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  1. scbk

    Greener Shoots a Pain Advice Please?

    You need a mulching blade with bent ends, makes all the difference. You can even use it on piles of twigs etc. This sort of thing https://www.amazon.co.uk/295508-0-Universal-Mulching-Brushcutter-Husqvarna/dp/B00RZH1MGM
  2. scbk

    Greener Shoots a Pain Advice Please?

    Have you got a mulching blade on the strimmer? Best thing for all that is get a good fire going and pull it on with a rake
  3. scbk

    Recommendations for larger strimmer

    Oh and if you plan on putting many hours on it defiantly look for a strimmer with lower vibes
  4. scbk

    Recommendations for larger strimmer

    They're 2 very different machines, the Honda you could almost start with your pinky, the Kawasaki needs a good tug!! The guard as standard on the Kawasaki doesn't let you run a very long line, I tinkered with it to improve it. I'm sure it also came with a rubbish auto feed head - I changed it for a manual one and run 3.3mm diamond edge line. Both strimmers aren't used quite as much since buying a hayter condor rough cut mower
  5. scbk

    Recommendations for larger strimmer

    My way of doing it is with 2 machines. 53cc 2 stroke Kawasaki for running a thick line, for heavy grass 35cc 4 stroke Honda for either a thinner line (for lighter grass/edges) or running metal blades(for brambles, saplings etc) I hate having to run a metal blade on a big machine, too much power
  6. scbk

    Recommendations for larger strimmer

    What is the type of vegetation, and are you planning on using line or a blade?
  7. scbk

    Bitey things 2018

    Tarvie is midge heaven, not helped by the fact it's mainly north facing
  8. Have used Maxxis MA-W2 on the drive wheels of transits for years, nice chunky tyre, mud+snow rated. Just looked, think this is the right size for a convoy? https://www.mytyres.co.uk/cgi-bin/rshop.pl?dsco=110&cart_id=59661335.110.15297&Breite=185&Quer=&Felge=14&Speed=&Load=&kategorie=6&Marke=Maxxis&ranzahl=4&tyre_for=LLKW&x_tyre_for=&Herst=Maxxis&rsmFahrzeugart=LLKW&filter_preis_bis=&filter_preis_von=&search_tool=standard&Label=E-B-73-2&details=Ordern&typ=R-280094
  9. scbk

    Replacment bar nose tips?

    Sorted now, thanks everyone 20 squid from the local dealer, and fairly easy to swap over
  10. scbk

    Do I need permission to close a by road?

    Bare in mind that "closing the road" and "stopping the traffic" are two very different things! You can get a 'stop works' sign, if you fancy looking like a lollipop lady! On a slightly related note, a road surveying vehicle went past last week doing a slow walking speed. It was flanked 50yds on either side by guys with stop-go boards. I was talking to one of them and he said they work all over the uk, and he has to cover about 10 miles a day on foot in front of the wagon!
  11. scbk

    Which Chainsaw for a large felled Spruce?

    Well then Malco, where is the island, and do I need to blow up the dinghy or make a raft out of blue barrels?
  12. scbk

    Replacment bar nose tips?

    Does anyone change the sprocket nose tips on their guide bars? Got a fairly decent 3/8" husky bar with a knackered sprocket. Where do you get the replacement tips, how much do they cost, is it worth it?
  13. scbk

    Which Chainsaw for a large felled Spruce?

    Get someone in with the kit. I have the saws and the splitter that can deal with 5ft rings, without having to lift them. And it all goes into the back of a van and can be transported to site anywhere.
  14. scbk

    Stolen Tipper

    The OBD port is the weak point. Not any use now, but for anyone else, read up on it. You can fit better locks and disable/secure the OBD socket.
  15. scbk

    what logs have you been chopping today!

    Yes but it's when it's a 4ft+ diameter spruce with knots the size of footballs running right to the centre, and the end product has to fit into a diddy wee 5kw stove


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