manual/fd450
  5. We use a bit of smokeless in the stove overnight, it makes a huge difference to the temperature of the house, and is a hell of a lot cheaper than electricity.
  6. 20 minutes long, here's a video on a guy who fixes up written off teslas, much to their annoyance
  7. Lightweight round mouth shovel, £4.49 + vat Rutland Contrators Tools C/s Round Shovel Hardwood Shaft | Zoro UK WWW.ZORO.CO.UK Rutland Contrators Tools - C/s Round Shovel Hardwood Shaft available at www.zoro.co.uk - UK's Leading Supplier of DIY... Free delivery if you spend x amount
  8. It won't offer you much of a tax bonus, but for more local journeys have a look at electric bicycles. With the speed possible, it might not be much slower than driving
  9. I've only ever seen them in photos, I can't imagine they're anywhere as strong as a shipping container? And won't have the same resale value? Have you got the space to get a lorry round into the garden? If so, get a normal get container on a hiab?
  10. Have never tried the Makita 4t, but the 35cc Honda 4t has been great for me, using 2.7mm square line or various metal blades. I would much rather use the Honda with a metal blade than a bigger 2 stroke.
  11. The key thing about mud is, you have to know when you're past the point of no return, and you should call it quits!
  12. scbk

    Gas is banned

    Haven't got a sccobies, there's a whole fleet of hydrogen busses, council vehicles etc I was talking to someone the other week, he works off shore (abroad) and was saying they're developing deep-sea machines to mine battery materials from a few miles down on the seabed
  13. scbk

    Gas is banned

    I think the problem with electric cars is, there isn't enough raw materials on planet earth to make enough batteries. Aberdeen has 2 hydrogen filling stations
  14. I would love to take one for a spin down the road (ideally in summer!)
  15. "The Husqvarna 535iRX/535iRXT brushcutters are available from February 2020 at Husqvarna authorised dealers and are priced: 535iRX (£519.00) and 535iRXT (£599.00)" I hope there'll be a good discount!


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