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  1. Log Stores - How much?

    Sorry ... don`t know why 3 images uploaded!!
  2. Log Stores - How much?

    Just finished this wee 6`x4` log store, all in it cost about £30 for some Cuprinol & guttering, the rest was gratis. This will be in addition to the logs I keep in the garage ... just need to fill it now!
  3. Songs I Am Listening To

    Still on The Doctor Feelgood theme ....
  4. Songs I Am Listening To

    Ry`s new album The Prodigal Son due out in May 2018
  5. Songs I Am Listening To

    The late great Stevie Ray Vaughan & his big bro Jimmie
  6. Songs I Am Listening To

    Foo Fighters - Rock And Roll - Tribute to Led Zeppelin
  7. Ken Dodd R.I.P

    There were way too many jokes to remember from Ken Dodd, but the one that I do remember is ... "What a gay day to stick a cucumber part way through someones letterbox, then ring the bell & shout ... the Martians are coming!!"
  8. Anyone want a free chainsaw?

    Hi, I would really appreciate it as a back up saw, I am only a domestic user, so it wouldn`t be used for heavy work ... please let me know *edit* Khriss beat me to it!
  9. Few pics from the black forest

    Nice pics ... don`t see any Gateau trees though!
  10. what books are you all reading?

    Nail on the banister by R. Stornaway
  11. Favourite recipe thread ...

    Absolutely ... same with all stews & soups
  12. Favourite recipe thread ...

    Hi Mark, About 200 from memory as I don't cook it that often ... It is a great recipe for winter too as it is a beef stew. I have also had it made with chicken & octopus, but beef is the best in my opinion ...
  13. Favourite recipe thread ...

    Nice one SG! ... where are/were you on Crete?
  14. Making the news today....

    Cracker !!
  15. Old saws and axes

    Your wish is my command Wolfie -------> clicky


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