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  1. It's generally considered sarcasm. But you might get a bit more attention on the Facebook side of things.
  2. And trouser snakes can become wood for beavers. It would explain why the snake gets very tired and poorly.
  3. Ignition looks like a Lucas key switch, best get a Google image and try belling it out with a multimeter. Start simple as they say 🙂
  4. Pine fresh air fresheners saves the Scandinavians once again!
  5. Why wouldn't the wood be suitable, didn't think snakes were beavers.
  6. Did you try it whilst sat on the seat, usually they have an interlock. No bum no Brum.
  7. It wouldn't be the first time I've put the 2 stroke mix in the oil side of a combi can either before realising my mistake.
  8. Hopefully 2 stoke or it's going back, again.
  9. Bit like most road drainage you see, the designers must all be Spanish judging by how little rain it takes to overwhelm it. Think it was Southport, the sand blows over the road, due to rules they have to landfill the sand as it's classed as waste.
  10. Bit hard to fit a bar without the adjustment mechanism.
  11. Have you tried the usual woodchipper guys Warrington way?
  12. Yeap, split and thrown in a covered cage outside. Six months and you couldn't tell the difference as it's all at 18%. Yeah, longer you leave anything with sap the more crystalline it gets but dry is dry.
  13. The spring keeps the clutch disconnected until it reaches a certain level when centrifugal force to overcome the spring tension to stretch and the clutch engages. Worn spring means it's stretched too much, allowing it to engage at low speed.


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