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  1. Works just got a couple Forst TR8D55 , and they're absolute animals Personally I'd take diesel over petrol any day
  2. Yeah it's fair play, huge great branches hanging over thier gardens/shed, It looked a lot worse than it was, but there was only one way to find out I guess 😄
  3. Croydon mate, interesting, hadn't thought about it like that, ties up with the age of the 'new' growth
  4. Around town in traffic etc an auto is a dream over manual, but I'm just lazy 😁
  5. We have Sena SMH10R 's , work perfectly Once you have Comms you wonder how u ever went without them
  6. @Mick Dempsey, very valid point you make, The customer had another tree surgeon look at it and told him that he was surprised the tree hadn't fallen over yet...which I told the customer was the biggest load of shite I had ever heard. Was a shame as it was a well established ash and for once didn't have die back, but the council said it must come down within the next 4 weeks as a dangerous tree Would love to know the thoughts behind the previous reduction (if you can call it that..Pollard more like) but it was very healthy and a sound a tree as they come !
  7. @SamanthaSunny councils do sometimes have Thier own tree teams who will do work on council land, round here City Suburban have the contract to do all the council work, This was private land and a private job,but a neighbor had complained about the tree and the TO came and took a look and condemned the tree, but it's down to the owner of the property to make that happen.
  8. Not technically today's, couple of months ago acctually. Big Ash dismantle, council condemned it so down it came , even though it was sound as they come and could have been fine with a decent reduction. Hanging over 4 gardens, fences, sheds..ball ache job but a good challenge at the same time
  9. I get on really well with Arbortec Breatheflex Pro's 👍
  10. Paul have you ever considered getting into splicing? I could imagine your patience, eye for detail + your eagerness to learn new things would go well with it.
  11. Where abouts mate? I pay 170+vat for a 6" tracked in Godstone area, am I being ripped off?
  12. Scum! What area ish? Near here near Bromley, 4 range rovers were taken within 3 roads, they had the trackers out in 7 minutes! My mate was driving round the M40 nearly at the m25 the other morning at 5:30, got pulled over by plain clothes police. They asked a few questions and he was told to jump out and give them the keys. Cops were fake, they were in a plain clothes car and must have dressed up to look like police. One of the guys jumped in and both cars drove off leaving him without his phone/laptop etc and just standing on the hard shoulder! cant be too careful these days!
  13. Ask for a demo and try it for yourself, I'm sure they would be much obliged. I personally have never had any problems with Forst and Thier customer service has been second to none.
  14. I'm not sure , I chased the job and he told me he'd given it to someone else at that price, Don't think it's been undertaken yet


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