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  1. NickinMids

    Base anchor pulling capability’s vs isolated fork

    http://www.vtio.org.au/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/Working-the-Angles-i.pdf If this link works then refer to page 20 They seem to know what they're on about but it might be wrong
  2. NickinMids

    Agency for tree workers ?

    Anyone know of an agency in the Mids that can supply short term labour for Arb
  3. Whats the best gromit...rubber barrier...cable tie... etc that I can put on the lower krab between harness and ZZ= swivel ?
  4. NickinMids

    Foot Ascender Recommendation

    Yes Thanks Short and sweet Ill try it tomoz
  5. NickinMids

    Foot Ascender Recommendation

    Why am I struggling to use this set up...? Cant get the bloody things off the rope...Is there a sequence or what
  6. Should it have been re pollarded well sooner
  7. NickinMids

    the 'todays job' thread

    Got pics this time
  8. NickinMids

    the 'todays job' thread

    Veteran half dead oak in the way of a new shed. Planning requirement is to cut it, monolith it and move the cut "cylinder" to a nearby area and crane it into a hole and concrete it in. The moving and craning is down to builder. Today it was checked by an ecologist and then our ARB subbys did the coronet cuts/fracture pruning. Two large lower branches left on to weigh it over when felled and to cushion the fall by breaking. Guy up the tree was great (not me ) Got some nice close ups of his coronet cuts
  9. NickinMids

    Prusik zigzag mk2

    Could you explain more what you mean by this.....cheers
  10. NickinMids

    2019 zig zag ?

    thanks..any idea of price for whole thing
  11. NickinMids

    Official Log weight charts

    Thanks all
  12. NickinMids

    Official Log weight charts

    Hi I have some log weight charts based on green oak but not sure where I got them. I could do with some from a recognised source as I have to do a full method statement for some crane works and need to justify my conclusions regarding predicted weights etc for the lifts Does anybody know where I could reference some from etc Thanks
  13. NickinMids

    2019 zig zag ?

    I think I read that there is a new zig zag coming out this year which will be OK to use for SRT with a wrench Anybody know if and when this is coming out ?
  14. NickinMids

    Lightweight winch rope?

    This is static rope available from Decathlon UK £44 approx


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