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  1. Can anyone recommend a good one Thanks
  2. Busted my husky plastic chain brake. Is it a dear part and is it an easy fix
  3. Well yes I hired the one with the 661 I was very impressed and yes the guys at predator were great. I felt that in addition to being able to get it anywhere it was more than a match for a small wheeled pedestrian machine
  4. Any body ever had or used one of these predator machines. Not sure if they're mickey mouse, too strenuous to use, or a great bit of kit
  5. Will this work ok Only need wire occasionally so don’t want to lay out for whole kit and caboodle £45 versus £145 ish
  6. Nearly finished bothering you Steve.... how do I make it say SOLD Cheers
  7. This item is SOLD

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Have this Rope Wrench bought new in 2014, Ashamed to say I never got round to trying it so effectively its brand new Its got the stiff tether. I'm looking for £60 ish if interested drop me a txt on 07305 732990 in case I don't come on Arbtalk for a bit Nick


  8. No but not sure what the 7 days grace or premium is about
  9. Tried to do it but its not going up Not sure what I'm doing wrong
  10. Is the wood not saleable. How do people think this would this affect the equation
  11. Hi all I've got a couple of items which I wish to sell. Never used arbtrader but it seems straightforward. Also never sold on e bay so I am wondering how payment works. Also do I need to know how much it will cost to send out and include this in the price..? Thanks Nick
  12. Might have need of casual groundies for chipping etc in Midlands area Must have basic CSCS card Anybody want to leave me some contact details
  13. Reg Coates did a video using this. Lots of bits cut with slings and attached to central rig rope with friction hitches


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