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  1. AWarb00

    What would you charge?

    I'm not sure , I chased the job and he told me he'd given it to someone else at that price, Don't think it's been undertaken yet
  2. AWarb00

    What would you charge?

    So i found out today I'd lost the job, I quoted £1400 Lost it to £1010, You win some, you lose some
  3. AWarb00

    What would you charge?

    Interesting , At what point would you find it worth hiring in an Avant etc? For a resi job like this is it worth it considering its in the front garden? Or would it speed up handling that much that it would pay for itself...just thinking out loud
  4. AWarb00

    What would you charge?

    Can we start a petition to get him permanently banned? [emoji4]
  5. AWarb00

    What would you charge?

    Thanks eggs, my feelings exactly!
  6. AWarb00

    What would you charge?

    I have priced the job, I was simply interested in other people thoughts and viewpoints on pricing the job, I am keen to learn and take advice, I'm not a know it all , unlike yourself
  7. AWarb00

    What would you charge?

    What u gonna ruin that one too?
  8. AWarb00

    Arb / Forestry Chainsaw Wear

    I really like the arbortec breathflex pro trousers , so far this summer not been too hot Atall, but haven't had them for the winter yet In answer to your second question I can rate the harkie smock [emoji106]
  9. AWarb00

    What would you charge?

    I'd like to thank everyone that has replied with Thier view points on pricing and how they'd tackle the job, it's been interesting and helpful.[emoji106]
  10. AWarb00

    What would you charge?

    Vespian, Can I kindly ask you refrain from posting on this thread as you literally have no clue what so ever what you're talking about and are only ruining what is a constructive and useful thread. I know it's your trade mark to be a dick but please stop ruining other peoples threads.
  11. AWarb00

    What would you charge?

    Go and have a look at your local hire shop rates, you'll get a shock Plus you're taking the piss if you think a decent experienced fully qualified climber is worth £200 a day to hire in
  12. AWarb00

    What would you charge?

    Nah don't bother, just spouting some shite about knowing all about the oil industry now [emoji849]
  13. AWarb00

    What would you charge?

    Yeah, they're not being split or stacked, just chucked in there's, and it's the garage right there .
  14. AWarb00

    What would you charge?

    Thanks for feedback , appreciated![emoji4] It's a commercial job within the m25, and nah I'm not interested in Instagram [emoji16]
  15. AWarb00

    What would you charge?

    You still haven't told me what you'd charge? [emoji4] Just out of interest, from another point of view , I personally think its more efficient to cut bigger/if need be rig, and process with two guys on the ground, rather than scrambling around cutting tiny bits off all the time? One person cutting up the tree takes longer, two guys cutting on the ground quicker... Depends how you work, save costs by having less guys, or save costs by being efficient, [emoji4]


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