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  1. Yes I believe there is. Would make sense for the custom clutch cover to not have a slot. There has to be NO oil in the saw when using with the grinder attachment. I'll ring Predator tomoz and check with their tech guys. Many Thanks Spud
  2. I bought a terminator stump grinder with 661 engine ex hire I'm in process of setting it up with a bar and chain for some big trees I've bought the clutch cover with the sprocket to replace the one with the solid oval which drives the grinder My question is (if someone knows?) is there normally a groove in the clutch cover that drives the oil pump? Someone else put it together for me but I noticed the stump grinder cover doesn't have one which makes sense as the grinder doesnt require oil Anybody know about switching these attachments
  3. Hi can anyone comment on the Peruzzo pedestrian chippers Thanks
  4. I need a tracked chipper and finding it difficult to hire at mo.. If someone's got one am happy to hire machine and operator ...? Work is in B'ham mainly nick
  5. Thanks again to all who replied I have to apply for something. That’s the procedure. What I’d really like is a meet with the TO and discuss what we could do Looks like I’m asking for a reduction cheers
  6. Thanks for the replies Ive been told by the householders that they bought the land with planning permission for two houses. They wanted one house so had to re apply. The planning officer granted the new permission but then informed the TO about the tree and I’m told he TPO’d it without seeing it. They then had to employ a consultant etc etc. They have spent thousands extra apparently to get the build done The original TO has moved on. And his last permission for a 2.5 reduction has expired. They need to do something They would prefer a hard pollard with an undertaking to carry out ongoing management. They would be happy to agree to that. I’m not aware of the regular maintenance agreement. Is this something that can be applied for in the same way as one off works? AAHP I particularly appreciate your considered view. I think they would be willing to go with the regular cherry picker if that’s the only option cheers all
  7. Any tree officers wanna put their ten pence worth ????? seriously looking for advice
  8. I know what you mean but where's the sense ? The house is there now
  9. The occupants of the adjacent dwelling (and tree owners) were previously granted a 2.5 metre crown reduction for this willow, which was never carried out. It was just over three years ago so a new application is required. They would really like it pollarded but I doubt this would be permitted. I'm thinking of asking for a 3 metre reduction and a shortening of selected scaffold branches to reduce end weight ? Would this be a valid request? They also want reasons for any works. Is "proximity to dwelling" a legitimate reason for controlling the size/spread Comments welcome prior to our application Thanks
  10. Can anyone recommend a good one Thanks
  11. Busted my husky plastic chain brake. Is it a dear part and is it an easy fix
  12. Well yes I hired the one with the 661 I was very impressed and yes the guys at predator were great. I felt that in addition to being able to get it anywhere it was more than a match for a small wheeled pedestrian machine
  13. Any body ever had or used one of these predator machines. Not sure if they're mickey mouse, too strenuous to use, or a great bit of kit
  14. Will this work ok Only need wire occasionally so don’t want to lay out for whole kit and caboodle £45 versus £145 ish


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