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  1. When do folks think Diesel will be £2.50 per litre, now it's £2, then £2.50 seems a nice milestone!
  2. Keep up Steve, it's a new poster and he digs up an old thread about bitcoin to post a link to a polish crypto website
  3. Not quite cavemen, but there's an old saying: "Indian builds small fire and stays warm, white man builds large fire and stays warm collecting firewood"
  4. scbk


    Fookin hell!! Would that be a gas main? Looked like he was putting that last post in really deep?
  5. scbk


    Link doesn't work, which is a shame as you usually post some good videos!
  6. I was about to post and say RIP to Steve Wright, I often listened to his show. It must've been a sudden death as he was on the radio just recently. Maybe a heart attack or a car crash? Then I googled it, and it's turns out he's not dead.
  7. /catalog5media/uk/article/374139/third/lg-retina/374139_381.jpg Parkside Forestry Safety Helmet - at Lidl UK - www.lidl.co.uk WWW.LIDL.CO.UK Parkside Forestry Safety Helmet - Ideal for working with cutting equipment such as chainsaws, hedge trimmers or pruners Protects your head, face, eyes and The ear muff rating is a little on the low side at 23db SNR, pity it has the logo on the front of it, people might think you shop at lidl!
  8. Get the widest mower that will fit. Have a look at ex council type walk behind machines, you get them in sizes like 28/30/32/36/48" (and beyond...) Ideal for rough ground, paths, infrequent cutting etc. I like cutting grass, but if you can do it in less time, why not.
  9. I know vallorbe make good kit, but I wonder if there's much difference between it and a chinese one Vallorbe Bar Rail Dresser SKYLANDEQUIPMENT.COM Vallorbe from Switzerland produce the best equipment when it comes to sharpening your chainsaw chain. This tool allows... Guide de chaîne de tronçonneuse universel, barre de Rail de commode outils de réparation pour l'amélioration du jardin | AliExpress WWW.ALIEXPRESS.COM Achetez malin, vivez mieux! Aliexpress.com
  10. Yes I would be worried parking any of my machinery or vehicles on that incase it dripped oil! Looks like the paving has sunk slightly were the wheels run. Is it not mainly the travellers who leave patterns in the blockwork like that? Calling card
  11. Unless the mower has a clutch on the blade you need to hold in the dead mans handle to start it, hard to do that from the side. The kaaz mowers have a tread area on the side of the deck to put your boot on as you pull start it from the side. ps I thought this was gonna be about when the recoil goes in the starter and you wrap the starter cord off somewhere on the handle till you fix it
  12. Have you got any husky battery tools already? Might be worth buying the mower bare, then a better battery and charger, more future proof? You could run chainsaw/strimmer/blower/hedgecutter/polesaw etc
  13. scbk


    How come the other guy doesn't get covered too? He is just as close It's fake, you can see the cut line in slow motion, made me laugh though!
  14. Maybe he was busying filling in a job application
  15. It's only useful if you ever come to sell, but I wonder how much more the house would be worth if it came with a larger garden, I think I would want to buy the land before someone else does
  16. With electric single phase, you only have 13amps to play with. All hydraulics have a compromise between power and speed, you can never really have both. If you're good with an axe it will be faster, but you need more room to work, an electric splitter would be handy inside a shed for a rainy day. I would spend a while watching videos on youtube, maybe even hire an electric splitter if you can
  17. My splitter would get in, but the transport to South England would be a bit much
  18. If Andy moved to England, he would probably end up getting sent to Rwanda
  19. Monkeypox to get a new name, says WHO WWW.BBC.CO.UK There is an urgent need for a non-discriminatory and non-stigmatising name, scientists agree. Anyone want to play a game of name that virus? What about Poxy McPoxface? Apeshit Pox? Covidpox?
  20. I wonder what it's like in other parts of the country? Last year was a bad one for the apples especially, think we had a bad late frost. I'm sure we had snow in April/May? This year is looking like it is going to be a bumper fruit harvest; apples/plums/currants/berries all looking good. Some of the trees were only planted last year, and the year before, so this is the first time fruiting for some. Sorry all the photos look much and such the same, they are different trees and varieties though!
  21. First courgette of the year on it's way!!
  22. I don't know what newspaper they read, but some office workers from down south do plant trees. It's more than voluntary they even pay for the privilege of doing it! Trees for life etc. Don't think they get many trees in the ground in a day though, and it means they can feel less guilty about getting on a plane.


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