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  1. I'm surprised they're not in the JCB official shop, with LEDs and reverse beep ?.
  2. Every sheet has two sides 😉
  3. Depends on if it's Canadian beach poop, I'll let you Google that horrendous news story.
  4. Great, yet another part to fail on the long list. If it's getting to be that much of a problem, you're probably already overweight and are going to get pulled by VOSA. Using them for say the catering I can understand, but might be a time to go bigger.
  5. Air helper, erm you mean a spoiler on a landrover ?. Me thinks you're not going to save anything on a moveable house brick.
  6. Iseki Tractor TX2160 Parts Manual WWW.AGRIMANUALS.COM A REPRINT ILLUSTRATED PARTS MANUAL WITH EXPLODED DIAGRAMS SHOWING VARIOUS COMPONENTS A REPRINT IN... When it comes to tractors an actual manual is always better when you're knee deep in oil and you can't touch your phone to zoom in on how something is assembled. I've only got pdf for my McCormick, but it would be a ream and a half at 1581 pages.
  7. Sandals, crocks, bare feet or shorts unless your doing sport. What sort of depravity has this forum become!. It's almost as unbearable as people walking around shirtless, I've never seen ladies doing this, fingers crossed 🙂.
  8. SLIPPERS!. You're on a very slippery slope there, sandals and crocks are the devil's work!.
  9. Great now they strain what little dignity you've got left after being laughed at purchasing them through a colander.
  10. Technical & engineering types have small hands, big feet but small hands. Big hands are exclusive to tree surgeons and dentists!.
  11. Peds probably see's it as an aspirational film rather than a warning.
  12. Aren't you just supposed to offer him a discount, I'll take it off your hands kinda deal 😉
  13. From a brief Google the oil sensor is fitted like an injector, it's a circular black plastic thing with two wire bullet connectors. A few other searches also showed a metal box which I presume is a relay, same couple of wire arrangement with bullet connectors. The timberwolf manual was a bit poor if I'm being honest, B-R-1.0 might be a black and red wire to the engine kill splice. Dumb afterthought, is this old school Honda without electronicals?.
  14. I'm guessing that it's the electrical wiring, do you have the electrical schematics?. A simple way to check would be to wire a 12v feed to the solenoid coil providing it's 12v obviously, if it energised and runs the feed motor, you know where to start checking wires 🙂
  15. Posh office teabags and the sweeping ups ones for the site guys!.


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