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  1. Getting there mate, long slog but we're getting there, going to keep popping in.
  2. Hope your well David ?️ The Leather was quite palatable, bit of added sugar helps.
  3. Alright Steve, going to start popping in now and then hopefully, still working 24 hours a day at moment . ? ?
  4. Hi Con, if you have more than one 200 or know an obliging mate, try swapping carbs to see if that isolates the problem to the carb.

    <p>Hi Dean</p>

    <p>Noticed you a few times in the village of Northowram.</p>

    <p>A neighbours tree shed a large branch onto a sub station so I gave them your name and number, hope you get the call and job.</p>


  6. Are you sure "you" are releasing the handbrake to the very last click
  7. Good call that happened on mine when i over adjusted the handbrake. Happened when going slow in reverse.
  8. See if theres any play in the prop flanges
  9. I agree with Skyhuck. People want a good police force and nhs but mention tax rises and they whinge like frigg. One other option would be for the tax office to start chasing the big corporate giants for some tax instead of them paying none.
  10. Also not reporting the crime is bad Marc....it shows a lower than actual crime rate and the police will not get the funding they need. You need to report everything.
  11. How did we ever manage previous to the last 40 years.
  12. The police are not fit for purpose at the moment. Ive just got off the phone with them telling them exactly that. Ive asked for sll my log numbers over the last 18 month (some 15 of them) and im going to put a complaint in to the so called "independent" police complaints commission. How they are independent when based in an office in the police station i dont know. Ive got pre warning stuff....ive caught thieves and their equipment....ive handed them over to the police for them to do nothing. Absolutely pointless involving them. I have lost all faith in them. As a direct consequence of police inability to act i have lost everything. I will, once my house is sold, end up living in my yard in a static. I have no time for them anymore. The only way we will get better policing is for the officers on the ground to grow a backbone and tell the chain of command they cant cope with the man.power they have. All the police could say to me was "im sorry about that" Thats a big comfort to me when im in a caravan next winter. My business is still booming and i have my equipment still. But god help anyone now that tries to stand in my way climbing back up the ladder
  13. I don't like the look of it, it looks very....what's the word? ..basic? ..and "open"


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