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  1. Not having a dig but if you're comparing prices it's £228 delivered vs £177.60 delivered. £50 difference and to a layman the cheaper option looks the same, feels the same, chips the same, lasts as long (and blunts as easily on dirt!)
  2. Our electricity supplier went bust, and with the new supplier our price for "normal" has gone up to just shy of 25p kwh. This is in the North of Scotland, where we produce so much renewable electricity it is exported down south, where it's sold at a lower price than here What country are you in and how does it compare?
  3. Chainsaws and trainers have never been a safe combination
  4. Don't know how well it would work in autumn in the north of Scotland, but I've seen pictures and plans of homemade solar food dehumidifiers - another thing on the to do list!
  5. The problem is the price of fruit trees, and I can understand why, since most are grafted. It's quite a gamble to take when they could get flailed the next year! I have done some moonlit tree planting, but so far only self seeded stuff that isn't costing me anything.
  6. scbk

    Free Trees

    Spotted this, sign up for free trees, I Dig Trees - Ready. Steady. Grow. | From TCV and OVO Energy WWW.TCV.ORG.UK Claim your FREE trees for climate, wildlife and communities. What's the catch? Well, it's sponsored by OVO energy, so part of some carbon offsetting malarkey. Also: "Please note: All trees supplied by I Dig Trees must be planted on publicly accessible land and not on private domestic property" "I agree to TCV visiting our project or site to view the trees in situ if required as part of the audit process" Still, might be useful for someone on here.
  7. Didn't really want to grow tatties this year, but I planted a few sprouting ones from last year accidental tatties. So this all started out as a few supermarket potato peelings in the compost bin, a good few years ago! No idea what variety but they're lovely.
  8. Just shy of 3yrs ago I planted some hybrid willow whips, they were kinda swamped by weeds, thistles and the like in the first year, but I'm really impressed by the growth they're put on this summer. (brick for scale!)
  9. Don't bother with a bottle jack type splitter, it will be painfully slow. If you want to make one yourself for home use, have a look at electric cone/screw splitters. You can usually get the cone part on ebay, then maybe a 2nd hand motor locally, and a few other bits
  10. Imo it's a bit like asking stihl or husky. Dewalt/Makita/Milwaukee/Hikoki/Bosch etc, they're all much of a muchness. Pick the colour that brings out the colour of your cheeks best Like with chainsaws though, they do different models, some are designed for DIY and screwfix special offers, some are for full time use. Wouldn't trust the reviews on screwfix much, they will put any old cheap tools as "trade rated"
  11. Car Batteries - Motorcycle Batteries - Leisure Batteries - Cheap Prices! WWW.TAYNA.CO.UK Tayna Batteries offer batteries for all applications at cheap prices. We specialise in Car Batteries, Leisure Batteries, Motorcycle Batteries and Mobility Batteries. With the UK's...
  12. Tayna batteries were apparently the first in the world, and have been selling batteries online since 2003. Looking back through old emails, the last time I bought from them a few years ago, they were using yodel.
  13. Ethanol free fuel, now gone up in price to approx 12.5p per fill
  14. So who owns the woodland where you're cutting the logs
  15. I don't visit many petrol stations, not sure if e5 is available round here, so e10 it is, take it or leave it.


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