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  1. Having spoken to the council a few times on this subject, they explained that they have to send a letter regardless, it's the first of many many steps tho, neighbors do it to get a rise out of you. They pretty much said, keep to sensible hours, if it's your own yard get CCTV to give you peace of mind and proof of they are lying or at the very least stretching the truth.
  2. I'm not sure if the Turing test for internet bots includes cheesy jokes. I guess that would be one step up from asking alexa to sing you a song 🙂
  3. I guess that's atleast an improvement on the widow maker design I had, certainly not knocking the new ones as I've not looked recently. I just find a saw quicker, it's hard work and double lifting etc. The old YMMV 😉
  4. What about the electric tillting Circular Saw LCS500 Log Warrior £575 on fleabay. Saves running a tractor, adding operating hours and diesel at 2000rpm, I never liked the eagle when I had one. I even wince watching people run a 4l tractor splitting logs, even on tick over it's around 8l an hour. Revs had to be just right to get a decent cut and the cone splitter filled me with utter dread and nightmares. And no real safety stop, think the early ones came with a pull string to bodge onto the PTO lever.
  5. Current cost of a new boiler is around 4k, stainless twin wall flue around another £1000-1500, 1500litre tank and expansion tank around £1800. If we say a ball park of circa 9k installed that wouldn't be a far off guesstimation.
  6. There are plenty that are DEFRA smoke exempt, the initial topic was on a Eco Angus orligano, mine is just the cheap Eco Angus Super. But to be honest I certainly wouldn't want to even remotely consider using it in a built up area.
  7. Bigger is better only really applies to woodchip and log boilers, as the fuel is relatively cheap and you want to store every bit of unused heat, log boilers ideally run flat out until it's completely empty. I would have also gone bigger as I have actually maxed 1500 litres to 90c once or twice.
  8. At 18kw it would be fine, 25 does really needs to be 1500. I've 1500l on a 25kw, you can run it full bore for longer without worrying about overheating.
  9. I think the only real solution is a back boiler type arrangement to your central heating, you can't cheat the laws of thermodynamics, any sort of fan blowing the air its going to create a larger temperature difference. Unless you can duct the heat from the ceiling where the fireplace is, to the rooms, as cold air still needs to flow back to circulate. Personally, use a back boiler and it would probably cut down your firewood usage considerably as your not trying to overcompensate by forcing the heat throughout the house.
  10. After a brief google, they seem to fit mostly Vanguard V twins to all the adverts on the used chippers for sale. Could the fuel tank be a "Briggs & Stratton 715516 Vanguard Fuel Tank" ?. However I did find flowfit selling this "Honda 18L Fuel Tank for GX630" - £100 If its plastic could it be this " Big Joe Fuel Tank - 22 Litres with Indicator" - £34.45
  11. The funny comment, was probably aimed at my red cap mushroom post.
  12. Well those redcaps certainly sort any ailments. 100% success rate, your problems are however forced upon someone else tho.
  13. Well hopefully something gets sorted as the news the other day said uncle Joe was negotiating with Spain to take some of his migrants from Latin America.
  14. There was me thinking smoking cigars must be carbon neutral!
  15. Well there are only so many cigars you can light with a burning 50, plus with them all being plastic it's probably a little toxic.


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