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  1. When you use on average a gallon a week spread over a year it's ok. With the E10 fuel I keep as little as possible on site as it goes off.
  2. Being not the greatest volume user of 2t, I use one shots for convenience. Always add afterwards, plus I suck up the petrol and swill out the one shot bottle. Hate seeing them in the bin with any oil left in them.
  3. My exit reference it is obvious sarcasm for a very depressing read, yet more doom mongering. Just because the ship is sinking and I've water upto the top of my wellies doesn't mean you need to pee in them as well.
  4. Is that article sponsored by exit ?
  5. The weights and measures are checked on the pump at a certain temperature 16c I think. But the difference is so miniscule over 5l, your can is however an approximation and mass produced. Use the pump and you won't be far out.
  6. Apples are apples, but are they eating or cooking apples. Suppose you could make cider if there are enough of them, I just chop mine up into slices and feed them to the sheep as they're not the nicest eating apples.
  7. Maybe the daily Heli were a bit confused about how to do a handshake, I suppose a salute is COVID friendly tho
  8. It's got to the point where I actively avoid the news. Usually relenting once an evening whilst eating tea or a quick skim through the news feed on your phone. I wouldn't be a surprise if there is a link between the levels of depression, anxiety etc and the rise of 24/7 news and not having the common sense to just turn it off and avoid.
  9. But why would a farmer leave a trunk, the props just don't make any sense after most of it has been removed. I'm a farmer, even if it was the electricity company I would have gone to finished the cut for my own firewood!.
  10. Hopefully the move to streaming TV channels will force news to return to a more on the hour format and a possibility of doing actual journalism. Wishful thinking, as I even get frustrated with the radio repeating news on the half hour. It just gets nauseous. I have a similar response to the media resorting to asking people how they feel, it's the news not a self help focus group.
  11. I think it's because the media aren't capable of being impartial, they won't rest until kier is elected after which all problems will disappear. It's a similar story with uncle Joe and the spoiler of London Khan, they just seem incapable of doing any wrong. I've long realised that 24/7 news ruined journalism, it forced them to drum up half baked articles to regurgitate.
  12. It would never be the farmer, do you think I'd leave a bit chunk of firewood sitting there for everyone else to nobble!. Looks like a power company storm damage job which they've not been back to finish up.
  13. Sadly you can never remove chlorine from tap water entirely, even UV requires a reduced level as it's there to stop bacterial grow it pipework and storage tanks. All water companies use as little as possible, but they store large amounts in underground tanks prior to use and the filtering sand separates out and can provide a breading ground for bacteria which they do remove regularly.
  14. It was boiled prior to use, whilst dirty ish it was atleast sterile
  15. These days we call than spring water!. Full of healthy vigour
  16. There's wasn't chlorinated water available at the time tho.
  17. Best to get a certified installer to look at it than doing it yourself. It's just not worth the risk of burning down the house, as even if you did it yourself you need building control to sign it off.
  18. Well just because your a hairy bum farmer, covered in muck looking like something even a hobo would distance themselves from doesn't mean you don't have a bank account. Think the money laundering limits was at 10k.
  19. And change I freelance to we freelance. Plus maybe rejig it into three paragraphs.
  20. GarethM


    It's more than likely very over hyped, but atleast you can fill it on red diesel and be safe in the knowledge you've got backup be it ww3 or just your normal storm outage.
  21. Mail order bonsai pruning ?
  22. I still say get someone grazing it, offer it to someone with sheep for free and let them do the work. What's the point spending a fortune on machinery and wasting diesel, graze it for a couple of years and invest in fencing. If you have an agreement with them that once it's stock proof and sorted it's then cheap mob grazing.
  23. I'm a tight fisted farmer from the north west. I'd probably not have to work for six months with Surrey folk rates 🙂
  24. Bit unsure about "has always had a green finger, until he specialized in trees". sounds like a gardener discovered a love a chainsaw destruction. sounds a bit like me, never come between a farmer and his woodchipper 🙂
  25. Blistering hot, blue sky and I've seen just two airplanes all morning and I'm on the Manchester airport glide path which is worrying. C'mon Ryanair get flying so I can get back to normal rainy weather!.


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