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  1. The courgettes in the poly tunnel are romping away, I think putting 2 plants into the half IBC raised bed was a bit optimistic! A couple of the old spinach (leef beet) plants are bolting and just about touching the roof of the tunnel.
  2. Yes, but I think you're at the other end of the country?
  3. Easy, just put a little note on the windscreen saying "Tax in post"
  4. I caught a bit of a program on channel 5 about waste, they were at a yard that processes for recycling and landfill. Every week they look forward to one of the skips coming in from a courier company, apparently all the damaged parcels go in there (mixed in with general rubbish), and the lads in the site were bragging about finding Iphones etc!
  5. scbk

    3.5 tonne truck

    The thing you might have to watch, the fiats, renaults, peugeots are usually single rear wheel, so you could be under 3.5t but over on the axle weight?
  6. Interestingly, I was reading in a book there was a study in to bicycle helmets, and it found that there was no real benefit to wearing a helmet. The idea is, people wearing a helmet and those around them acted differently and took more risks. I wear a bicycle helmet, but that's cos I'm reckless I need to try and find out if a midge head net counts as a face covering.
  7. I'd rather deal face to face, see the item before any money is parted, the distance just means 2 tanks of diesel and a weekend. I've bought equipment from over the border plenty of times, my digger was in North Wales, I was in Lancashire just last week and that's taking it back up to the Highlands.
  8. Remember though you're buying the cells, 36v is double 18v. So the Husqvarna bli300 (36v 9.4ah) is nearly equivalent to 4 Makita 18v 5ah batteries, and the prices look fairly similar?
  9. Another, slightly wacky idea, would be a tow behind topper or flail mower (with it's own engine), and then get something cheap to tow it with that you find comfy to sit on. An old site dumper, jeep or even a car? Price of scrap is low at the minute, I bet you could get an mot failure very cheap.
  10. The Farmi wp36 for sale near Wigan was last seen being smuggled over the border into deepest Ross Shire during the small hours of summer solstice Cheers again for the heads up
  11. There are lots of smaller independent printers, have a look on ebay. One I have used a couple of times is MyPrint 247 24hr Online Printing | myprint247 WWW.MYPRINT247.CO.UK Design your own business cards, leaflets, letterheads, compliment slips, postcards & more with myprint247. Check... https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/myprint-247/m.html?item=250524974590&hash=item3a5473bdfe%3Ag%3Ajt0AAMXQUF5RYkNF&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562
  12. I thought everything was cheaper in England?! I'm sure we were paying about £500 a load (20t) for 20mm gravel last year
  13. Dickson have a factory in Glasgow where they make bulk bags. They may or may not make some stuff abroad too? Could always phone them and ask Bulk Bags for Firewood Logs - Log Bags from Sackmaker SACKMAKER.COM Bulk Bags for Firewood Logs manufactured in the UK by Sack Maker. Strong, reusable Log sacks can be made & printed to...
  14. This is what's kinda funny, I hear there's been black lives matter protests in Inverness. There's very few black people in the Highlands. (especially with lock down and no tourists) Yes, there is racism here, but probably 95% of it is anti-english!! #teuchter guilt


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